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on February 19, 2015
product: MEElectronics Sport-Fi M6 Noise Isolating In-Ear Headphones with Memory Wire (Clear)

Most people wouldn't expect a pair of $20 headphones that claim to be noise Isolating and made for working out to have good sound or quality but in the case of this pair of headphones, it does that and much more. Not only do you get an additional case for the headphones, but also 6 sets of interchangeable eartips so you can get the best fit (I found that the ones that came on the earphones worked the best for me).
The noise-isolating feature: When I first put them on, I couldn't believe how well they isolated sound. I couldn't hear any backround noises (cars, microwave, etc.) and when I turned on my music, I couldn't hear a person talking right in front of me.
The fit: When I tried working out and running with them, I didn't have any trouble. They stayed snuggly in my ear the whole time and I could hear the music clearly the whole time. The "memory wire" also works great. It took me about 10 seconds to figure out how to fit it to my ear and then I was good.
The sound quality: Finally, the thing everyone wants to know about. Does the low price of these headphones take away sound quality? The answer to this is definitely no. I'm not a headphone/sound enthusiast but I can still tell that these have good sound. When compared to the old Apple ear pods, these sound amazing. If I could say anything about the way these sound, it would be that the base is very prominent (but not overpowered, so you can still listen to classical-type music).

A few things I wanted to know before I bought this:
-Does the clear color get dirty/rusty? No, atleast they haven't yet in the month that I've been using them (and they look pretty in general as a color)

-How long is the cord? About 4 1/2"--I find that it's a bit too long when you run, but you can easily fix this by either stuffing the excess cord into your pocket or using the handy clip of them to hold extra cord.

-Do they get tangled easily? No! These are the first headphones I've had that don't. It's probably because the cord is a bit stiffer than most

Thanks for taking the time to read this review. I hope it helped and answered any questions you had. Look at the pictures I took for more help--I put the headphones next to a sharpie marker for comparison in size.
review image review image review image review image review image
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on May 3, 2017
I've had two pairs for about 5 years now, they work great. One just accidentally went through a washer and dryer, and still works and sounds great.

Good: Because of the memory wire these actually stay on my ears despite movement, and there is no dangling-wire noise. I have peculiar ear canals that seem to eject any in-ear headphones, but these are able to stay in once I find the right tips. The sound is quite good, especially for the price. I have a pair of Sennheisers and I can't tell the difference.

Bad: They tangle easily. This is expected since the memory wire is effectively shaped like a hook. This is probably why they come with a hard case.
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on May 20, 2015
I bought this pair of headphone for listening to music at gym.
Durability: M6P is water resistant so I don't need to worry about sweat damaging it. Also the construction looks very durable. The cable feels very strong. I expect them to last for a very long time. I will update if it breaks down. It also comes with a nice carrying case.

Fit and comfort: There are 6 pairs of tips provided. I find the single flange one is most comfortable for me. I think the double and triple ones go too deep into my ears, which makes me uncomfortable. When wearing them with cable over ear (which is also the only way to wear them) there is little microphonics. Its noise isolation is decent, but not great. One thing to note is that during sports the position of the headphone in ear may change and this will also have effect on the sound.

Sound quality: Decent sound for the price, but not the best in the price range. In my opinion the AKG K318 sounds better (I got mine for 30 dollars. But it seems it's now discontinued). But definitely K318 is not as durable and rugged as M6P. Though not the best sounding headphone, I guess it might be the most durable in this price range (and probably more durable than lots of more expensive ones).
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on December 17, 2015
I have some really great MEE headphones - my favorite for long stretches of music listening. Those are A151 and I recommend those for that application.

I got these to carry on my bicycle to janky clubs where I didn't want to use my Shure SE215. Now I can't quite remember what I thought I was saving the Shure's for - they are not expensive at all for music gear.

Anyway I thought these M6 IEM's would be a good substitute, but I don't like them at all. The drivers seem inefficient and not clear-sounding compared with the other two products I mentioned. The fit is not great. One of the gels was folded over on itself - like it came out of the mold too hot and stuck to itself or something.

IDK I just didn't like them at all. I now use the IEMs I already had. Oh damn I just remembered why I wanted to use these - I changed my rig and I use a little rhyme to gather my cables; this rhyme depends are certain color scheme. I had eliminated a PSU that was white but I needed to add IEMs - so I thought it would be slick to just buy a white pair. It would have been less trouble to just learn a new rhyme.

I recommend skipping these in favor of the more expensive Shure SE215. You get a lot more value per dollar with the Shure's IMHO.
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on August 24, 2017
I really don't like doing it, but as I can't get anything remotely close to a working product, I'm obligated to review this accordingly. After a hour of trying everything, I could never get a real connection to my computer. At best I could get a bizarrely garbled sound test.

I was given a pair of the wired version of these and love them to death, even now. The around the ear design that holds its shape well enough without being too stiff. I can whole heartedly recommend the wired version, but have to review this product based on my experience. Could be a defective unit, but that's no excuse.

I've tried on a separate occasion to get it to work, but still the same results. They've just been gathering dust since.

Be warned, it might not work with your device at all. If that changes for me, I'll be sure to update the review.
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on April 28, 2017
The Ear-buds hold pretty secure as advertised. In my case one side is a tad loose, but it's good enough.

On the other hand, I don't like the volume control much:
1. the slider style makes it hard to fine-tune the volume: I find it hard to adjust the volume slightly, say, when I walk from a quiet(er) street to a busier street. I much prefer the button-style control you find on most smart phones and many other style.

