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on March 11, 2012
I ordered three Lux TX1500E thermostats. Before installing I tested them for accuracy by placing all three Lux thermostats side by side, and comparing the temperature and humidity readings with two additional thermostats and hygrometers I know to be accurate.

All three Lux units displayed different temperatures from each other. One of the three units was accurate. The temperature is easy to calibrate by setting the dial to run mode, and while holding the up button, pressing the down button once. A screen pops up allowing the temp to be set plus or minus five degrees. In this case the temperature on one of the units was 2 degrees high, so I entered -2 on the calibration, and since calibrating the temperature readings have been accurate.

The humidity readings for all three units were initially off by up to 7 percentage points. The unit allows for calibration up to +/- 15 percentage points by setting the dial to run, pressing the H button, and while holding down the up button, pressing the down button once. After calibrating the units, they are still off by a couple percent, and occasionally display a ridiculous reading like 95% relative humidity (RH) when the actual RH is 50-60%, but for the most part the RH is close enough.

The humidity reading on the unit does not display automatically. The "H" button must be pushed to display relative humidity. To clarify, the thermostat runs off temperature only, i.e. there isn't an option to run the air conditioner until the relative humidity reaches a certain level.

The display on the unit is puzzling. On the left the time is displayed prominently, and in a much smaller font the temperature displays on the right. A more helpful display would be: Actual temp, Set temp, and actual humidity all in large lettering, and then the time somewhere off in a corner.

The reason I bought a programmable thermostat is for the swing function. My old thermostat would constantly cycle the a/c (on for only 5 minutes at a time) because it was turning on the unit when the temp hit 79.25 degrees and turning it off when it hit 78.75. This 1) damages the a/c equipment, and 2) does not allow the a/c units to run long enough for effective dehumidification to occur, since the a/c doesn't really start to dehumidify effectively until it has been on for at least 10-15 minutes. Without proper dehumidification, the house feels warmer than it is (i.e. it's not the heat, it's the humidity).

This Lux thermostat has a default swing function of 1, which means that if you set the thermostat on 79, it will turn on the a/c at 79.25 and turn it off at 78.75 degrees. The swing function can be set between 1 and 9. Using a 79 degree setting, a swing value of 4 means the a/c will turn on at 80 degrees and turn off at 78 degrees. A swing value of 8 means the a/c will turn on at 81 degrees and turn off at 77 degrees. I don't understand why the default swing is at 1 (i.e. .25 degrees). A setting of at least 4 (i.e. 1 degree) seems prudent for the health of the a/c equipment and humidity control.

Moving on, I purchased this Lux unit instead of a Honeywell because 1) Consumer Reports gave the highest rating of all tested thermostats to the Lux TX1500E, which rated much higher than the Honeywell units, 2) These are $40 vs. over $100 for the Honeywell units, and 3)I called tech support for both Honeywell and Lux. Honeywell routes you to an overseas call center staffed by people who barely speak English. Lux has a call back system, but they called back within two hours, and the guy I spoke with was intelligent and located in the U.S.

Before purchasing I also considered the Lux TX9000TS, which is a touch screen thermostat that received Consumer Reports' second highest rating, right behind this unit. I purchased the TX1500E instead because 1) better pricing, 2) I read the 1-star reviews on Amazon for both products, and the TX9000TS seemed to have more problems than the TX1500E, and 3) The manual dial/arrow key set on the TX1500E is more intuitive for me to navigate than a touch screen.

I found programming the thermostat to be easy, although a little tedious, as the program settings must be entered 4 times (once for weekdays, once for Saturday, once for Sunday, and last for Special Programs).

One feature I'm not thrilled with is the fan setting. The fan can be set on "auto", meaning it runs only when the a/c or furnace runs. The other fan setting is "on" meaning it runs continuously (potentially causing some major humidity problems during the cooling season in a hot/humid climate). What I would like to have seen is a "circulate" option for the fan, meaning if the a/c or furnace hasn't kicked on in the past 30 minutes, the fan will circulate the air for 5-10 minutes in order to improve indoor air quality.

