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on April 1, 2014
I was not sure about ordering this clock as there was only one review of it, but I just received this clock and so far it is great. It was easy to set, the temperature reading was accurate to 0.5 degrees F (when compared to a calibrated source), the back light is even and the right brightness, and the alarm is the right volume for me (but might be quiet for some). Other things I like are it takes a standard AAA battery, it is very stable when unfolded, the display is readable from all angles with the light on (REVISED--see below) and off, and it folds to protect the screen when traveling. There are no beeps when the buttons are pushed like another popular clock. The side buttons are not covered by the folding case but I don't think they will move when traveling.

Two complaints when folded: it does not snap in place (but is spring loaded in place) and seems a bit weak and wobbly at the folding pivot point, and the light button is still exposed and active, and can easily be pushed when packed away for travel--if this happens, the battery would wear out quickly (thus only 4 stars).

Overall, much better than most of the others I read about. After I use it on a couple of trips, I'll revisit my review and updated it if necessary.

UPDATE: This appears to be the identical electronics as the Brookstone travel clock I was replacing (it never returned from a Caribbean trip--not sure what happened to it!) Compared to the Brookstone clock:
- The Brookstone clock snapped closed (more secure). I added a bit of Velcro to this clock to ensure it stays closed when folded
- This one is easier to set time/alarm than the Brookstone one (don't have to remove the battery cover)
- For both, the snooze/light control is still active and can be accidentally hit when folded
- When unfolded, this one is more stable
- Both are difficult to read when the light is on in the dark when viewed straight on or from below (like from a nightstand)
- The alarm volume and sound is identical for both

Overall I still like it--best one I've found so far.
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on December 24, 2014
I haven't had this product for very long, a couple of months maybe, but it is nicely designed and performs as billed. It is very functional, and one 'bonus' feature I like is the thermometer.

I do have one concern that may affect battery life - that is the 'snooze button'. This is the round chrome button that located at the bottom of the clock when it's in the open position (this is very handy for alarm clock purposes). This button also activates the light that illuminates the clock. But when the clock is folded for travel, the button is exposed. My concern is when its sitting in a packed suitcase - will it be activated from time to time and drain the battery prematurely?

I called the manufacturer about this issue and they were helpful. They advised that they had not heard of this issue, but also advised that the warranty is for a year. All that said, at this point - so far so good!
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on July 11, 2016
I received the clock today and immediately started testing it. The loudness of the alarm is perfect for me, though some may find it too quiet. It starts out as a double beep for a few seconds, then changes to a rapid single beep. It stops by itself after about a minute, unless you snooze or physically turn the alarm off. I don't notice any ascending sound in the volume as some have mentioned. A little added bonus is that the backlight automatically comes on for a few seconds each time the alarm sounds, making it easier to see the clock.

The display is sharpest and most defined when viewed straight on or at an angle slightly above the screen. If you're viewing the display from an angle below the screen, it becomes blurry and lighter in appearance. In a dark room, if the clock is on a table level with or higher than the bed, the display completely washes out and is not readable when the backlight is lit. The fact that the screen leans back on an angle when open almost guarantees it will not look sharp for most people viewing it. I consider this a design flaw.

Once I set the alarm, I wondered how to double check the alarm time without moving the switch on the side. I discovered that, with the left side switch set to "Lock" and the right side switch set to "Snz" or "Alm on", you can check the alarm set time by briefly holding in either the hour or minute button.

My big concern is the snooze function. Most clocks with a snooze feature will continue to go off after each snooze time is up until you physically turn the snooze feature off. When this clock goes off at the initial preset time, I hit snooze. Five minutes later, it sounded again, and I hit snooze. Another five minutes went by, alarm sounded, and I hit snooze. At that point, the alarm is OFF. If you're someone who is used to hitting snooze over and over and over, you need to know this alarm does NOT allow that. This should be stated in their instructions, because it is definitely not the norm or what most folks are used to, and could cause someone to oversleep for sure.

Once I use it a few times in real situations, I'll know if it's really worth keeping.

Re: the photos...the first was taken looking down at the clock in a dark room with the backlight on. The 2nd was taken looking upward at the clock in the same scenario. It was very washed out and hard to read...not good!

Update: after using one night, it's going back. I had it on a nightstand level with the bed, and during the night I pressed the snooze button to see what the time was. It was absolutely unreadable...completely washed out and all blue. I had to pick it up and tilt it forward then tap the button to be able to read it. I wonder if mine was defective??
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on April 28, 2017
Just received this so review is based on limited experience. Seems to be a nice quality product, well made and with nice features. My only gripe is that there is no "off" switch so it remains powered up at all times. Since this is a travel clock and used infrequently you would probably want to remove the battery between trips. Not the end of the world so in total I'd rate it as a keeper. The company emails you asking for feedback, so that's a good sign as well.
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on September 23, 2017
This is my second one of these because they are just wonderful little travel clocks AND sit by my desk and in the bathroom clocks.

Easy to read. The light is bright enough for a quick look at night without blasting my eyes. Nice having the temperature and date/day of the week. Very easy to set the time and the alarm. Easy to see when alarm is on (top left corner) or off. Folds up small and portable for travel. Runs on 1 AAA battery so whats not to like about that!
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on March 24, 2017
If you want a reliable travel alarm, even at home, this one is good. Press a button to see the time and temperature. Alarm is fine. Clock is reliable. Runs on one AAA battery (one comes with the clock. Price is pretty good too.
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on May 28, 2017
This is a perfect alarm clock for my office desk area. It takes up a small footprint, has all the features I need and like, and it was reasonably priced. Perfect transaction with the seller also - highly recommend both product and the seller. My ratings and opinions are my own and I DID NOT receive this item at a discount or free for my honest review.
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on March 16, 2016
I really like the design, BUT when the unit is closed the night light button can still be depressed. Just worried that when its packed in the suitcase it will be turned on so much the battery will wear down quickly. I wish the cover would protect that portion. If I had paid more attention I would have chosen another travel alarm clock.
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on September 4, 2015
I'm primarily disappointed in this clock because of how loud it chirps from the outset...very jarring. I much prefer a softer chirp, gradually getting louder. Also, in the snooze position, it activates only two additional times after the initial blast, five minutes apart. So, one can only snooze for a total of an additional ten minutes. Often, I'm not ready to get up in ten minutes after the first blast. Also, the back light doesn't stay on but a couple of seconds, making it hard to focus and see how to set it or read the various pieces of info that it provides. I would not purchase it again or recommend it to a friend.
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on August 29, 2017
I like it for many reasons: It swivels to close so it makes it compact for travel and the face will be protected from being scratched. All of the buttons are readily accessible so it is easy to set the calendar, time, alarm, etc. and also easy to hit for the snooze, night light, and to shut off alarm. It is easy to figure out how to set up, I actually set it all up without even using the booklet. When it's open, it's angled just right to see the face and it's easy to read. Alarm sound is good, as it's not too loud, nor too quiet. All-in-all, I think it's a very good clock. Can't wait to actually use it while traveling and not just at home to try it out!
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