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on March 11, 2017
A really nice shaver, but despite its light weight, it has significant blade exposure so it's on the aggressive side. (Newbies would be better off with the milder Merkur 23C.) I have sensitive skin, but it works very well with a smooth blade such as the Derby or the Treat Black Beauty. Also, since it's small and comes in a clever and convenient plastic travel pack, it is the perfect travel razor, not to mention that there is something to be said for using a bakelite razor. Bakelite was the first synthetic plastic, invented over a century ago, so it's kind of shaving with a piece of history. A very good product and a really clever design.
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on July 29, 2017
I've been shaving with DS razors for several years. I bought this safety razor because I thought with Bakelite I'll never ever have to worry about my safety razor ever rusting.

Unfortunately for me, the shaving razor bends the razor blades at a very exaggerated angle and that doesn't work for my beard.

OK, so how's the fit, form, and function?

Fit: holds standard DS razor blades perfectly. The safety razor is a bit fiddly in that the unit breaks down into three pieces. So including the actual razor you will fiddle around with 4 items. I think the safety razor could have been designed as two pieces.

Form: the safety razor is easy to hold. The safety razor runs the length of the cutting razor edge but is smaller than the actual total length of the razor blade. I think that's part of the design to allow disassembly of the safety razor.

Function: oh yeah, this securely holds a razor. The guards help to keep the razor edge away from things that you don't want to cut. Until the magic angle is achieved and then does the razor cut!
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on December 22, 2016
Great razor that outperforms anything else in its price range. My standard razor is a Merkur 47c and I previously used an old mil-issue Gillette screw-top safety razor. The 47c, also a 3-piece head, has a far less aggressive blade angle than this. The brilliant part of it is that this razor is actually much more adjustable than the 47c; one can adjust the blade to be practically microns away from the razor head, the most aggressive shave possible, or be far kinder to the face and leave a good few millimeters of space between cutting edge and the head.

With the 47c, I shave 3 directions because I have to and never have 'hamburger face' from too many passes over the same region. Using this razor, I can set the blade aggressively and only shave 2 directions (with and against the grain, skipping the across phase) and potentially get a little more skin than expected. That's not a negative, that's just me being in a rush. Additionally this razor has practically no weight in the handle and is a bit short, so is a little less simple to control. Once you get the hang of it, it's a brilliant shave for a mere 15-18 bucks USD.

In short, if you're an experienced wet-shaver looking for a cheap option, this is a great deal and outperforms a lot of other brands' high end razors.

Contents: Includes the carry case as depicted as well as 10 Merkur brand blades, which are of very high quality
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on January 20, 2017
This razor give lie to the old myth that the "weight of the razor does the work". Codswallop! Its the balance and the angle you create, coupled with an excellent blade that does the work. In fact how can the razor's weight help across the grain, or when making an upward motion against the grain? If a razor is poorly balanced or the head geometry a problem, you'll have problems, but this razor is very well engineered. I have found that a close, BBS shave is mostly about skill.

This razor, coupled with a Rapira Platinum Lux, gave me a comfortable BBS shave with no nicks, or weepers. The alum block gave no feedback, so no irritation too. I have used the PAA slant, based upon the old Fasan razor. That's an efficient design too, but this razor is more forgiving and a little easier under the nose and around the jawline. Either is a bargain.

I would be happy to use this razor everyday. One test of a razor's efficiency is how long that smooth shave lasts, because that tells you how close you really got. I have a heavy tough beard and after 8 hours my problem areas, neck, jawline and chin, remain smooth.

I use aggressive razors (Muhle R41, Ikon Tech )and this I would put on the milder side, yet it's very efficient. However, if your technique is poor you can nick yourself, I would guess. I believe that using this razor will probably improve your technique.

