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on December 16, 2013
UPDATE: I wanted to highlight this fact: This is a DisplayLink device. Therefore, this monitor will use your laptop/desktop's power supply and CPU (not GPU).

As of now, this has to be the best DisplayLink (that is, USB interface/CPU powered monitor) out there. No other monitor has a higher resolution (1920x1080) on a 15.6" screen. There are some that match this monitor's resolution. But those units are over 20". I don't see how anyone can realistically carry around a unit larger than 16" on a daily basis.

This is NOT an IPS display. But for my purpose: portable screen for software development and spreadsheets, it's perfect.
MSFT Excel:
1366x768: 20 columns by 28 rows
1920x1080: 29 columns by 45 rows (2.3 times as many viewable cells)

If you want a portable monitor with an IPS display, for greater color accuracy, wait for the Lenovo monitor coming out early 2014. I believe that unit will be a 13.3" display with 1600x900 resolution, which starts at twice the cost of this unit. Just letting you know of other options for your consideration.

I've tested this unit on two laptops... a Acer S3 and Lenovo Yoga Pro. Both laptops provide enough power to allow for full brightness though one usb port. I've tried both USB2 and 3. Works without issue in both cases. But I have a feeling I'll be carrying around my laptop's power supply from now on.

Also tested on a Mac... works great. But you cannot adjust the brightness.

Also, for clarification, you DO NOT need to install the software that comes with this device. The display is plug-and-play on Windows. The only software you may need to install is the DisplayLink software, which is independent of ASUS or any manufacturer. If you hate bloatware like I do, just download the appropriate driver from the DisplayLink site.

You only need to install the software that came with this device if you require the auto-illuminate and auto-rotate features. If you'd rather not deal with finding the DisplayLink software yourself from the DisplayLink site, the software is available on this device's disk.

1) Best DisplayLink monitor currently on the market. I've looked around and this really hits the sweet spot in terms of resolution and size.
2) 1920 x 1080 is a big plus. Display room is the reason someone would even consider these monitors, so why not get the most resolution possible that doesn't compromise visual comfort.
3) 15.6 inch display. My personal preference is not to have a laptop or monitor larger than this size to carry around. As it is, this monitor is barely small enough to fit in my regular sized school backpack.
4) The display is sharp, contrast is good. Side-by-side with the IPS display on the Lenovo Yoga Pro... yes the Yoga's display is better. But not by much.
5) Single USB3 cable for power and connection. Works fine with USB 2 or 3 ports. No dedicated power cable required. Very nice!
6) Nice case to protect and carry the unit.
7) Did I mention this monitor is a work of art? I'm not talking about the display, when in use. I'm just commenting on how it looks when you're simply admiring the device. It's a gorgeous unit.
8) Price. 200 is VERY reasonable for this display.

1) The connection on the monitor is very delicate. I tried putting it in Portrait mode and the monitor disconnected. Not a big deal, as this will always be used in Landscape mode.
2) Cable is a bit short. This may limit you to using the Asus monitor only to the right of your laptop in some cases. Not a big deal... but a longer cable if this is going to be an issue for you.
3) Stand: As nice as the case is, it's also suppose to double as the monitor's stand. The implementation is a bit goofy. I may change my mind on this, but anything you have to prop up with the case and secure with velcro (in the front, to keep the monitor from sliding) is a questionable design decision.

UPDATE: I purchased the Anker Multi-Angle Portable Stand. Works great with this monitor. Very stable and has good range for display angle:

4) The metal back finish appears to be glued onto the unit. It was slightly popping out in the middle. I pushed it back on. It's fine. Not that big a minus.

I'll update if there's anything new to add.

So far, a job very well done, Asus!
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on January 3, 2014
Ultraportable? Both this monitor and my tablet PC can fit into the laptop compartment in my computer bag. I bought the ASUS MB1698B+ to replace the AOC E1649FWU 16" USB-Powered Portable LED Monitor. If you want a low cost option with decent resolution, that monitor is still not a bad choice. If you want a full HD USB-powered monitor that also has a market leading slim profile, this is the best option by a wide margin. On the installation side, it works with Windows 8.1 out of the box but performs better with the ASUS software.