With a fan setting of "on", let's say the a/c has run for 20 minutes and the a/c coil now has water dripping off it. If the fan keeps running without a/c, much of that condensed water on the coil is going to re-evaporate into the air that the fan is blowing over it, which will raise humidity, partially defeating one of the two functions of air conditioning (lower temp and lower humidity). At least this is what happens in humid climates such as Houston where I'm located. A "circulate" function on the thermostat would avoid this problem.
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on September 25, 2011
I just bought my first house, split-level with an unfinished basement, so the heating/cooling system is only for the ~1300 sqft upstairs part. It's a cooling only heat pump and single-stage gas furnace setup. I live in NE TN but grew up in Alaska so I'm not comfortable with real high temperatures, but I've learned to live in a house that's cooled to the mid to high seventies. My wife and I were constantly adjusting the thermostat that came with the house to adjust for fluctuations in the temperatures outside and I figured we should get a programmable. I wanted a 5+1+1 because during the week our schedules are pretty standard and we have set events on Sunday every week that I wanted to program in separate from Saturday. OK - so, it's only been a couple months since I bought it and installed it, so I can't comment on the longevity of the unit AND being a statistician I know that 2 data points are hardly conclusive BUT our electric bill dropped 20% the first month we had this installed and that was with no major changes in computer/TV/console usage AND higher temperatures outside on average. I know that part of it is letting the temperature run up higher at night and while we're gone as well as vacation mode - but that's the point, I guess - there are periods of the day where we don't need to be as cool and so we save money by having those auto programmed in. Vacation mode has been nice - we visit family every couple months and recently we had a wedding and a technical conference that we were gone for extended periods of time, so letting the house sit in the 80-85 range (the AC still runs so air circulates while we're gone, but not too much) is great while still having our normal temperatures the day we get back. The screen is easy to read, the buttons easy to push (but not too easy), easy to program.

Installation was a breeze - I just took a picture of the back of the original unit and then matched up the wires as I was instructed in the instructions and it was working in less than 20 minutes (that was in part full of running to the basement to get tools).

Anyway - great money saver, helps keep us comfortable and save money - what more can I ask for?

EDIT! I just got my most recent power bill - another drop in costs! Ok, so from July to August (generally getting hotter) my power consumption dropped from 1214 Kwh to 721 Kwh (more than a 40% reduction) - then, from August to September (on average 7 degrees cooler) it dropped from 721 Kwh to 490 Kwh (more than a 32% reduction).
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on January 27, 2013
Can a thermostat change your life? Yes, most definitely. My husband and I would constantly sneak out in the hallway to adjust our old thermostat--I'm always cold, and he is always too warm. With this thermostat, we've reached a compromise. With four periods per day, we can have it warm up 15 minutes before I get up in the morning, cool down while we're at work, warm up shortly before I get home in the evening, and cool back down while we're sleeping. Genius! We have saved money already on our heating bill. Also, the separate Saturday and Sunday settings are great, because we tend to stay up later and sleep in later, so we can adjust accordingly. As other reviewers have noted, make sure to adjust the tolerance; you don't want your heating/cooling unit to switch on and off every time the temperature varies by 1/4 degree. I've already recommended this to many people. At this price, you can't go wrong. We're happier, and it will pay for itself in just a few months.
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This Lux "TX1500E Smart Temp" programmable thermostat works well to replace the old, non-programmable in our shop. We wanted the convenience of using programmable thermostats since our building is very large and it takes awhile for the rooms to heat up in the mornings. Now the heat comes up about 1/2 hour before we arrive and drops down automatically when we close down. Air conditioning works the same and will be nice in summer.

The display is decent and provides mostly meaningful information, but we don't use the "filter" percentage indicator since we have a maintenance contract on our units.

