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on September 5, 2012
I'm very happy with this purchase.

Background, I use these on my daily commute. 40 minute walk through the hills of San Francisco. Windy, check. Wanted for both listening to music/podcasts as well as making phone calls. Primarily using with an android phone.

I was worried about a couple things when I bought these:
- Read peoples ears got sweaty
- Had some mixed reviews for phone calls
- Some said they didn't stay on head extremely well

Passed those, I had read all positives on these for the price-point. And in my opinion, none of these were an issue for me. They stay on my head just fine. I've even jogged with them and they maintained their position. Ears get a little sweaty on really sunny days. If you live in a hot climate, have the sun pounding on you while using -- you may want to consider that. For me here in SF, not an issue at all. Even on sunny days, with a cool breeze, no issue whatsoever. Phone calls have been wonderful as well. Was on a busy street earlier, they could still hear me loud and clear. So much so that I was happily surprised. I thought for sure with the wind ripping past, people honking etc, there's no way this is going to be a good experience. I was so wrong.

First impressions:

- They were a little smaller/thinner than I was expecting. Not sure why, they look jsut as they do in the image. But to my delight, still fit me beautifully.
- Because it's all plastic, it doesn't look quite as cool as the new monster phones, but then again they are not $300 and they are sooo light because of it. I could literally wear these all day without really noticing.
- Actually, they look pretty cool.
- Bluetooth is painless, easily connected to pc and phone.
- The sound quality is great. I'm no audiophile, but i've used much more expensive headphones and these are on par with a pair more expensive. Bluetooth you always take a hit as far as sound quality, but still sounds beautiful. And plugged in, even better.
- Comfortable, so damn comfortable.
- Having buttons on the headphone makes life so easy.
- Easy to adjust
- Huge one for me, sound does not leak. I hate hearing other peoples music blaring in public places. These leak so little, was impressed by this. And there's no active noise cancellation, but they still hold sound pretty well, you'll feel like you're in your own little world. Without feeling like you're in a sauna or listening to yourself chew. Win win.
- Good battery life
- Easy to turn on/off

I've had a fantastic experience so far. If I had to pick anything apart. It's annoying you can't listen to them while charging. At least not plugged in, actually not sure--you may be able to via bluetooth. I'll update later. But if they die, you definitely have to wait a little before using again. The buttons on the headphone are a little stiff if i'm being extremely critical, but they are so convenient hasn't hurt my experience one bit.

Happy customer, and definitely recommend these to anyone looking in the bluetooth headphone market, or even just for anyone looking for a new pair of headphones and willing to accept extra perks of having bluetooth at your fingertips. Beware you warm climate people, but other than that, happy listening.

UPDATE: I have been using these for months now, every single day. I still love them. I feel like I never charge them, they just work. Thinking about it now, I've had absolutely no problems. No dropped calls. No random cut outs, or weird bluetooth issues. Charge once a month, maybe. Have never been somewhere where they died on me, only charge because I figure they have to be getting low. In the summer the leather after a long walk or jog would cause my ears to get a little sweaty after awhile. Wasn't an immediate issue, but something worth noting as there are plenty of warmer climates than that of the bay area. But adding to that, they've been the perfect companion for the winter months. When it's below 60 and windy, these provide the perfect amount of protection from the elements. For the price tag, I could not imagine being happier with a different pair.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on January 30, 2015
These were good headphones. They were easy to pair up with various electronics, they were comfortable (I wear mine almost all day at work), and they have great sound—loud, clear, balanced. I only have two complaints:

1. At times I had difficulty connecting up with already-paired devices. I typically paired it with my laptop and my Samsung, and sometimes (mostly with the Samsung) it just wouldn't connect. I don't know if this was an issue with the phone or the headphones or the laptop, but the headphones were the common denominator. Not enough for me to subtract the two stars that I did, but I'm mentioning it anyway. Might just be Bluetooth technology (disclaimer: this is the first pair of Bluetooth headphones I've ever owned)

2. This is a big one, and the reason for less than 5 stars. Almost a year to the date they are cracked and not long for this world. There are what appear to be stress cracks/breaks on both sides of the headphone. They're exactly at the place that the cuffs fold in. They didn't break at the same time either. You can clearly see the exposed wires behind one of the cracks, so I imagine it's only a matter of time before one of those wires get stretched/comes loose/breaks. Real bummer, but for now they still work.