The screen brightness isn't going to set any records, but I am typically running my tablet PC at 75% brightness to conserve battery power and the brightness of the MB168B+ is not that far off at about 75% when viewed straight on. The response rate is great for regular applications and video, and since its viewing area of the monitor is much larger than the tablet it is my primary screen when connected on the go. When I have the tablet docked, I still use the ASUS monitor alongside the desk monitors in portrait mode for reference documents and websites.

This brings us to the two problems this product has - the included USB 3.0 cable is a little too short and the convertible nylon case that doubles as a stand is a great case and terrible stand. A broken monitor waiting to happen, actually, since the device is not secured very well by the default stand. A specific feature I appreciate about the case during use is a firm liner that offers more protection over soft fabric stretch cases. To save a few words, I solved the stand and cable issues for myself with the following:

1. iRulu Black Portable Fold-Up Stand
2. CablesFrLess 3ft Micro USB 3.0 Tangle Free Flat Noodle Style Charging / Data Sync 5GBps Cable (Black)

For under $20, the two issues I found with the product were resolved. The folding stand increases the range of viewing angles and the 3ft cord allows more optimal placement of the device at home and on the road. I am using this product daily, am quite pleased with it, and am very glad I held off buying the upgraded AOC model to see what else was being released. As of early 2014, this ASUS is the market leader in resolution and portability in the 15-16" class of USB monitors. Worth a serious look for the business traveler or anyone who needs an additional monitor or two to use on the go.
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on December 20, 2013
I've been using the Lenovo LT1421 for a couple of years, and I loved having the extra screen but hated that the resolution was so low (1366 x 768). It wasn't so bad when my old laptop was the same resolution, but my current laptop is 1600 x 900, so I had less screen real estate for anything I moved to it.

I happened to hear about this super hi-resolution (1920 x 1080) Asus USB-powered display coming out and was very excited. I couldn't find one available anywhere - Amazon had it as orderable but not in stock, so I pulled the trigger and just figured I'd get it when I get it. Lo and behold, less than a week later I have this in hand and set up.

The display is super-light and super-sharp. It has the same resolution as the two LCD monitors I'm connected to (will post pic) that are 20 inches or so, but the Asus is only 15.6 inches, so text is smaller, but if that's an issue you can use Ctrl-plus to make web browsers zoom in, or work with the text setttings in Windows.

The case is not quite as professional-looking as the Lenovo's - it's a soft case with no attachment, whereas the Lenovo case was more like the ipad smart cover that folds over and back. For the Asus case, you slide it out of the "portfolio" 90% of the way, rotate it from face-down to face-forward, and fold the part of the case that's behind in down, which props up the display. There's a little tab sewn into the fabric that keeps the bottom of the display from sliding forward, so it's not something you can just pick up with one hand how it is set and set it back down somewhere else.

This thing is too awesome to take away a star for this, but the USB 3.0 attachment (the weird joined connector that attaches to the monitor) on the cable it comes with (normal USB on the other end to the computer) has a design issue in that it does not stay in very securely. Like, at all. It was almost to the point of having to keep pressure on it to keep the connection, when I was on the couch last night trying to get the drivers loaded. However, I had another USB to USB 3.0 cable from a Toshiba hard drive that I tried and it works fantastically, so my recommendation is to just go buy another cable for it.

As for drivers, my work laptop has an extra battery in place of the CD/DVD so I downloaded the most recent non-beta drivers for Win7 from Asus' website - file was huge (274MB) but it worked perfectly the first time so I could care less about that. Strangely enough, the visual setup instructions showed to connect it first and then do the drivers, as opposed to most USB devices that require drivers saying "don't connect before loading drivers or the planet will explode". Again, it worked fine the first time, so that's fine with me.

I'm typing this review on the new display. It can fit SO MUCH Excel and internet in a small space it's making me lightheaded...
review imagereview imagereview image
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on June 19, 2014
I just received mine in the mail. It has a manufacturing date of April, 2014. Most reviews mention a short cable, one specifically mentioned 27". The cable that came with mine is about 40" tip to tip, and it hasn't fallen out... in the first 5 minutes. When turned on to full brightness with only white on the screen this monitor uses 1.20 amps of power (at 5V of course). With the brightness all the way down and a black screen it uses .80 amps of power. I'm using it on a 6 month old Asus G750 17" laptop. The laptop is brighter, but I like the color on the MB168B+ better.