The most amazing part is that I was able install this myself, and I am not very handy at all! The instructions were fairly small print, but easy enough to follow.


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on June 8, 2010
I installed the Lux TX1500E Programmable Thermostat in my house a few weeks ago and it was straightforward to install, reasonably priced and had all the features I wanted. Installation was especially easy because the mounting slots on the Lux aligned with existing wall holes from my old thermostat. The package even included small lettered & numbered flags so I could tag existing wires (sticker 'W' on wire attached to terminal 'W,' etc.) before removing the old thermostat!

The TX1500E provides 5/1/1 (Mon-Fri/Sat/Sun) and 'Special' modes, each of which allows temperature programming changes at four different times. 'Special' mode lets you switch over to a range of settings that you've programmed for when you want to quickly override daily settings. I like the notched circle molded into the door which prevents the door from closing in 'Special' mode, a passive reminder which lessens the chance of you accidentally leaving it there long-term.

I am quite pleased with this thermostat and recommend it to anyone who wants a programmable thermostat with a solid, basic feature set. Choose a different model if you want to set Mon-Fri individually, or switch automatically between 'Cool' and 'Heat' modes: I have no need for either feature and appreciate the programming simplicity of this model.

Installation tips:
* The new thermostat - as did the existing one - rocked a bit on the wall when I pushed buttons. I felt this would eventually work the drywall screw anchors loose so I stuck two strip of thin foam on the back of the base - horizontally above and below the screws - before final installation: it now feels nice and tight on the wall!

* Internal clearance is tight so take extra care when routing wires and stuffing excess back into the wall or it's a pain snapping the main unit into the base. This was probably the most time-consuming stage of the installation.
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on January 5, 2014
I've reviewed so many thermostats it's not even funny. My favorite is a relatively impractical model that has bells and whistles on its bells and whistles, but for most people shopping for a thermostat, the real point is reducing their energy consumption and saving a little money. The best way to do that is a lower priced programmable thermostat, and this is a very affordable and fully programmable model.

Installation took only a few minutes as most thermostats use similar mounting holes. You just remove the old one, screw in the back plate, insert a few wires and a battery, then slap on the actual device.

Don't forget to make good use of the filter change reminder. Most of these thermostats offer that. One thing I really like about this Lux is that the default variance (how far it lets your temperature go from your setting before it turns your equipment on) is about 2-3 degrees. Most thermostats have a 1 degree variance, which is what you would probably expect all of them to have.

There's a major long term benefit to your equipment turning on fewer times and staying on longer (until they are 2-3 degree beyond the setting) as your equipment will last longer. Like I said, the goal here is to save money, and that will save you money.

It is a challenge to name a downside to this model. Construction quality is slightly lesser yet I'm sure this thing can last decades in normal operation, and it has a simpler and smaller LCD screen than competitors. I replaced it with a thermostat that has voice control and internet control and an LCD screen, but that one also costs approximately the same as five months of electricity at my home! , I admire the frugality of this thermostat that does what you need it to at a very good price.
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on November 1, 2013
I am a woman and not inclined to mechanical things at all, but this was not hard at all.
1. Before you take off your old thermostat make sure to copy/photograph how the wires were before removing them. For example, was the green wire in the G slot. Mine did not align with the colors exactly so I am so glad I did this.
2. This was easy to install although I do recommend having a second set of hands to assist you.
3. I love that this thermostat is programmable for the week and has different settings for the weekend. I am on a time of use plan with my electric company and just had a standard thermostat previously. This thermostat allows me to save money with my plan. 4. It even has a built-in reminder to change the filter.
I have had this one now the whole summer and have not had one problem.
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on August 17, 2013
I bought this to replace an old manual thermostat so I could more consistently and accurately set the temperature, and it has more than met my needs. It is easy to use, easy to install and has sensible default program settings. As an added bonus, during the hottest time of the year my daily electric use has fallen over 20% in similar weather using the default programmed settings!

