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on September 5, 2012
I'm very happy with this purchase.

Background, I use these on my daily commute. 40 minute walk through the hills of San Francisco. Windy, check. Wanted for both listening to music/podcasts as well as making phone calls. Primarily using with an android phone.

I was worried about a couple things when I bought these:
- Read peoples ears got sweaty
- Had some mixed reviews for phone calls
- Some said they didn't stay on head extremely well

Passed those, I had read all positives on these for the price-point. And in my opinion, none of these were an issue for me. They stay on my head just fine. I've even jogged with them and they maintained their position. Ears get a little sweaty on really sunny days. If you live in a hot climate, have the sun pounding on you while using -- you may want to consider that. For me here in SF, not an issue at all. Even on sunny days, with a cool breeze, no issue whatsoever. Phone calls have been wonderful as well. Was on a busy street earlier, they could still hear me loud and clear. So much so that I was happily surprised. I thought for sure with the wind ripping past, people honking etc, there's no way this is going to be a good experience. I was so wrong.

First impressions:

- They were a little smaller/thinner than I was expecting. Not sure why, they look jsut as they do in the image. But to my delight, still fit me beautifully.
- Because it's all plastic, it doesn't look quite as cool as the new monster phones, but then again they are not $300 and they are sooo light because of it. I could literally wear these all day without really noticing.
- Actually, they look pretty cool.
- Bluetooth is painless, easily connected to pc and phone.
- The sound quality is great. I'm no audiophile, but i've used much more expensive headphones and these are on par with a pair more expensive. Bluetooth you always take a hit as far as sound quality, but still sounds beautiful. And plugged in, even better.
- Comfortable, so damn comfortable.
- Having buttons on the headphone makes life so easy.
- Easy to adjust
- Huge one for me, sound does not leak. I hate hearing other peoples music blaring in public places. These leak so little, was impressed by this. And there's no active noise cancellation, but they still hold sound pretty well, you'll feel like you're in your own little world. Without feeling like you're in a sauna or listening to yourself chew. Win win.
- Good battery life
- Easy to turn on/off

I've had a fantastic experience so far. If I had to pick anything apart. It's annoying you can't listen to them while charging. At least not plugged in, actually not sure--you may be able to via bluetooth. I'll update later. But if they die, you definitely have to wait a little before using again. The buttons on the headphone are a little stiff if i'm being extremely critical, but they are so convenient hasn't hurt my experience one bit.

Happy customer, and definitely recommend these to anyone looking in the bluetooth headphone market, or even just for anyone looking for a new pair of headphones and willing to accept extra perks of having bluetooth at your fingertips. Beware you warm climate people, but other than that, happy listening.

UPDATE: I have been using these for months now, every single day. I still love them. I feel like I never charge them, they just work. Thinking about it now, I've had absolutely no problems. No dropped calls. No random cut outs, or weird bluetooth issues. Charge once a month, maybe. Have never been somewhere where they died on me, only charge because I figure they have to be getting low. In the summer the leather after a long walk or jog would cause my ears to get a little sweaty after awhile. Wasn't an immediate issue, but something worth noting as there are plenty of warmer climates than that of the bay area. But adding to that, they've been the perfect companion for the winter months. When it's below 60 and windy, these provide the perfect amount of protection from the elements. For the price tag, I could not imagine being happier with a different pair.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on January 30, 2015
These were good headphones. They were easy to pair up with various electronics, they were comfortable (I wear mine almost all day at work), and they have great sound—loud, clear, balanced. I only have two complaints:

1. At times I had difficulty connecting up with already-paired devices. I typically paired it with my laptop and my Samsung, and sometimes (mostly with the Samsung) it just wouldn't connect. I don't know if this was an issue with the phone or the headphones or the laptop, but the headphones were the common denominator. Not enough for me to subtract the two stars that I did, but I'm mentioning it anyway. Might just be Bluetooth technology (disclaimer: this is the first pair of Bluetooth headphones I've ever owned)

2. This is a big one, and the reason for less than 5 stars. Almost a year to the date they are cracked and not long for this world. There are what appear to be stress cracks/breaks on both sides of the headphone. They're exactly at the place that the cuffs fold in. They didn't break at the same time either. You can clearly see the exposed wires behind one of the cracks, so I imagine it's only a matter of time before one of those wires get stretched/comes loose/breaks. Real bummer, but for now they still work.