I purchased another stand preemptively (one of the "also purchased with" items) but the included one isn't bad. I don't know if it changed, but it has a tab sticking up where the monitor rests so it can't slide. It takes up a bit too much desk space, but it's primary job is as a cover so I don't see a way around it being large. The software handles screen rotation like a champ. I had a laptop/tablet convertible in the past that had such a horrible viewing angle that in portrait mode your eyes saw two different things. That was unusable. This monitor is definitely usable in portrait mode. It has a good viewing angle in landscape and a good enough angle in portrait. You can see brightness drops at about 30º down from center (in landscape), but it goes away above or below that point. I don't trust either the include stand or my purchased stand with it in portrait mode though. The included case/stand is much more stable than my purchased one for use on a sofa or bed.

I was definitely expecting to have to settle to get a portable monitor with 1080 resolution. This doesn't compete with a plug in monitor for the same price, but I definitely wouldn't call it settling.

I got this monitor to work with an a Dell Venue 8 Pro with a USB OTG cable (M micro to F USB-A) and a Y cable. I expected the monitor to use more system resources on a tiny atom computer because displaylink uses the CPU instead of a video card. Its CPU usage was negligible, bouncing around between 0 and 3% when just the task manager is on the screen.
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on October 24, 2015
First off, this is an awesome portable monitor and I'd probably buy it again if I lost it.

First the good:

Having this monitor hooked up to my Macbook Pro (2011) really brings the workstation experience to the coffee shop. If you work better with a two monitor setup, and you're looking to do that on the road -- this is your setup. The monitor is very light, and the case is good quality. The resolution is extremely crisp and the refresh rate is a decent 60hz.

Now the not so good:

As much as I love this thing -- there are a couple of downsides. First, setting it up for the first time is a bit of a drag. As a Mac user I had to dig through multiple folders containing PC .exe files until I found one deeply buried on the disc that contained a .dmg file. After installing the driver from the disc, the screen still didn't work. Take this advice and save yourself the headache I went through: Ignore the drivers that come with the monitor on the disc. Go directly to and download the latest DisplayLink drivers. (This monitor is made by ASUS but uses DisplayLink technology to talk to your laptop via USB). Once you have the latest drivers, it works very smoothly.

Also not so good:

The monitor is definitely not as bright as it probably should be. Color depth is also not as good as the Macbook Pro screen -- although not bad at all.

And the bad:

The power button doesn't seem to have a clear on/off state. It has a not-bright-enough orange LED that's on regardless of the on/off state. The brightness toggle seems to be useless, broken or non-functional -- at least when connected to my Macbook Pro. Maybe because I'm using a standard DisplayLink driver? But remember, the monitor didn't work at all with the included driver. So there's not much choice here.

The cable which connects the monitor to the USB port seems very sensitive, one bump and the monitor disconnects and all your open windows return to the original monitor.

And the unacceptable:

There's a white spot on the monitor that's driving me crazy (See photo -- white spot is on the left side).

I'm going to RMA this unit. I'll follow up when I get a new one.
review image
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on January 25, 2015
Using this add on monitor with my Macbook Pro (2013) and works seamlessly. I also have both the Lenovo, Toshiba as well as AOC equivalents and this ASUS is miles ahead because of clarity compared to the Lenovo and Toshiba models and not jittery display as what was sometimes found with the AOC model.

Also the fit and finish of the ASUS is right up there with the fit and finish of ASUS notebooks - looks great. The carrying case not only protects the monitor while in motion but also stores the USB 3.0 cable. When you are using the monitor you folder the case lids in such a way that it acts as the mount for the monitor itself. Only issue is that it does take up about a 15 inch footprint on the desk which means that if using on a small desk might mean not a lot of room!

Have no issue when using it with both Apple OS as well as Windows 8.1 under Parallels 10. Completely supports multiple monitor support in windows. Have not tried having a second monitor - hence giving me a three monitor setup and are considering doing this - anyone tried this?

I have not tried gaming on this monitor as I am a developer hence us it for not only development software but also Kindle (which this monitor) shows the typeset perfectly compared to showing the Kindle book on the Macbook screen itself.

Hope this review helps
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on June 19, 2015
To start with I will say I ended up returning it and getting an AOC e1659Fwu that I am much happier with.

