Customer Reviews: MCSD Certification Toolkit (Exam 70-483): Programming in C#
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on July 5, 2013
I would accept a few errors in a book, but this book had so many errors in it. In just one chapter read, i noticed so many errors in it. There were errors in text as well as in codes. The first answer to the end of chapter question was WRONG!!!!??? This is totally unacceptable. Being a Programming book, I expect very few if any errors.

I would like my money back.
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on August 25, 2013
This book is so badly written that you can safely say that it's useful only for starting a fire.

The spelling and the code errors found in almost each paragraph are the least of it's problems. The main issues are the poor way of explaining and the fact that the focus goes many times on the unimportant and/or no-brainer things while the more important and/or the more complex ones are ignored or vaguely touched.

However, what truly made me stop reading this book after the first 3 chapters is the author's lack of knowledge. Chapter 3 states "It is illegal to include a return statement in a method that declares the return type void. Also, a compiler warning will be generated if you omit a return statement or a method that indicates a return type other than void." Any decent C# developer can easily identify 2 errors in this statement: 1. you CAN actually use the return statement in a method that declares the return type void; 2. if you omit a return statement in a method that indicates a return type other than void a compiler ERROR (not warning) will be generated. I won't even bother pointing out the spelling mistake ...
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on May 24, 2013
***** Edit July-10-2013********
I have given up on the printed version of the book. There are now more than 4 pages on the publisher's errata page about the book and more errors being found. After Chapter 5 I decided it just was too much trouble to keep going back to the publisher's website to check for errors when I question something. It would be nice if those who purchased the print version of the book could get a refund or at least a copy of the corrected ebook version.

I hope the other book about test 70-483 (MS Press) soon to be released will meet the need.
Exam Ref 70-483: Programming in C#


**** edit May-29-2013 *****
I was contacted (via the comments to this review) by the publisher.
The canned Errata replies are being addressed.
The code errors have been verified and are being changed in the ebook version.

**** edit May-25-2013 *****
I submitted these error to the Wrox website via their Errata report page. The replies I received all said:

"We are unable to provide help with coding problems. Please consult our Peer to Peer forums at or one of the many other online user communities"

So much for submitting errors to the publishers.


I per-ordred the book from Amazon.

I have only completed two chapters and have found three errors (print version).
Instead of downloading the sample code I type it from the book.
In the last "code lab" you are to write a for loop which will "Count Down by One" (decrement)>
The code in the book looks like this:

for (int i = 10; i> 10; i~DH)
it should read
for (int i = 10; i> 10; i--)

The download code is correct.

Then you get to the very first question of the first test in the book and the answer key give the wrong answer as correct.

Question 1
b) myVar = 0; (incorrect answer)
d) int myVar = 0; (correct answer)

On the same test question 9 the correct answer is not in the key at all.
The question reads:
How many times will this loop execute?

int value = 0;
Console.WriteLine (value);
} while value > 10;

a. 10 times
b. 1 time
c. 0 times
d. 9 times

The book gives the answer as:
b. 1 time (this would be correct if the code would run)

c. 0 times would be closer since the code will not run.

the last line of the code should read:
} while (value > 10);

The authors forgot to use ().

These are the basic fundamentals we have not even got to use of types and I who am new to C# found 3 errors.

Further more I expected the "code labs" to be more like "write some code that will do 'x'" instead of just some sample code labeled "Code Lab", maybe in further chapters they are more do it yourself type labs but not at the beginning of the book.

I will edit the review as needed.
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on May 23, 2013
I have read so far 4 chapters and am not happy with the errors that are included in the book.
In chapter 2 for the question on how to define an integer the answer given is wrong.
In chapter 3 the answer to question 15 is misleading letting the user think that Generic methods can only pass value by reference.
There are numerous others errors that I have found which leads me to think that this book was not properly reviewed and was rushed to print.
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on June 26, 2013
I can say just this: if the customers could get full refund because of the many mistakes found in the book, the publishers were going to be much more careful before they publish a book.

I have read many books with many mistakes....but this book exceed the acceptable level of "mistakes".
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on September 7, 2014
What best characterizes this book is unfortunately the variability of the content quality: the best, good practices, is mixed with the worst, bad practices.

It's the big issue with this book: it is sprinkled with errors, going from the harmless misuse of word, that only experts will spot, and without any consequence for the novice, to the bad practices, and including some wrong affirmations, which is more annoying.

However this book is also full of good introductions to various topics, some good illustrations, and often some good practices, and above all it is exhaustive relatively to the official program of the 70-483 certification.

I've written a full review of the book on my blog (pragmateek dot com), it will gives you a complete and accurate overview of the good and the bad parts.

My conclusion is that despite its numerous flaws this book is a must-have to pass the certification, hence my rating that could appear as too generous, but that takes into account the fact that this book perfectly does the job of preparing you for the 70-483 certification.
To acquire new technical skills you'd better forget this book and instead go for other well established books whose purpose if precisely to be technical references.
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on December 11, 2013
Just passed the 70-483 test today. I used this book in combination with lots of self study (MSDN and StackOverflow). You'll need to supplement your learning material to pass the test, but overall, this book is a good reference and well organized starting place. I also bought the Exam Ref book. This book proved to be more detailed and better organized. Overall, I'm happy. I picked up some new knowledge of C# and got the concepts I needed to pass the test!
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on May 29, 2015
1 1/2 stars is probably closer to it.
This book is a mess. For starters there is approximately one reported erratum for every four pages of book. Some of these are egregious. Note: many technical books offer copious thanks to those who edited the manuscript. This book lacked those acknowledgements. I'm not surprised.
The book often references material it does not cover until a later chapter. It makes style and coding practices recommendations. From a higher quality book, these might be welcome. But for a book of relatively low quality, they are questionable. Further, the purpose of a book of this nature should be to help one pass the test. Style recommendations don't play a role here.
I barely passed the exam, but credit that success more to supplemental material and past C++ experience than to any value derived from this text.
If I had it to do over again, I would have skipped reading this book and read the first 300 pages of the 1000 page O'Reilly C# Nutshell book by the Albaharis. It has much more bang for the buck, is technically correct, and covers more ground in fewer pages.
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on June 28, 2014
I think it is a good idea to purchase this book if you are preparing for the Exam 70-483.
This book definitely covers the topics listed in the Exam objective. It is not one of the best
books on learning C# but it is useful in preparing for the exam. Chapter 6 was not good
in my opinion. The most important chapters that references Delegates, Events, Asynchronous Processing, Lambda
expression could use a little more work.
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on August 5, 2014
I am on chapter 2 and like the other reviews say there are MANY grammatical mistakes and for the quiz at the end of Chapter 2 (Quesiton 1) the wrong answer is given. While some of the typos and grammatically issues are hard to look past the material (so far) does seem to be explained in more detail than the Microsoft Press Exam Prep 70-483 - Programming in C#. I submitted an errata ticket to see what the publisher has to say about the Chapter 2, Question 1 - wrong answer.

Here is a link to ALL of the mistakes that have been reported so far in the text.,descCd-ERRATA.html

Very frustrating. I agree with others that this book must have been rushed to market. It has four authors and it is hard to comprehend not catching these errors unless it was rushed.
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