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on May 30, 2015
it's a great flashlight very bright and useful in the house in the car for an outdoor sports, The 200 lm version it's a great option for outdoor, battery life runs up to six hours on high, and 36 hours on low, for me it's a great flashlight for the money you spent, very useful you just need three AAA batteries and that's it, FYI The LED code is 19 for the 200 lm version
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on March 19, 2016
I have a lot of different types, brands, and styles of flashlights, and I think I like this one the best.

The body of it is made out of all aluminum. There are gaskets and seals at all openings, so you can even use this in the rain, and not have to worry about water getting in, and shorting it out, or ruining it. The handle is ribbed for texture, so you have extra grip and do not have to worry about it sliding out of your hand while using it. The black, or whatever color you get, coating on the outside of it is pretty durable too. It does not scrape, rub, or wear off easily.

The beam on this is a fixed beam though. Meaning it is stuck on a pinpoint type of beam. Unlike some other models, and types, you can not adjust the beam on this at all. It does have some radiant light though. I would say, in all the lights that I have used, I would say the radius of the radiant light, is about down the middle is how far the light spread is outside of the pinpoint beam.

This flashlight was not designed to be used as a lantern type, but if you take the lens assembly off, you can use it like one. Or, if for some reason you need a wide angle beam up close, you can take the lens assembly off and use it that way too. But if you do, you will loose the long range or pinpoint beam for distance.

The light turns on and off very easily by a simple click of the button on the bottom (opposite end of where the light comes out) of the flashlight. To switch between the settings, just click it multiple times, all at once, or in a row. 1 click, high beam, 2 click, low powered beam, etc. This is one place where I love this one. I have the XL100 or XL150 version too.. That one, I think to switch between the settings is a pain in the ...... That one, looks almost exactly the same as this, XL50 one, and really, the biggest difference between the 2 is the button and how it works to change settings. I highly recommend this on to the 100 series version.

The assembly that holds the 3 AAA batteries is very easy to remove, and reinstall. The batteries are very easy to replace in it too. The quality of the battery housing is pretty much all plastic, but is very well made.

As with all maglite flashlights, this one is made here, in the USA too.

While this does come with 3 batteries in the case, if you are not planning on using it for a while, I suggest leaving the batteries out of it until you need it. The reason, One of these, I put the batteries in that it came with, and it sat there for a few months not being used (I guess I should say that I had 5 of the XL series ones so you can not use them all at the same time), and then when I went to use it, I found that the batteries started to corrode and leak. While this is not the fault of mag, better to be safe. Another option would be to get some good rechargeable that hold their power over a time. For example, I buy the Enloop batteries for mine. They are rechargeable's, so I know I can use them over and over, but more then that, they do not have the tendency to leak like the disposables do, and this particular brand will keep most of their power for years, even when not being used. Standard NiMh batteries loose 1% of their power per day, 30 days, 30%, 3 months, dead batteries.. Not bad if you use it day after day, but if you put it up for an emergency, and use disposables and they leak, then it will do you no good, or if you put it up and use standard NiMh batteries months later, they will be dead. There are other ones like that out there, so just think about what you are using in it. Remember, this flashlights may have a warranty, but it does not cover battery leakage damage.

In durability, I have dropped mine, bumped them and knocked them down, etc dozens of times, on everything from carpeting, to hardwood floors, to concrete and blacktop, and I have never had any of mine fail from this. Scratch, gouge the surface, yes, but fail to perform, no.

As with any flashlight, they all have different designs, styles, and uses, and have different things that they are best for. So just take into consideration what you want to use it for, as to what is best for you. Personally, I love the button on the bottom for turning it on and off. Just know, this flashlight is about 1" in diameter.

In brightness, I feel that this is a good mid range light. Meaning, it is plenty bright for normal use, but also, is not over bright either. The beam will go hundreds of feet. But as with any flashlight, going brighter also usually means sacrificing battery life. This one has good battery life, but also, is plenty bright for most people. So in the end, I really have no complaints about this one.
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on April 2, 2017
Definitely one of the best palm-sized LED flashlights I've had the pleasure of using. Pre-purchase i wasn't excited about the multiple 'modes' of operation but now that it's in-hand I can tell that Maglite did their homework. Instead of cycling modes one at a time, the user selects a mode at power-up and the next press of the control button powers down the lamp. After so many torches with compulsory switches between lamp, LASER, beacon, flashing and/or S.O.S. it's real nice to be back to light on, light off simplicity.

The grip and water-resistance are nice but I do miss the ability to put the torch on a lanyard.
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on April 26, 2017
Nothing to hate here, three simple modes that can be accessed with simple button pushes. Beautiful crafting and nice weight.
Only complaints:
1) Something in there sounds when shaken...not a deal breaker at all.
2) Not sure if this one could be immersed in water. Had a very heavy and "sturdy" Radio Shack LED with a similar push button switch and when I took it to the beach, water got through the switch and made the batteries look like they had a year being left unattended. Not sure if this could go underwater as a Pro+ could, but anyway a sturdy and excellent flashlight.
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on December 19, 2015
Sturdy aluminum construction. I probably wont have much use for the colored lenses but I love the belt/pocket clip which is why I bought the tactical pack. The clip also has a hole for a lanyard. The anti-roll accessory is nice but I cant see this flashlight rolling if the belt clip is installed.
I just wanted a bright flashlight and didn't really know much about lumen ratings. I must say 200 lumens is extremely bright and even blinding if shined into someone's eyes so be careful. I have a 1/2 acre yard and can easily see all points of my yard and beyond at night. I like that the flashlight has a low, high, and strobe setting too and it's very simple with one, two, or three quick clicks of the button.
One thing I would change is a glass lens instead of the plastic one which can scratch and dull easier. Just seems like for the price a glass or crystal lens should be included. I hope one day it's an upgrade accessory. Overall a great flashlight Made in USA. Well done, MagLite.
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on September 28, 2016
Great flashlight. This is my third of the XL series and my fifth Maglite overall. It's great quality and rarely breaks down or malfunctions. The reason I'm giving it one star is because the warranty/customer service department is horrible from a previous experience with my XL200, where the flashlight had a lifetime guarantee but when I sent in the flashlight they sent it back to me with the same issue and stated they fixed the problem. After this I would call everyday; I was told I would receive a call back but I never did. I continue to buy their products but customer service is poor!
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I recently compared three compact LED flashlights available in the same price range: Maglite XL50-S3016,Rayovac Roughneck RNT3AAA-B and Mini-Maglite SP22017. Here are my findings:

Both Maglite XL50 and Rayovac Roughneck are powered by three AAA cells, while the Maglite Mini uses two AA cells. In term of battery cost, the Maglite mini is more economical to operate. This is because each AA cell contains about 3x more energy than AAA cell, yet they cost the same to buy.
Point: Maglite Mini

See the photos I uploaded to 'Customer Image' sections for size comparison. The XL50 is more compact than the Roughneck. Both are shorter and thicker than the Maglite Mini, making them easier to hold.
Point: Maglite XL50

[LED Light Output]
On paper the Roughneck is rated at an impressive '200 lumen', while the Maglte XL50 is only '104 lumen' and the Maglite Mini is '69 lumen'. In actual side-by-side comparison, however, the beam from XL50 is brighter and whiter than that of Roughneck. See my beam shot comparison photos in Customer Images section.
Point: XL50

[Electronic Switch]
All three flashlights offer multi-function electronic switch to turn the LED on at high power/low power or blinking mode.
- The Maglite Mini's electronic switch is activated by twisting its reflector, which is not easy for one-hand operation. It you twist the LED off and then back on within 3 seconds, it advances to the next mode (High/Low/Blink/S.O.S)
- The Roughneck's electronic switch is poorly designed. It forces you to cycle through all three modes (Low/High/Blink) before turning the LED off again.
- The XL50's electronic switch is much better designed:
-- First click for High Power, second click to turn off
-- Two rapid clicks (within 0.5 second) for Low power, next click to turn off
-- Three rapid clicks for Blinking mode, next click to turn off
Point: XL50

According to manufacturer data: the MagLite Mini is supposed to have a runtime of 18 hours, the Maglite XL50: 8 hours 45 minutes, the Roughneck: 2 hours (all at High power). In reality, all those numbers are highly exaggerated because they measure the runtime until the LED brightness drops to 10% of original brightness.
In my actual experiments, the Maglite Mini (powered by eneloop rechargeable cells) provided a runtime of about 7 hours, while the Roughneck only 1.5 hours. I cannot measure the runtime of XL50 at High power, because it kept dropping back to Low power after about 7-10 minutes, presumably because the LED was overheated.
Point: Maglite Mini

[Power Management]
All three did poorly in this aspect. Both XL50 and Roughneck are really bad because they have zero power regulation. That means the LED is being driven directly from three AAA batteries. The LED current (hence brightness) is completely at the mercy of battery voltage and internal resistance. The Maglite Mini at least made some attempt in power regulation, but the LED power still drops rapidly with lower battery voltage.
Point: Maglite Mini

[Adjustable Beam]
Both Maglite mini and Roughneck advertise adjustable beams, but they both have very limited variation between 'spot' and 'flood' mode. The beam from XL50 is not adjustable.
On the Maglite Mini, you can remove its reflector use it in 'candle mode'. The Maglite XL50's reflector can also be removed, but the resulted beam is more like a flood light. The Roughneck's reflector cannot be removed.
Point: Maglite Mini

Both Maglite Mini and XL50 are rated for 1-meter drop on the package. The Roughneck's package does not contain a drop-rating. Its product description claims '5-foot drop' (1.5 meter) at one place and '7-10 foot drop' (2-3 meter) at another place. I did not try any drop test intentionally, but I have dropped my Mini several times from higher distance and it survived
Point: Rayovac Roughneck (?)

If you're looking for a compact LED flashlight that is super-bright and easy to operate, then Maglite XL50 is the obvious choice. But in terms of overall design (considering runtime and battery cost), I have to give Maglite Mini the edge. The Rayovac Roughneck is not worth considering unless you can get it at much lower cost.
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on June 2, 2017
I shined this light in my eyes and temporarily blinded myself...
Then after I could see again I read the cautions and warnings and it states permanent retinal damage could happen.

I'll never do that again...

This little Maglite is sooo very bright!
Great quality as expected from this manufacturer.
Good design and much better function with the rear button.

Worth the buy if you want quality.
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on April 11, 2016
Had to return mine. It has a plastic tool for tightening the pocket clip to the flashlight. Mine broke off inside the clip before it was even tightened to the flashlight. I also did not like the anti-roll device you place over the lense. It overhangs into the lense opening making the light beam smaller. The flashlight itself is quite nice, but I was disappointed in the Tactical Pack accessories.
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on July 15, 2017
Not sure if defect but left sitting around OFF in idle drains battery in a week or 2. That should not happen. I thought I could let this sit around for 6 or more months but boy was I wrong after replacing the battery 2 or 3 times before I realized what was happening, I think I remembering reading about this with complaints online after I purchased it. I might try the Maglite XL100 just to see if the problem was corrected with the new model. But you can't beat how bright it is for the price, when it holds a charge...
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