Other than that I loved these headphones. Unfortunately I'm gonna look at another brand for my next pair due to the breakage problem.
review image
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on May 22, 2012
I have a a Sony DR-BT22 headset and these are way more comfortable and sound way more better. For the money you pay for this thing, you are getting a very high quality sound reproduction (for a bluetooth headset). Everyone keeps saying 'for a bluetooth headset', but face it, BT is just not quite there yet.

As for sound quality on phone calls, it is very good. I was outside and the wind was blowing a bit with cars driving by and my wife said that she could hear me loud and clear. Which is so weird to me because I'm not used to using the headset that way. But it's good to know it works and that it works well.

Also, I have listened to my co-workers Wireless BT Headset from Dre Beats, and I was totally knocked for a loop when a $50-$75 dollar headset sound just as good, if not better then a $299.99 headset! Also, these headphones are so much lighter and are way more comfortable then the Dre Beats ones. I was actually contemplating on getting the BT Dre Beats, but thankfully I got a rare opportunity to listen to and compare them with what I already have (these and the Sony's). Needless to say, I'm glad I didn't dish out the cashola for the Dre Beats ones.

Another advantage this set has is that you can use it wirelessly or with a wire (which is included).

I give this device a 4 out of 5 because the flaws are that it can make your ears sweat a little bit and that the charging cord is unique in that you have to plug the cord into your earphone jack of the headphones, thus preventing you from using them while they charge.

Hope this helps. But for now, this is the least expensive to quality sound reproduction headset ratio you are going to find on the market.
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on February 1, 2016
Excellent Product! Good range, clear/crisp sound, great for Skype/mobile calls and listening to music. I purchased this headset to replace my Logitech H800, the battery life was just so-so on the Logitech... would barely last 4 hours of use. The MEE audio Wave headset lasts days... yes, days! I use it at work for VOIP calls, listening to music and with my mobile phone. I use it constantly but it only requires me to charge it about once a week (5-day work week). Its comfortable to wear all day, my ears never hurt. I purchased the headset back in December of last year so I've been using it now for about 2 months and its really surpassed my expectations.

UPDATE 04/2016 (-2 Stars)
I really love these headphones but today the headband cracked in the center and separated a bit. They are still usable but I'm disappointed with the build quality, they should have reinforced the headband... a metal band, within the plastic, would have given it the additional strength it needs. I'm really disappointed, these sound great and have great battery life... I wish they would have lasted.

UPDATE 06/2016 (+1 Star)
Upon my return from my vacation, I found my replacement headset waiting for me. Came in bubble sleeve but wasn't damaged in transit and still had the protective plastic on it. I immediately plugged it in, charged it and have been using it ever since. Works great, holds charge and the sound quality is great. Added back a star for the great service I received from MEE Audo, no hassles at all. I will just be more careful with these headphones to avoid cracking the headband again.
review imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on January 1, 2016
I've been on a hunt for acceptable headphones for work. I have a little larger head than average and this presents a problem after 30 minutes with many headphones. I know manufacturers make headphones for an average head size.. that’s not me. I’m a bigger or big headed person. So, for 7+ hat size people (I’m 7 3/8) this review is for you.

First Impression:3
The headphones have a plastic feel. This isn't bad, but doesn't feel premium. However, I do think it makes them feel lighter weight.
The buttons are probably the biggest downer. Not easy to press or find quickly.

Pressure on the head: 3.5
This is my big thing with headphones. On ear headphones tend to have a little more pressure for me than over ear. I found these to be somewhat light feeling. Still, they didn't pass my hour test for pressure comfort. They weren't as tight as other headphones I've tried.

Moisture: 4
I did like the texture of the ear pads better than other fake leather models. They didn't get sweaty feeling as fast, maybe an hour or so until I needed to move them due to moisture.

Sound quality: 3.5
I'm no audiophile, so I'll just stick with stars and let others break that down. I will say that these headphones didn't pop like the others I was comparing them to at the time. There was a slight softness to them. Not bad, just subtle.

Battery Life: 5
They are near the top of the pack right now with 24 hours. I don’t have feedback for long term use however.

