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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on May 25, 2017
Great for the open land does not work well in the city.

If you have many buildings or uneven landscapes like hills or rocks or valleys around you it won't work as the signals bounce off the objects and confuse the tracker. It shows my dog in the exact opposite direction of where he actually is because of this problem. Only when I head out into the open spaces does it correctly show the direction.

So for tracking a dog in the city it's pretty useless.

However to monitor a dog it's AWESOME. It has a feature to alert you if a dog goes too far away from the house/tracker. Are use this feature a lot. I have set it to the near setting so if my dog is more than 50 m away from my house it alerts me and I can go and call him back before you get out of ear shot. This to me is an even better feature than tracking the dog because I can get the dog before he runs away. For this one feature I give it five stars, for tracking dog it's run away I give it one star in the city.
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on November 27, 2016
 I have been looking for a good solution to keep track of my pets. I have a 70lb Lab that loves the water and an 8lb cat that loves to hide from me when it is time to come in for the night. Finding one solution for both pets has been a challenge to say the least.

For the cat, it has to fit comfortably on the breakaway collar she already wears. The Marco Polo tag weighs less than an ounce and attaches with a soft nylon fabric holder that fits tight to the collar so there is nothing hanging down to catch on branches. She barely noticed it after I put it on her collar.

For the Lab, I need a product that can stand up to his love for the water and his crashing through the bushes on our hikes. I take him with me on trips where we are often in areas without cell service and this is one of the few products that works everywhere without the need for cell coverage.

As for cost, I looked at the popular GPS/cellular system (which is too big for my cat and won’t work where I hike with my dog) and even with their sale prices by the time you add in the service fees it is actually more expensive by the end of the first year for my 2 pets than Marco Polo is – and the fees don’t stop after that! After 3 years the GPS unit is almost 3 times the cost of Marco Polo.

PS: I found a video online of the tag being run over by a car, these things are built to take a beating!
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on September 11, 2017
doesn't pick up as well as expected, less than 1/2 mile
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on April 3, 2017
I am returning this. I don't know if I am just not tech savvy enough to use it, but I couldn't get it to track correctly on anything like a consistent basis. The unit kept losing the signal and then took upwards of ten minutes to find it again. This happened repeatedly. It did track once it found the signal, but that never lasted for very long. This is no good for my uses if it won't maintain a lock with the collar unit. I also found the handheld unit to be both bulky and it looks like technology from 1985. I think that this is a good concept and seems to work well for some people. I was very disappointed. For the price, I expected it to work much better.
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on April 17, 2017
I do not think this is anywhere near on par with a nice Garmin GPS system, but it did eventually find the locator when we tested it out. I tested it out only for a distance of 200 yards through wooded rolling hills. It sends you around for a bit but eventually it does get you in the area of the beacon where you should easily be able to see a dog.
- Price.
- Long battery life. With not monitoring it I have not charged the hand held or beacon in 2 weeks.
- The monitoring system does work well although there is a 90-120 second delay.
- Works without cell phone signal.
- Expandable to 3 dogs.

- Takes a significant amount of time to hone in on the animal if it is moving. It took on average 15 minutes to find it 200 yards away in woods.
- Frequently throws wrong direction indicators you have to just go with the most frequent direction that pops up.
- When locating over a hill it would lead me around the side of the hill where the signal was bouncing off.
- Pretty simplistic directions, the signal strength is your first indicator you use to get within a 100 yards of the dog (in woods) and then it will start pointing out directions. This will be much better if you live in a wide open area, I can see it locating the animal very quickly in this situation.
- Have to rotate in circles for best direction to go and watch the angle you hang on to it for best signal.