It's a good option for travel, and Amazon have it at a bargain price. At under $20, how can you go wrong?
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on May 23, 2017
Wow​ ! That's how I will open this review. I'm catching up on my reviews and this actually is a new product for me. I wasn't expecting much from this razor but I'm thoroughly impressed. First the razor arrived earlier than expected. Kudos to the Post for getting me this baby quickly. I'm a head shaver and have sensitive skin. After reading the reviews I was a bit apprehensive but rest assured this is worth the money. I used a mild blade, my go to work horses Wilkinson Swords. I was shocked, all I needed was a two pass shave. There is quite a bit more blade exposure and that's fine but take your time, you shouldn't rush shaving anyway ! Enjoy the experience ! My only gripe and I knew it going in is the weight. It shaves closer than A Wilkinson Sword Classic. But the classic has a better weight. Both are comparable in my opinion. This gets a solid 4.5 stars from me Kudos and thank you Merkur for a quality product. This is my first Merkur, looks like I'll be buying another in the future.
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on August 21, 2016
It's light, compact and travel friendly if you don't have a blade installed. It also disassembles into a compact size that is easy to tuck away. The blade angle that it creates is a little harsh and doesn't make for the closest shave - disposable razors will actually get you a smoother, gentler shave.

As others have mentioned, avoid dropping it. If you do that a couple times from shoulder height, it will eventually break. I did after owning it for about a year. The "safety bar" on one side broke off, so now there is an exposed razor blade on one side with no bumper. An accident waiting to happen. Would be nice if I could buy a replacement for that delicate part.

The rest of the razor seems sturdy enough. The threading on the handle has held up alright.

Pro :
* Lightweight, breaks down to a travel friendly size

Con :
* Mediocre, slightly harsh shave
* Easily breakable
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on December 23, 2013
This is my 6th double edge razor in 2 years. As a recent convert to wet shaving (which is how I learned to shave oh so many years ago) I use various makes of razors in rotation. I will use a Feather, a Parker, a vintage Gillette Slim Adjustable, a Wilkinson or a Lord depending on my beard condition. They all have their merits and I enjoy using them all. But this one knocked my socks off! I purchased it as a travel razor because it's small and light and it comes apart and reassembles easily and I dislike disposable razors. But it gave me such a smooth and comfy shave I may just add it to my rotation and buy another for my travel kit. And it is so inexpensive that if I should leave it behind in my travels I will not mourn but will just get another.

Seriously guys...this thing is a little gem. Put your fave blade in there and give it a whirl. You won't regret it.

UPDATE: It WAS a great little razor until I dropped it in the shower...about a three foot drop and one of the guard bars broke off like it was made of ice. And thus a good little razor became a useless piece of junk. I may buy another but I think I will follow my original plan and just use it as a travel razor...seems a bit too delicate for daily use. Little Merkur, we hardly knew ye.
Too bad.
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on February 21, 2013
I have been shaving with a safety razor for about a year now. My dad got me into shaving with a safety razor and I was time for me to buy my own razor because the one he gave me to use was a travel razor. This razor is VERY light so if you prefer a heavy razor this probably wouldnt be a good one for you, however, if you can get over the fact that it is super light this razor is great. The head of the razor has a lot more of a curve then the razor I was use to using therefore it took some time to get use too. It seemed like it was a little more difficult to get at the right angle, however, once the angle was mastered this razor cuts GREAT nice and close and I have found it to be A LOT more forgiving than the other razor I was using this razor for some reason seems less likely to cut you. I can shave with this razor a lot faster. I definitely would recommend this razor for a beginner or someone that doesn't want to spend a lot of money. It's also nice because It's not metal so it won't pit and rust. Only thing I see that could use some improvement it the screw on head the threads are made of metal but the shaft of the razor is not so my fear is over time this will end up stripping out and the razor will no longer be able to be used.. But as for now this is GREAT razor!
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on February 7, 2013
No, boys, I wasn't calling you names. This information should still be of use, just know this isn't a man's review.

I'm addressing the ladies that made it this far, searching like I was, back in Aug of 2012. Gals, these are not just for men and they are better for the earth if you care. Whaddaya know, I'm a hippie that shaves...