I put the batteries in before installing and realized I could configure and program it while sitting comfortably and with instructions in hand rather than doing so while it is on the wall. The instructions sometimes take rereading to fully understand, but the back of the unit is well-labeled so that if I lose the instructions there is still good-enough info on the unit itself. My old thermostat mounting holes and wiring colors and codes matched the Lux, so I had an easy install.

I can easily override the program by pushing the up/down buttons to my desired temperature, and it will keep it until the next program period. I can also make it hold a temperature indefinitely with the hold button or run a special/vacation program for weeks or months if desired. The unit snaps off its base and has batteries, so if I need to perform lots of reconfiguring I can temporarily take it off the wall and reprogram it while sitting at a table or in an easy chair.

I read that you can save electricity in the summer by turning the temp up during the day when you're away and then turn the temp back down when you're home in the evening. I tried this a few times with the old thermostat and found that while it causes the air conditioning to run for several hours straight it does save electricity...20%+ in my case on the hottest summer days. But I didn't do it consistently, and changing the old thermostat setting twice a day resulted in a lot of inaccurate temperatures. The Lux will do the changes consistently, accurately and let me override when I'm home at unusual times. I installed the Lux in a string of 100+ degree sunny days, and the three days following the install used at least 20% less kWh each day than each of the previous three days. In this Texas summer heat my Lux will pay for itself within a month.

I am awarding 5 stars as it has done everything I expected well, everything it claims and is documented well enough in the manual and better than expected on the unit itself. It is priced very well and will help save me more money than I anticipated.

I have a smart meter and can read my recent electric usage online in monthly, daily or 15-minute intervals, and this is how I can calculate power savings with confidence.

Afterthought: It may be informative to specify I have single-stage central gas heat and electric air conditioning in a 42-year-old single-story ranch-style brick house of approximately 1900 square feet. The heat and air conditioning units are less than 5 years old.
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on June 14, 2013
I was a little concerned about purchasing this. We just bought our first home, and I have NO experience with any kind of home maintenance. Hanging pictures is about the extent of my "expertise."

I'm happy to say installation was a breeze! The instructions were easy to understand, and I had no trouble at all finishing in under 20 minutes. The hardest part was turning the air off to do it (it was a pretty warm afternoon!)

Programming it was fairly straightforward, a little daunting at first, but once I slowed down and concentrated on them, I had no trouble. It has morning/day/evening/night modes for M-F, Sat and Sun. The display is easy to read.

I only give it 4 stars because it's not the most stylish-looking option. It is, however, exactly what is pictured, so it's up to you to decide if it will fit your tastes.

Overall, I can't recommend this enough. If you are looking for an affordable, easy to install and easy to use programmable thermostat, this is the one for you.
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on January 9, 2014
I was using some other programmable thermostats but they weren't working out for me so I decided to give these a try and they are working out great. My wife and I have slightly different schedules that change a lot, so finding a programmable thermostat that can handle this is a challenge. This unit has several features that makes this sort of thing easier:

You can easily over-ride the temperature until the next scheduled temperature change.
You can easily over-ride the temperature until you change it again (hold).
There is a dedicated "special program" that you can easily switch over to.
Saturday and Sunday are separate from the weekday schedule.

All of these features make it very easy to keep your "regular" schedule and use simple over-rides as needed. Vacations at home or away from home are no problem.

Even if you have to re-program the thermostat a lot, that is very easy. I don't have to consult the manual every time I want to make a change.

The front panel buttons are easy to figure out in the dark, and the back light comes on as soon as you hit any of them so it is easy to make adjustments late at night or early in the morning. The display indicators also show you when you've set the temperature to what the regular schedule is which is nice.

If it had one more programmable time period during the day, this would be perfect for me. But since most people don't need that feature, I'd take less than one star off of the rating, so I left the rating at full stars.

I'd highly recommend this to anyone. Simple enough to use but lots of features to handle crazy schedules.
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