Other than that I loved these headphones. Unfortunately I'm gonna look at another brand for my next pair due to the breakage problem.
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on May 22, 2012
I have a a Sony DR-BT22 headset and these are way more comfortable and sound way more better. For the money you pay for this thing, you are getting a very high quality sound reproduction (for a bluetooth headset). Everyone keeps saying 'for a bluetooth headset', but face it, BT is just not quite there yet.

As for sound quality on phone calls, it is very good. I was outside and the wind was blowing a bit with cars driving by and my wife said that she could hear me loud and clear. Which is so weird to me because I'm not used to using the headset that way. But it's good to know it works and that it works well.

Also, I have listened to my co-workers Wireless BT Headset from Dre Beats, and I was totally knocked for a loop when a $50-$75 dollar headset sound just as good, if not better then a $299.99 headset! Also, these headphones are so much lighter and are way more comfortable then the Dre Beats ones. I was actually contemplating on getting the BT Dre Beats, but thankfully I got a rare opportunity to listen to and compare them with what I already have (these and the Sony's). Needless to say, I'm glad I didn't dish out the cashola for the Dre Beats ones.

Another advantage this set has is that you can use it wirelessly or with a wire (which is included).

I give this device a 4 out of 5 because the flaws are that it can make your ears sweat a little bit and that the charging cord is unique in that you have to plug the cord into your earphone jack of the headphones, thus preventing you from using them while they charge.

Hope this helps. But for now, this is the least expensive to quality sound reproduction headset ratio you are going to find on the market.
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on August 5, 2015
I'm liking the sound of these better than almost any headphones I've ever owned, including some pricey audiophile cans. Even over Bluetooth! Other reviews say the opposite, though, so there may be QC issues...

But then all the bad news:

The "helpful" voice prompts are not at all. If two devices are paired and you go out of range of one, the headset loudly states "out of range" -- every five seconds, for the rest of eternity. Same thing if your device goes into snooze mode. The prompts can't be turned down and can't be switched off. Really bad idea.

The charging cable is proprietary, instead of the universally available micro usb cable. Really bad idea.

Bright blue flashing led while in use -- guaranteed to annoy anyone near you, and make you look silly from 20 feet away. I put electrical tape over mine.

And then the final straw - the bluetooth connection to my windows 7 computer routinely fails, necessitating the removal and reinstallation of the device. Granted this could be a windows problem, but no other bluetooth device I've used fails this often and this completely.
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on December 2, 2015
I would recommend these to someone looking for the convenience of wireless headphones at a great price. I think these are more for a casual user that maybe uses them to listen to music at home or watch tv/movies as they are not of the sturdiest construction. Good product for the price

The good:
I was a bit hesitant since it was my first experience with wireless headphones, but I'm glad I went for it. I bought these back in September of 2015 and they worked great for me while they lasted. Battery life is excellent in these, I charge once and I can run them all day for a few days. The sound quality is as good as you can expect from wireless headphones. It is also convenient that it can connect to multiple devices without having to pair again. I would definitely recommend these to someone looking for good wireless headphones at a good price.

The bad:
Unfortunately they only lasted me about 6 months before the band snapped on both ends just above where it naturally bends (See the pictures). It looks like it was just that the plastic gave out as there doesn't seem to be any king of reinforcement inside. To be fair I used these headphones almost all day every day so it is possible that they just aren't designed to be on my head all the time. Even then, I liked these headphones so much that I did a makeshift tape job to keep using them another couple months, but that didn't hold up either so I think it may be time for new ones. This was really my only issue with these (hence the 3 stars). If they were more durable they would get the 5 stars from me.
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on October 9, 2014
Update 9/2016 - Bought a new pair and keep the old one in reserve.