Verdict: 3.8
I don't think these headphones are for me. Although I found them lighter & more comfortable than others. I just couldn't forget that they were on my head. That's what I need.
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on July 9, 2017
Tl;dr: these headphones are fantastic. They have great range, isolate well, and drive lows harder than anything I've found under the $150-200 range for Bluetooth.

I have been looking for several months for a pair of decent Bluetooth on ears that were under 100 bucks. I use them primarily to travel or commute on the very loud subway. The pairing process is easy, so far no complaints on connectivity. The one knock I'll give them is that they do seem to cut out in saturated areas, more so than some other pairs I've used. In terms of sound, they have a pretty dynamic range and the lows drive really well. The mids in particular are more pronounced than anything I've found in this price range. They are also LIGHT. By far the lightest pair I've tried, even lighter than the skullcandy grind which is impressive. They are also more flexible and comfortable. I don't write product reviews very often, but when a product really blows me away I try to give feedback for other potential buyers (or vice versa if it's garbage, which these are NOT). MEE has some good things going for them, I look forward to them continuing to deliver great products.

Update after about a week of use: I wanted to expand on the Bluetooth Cutting out. They actually don't cut out as often as I'm used to with other headphones, but they do cut out for a few seconds when you initially pair. I find it's most common with spotify for some reason. If you pair them, give them about 5 seconds before pressing play and no skipping. While they are light, if you wear glasses, they are pretty firm around the ears. So your ears might get a little sore after extended use. This is not unique to these headphones, but it is an issue if you're concerned.
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on June 29, 2015
I've had 2 sets of the MEElectronics Air Fi Runaway Bluetooth Stereo Wireless Headphones with Microphone (Black/Grey) for about 2 years now (purchased April 2013 and August 2013). I use them daily for 3-12 hours and occasionally rotate between the two pairs (one pair is a backup and I sometimes confuse them between each other; they don't get used an equal amount of time). 95% of the time they are used in a quiet home/work environment. I generally keep the set I am using charged (I keep them plugged in when not in use), while the backup set sits uncharged in storage. 99.9% of the time I am connected over Bluetooth to a laptop, cell phone, or tablet.

-The price. I think they'd still be a bargain at the retail price of $100. Since they mostly stay at $60 and occasionally drop down to $40, these are worth buying a couple pairs.
-They are generally comfortable when wearing for up to 8 hours.
-They fit even an extra large head like mine.
-The charge easily lasts 12 hours.
-The sound quality is acceptable for general use in a quiet environment: I mainly use them for videos and the dialogue comes through fine. When used for music, they don't excel in quality, but the volume and range works my needs.
-They are fairly durable. I travel with them occasionally loose in backpacks and haven't had a problems.

The BAD:
-Probably the biggest problem I've had is that the plastic parts don't stand up well to stress. Granted its been two years stretched across my big head, but both sets have now broken at the hinge. There is a a plastic plate that attaches with tiny screws to the underside on the headstrap portion--it keeps both the left and right adjustable/earphone sections attached to headstrap and serves as anchor for the folding hinge. My guess is that repeated outward stretching is what caused the plastic plate to break into pieces, so, conceivably, due care could have avoided this. It is actually a fairly easy fix, too: tape wrapped around the broken plate and headstrap keeps the pieces together at the expense of losing the folding action on that side. In my case, since I broke 1 plate from each set, I simply cannibalized and pieced together on perfect set and one taped-up set that won't fold--both still work perfectly fine.
-They don't sit very tightly on the head. As I've said, I have a big head, but they still regularly fall off if I move around.
-I haven't had very good luck with use in noisy environments. On airplanes, I have to crank the volume all the way to make out any video dialogue.
-The proprietary charging cable is not a good idea. I lost one cable and would have been out of luck if it wasn't for my backup. Ended up ordering some Chinese knock-off cables (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005J8D09G) just in case I lose the last original cable.
-Occasionally the earpad will come lose. It is only attached by miniscule plastic ledges and can easily be snapped back in place. I think has been a problem with only one of my sets though.
-I really don't like how far they stick out from the ears. Granted most on-ear headphones do the same, but these look ridiculous the way they jut out.
-The holes in the earpads leave tiny little bumps on the skin of my ears that last a couple minutes. Looks like I have ear pimples.
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on July 5, 2017
I originally purchased the blue headphones over 3 years ago and they were totally worth the money. I used them 2x a day while I was commuting to work, and also for running. I prefer these over in earbuds because those don't stay in my ears for some reason.