I have a big heavy antique razor (thanks Gramps!) that I love and was using for a half year with great success. BUT, the weighted handle of higher end razors work better for guys I think. If you are a gal trying to shave your legs and nethers in a gym shower braced like a drunk yoga flamingo with one leg against a wall in such a way that the stream of hot water (or hot water bucket!)is accessible but not splashing soap off your intended target, weighted handles don't help, ease of movement does. I bought this little guy as a travel razor but soon found it way easier to use for my purposes and err...delicate target areas. Ahem. It takes some learning but the journey is worth it. And again, this process is WAAAAAY better for the environment. Plus I don't like giving WalMart my money. *cough THE DEVIL cough*

On the threading issue listed in other reviews...I waited 6 months to post; doesn't seem to be an issue for me. It gets screwed and unscrewed often (pulled apart, cleaned & dried between most uses, not all). Maybe that's just my OCD but it appears to be worth the extra minute, the razor is in good shape. If you are in a rush and leave it a little wet, you'll notice a few rusty spots, they easily clean right of the surfaces of this razor. I still have about 40 of the 100 sampler pack of blades I purchased alongside this item: Double Edge Safety Razor Blade Variety Pack - 100 Blades!, I shave my legs every two days in summer, fall and spring. Every 3-4 days in winter unless I'm training in the wilderness. A cold water shave in the woods is possible with this razor, just not as "fun" in 30 degrees.

Ladyfriends, safety razors are a cheaper, closer shave once you spend some time learning the process, I've learned to love the art and ritual, it's not a waste of time, it's a personal investment in my awesome frakking legs. The men that are privileged to touch pay compliments, the girls with their overpriced Venus Mach whatevers are jealous and want to learn. Also, while I am tough enough cookie to take the pain of waxing and I love the results, I could still plan an adventure trip for two weeks in Oregon with the money that Brazilian, arms, pitties, and full leg waxing would cost me per year. I feel it's too much to pay for the discomfort of someone politely making small talk about my weekend while they are staring quite closely at my oddly positioned body parts and I am having to resist the urge to punch them in the face for ripping my hair off. PASS.

As a final note, I do not buy the creams and lotions and balms for use with this razor from retail, stuff loaded with nasty chemicals that easily absorb into skin and cause freaking tumors and hormonal unrest. No thanks. I make my own soaps or shaving creams in my kitchen (timesink: a half hour every two months). There, I can load them with stuff that's good for my skin and smells fantastic. Tea, honey, rosewood, argon oil, coconut oil, and bentonite clay are just a few items I use, but there are tons of recipes online. My guy friends beg for my soap, they grow weary of chemically dried and fried skin.

If you don't want to spend your time to make soap, I get it; there's emails to be read, beer to drink, and naps to be had. You have compromise options out there. I've used this soap A Wild Soap Bar - Black Willow bark shaving soap; it works and smells good, it's just cheaper and more customizable for me to make.

Good Luck and Happy Weedwacking.
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on December 23, 2013
This is my third DE razor. Admittedly, the other two are cheap (you know, those super-cheap metal DE razors for like $2-$8). After a bit of research I found that this Merkur has been very well received in shaving enthusiast circles, so it seemed like it may be an inexpensive way for me to try a DE razor made by a respectable company. I also liked the idea of it being light, since one thing I like about disposables is the amount of control I feel with the low weight; just a personal preference that I realize not everyone shares. Turns out I made a good decision. This thing gave me a super close shave in one pass, with no weepers or cuts (though I'm sure a lot of this is user-influenced). The blade dropped in place perfectly, with no fidgeting to get it aligned, and it all screwed together with a very definite stopping point. I've used another three piece where there was always a variation in the shave based on how tight or how aligned the blade was. Not with this; everything is very precise. The light weight didn't seem to have any negative affect on it's shaving ability. I paired it with a Derby blade, which don't seem to be regarded very well by shaving folks, but it worked nicely. Now that I have a reasonably respectable razor, I look forward to trying out new blades, but I have been trying to avoid getting carried away. I just want a quality DE razor that shaves well and lasts. I got the first, time will tell the second.

I've seen claims that this isn't actually "Bakelite." Frankly, I didn't even know what Bakelite was before this, so I really don't care what it's made of. Another reviewer pointed out that the brass flange screws into plastic, which is true and could be an issue over time, but you don't have to gorilla-tighten the thing so it should be ok. It was smaller than I expected, having a pretty short handle, but that isn't an issue. It gets five stars because it exceeded my expectations. I feel like I lucked out and found the only razor I'll ever need, at a pretty low price. I may order another as a spare, since this thing doesn't seem to have the following of other Merkurs, and stuff like this sometimes gets discontinued.
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