I got this monitor for two purposes. Mainly I wanted it to be a third monitor on my desk, but also to be a second monitor when traveling. My biggest problem with the monitor was that it made a very high pitched noise that gave me a headache whenever it was on. The sound itself wasn't a big deal, it wasn't particularly loud, it was the effect that it had on me that was a problem. This is the reason that I returned it. I don't see any other reviewers complaining of this problem so I assume it is not typical, but my other issue is why I got a different monitor to replace it.

My other problem was that I felt the resolution was too high for my needs. A 15.6" monitor at 1920x1080p results in very small text when placed on my desk at the same distance from me as my 24" monitor at the same resolution. There is a simple solution to this which is to change the windows DPI scaling (which can be controlled seperately on each monitor in windows 7). Windows actually set it to 125% by default. The problem with this is that it makes text appear blurry. It wasn't terrible and I could have lived with it if I had not had the other problem.

I got this for productivity, but I did try videos on it to see how it would work on my laptop:
Netflix and YouTube from browser worked fine.
Netflix windows 8 app didn't work at all
Ripped Blu-ray would play but a lot of frames were dropped. It would be ok to have playing in the background, not ok for really watching an action movie.

The AOC has a built in stand which it much appreciated. It is thicker, but that it just because of the stand. It probably could be made in a way to allow it to be thinner even with the stand. With its resolution of 1366 x 768 I can leave the scaling at 100% which makes text much easier to read. It doesn't hurt that the AOC is considerably cheaper as well.
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on August 16, 2015
I am thrilled with this purchase.

Here are my initial thoughts in no particular order of importance.

1. This screen is as good as the one on my high-end gaming laptop. I am not a gamer but I found, as a programmer and consultant, that gamers make the best road-worthy laptops. So I don't play games, but I have come to appreciate the graphics they demand. This monitor is as crisp and vibrant as anything I've ever seen on a laptop. I own a laptop with a 15.6 inch screen and this is a near duplicate of the size (and an equal or improvement on the quality).

2. It is light but built to the highest quality and durability standards for something with these dimensions.

3. I ordered and use the Anker portable stand with it. I did not use the case as a stand. Didn't even try. The Anker stand (or something like it) is a must-have. The Anker stand is ideal, if you are wondering.

4. Ordered and shipped from Prime, The product was packed like a precious jewel. It was delivered in one day (my choice) and was in perfect condition.

5. I protected the monitor during transport in my computer case next to my laptop. No harm came to it and it seems durable enough for a long, full life. My laptop lives inside a protective sleeve inside a laptop compartment in the computer bag. There is enough room for more so I put the ASUS monitor in its case next to the laptop in its case, all inside the built-in computer compartment of the bag.

6. No whine. No high-pitch noise as reported by others. I'm not saying their product was not defective. Mine was not.

7. Spreadsheets, documents, Visual Studio, browsers, remote desktops, VMWare Desktop, SQL Server Management Studio, and all the other geek-type apps I use every day were crisp and clear and wonderful on this monitor. That it was the same resolution as my laptop (1920x1080) made the transition from one to the other seamless.

8. I watched a bit of Amazon streaming video and it was just as good on the portable monitor as on the laptop monitor... maybe better (but I do have them set differently for brightness and contrast -- may have to revisit the laptop screen). No jitters. No delay. No problems.

9. I use Win 8.1 (I wish I didn't) but the monitor connected right away. A little dialog asked me to load the drivers (which I did) but it seemed to work regardless. Maybe it works better now that I loaded the software. There is now a notification icon that appears when the monitor is connected.

10. It's true. The USB cable can be touchy. If you bump it, it will briefly flash and push all your open apps over to the active screen, then return with a blank slate. I did that a couple of times. The connections seem very solid and I don't know why such slight pressure would cause a disconnection. It did not seem like the connections could have moved all that much. Still, when it disconnects, it disconnects. Maybe it's a fail-safe in the firmware. You have been warned.

11. The cable could be longer. I will buy a longer USB 3.0 cable as, I apparently use a second monitor in the unapproved "to the left" position from my main monitor. (No, I am not a lefty. Yes, I have always placed my secondary monitors to the left. I don't think everyone places their second monitors to the right.)

12. The battery drained faster. I was, nonetheless, impressed with the performance. I did reduce the brightness when on battery alone, and got nearly 70 percent of the time on battery as I would have without the second monitor. I did not have to run on battery as part of my travels, as setting up with a second monitor seems like an intentional act of "setting up shop." I was just experimenting because I was curious.