Anyway, with regular use these lasted for ~3 yrs and finally the other week I found that the battery just didn't hold a charge anymore, dying midway through my run :( super sad but was eager to replace them immediately.)

New pair functions similarly - still easy to pair, and still comfortable to wear.

I do want to mention a few cons:
- The cord portion that allows you to plug into your phone or laptop or whatever crapped out on me within the first few months of getting them.
- The headphones stretched out after using awhile and whenever I'd bend down, they'd fall off my head. Mildly annoying. (Less than a year in)
- The red indication light during charging just stopped working one day, so I had to assume it was fully charged overnight. (Maybe about a year in)

But I didn't mind the cons as much - I just wanted a pair of cheap Bluetooth headphones for walking and running in the city. These fulfilled my needs and are sturdy (considering I dropped them weekly).
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on January 27, 2016
The Runaway's are a good set of bluetooth headphones that get most things right. I will explain below:

My comprehensive review of the following budget On-Ear Bluetooth headphones:

MEElectronics Runaway
Creative SoundBlaster Jam
Sony MDR-ZX330BT
Nakamichi BTHP06
Bose Soundlink 2 On Ear (For reference purposes)

I will break the review into 4 categories and explain my experience with each. Comfort, Sound Quality, Portability/Looks, Features

I will call out ahead of time that I had no issues connecting to any of the devices once I figured out how to do so, therefore this wasn’t an issue. I will explain below that understanding how to connect was an issue with some.

1) Bose Soundlink - What I will say is that the Bose headphones set the standard for all on ear/over ear headphones as they advertise. The padding is soft and flexible, the headband is very soft and they are super light.

2) Nakamichi BTHP06 – I can say that these are quite comfortable for the price point they are at. $30 is 10% the cost of the Bose. The earpads are soft, the headband is soft and flexible. The main issue I had was they warm up my ears quickly. Not sure if its because they are big cups (almost as big as the Bose) or the material used. Either way for the price I was impressed.

3) MEElectronics Runaway – These were pretty comfortable. They are small and light and sit on the ear well. The pleather on the earpads was medium soft with little cushion, and the headband only has a thin strip of leather to soften the placement on your head. Given they were so light all the cheap materials didn’t really matter.

4) Creative SoundBlaster – I purchased these as there were a lot of professional reviews on these telling of their superb comfort and sound. Well in my experience they were not very comfortable. They have a weird angle to them that just didn’t fit right and the speakers weren’t adjustable. And the foam on the earpads was like I had a pair of Koss headphones from the 90s. Not recommended.

5) Sony MDR-ZX330BT – These hurt my head right when I put them on, it seemed that the band squeezes far too tight on the ears. I listened to them and then off they went. Very uncomfortable.

Sound Quality- I wont call myself an audiophile by any means. In truth I really don’t know the best way to measure this area other than the points of other reviews. So to test this I listened to 3 songs on each all the way through to gauge the sound quality. “No Lead Clover” from Metallica, “Still Fly” from Big Timers (Great Bass Test) and “Go your own way” from Fleetwood Mack. In addition, I listened to my audiobooks from audible for 15 minutes each.

1) Nakamichi BTHP06 – I was completely surprised that these sounded so good for the price. I was able to hear all the details on No Leaf Clover, including the guitar along with the orchestra. Very crisp and clear. The bass was powerful on Still Fly, but not ridiculous and Go Your Way sounded really well with the vocals and acoustic guitars. Very nice sound.
2) Bose - They sounded really good, crystal clear highs, nice tight lows and overall wide soundstage. They were just shy of Nakamichi due to slight lack of bass. I assume these are closer to natural sounds of the music, but I prefer a bit more bass.
3) MEElectronics Runaway – These had a nice subdued sound. The highs were a bit on the muffled side. The lows were deep and pounded more than either of the above. Overall it felt like there was a filter being used on these that degraded the quality a bit and made everything sound a bit washed out.
4) Creative SoundBlaster - These had good high and midrange from Go Your Own Way and No Lead Clover, but there was basically no bass. They sounded like earbuds that lack bass. Even with the “Bass Enhancement” the bass was still lacking. For all the reviews saying how great they were I was disappointed.
5) Sony MDR – ZX330BT - I am a bit biased as these actually hurt to wear, but I pushed through it to see how they perform. Overall the sound was ok, they have a lot of bass. Too much in my opinion, Still Fly lyrics (through ridiculous) were drowned out by the bass. Highs and midst were ok on No Lead Clover, but overwhelmed by bass.