Update 8/2016: They've worked 2 years and 8 months. But they snapped, and both sides had the plastic piece break. I wear them every day biking. They still work besides that. I've had to put paper clips and electrical tape to keep them together. hahahah.

I've used these for years now. They're amazing. The updated version (this one) is even better than the old version. It talks to you and tells you "power on" and signal lost, etc.

=Battery life is forever. I play like 5-8 hours.
=They are light and you can hear things outside (for biking) if you don't have the volume too loud.
=Sound is perfect for me. I bought a new pair and it sounded even better than the previous pair, mostly due to them being tighter on your head.
=Fit great over my ball caps or under my snow caps or jacket hoods. It does make your head look huge but who cares.
=Connection is great. With the new version, it always easily connects to my phone.
=You can use these for phone calls/voice chat etc.
=If you carry your recharge cord with you, you can put your headphones in a backpack with a battery pack and recharge them, then go back to using them.

=The new version has a super blinking blue light when it's on which can be distracting at night when it shines in people's eyes or reflects off glass. Sometimes I'm on my bike and I think someone is shining a light at me but it's just the headphones blinking.
=You cannot use these for phone calls/voice chat if it's windy or if you're traveling on a bike. It becomes too windy for people to hear you. You can hear them find but people complain about the wind noise on their side.
=Recharge cord is unique and strange. Don't lose it.
=They are pretty fragile, don't bend them too much or they will snap, especially as they get older.
=Some of the middle parts start to fall apart and I had to use electrical tape to keep them on. But nothing really FAILED. It worked it's just the bendy parts in the inner middle kept snapping out.
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on February 19, 2017
got these to replace my old Runaway bluetooth headphones that stopped charging after about a year. they work graet, mostly. it actually turns out that my old headphones stll charge fine, it was the cable that was damaged, but i still mostly like the new pair better.
- connect automatically to any devices previousy paired.
- let you know when a device is paired and the battery power remaining via voice
- super easy to answer calls and then return to music
- very comfortable. i recently purchased 2 other pairs of headphones that i got rid of with weeks because theyd hurt within 15 minutes. and i have a small head! these feel fine even after wearing them all day
- excellent charge. lasts 2-3 days when listening 8+ hours a day
- ability to plug them in directly to device, when battery needs charging or on a plane
- pairs to muliple devices at same time , so i can be watching a movie on heaphones and get a call on phone.
- excellent placement of buttons. very easy volume control, skip or repeat tracks, answer calls, etc. i've had other headphones that were almost impossible to control without hitting the wrong button
- when battery is low, voice indication is really annoying, and you really have to charge immediatly, since the voice indicator interupts you every minute or so.
- when connected to two devices, (by choice or just because you were in range of both devices when you turned headphones on) you will get an out of range voice warning as soon as you leave the range of either device. this wouldnt be so bad, but it doesnt stop, ever. the only way you can stop the voice warning is to turn off the headphones and re-pair with the single device you are still connected to. pretty annoying.
- there is no way to charge heaphone while using them, altough as already mentioned, you can use them wired, when battery is drained
- often get out of range voice command even when within inches of device. its a distracting nuisance and preferred my older runways simple beep indication.
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on June 29, 2015
I've had 2 sets of the MEElectronics Air Fi Runaway Bluetooth Stereo Wireless Headphones with Microphone (Black/Grey) for about 2 years now (purchased April 2013 and August 2013). I use them daily for 3-12 hours and occasionally rotate between the two pairs (one pair is a backup and I sometimes confuse them between each other; they don't get used an equal amount of time). 95% of the time they are used in a quiet home/work environment. I generally keep the set I am using charged (I keep them plugged in when not in use), while the backup set sits uncharged in storage. 99.9% of the time I am connected over Bluetooth to a laptop, cell phone, or tablet.