If your dog is a runner I do not think I would use this as it takes a while to hone in on the signal. If he likes to just go hang out on the property somewhere then it probably is worth saving the money and getting this over a GPS system. My dog never goes too far so I am keeping mine.
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on August 21, 2017
I am so happy I purchased this. It has paid for itself multiple times already. If you wonder if you will lose the tracker? You won't as long as you turned it on and it has a charge, which a full charge lasts almost 30 days. Awesome. I purchased this for my drones after I lost one. This has already paid for itself and saved me a lot of grief. The case is sturdy on the tracker and the handheld is easy to use and read after reading through the manual. It is really that great, i feel like this is a great investment for anyone with drones, dogs, keys, cars, I don't know, anything you can attach it too and need to track down for up to 2 miles, maybe less in city or whatever but I am VERY SATISFIED with this product and am very happy I found it. I purchased a second tracker a month later, not because I had issues with the first but because two is twice as helpful! Dog and Drone? Covered. Happy Customer!
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on May 21, 2017
I am revising my review after another huge disappointment in this product. While waiting to get another brand of tracker I chose to continue to use this one as a "Better Than Nothing" option. Today when I went to charge the battery it would not charge and the blinking light discontinued completely. So my opinion of The Marco Polo product is at the bottom of the scale. I am out a lot of $$$ and no tracker for my dog. VERY disappointing.
As a long time Amazon customer that relies on reviews of products I make an effort to take time to evaluate products allowing a fair and objective report of my experience. We have found this pet tracker to be very disappointing. Unfortunately due to extenuating circumstances we were not able to do the offsite testing prior to the expiration of the return date. I contacted the company prior to writing this review to determine if there was something I was missing that would improve results. (I have retested after that conversation to assure an accurate assessment of our experience.) The owner gave some suggestions, but was more concerned that I would write a “Crappy” review. He did offer to buy the pet tracker back at a very high discounted rate as the price he gets from Amazon is different from what we pay and that the dog had been wearing the tracker.
Pros – The instructions to set up the tracker and charge it were clear and easy to understand. It was comfortable for my 9.5 Chihuahua to wear w/o objection.
Cons – The tracker would not fit on the Martingale collar due to the way the antenna wraps around. We had to purchase a standard collar. Even with the collar set at the smallest setting it could easily slide off his neck. A serious concern. Not sure if that would be a problem on larger dog collars.
The controller part of the tracker system has an alarm that is to go off when the dog leaves the set range. According to instructions for our property the tracker was set at the med range. When the dog was taken off the property the alarm did not sound until the dog was a block away. This sound is so minimal that you have to be right on top of the unit to even be aware it is beeping. According to the owner people with different hearing abilities may find it a problem. I assured him that I do not have a hearing problem and neither do two other people I have had test it. He offered for an additional $25 an adapter could be purchased that would improve the alarm sound. I strongly feel that the sound that comes with the unit should be loud enough not to warrant the additional purchase. He disagreed.
Tracking – The unit needs to be held in a flat parallel position. If held in an angle it is totally ineffective. Knowing this did help with the search. The problem is the sound again Barely audible. The screen display needed to have something held over it to help make the arrow visible from glare on a moderately cloudy day. The distance on tracking in not accurate. Even when we were with the dog it showed 85%. Then after awhile changed to 99%.
Overall I find this product very disappointing. I will remove the tracker and get my dog back on a Martingale collar and start the research on another more effective option.
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on November 13, 2017
Do not buy this tracker for a beloved pet. It may be ok for a drone or a lost rc plane that can be replaced when you don't find it because it went out of range. Here's our story.
On Mon 11-13-17 at 11:00 am we took out lil female Sharpei mix Bella out for a walk with our other 2 dogs. We have 3 acres of land that abuts 150 acres of wildlife refuse behind us. Our lil girl Bella had on her fully charged received on her collar and I had the fully charged hand held. Bella seen a Deer and that was all she wrote. She took off so fast and when I went to my handheld to start getting her directing she was out of range and all I seen was "searching" it was a totally sinking feeling. We were searching for her in the woods for hours and hours. 15 hrs later at 3 am she by the grace of God found her way back home. This is not a reliable unit for a beloved pet. The range that I lost her was around 35 to 40 yards and that was it. My wife and I were on our own. So if you love and cherish you pet like we do. Do not put there life in the hands of this unit. We are now looking at the Garmin Tracker.
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on October 13, 2017
This has been the best solution we have tried yet to keep an eye on our dog. We live in a rural area with about 3.5 acres. Setting this on Medium allows him to get just to the edge of our property because the alarm sounds. We had tried wireless fencing before, but this is much easier since it requires no training. Our dog *mostly* stays in the yard, but every now and then he decides to wander off. He don't make it far before this Marco Polo unit tells us he's wandering off. And then, the direction arrow makes it so easy to find him. looked at GPS units too, but they take too long to update and just aren't granular enough to help locate our little dog. There are downsides to this unit, the range is of course shorter than GPS, but I have only had to charge the collar about once a month or even longer. I tend to leave the base unit plugged in, so it is always ready to go. Highly recommended! If you dog ALWAYS runs off when not being watched, this might not be the ideal solution, but this in conjunction with something else (like wireless fence) might be good in that scenario.
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on July 20, 2017
I purchased this product several months ago to help me track my dog when she disappears. We live on several acres in the mountains, and it works quite well. Buyers should be aware that this is not a GPS mapping device but instead radio-collar technology akin to what they use to track wild animals. In other words, you have to get up and go find your dog by following the little directional arrows--but of course, there is no monthly cell service fee. It works well for me, though I have noticed that the signal strength percentage seems to drop off quickly, and on a non-linear scale. It is also affected by line of sight--if my dog goes behind a building the strength drops off noticeably. Still it does a surprisingly good job in the steep mountainous terrain and canyons near me, but perhaps that is because I live on high ground and my dog is always going down to the stream or a nearby pond to swim or hunt--i.e. I might feel differently if I lived down in the canyon itself.
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