Portability/ Looks – Like anything else this is very objective. What I was looking for was headphones that were comfortable, sounded good and looked relatively good all for $100 or less. I was looking for a modern style that folds into a small case.

1) Bose – Hands down the best looking of the bunch. They really strive to make them look modern, but subdued. I really like the look. Also though not as small as others (Runaway) they folded flat and had a case.
2) MEElectronics Runaway – These were the smallest of the bunch and fold into themselves very nicely. They are ok looking with a shiny black plastic finish. The buttons are a shiny silver plastic that may be convenient but looks cheap. They come with a velvet bag, which works but wont really protect them from a drop like Bose’s hard case.
3) Nakamichi BTHP06 – These headphones are able to fold into themselves pretty small for how big they are. The looks are a lot to be desired. They have no labeling on them just a generic looking gray shape on each earpiece. Not very nice looking. Additionally, they don’t come with a case.
4) Sony MDR – ZX330BT – These are similar to the Bose in that the band doesn’t fold up, but the ear pieces swivel to lay flat. They don’t come with a case either. In the looks department they are a nice shiny black. Very modern and pleasing in my opinion.
5) Creative SoundBlaster Jam - These don’t fold swivel at all, they are set in their shape. This makes them less portable. Also no case for them. Looks department, they are ugly. It looks like a 90s headphone with the foam pads and the neon text on the ears.

Features – These are added features that each device came with or didn’t. Overall they all have Bluetooth connectivity, microphones and cables to recharge battery.

1) Bose – These had the most features. First they have a case, power USB cable (no wall plugin), and a cord for wired use. The have NFC and the option to pair 2 devices at a time. Also they have voice prompts letting you know what devices were connected at any given time. Very easy to use and feature rich.
2) MEElectronics Runaway – The contained a velvet case (not hard but something), USB cable for charging, and audio cable for wired playback. They don’t have NFC, and can only connect to 1 device at a time. Pairing was easy once I figured it out (hold the power button when off for 5 seconds) and they state the battery level (H, M, L)
3) Sony MDR-ZX330BT - These had no case, but a charging cable, and audio wire for wired listening. Included NFC for easy connecting which was a nice add. Pairing was easy. No voice notifications or battery level shared. I wasn’t able to connect more than 1 device at a time.
4) Nakamichi BTHP06 - These had no case, but a charging cable, and audio wire for wired listening. Pairing was easy once I realized I hold the power button for 7 seconds. No voice notifications or battery level shared. I wasn’t able to connect more than 1 device at a time.
5) Creative SoundBlaster Jam - These didn’t contain a case, only a USB charging cable. They cannot be used wired, which was a shame and the only one that couldn’t. They did have NFC which was nice. Pairing was easy, but I couldn’t connect more than 1 device at a time.

In the end these were some of the best reviewed headphones I found under $100 (except Bose). I was surprised by some things and disappointed by others. If I had $249 I would keep the Bose based solely on comfort as they were VERY comfortable. But I don’t have that kind of disposable cash to spend on headphones. Overall I can say I will be keeping the Nakamichi BTHP06 as they were a mere $30 and sound better than any others I tested. They fold into themselves, can be used wired and are overall a great choice for me.

I hope this review helped in some ways. I am open to any questions and recommendations you have on other $100 or less Bluetooth headphones.
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on March 10, 2017
I'm very happy with these, primarily because they are very light and extraordinarily comfortable. Also, I can lay on my pillow (on the back of my head) and they're still comfortable. For audiobooks and podcasts, they are great.

I wish I could turn off, or at least turn down, the announcement you get when you turn them on or off, e.g., "Power: On, Device One Connected, Battery: High". It's so loud I have to wait until the announcement is done before putting them on. Also, for listening to music, they at least aren't as good as my pricier, corded headphones, but that's not a fair comparison. They certainly are far from being bad for music, they're at least OK, but they're perfect for spoken word.
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