-The price. I think they'd still be a bargain at the retail price of $100. Since they mostly stay at $60 and occasionally drop down to $40, these are worth buying a couple pairs.
-They are generally comfortable when wearing for up to 8 hours.
-They fit even an extra large head like mine.
-The charge easily lasts 12 hours.
-The sound quality is acceptable for general use in a quiet environment: I mainly use them for videos and the dialogue comes through fine. When used for music, they don't excel in quality, but the volume and range works my needs.
-They are fairly durable. I travel with them occasionally loose in backpacks and haven't had a problems.

The BAD:
-Probably the biggest problem I've had is that the plastic parts don't stand up well to stress. Granted its been two years stretched across my big head, but both sets have now broken at the hinge. There is a a plastic plate that attaches with tiny screws to the underside on the headstrap portion--it keeps both the left and right adjustable/earphone sections attached to headstrap and serves as anchor for the folding hinge. My guess is that repeated outward stretching is what caused the plastic plate to break into pieces, so, conceivably, due care could have avoided this. It is actually a fairly easy fix, too: tape wrapped around the broken plate and headstrap keeps the pieces together at the expense of losing the folding action on that side. In my case, since I broke 1 plate from each set, I simply cannibalized and pieced together on perfect set and one taped-up set that won't fold--both still work perfectly fine.
-They don't sit very tightly on the head. As I've said, I have a big head, but they still regularly fall off if I move around.
-I haven't had very good luck with use in noisy environments. On airplanes, I have to crank the volume all the way to make out any video dialogue.
-The proprietary charging cable is not a good idea. I lost one cable and would have been out of luck if it wasn't for my backup. Ended up ordering some Chinese knock-off cables ( just in case I lose the last original cable.
-Occasionally the earpad will come lose. It is only attached by miniscule plastic ledges and can easily be snapped back in place. I think has been a problem with only one of my sets though.
-I really don't like how far they stick out from the ears. Granted most on-ear headphones do the same, but these look ridiculous the way they jut out.
-The holes in the earpads leave tiny little bumps on the skin of my ears that last a couple minutes. Looks like I have ear pimples.
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on March 10, 2017
I'm very happy with these, primarily because they are very light and extraordinarily comfortable. Also, I can lay on my pillow (on the back of my head) and they're still comfortable. For audiobooks and podcasts, they are great.

I wish I could turn off, or at least turn down, the announcement you get when you turn them on or off, e.g., "Power: On, Device One Connected, Battery: High". It's so loud I have to wait until the announcement is done before putting them on. Also, for listening to music, they at least aren't as good as my pricier, corded headphones, but that's not a fair comparison. They certainly are far from being bad for music, they're at least OK, but they're perfect for spoken word.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on January 25, 2017
I wanted to wait before I actually start writing this review. After using it for a year, I found myself not really compelled to use it anymore; I've owned it since 2014. I've since switched back to wired headphones because the ones I have are easy to connect to the computer with little effort, with better sound quality, and construction.

At first, I wanted to use it during times when I needed the mobility of a wireless headset, but have found that I'm much less inclined to because each and every time I want to turn it on, there's some sort of audio distortion that makes it sound far away. There's a fix for it if you wait a little bit, and click onto another window or something trivial like that. It pairs very well with Apple products when I first used it. I meant to use it with my iPad's bluetooth connection, so its nice to use with Skype while you're away. I've used it while cooking, and its been very helpful with that, except that it doesn't clamp onto your head, so it is likely to fall if you're not careful, and tilt your head downward. The headset will begin to fall off.

The construction itself is quite flimsy, made of plastic material. After awhile, the joint on one of the connectors dislocated when I bent it to put away. It remains broken and quite annoying when I need to put it away, that part sticks out, literally like a sore thumb.

The microphone, since it is "hidden" can't really pick up all the sound. So if you tend to whisper a lot or need to whisper, do not bother to purchase, the headset won't pick up on your sound very well. If you can talk loudly and freely, than by all means.

I do find it handy still at times, but only because I have a bedroom and workspace that is close together. The signal becomes very weak after going a certain distance, such as the distance between upstairs and downstairs.
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