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on April 21, 2014
Baseball is views by some as a slow and tedious sport to watch. Games take 3-4 hours and, unless you like fielding and pitching over a home run derby, there isn't a ton of non-stop action.

This means the video game will be slow and tedious, too, right?

Wrong. If anything, baseball is the perfect sport for video games. Basketball and football are so complex and dynamic, with each play being completely different. The challenges of designing AI for that are immense.

Baseball, however, is a bit easier. Sure accurate pitch counts and throwing pitches correctly is an art, but for the most part, if you can make it to second base when you hit the ball, so be it. You made it. Double. Or you are out.

The graphics are top notch, the learning curve makes it easier to pick up (I'm not interested in playing a 3.5 hour game, with a final score of 2-1, and 6-8 hits for each team. I can customize the game and the settings to allow for a bit more scoring and up tempo, but still competitive, game. If you do prefer the former, you can setup and customize it that way. No problem.

Gameplay feels great and authentic. King Felix dominates, and the M's rarely can get enough runs from more than 1-2 guys a game (should have bought 14 to get Cano on the M's! :) )

All-in-all it is a strong, good package. I like to have one sports game from each genre (don't really care about having the most up-to-date rosters, I just want to casually play a few franchise/career games of various sports throughout the year). I wait to find a highly rate title a year or two later and get it for dirt cheap then I am set.

I have added MLB 13 as my go-to baseball game in my collection. My other sports games (very highly rated and cheap!) are FIFA 12, NHL 11 & Madden 12. I have NBA Live 09 (the last good one, I will get 2k14 but waiting for the price to go down).

Anyways, add this game to your collection if you want a solid, accessible baseball game to toy around with in your free time.
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on July 9, 2013
The Road to the Show portion of this game is second to none. Making your own player and taking them through the minor leagues until they reach the Majors is a very fun and lengthy experience. You don't just get promoted right away and have to work hard in the minors before getting your shot in the MLB. I have only had the game for about a week so far but it is a lot of fun and I've owned all of the previous ones. I think they could have upgraded this one a bit more, but at least they didn't take anything away like some other games keep doing (I'm looking at you Gears of War). Playing online is a frustrating task as most people just pitch you out of the zone all game. But you can find a fun game every once in a while. The franchise mode is a lot of fun with more scouting and offseason features available. Well worth the money. I picked up a copy last week for $25 bucks and have definitely got my money out of it already!
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on October 7, 2014
La jugabilidad del juego es buena, el concepto, los modos etc; sin embargo, se congela a menudo y debo esperar hasta 5 minutos para continuar en play.
El modo online es imposible para mi, pues tambien se congela a mitad del partido lo que ocasiona que pierda mi juego debido a la desconexión.
El disco esta en perfectas condiciones, y se congela solo en modo multijugador, ya sea online o presencial.
Sinceramente es muy molesto estar en medio de un juego y que se congele al momento de hacer un lanzamiento a home o cuando calientas a un pitcher en el bulpen.

Me gustaría saber si a alguien mas le paso lo mismo y si logró solucionarlo de algun modo.

I wonder if someone else happened the same and if somehow managed to fix it.
The gameplay is good, however, freezes often and I must wait until five minutes before continuing to play.
The online mode is impossible for me, it also freezes mid-match causing me to lose my game due to disconnection.
The disc is in perfect condition, and just freezes in multiplayer, either online or not.
Honestly it is very annoying to be in the middle of a game and it freezes when making a pitch to home or when you heat a pitcher in the bullpen.
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on March 21, 2014
I play Franchise Mode 99% of the time and nd this appears to leave a LOT to be desired. Have only played through 2017. There are so many differences than with 2012. This review is exclusively about Franchise mode.

In previous editions player acquisition was based primarily on potential and rating in 5 categories (overall, contact, power, fielding, speed) (A-F). They've now changed it. Ratings now are primarily numeric 0-99. For example, Granderson is about 58 contact vs righties and 48 contact vs lefties. Power is about 68 vs rigties and 58 vs lefties. The only alpha grade is given to potential.

The numeric grade is ok to me because it does give you a value of what the player should be doing. However, when Matt Harvey is a 97 overall and goes through seasons with an over 5 ERA there's a problem. Granderson hitting 217 with 31 homes seems accurate. Most of my pitchers are mid 80's with ERA's over 4.00 and 5.00. I am seeing a few with that are under that.

Granderson retired at age 36. I've never seen anyone retire prior to 38 in other editions and usually between 39-41. Pitcher Alcevedo went from 94 to 79 over two seasons age 33 & 34. You'll also see declines in potential. Had one pitcher get to the bigs as an 85 with B potentiall at age 28. After the season he was an 81 with C potential.

Completely changed and not for the better. Any scout can sout any region. Your scouting period is only start of the season to the draft in early June. Not enough time especially now that you have to "discover"" player before you can actually scout him. You can give your scouts directives to scout a particular position in a region with particular skills (Speed, Fielding, Contact, etc). When you go to draft it will tell you how thoroughly a player is scouted. However, the accuracy of that scout may be off some based on the scouts ability. My big beef: I AM SUPPOSED TO CHECK MY SCOUTS DAILY to issue orders if necessary. I'm in franchise mode. Sometimes I want to skip a couple months but can't because I'll missing obtaining info for the draft. Usually I play two games of every month. Now I go Sunday to Sunday one week at a time, then check my scouts. Would rather the old system where I set which positions to scout and the scouts just did their job. Set it and forget it.
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on September 7, 2013
When I read reviews that The Show wasn't as arcadey as other sports games, I dismissed the reviews. I'm a big FIFA fan, and I quickly master every rendition, even with physics "updates."