2. the control acts as a limiter to phone's built-in volume, rather than adjust phones volume, which caused some inconvenience:
Case a): if the phone's built-in volume is set to say, 50%, the loudest you can set the ear-bud's slider would be only 50%. To get louder, you have to revert to use the phones built-in one.
Case b) furthermore, say, your phone is placed in a pocket, if the volume button is pressed accidentally, (say, from 70% to 40%), to adjust it again you'd need to pull out the phone and adjust the volume there directly. You can't fix it by using the ear-bud volume slider.

For example, the button-style volume control of the cheap Samsung OEM headset works much better, as if it is the phones volume button.
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on September 16, 2017
These are absolutely terrible. I got the wireless model and obviously didn't expect them to sound great considering the price but I was fine with that as I just needed a set for a gym. The sound is atrocious. I have never owned headphones that would distort low frequencies so much. They sound like floor speakers with shredded cones. I thought that I got a broken set so Amazon sent me replacement and they are exactly the same. I tried them with Note 8 and iPhone 6 and with both of these devices they sound horrible. I had another person try them to make sure I am not biased and they said the same thing. Easily the worst headphones I have ever tried. Oh I also own another Bluetooth in ear headphones that cost the same ($30) and they sound OK (not good by any means but the sound is acceptable for gym setting) so I was hoping that Mee X6 would sound better, I was wrong. I sent them back and will search for something else. Maybe Mee X8 if I can't find anything else but I'm not sure if I can trust that brand after experiencing the horrible sound of bluetooth X6.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on September 7, 2015
They sounded amazing for the music I liked. They had enough Highs and Lows for EDM that it was pleasant sounding and they never fell off AFTER I found the perfect earbud for me. It is super important to find the perfect sizes (sometimes each side would have different sized earbuds). But After 3 MONTHS of what I consider normal usage (bike riding and running) and care (I carefully rolled them up into the protective case they came with), the left side died on me. For the $10 I paid, I wasn't too devastated, but I was disappointed because how much i enjoyed them. My only gripe was the slider. While running/biking it is super hard to adjust the slider perfectly, one little bump and I am blasting music max volume (these get really loud). Buttons are way more intuitive and easier to makke fine adjustments.

For Bass lovers and Music lovers that need a "sport" earbud, I highly recommend the Panassonic RPHJE120K (I bought them for like $6) because they have lasted me 2 years now and will not quit working no matter how many times my arm yanks them out of my ear (ouch). Otherwise, I have recently fell in love with the House of Marley Line. the Bass is very prominent in all of their products, but are considerably more expensive than the Panassonics.
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on September 1, 2015
I've actually bought two of these headphones, one for myself and one for my wife. At first I used them in school because I needed something with good noise cancellation, and these are GREAT for that. I can do my homework without hearing my kids running around just outside the door to my home office. I also really enjoyed doing housework with these in, because I could listen to podcasts while vacuuming without turning the volume up to some ridiculous level.

Then I started using these headphones at the gym and unfortunately both sets are experiencing some the same issue now - audio will only come out of one side. My pair stopped working mid-workout, after I noticed some sweat had gotten into my ear and was maxing a ~squishy kind of noise, so I took it out of my ear, dried it off on my shirt and put it back in... only now there's no sound coming out. The other side works just fine, but it's still disappointing. My wife's pair apparently did the same thing a week or two ago, but she didn't mention it because she "didn't want to make a fuss".

All in all, I might buy another set, but not for working out. I think the sweat is what killed these, so I'd only keep a pair around for housework and homework.
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on June 8, 2017
I bought these to use under a helmet while riding a motorcycle. I was feeling good about these with all of the great reviews, I even found positive reviews about using these for the same purpose I intended. So i wrote this to help out anyone that may be looking into them for the same reason.

First off, I currently use earbuds that are constructed with metal, so my helmet pushes them against my ear and it hurts after about 30 minutes, that's literally the only reason I wanted these, otherwise I love my current earbuds.

I tried them out on a short ride earlier today. They seemed to fit quite well, and didn't fall out when I put my helmet on. Pairing was as easy as any bluetooth device. They did not really 'seal' my ear at all, what I mean by that is my hearing was only slightly muffled, and yes I tried all of the different sized inserts. Wind noise while riding compared to my other earbuds(they are nothing special) was attrocious. I only got to ride for about 30 min, so I listened to a podcast with these in for a bit afterwards, and they hurt my ear after about an hour of having them in. Earbuds shouldn't hurt your ear after such a short time when you are doing nothing to move them or your ear around. Strike 1

Next, the volume. I literally scrounged all of my volume settings on my phone and made sure the headphones were at max, I was positive I had something screwed up, and this is not even moving or having the bike idling. Me enjoying my music at a decent level disappears at about 35mph. This is with a full face helmet. My bike(r6) has a slip on exhaust, but its not ridiculous and I cruise in the highest possible gear. Strike 2

The sound quality. When I initially paired them I was sure I got a defective set, it sounded like they were blown. After a bit of messing around I figured out it was the equalizer on my spotify app, which doesn't effect any of my other listening devices, so I have no clue how it effects these so drastically. After turning that off they were at least listenable, but not by much. I would describe them as on par with what I'd expect from a pair of $15 gas station earbuds. Strike 3

I honestly do not understand how so many people are praising these. It is not realistic to expect a whole lot from a $30 pair of bluetooth earbuds, but the reviews got me. I don't see a situation where I will ever choose these over even my wired earbuds, so that is a shame.
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