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on November 29, 2011
MI-5 is constanting evolving and the cast rotates faster than one can imagine. Thinking back to Series One, I realize that Series Seven is almost an entirely new cast. Harry Pearce is the still the show's anchor as the man in charge of MI-5.
There were a fewer episodes in Series Seven when compared to the other seasons but the action was more intense and the treachery more volatile.

We lose one agent in a spectacular manner early in the season and more are to follow. Hermionie Norris is back as Ros. Richard Armitage joins the cast as Lucas North--a spy who has just been released after 8 years in a Russian prison. He has his demons to deal with and the odd thing is he goes back to work apparently on the same day he returns to London.

This season it is the Russians who are up to no good trying to become an energy super power at the expense of the UK and the rest of the world. It is refreshing to see the Brits saving the world rather than the Americans. In fact, The British and American spies never work together in harmony and there is a constant mistrust of each side's intentions.

As in prior seasons, the loyalty of certain members of the MI-5 come into question. Is Lucas now a double agent? Can he be trusted? Who in the department is leaking information to the Russians. We go down one path that leads nowhere and then another direction and then back to the original direction. It's a wild world of plot twists and conflicting loyalties.

Some of this season appears to have been filmed in Moscow and that just adds to the excitement of the show. The extras in this season are sparse but I did enjoy hearing a producer saying the writers are stretching the limits of reality in the show. The situations are more intense and they have the confidence that the audience will accept that shift in reality.

London is constantly about to be destroyed in a specactular attack but the MI-5 is there just in time to prevent any destruction. There always seems to be a mole in the MI-5 or MI-6 or high up in the government giving information to the "bad" guys. That is the beauty of MI-5, the show.

I enjoy all the high tech gadgets that Malcolm and company use. They have facial recognition software and voice recognition capabilities to track down a suspect. Locations are easily pinpointed. This time The Russians could find the indentity of masked intruders with just a picture of an eye. Modern technology saves the worlds.

I'm ready for Season 8. I can't get enough of MI-5.
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on August 9, 2015
loved this show! Watched as much as I could before Amazon Prime took off its website! Thinking about saving and buying the entire set but 10 years worth will get expensive quick! Maybe I'll buy a season a month? It's worth it and very interesting to see how the English do things and how the English actors,writers and BBC do a series over seas and lots of characters and plot twists in 10 years! I live in mill valley outside San Francisco and have emphysema and had lots of back surgeries so can't do much and very bored! This show helped a lot and I want to catch up and watch what I missed! This,strike back,torchwood and the bbc show called intelligence! Give it a try! most of you will enjoy the shows mentioned!i give it a 4 out of five stars!
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By the start of Season Six, the BBC's "MI-5" has thoroughly established itself as one of the world's premier drama shows. The previous five seasons have woven drama, intrigue, excitement, and intelligent storytelling together in a manner rarely seen in television, and each Season has seen us wonder how the enterprise could possible maintain such an accomplishment, yet is only to out-do itself again the following year. Season Six follows that same trajectory accomplishment, and without giving any spoilers, we can say that the series takes a darker and more sinister tone at various points that are perhaps some of the most intense in the series six year track. It can be argued that Season Six is one of the strongest of an already incredibly strong series of Seasons.

MI-5, in case you are unfamiliar with the show, is a section of the security service in the UK that addresses domestic threats. The threats can be of any nature--terrorist, economic, public disturbance, and many others--but these categories of threats are those that are deemed a threat to national security and safety, and MI-5 is called upon to monitor, track, and intervene to address them. The "MI-5" television show attempts to tell a dramatized version of this branch of the security services by allowing us to see the individuals who choose to join "5" and are often unexpectedly impacted by the requirements of the job as they seek to keep the public safety. The episodes usually deal with one specific threat and 5's response to it, yet many episodes are woven together into a larger, more long running story that encompasses many episodes, sometimes, an entire season. That's why "MI-5" is best watched in episode-by-episode order, starting with Season One.

In Season Seven, we see the story pushed forward into ever more dramatic situations than before. It's a Season where a number of major changes in the show takes place, and there are some truly unexpected and dramatic events that take place. Yet the show maintains its relentless move forward, and story lines, acting, and directing are still at a pinnacle of performance, and the show continues to build on its previous six seasons of history, resulting in episodes that tackle a whole new level of security threats. The interaction of Section D of MI-5 with the government is more highlighted in this Season than in others, as well.

MI-5 is intense, dramatic, powerful, intelligent, and gorgeously filmed and acted. It is certainly one of the best shows the BBC has ever put together, a premier offering among an admittedly excellent grouping of shows already made by them. The series helps us to think upon the issues surrounding intelligence and security in a country, and the intersections between liberty and safety with which any free country must deal. It's a superb exercise in filmmaking.

The Seasons:
MI-5, Volume 1
MI-5, Volume 2
MI-5, Volume 3
MI-5, Volume 4
MI-5: Volume 5
MI-5, Volume 6
MI-5, Volume 7
MI-5: Volume 8
Mi-5: Volume 9
Volume 10 not yet released (Dec 2011)
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on September 6, 2017
This is one of my favorite series but when I go it, it wouldn't play and you wouldn't replace it. The place that sold it wouldn't either. Will look for it elsewhere. My DVD player said it couldn't read it.
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on May 1, 2013
Have to love the quality of the shows that the BBC presents! And of course, having Richard Armitage in the series now makes it a winner in my opinion. Not only is he an accomplished actor and incredibly handsome, from what I have heard, he is also a kind and humble man who appreciates those who admire his work. How refreshing! I have read stories from people who have met him and related how wonderful he is!

I now own North & South, Seasons 7-9 of MI-5, Robin Hood, and the Vicar of Dibley and love them all! And yes, Richard is in them all!!! LOL And now I get to see him show the depth of his acting ability as Thorin! Getting that one too!

Buy them all!!!! You won't be disappointed and Amazon is the best price and quick shipping!!! Thanks so much Amazon!
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on February 26, 2015
Great content! However, I am not pleased that MI5 is no longer accessible for free with a Amazon Prime account. Midway through the current series Amazon started charging $1.99 per episode. Admittedly, its not a lot of money but to start charging mid-may through the series does not seem right.
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on May 20, 2013
Got this series just because of RA, and this did not disappoint me. His acting has been overlooked, and this was
one of his better TV works. Ended up getting the whole series because the writing is so different than American writers. They are
not afraid to kill of an actor mid series. Great Show.
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on February 12, 2018
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on March 28, 2010
volume seven is excellent!!! i have always liked "24" (or the American version) which is a little too much Hollywood for me even tho I enjoy it, I find it hard to believe Kiefer Sutherland could crash in a jet plane, be shot, have innumerable violent encounters, be tortured --- all in one day --- and, you never see his cell phone being recharged!!!

this british version is much, much more interesting because, as far as I'm concerned, britain is a buffer for us americans --- and it's interesting to see what happens vis-a-vis terrorism --- much more believeable and much, much more engrossing.

I think each year of this series gets better and better --- you can't even compare the first year with this one --- hard to believe, but it's true...

buy this --- it's worth it...
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on February 1, 2017
One of the shows best season. Starts out tense and exciting and keeps the pace up to the very end. I didn't see the identity of the mole coming. Addressing the trauma of torture was ground breaking for the time I believe. Later, the recovery was a bit unrealistic I think. Richard Armitage who plays Lucas North does an excellent job at playing a tortured soul.
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