13. I did not notice the extra weight, given everything else I carry in my computer bag when I go on site. It seems very light to me, in fact.

All in all, I have nothing bad to say about this purchase. I did not have an opportunity to compare, side-by-side, the other options available, but if I wanted a 1920x1080 portable monitor that is affordable, this was my only real choice.

Because of some of the negative reviews (and I'm not discounting them at all), I was prepared for disappointment. I can affirm that none of the negative experiences by others were shared in my case and, alternatively, all my experiences were delightfully positive. (Okay, I'm still trying to figure out the way the monitor "blinks" when I touch the USB 3.0 cable wrong, but I do not consider that a negative... just a trait that I don't understand. I'll let you know if it becomes a problem.)

If you travel, and if you use more than one monitor at your desk, and if you appreciate high-resolution, high-quality displays, you need to buy this before your next trip. (And get a stand, too.)
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on May 19, 2015
(edit: a bit dated now, but realized i left off pictures.)
This is a bit of troubleshooting for Windows 7 (64 bit).
I was ready to give up on this monitor.
I would rate it a 5, except for the very ineffective support when I called into ASUS for help (see support note, below).

Symptom: MB168B+ power button shows amber, while Device Manager shows "Other devices -> !MB168B+".
(the '!' is should really be a yellow circle with an exclamation point in it, see attached photo).

Going into properties and clicking "Update Driver" eventually replies with "Windows was unable to install your MB168B+. Windows could not find driver software for your device."

I uninstalled, rebooted, and reinstalled the ASUS drives (both from CD and ASUS Support) several times to no avail.
(I know the MB168B+ monitor and cable are both fine because they work well on other laptops, Win8 & Win7).

About ready to give up, I noticed that a usb mouse also didn't run (I rarely use a mouse w/my laptop, so this was pure luck).
Anyway, troubleshooting the usb mouse problem lead me to this post:

Long story short, apparently windows-update needs a file called "C:\Windows\inf\usb.inf" and it was missing on my laptop. (I have no idea if there was ever a usb.inf file there on my particular laptop.)

But anyway, the post suggested copying usb.* files from the most recent C:\Windows\system32\DriverStore\FileRepository\usb.inf* folder.
Here is a copy of the command I used (note the current working directory is C:\Windows\inf):

Running in a command prompt (right-mouse to get Run As Administrator):
C:\Windows\inf>copy ..\system32\DriverStore\FileRepository\usb.inf_amd64_neutral_42d7284868af1f40\usb.*
2 file(s) copied.

After that, the MB168B+ (and the mouse) both eventually worked after enabling, re-enabling, updating a driver for the device and some rebooting.

Support note:
The whole thing was just a HUGE multi-week support headache.

ASUS: you should add something like this to your support play book, because it turned out to be Remarkably unhelpful for me to call up and spend several hours across over the course of a week trying different "fixes" eventually followed by... nothing. No escalation to a 2nd or 3rd tier of support, just "Sorry, guess it doesn't work for you, maybe you should call your laptop vendor." While it was a laptop (maybe windows) issue with usb-3, you're in the business of selling usb-3 peripherals like this Really Nice Monitor... I wish you could offer some in-depth help with troubleshooting them.
review imagereview image
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on October 5, 2015
Since the screen is so small, Windows 10 automatically wants to resize the items you move onto this screen to make them bigger and easier to see (it's still 1080p resolution, the windows and icons themselves are bigger). You might be fine with this, but if you want to take full advantage of the great resolution, right-click the desktop, go to "Display Settings", select the screen, and drag the slider on "Change the size of text, apps, and other items:" down to "100%". This was with the drivers from DispayLink's website, not the included drivers. Your results may vary.

I can not believe how thin and light this is. The screen is thinner than AOC E1649FWU 16" USB-Powered Portable LED Monitor - Glossy Black The resolution is incredible. People who are complaining about the cover not making a steady stand didn't read the instructions. There is a little stiff fabric tab you have to flip up to keep the screen from sliding down. There are two tabs so you can adjust the angle. This is clearly shown on the instructions. The case is a bit deep when using it as a stand, so if you don't have a very deep desk, that might be a problem, but you can just get a small plastic stand if that is an issue for you. It was not an issue for us. We bought one used and it's in perfect condition. Saved $100.
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