The Show however, (no pun intended) is a whole other ball game. Hitting is finessed, pitching is difficult, and I catch myself swearing at myself and thinking in ways MLB players probably do. Before I pitch I weigh the value of a pitch in the strike zone or just outside, knowing the game will punish me for easy strike zone pitches.

Unlike FIFA (or comparable sports games) where it's easy to master and run up the score, The Show is anything but that. The hitting feels superb (when you actually get a hit finally), and hitting a two out home run to take the lead in the 8th inning is one of the most satisfying feelings in a video game ever.

Also, not enough can be said about the game's beginner mode. It's excellent. The "adaptive" method starts you out with fastballs, and as you begin to hit those well adds in curves, changes, 2-seamers, etc. It's an excellent way of easing you into a game, far better than any other game's method, sports game or otherwise.

All in all, easily the best game I've bought in the past few months.
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on September 17, 2013
6 months ago I purchased a PS3 because my Xbox broke again (2nd Xbox to do so). While I was of course bummed at the loss of investment, part of me was happy in that I would finally be able to try this game, of which I had heard so many good things about. I have been thirsting for a quality baseball game since my copy of World Series Baseball 2003 became too scratched to play on the 1st generation Xbox. That game was far and away the most realistic baseball game I had ever played, and I was sorely disappointed in the subsequent editions of that title. Since I mainly play online, my review will mostly cover this aspect.

PROS: baseball is a game where an inch or a split second can mean the difference between a win or a loss. And in baseball video games, even the slightest flaws can become massive over time. Amazingly, while there are some minor flaws that can be irksome once in awhile (read below) there are no significant flaws that I can find and which affects every game or even most games. Pitches are realistic in speed and break, are hard enough to hit that I have to concentrate on every single pitch despite having a .760+ record in HOF mode, yet not so impossible that you have to worry about getting no hit unless, to be frank, you are simply not good. The hitting button is accurate yet so sensitive and precise that if you know how you can check swing on a lot of pitches outside the strike zone.

I doubt most hitters in MLB know where the ball is going even if they time their swing perfectly, and in the video game luck plays an even bigger part. Some games you will hit a dozen bullets that are hit directly to fielders and in others your squibbs and bloops will find every hole. However, these games are few. In most games if you have a good eye and have good timing, you will get your hits. Likewise, when you pitch some balls will go exactly where you want to and some will be 3 feet out of the zone.

For the most part if you choose good players they will do better over the long run than inferior players. Don't know if its my style or if they were the programmers' favorite players but some scrubs - Don Kelly, Luis Cruz, Eric Kratz - would rip the cover off the ball whenever I played with them or against them. But for the most part the play and verisimilitude are so MLB-like that even after hundreds of games there is little or no boredom.

Graphics are amazing. Stadiums are incredibly life like. Sounds are okay. There are many options for almost everything - camera, replays, cursor or not, zones or not, balks, etcetera.

CONS: Some of the minor flaws which can effect games:
-Frozen catcher (catcher won't move or throw after a wild pitch). Luckily occurs only once in awhile.
-All outfielders catch like Willie Mays (they always make over the shoulder catches at full speed)
-Pitchers can still pitch (albeit with diminished velocity and command) with zero stamina for as long as you want
-Controlling more than one base runner - even after hundreds of games this is very difficult and something I rarely try

In regards to online play, everything is peer-to-peer so a lot of it will depend on the connection. You can see the strength of the connection when setting lineups but this isn't always accurate, as one inning there can be no lag and the next inning it can pause multiple times. Overall though most games aren't affected by lag.

In regards to graphics, the only deficiency I saw was the crowd, but that is only when you look at them closely when there are foul balls. Sound doesn't have any glaring weaknesses although it is nothing spectacular. On the broadcasting end, Eric Karros can get annoying and repetitive but Matt Vasgersian surprisingly isn't, and even after hundreds of games I will once in awhile hear something new or at least something I haven't heard in awhile.

OVERALL: I have played hundreds of hours on this game and will play hundreds more. This game alone was worth buying a PS3 and I am a virtual lock for the purchase of the 2014 edition.
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on September 19, 2014
Best Show yet. This game is almost 'the perfect game period' and perfection on PS3. I've been playing 08 and wanted a more recent upgrade. I considered the latest 14, but saw in reviews that even with glitch updates and patches, that 14 still has issues, so I went with 13 here due to excellent reviews - I agree.
The hitting and pitching can be adjusted to the difficult level you want and the physics and graphics of the game are perfect.
I am very impressed with this game in every aspect and would highly recommend for any baseball fan.
The Show has always been above and beyond other games and companies on demonstrating the ability of what's possible in a PS3 system. This version won't let you down and shows probably the maximum, almost life-like, capabilities of the PS3 system.
I can't wait to see what Sony will be able to do in the future with this Show game on the much stronger and powerful PS4.
For half the price of latest version without any glitches, you can't lose on this game; You will be impressed.
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on March 20, 2013
MLB 13 The Show just took a step further in it's dominance if the baseball game world with the next release of their hit video game series. The game incorporates new commentator in the booth and overall new dialogue and commentary amongst the guys in the booth. It also has a brand new interface (like with every new MLB the show release) and it looks very sleek and easy to navigate through. Road to the show also got a new interface along with eliminating commentary for only special occasions, it gives you a better feel like you're actually the guy in the game. Postseason mode has been introduced and let's you not only set a postseason but the atmosphere is a hell of a lot better than you would have in something like season, franchise or road to the show modes in the postseason. Online home run derby is also introduced. Diamond dynasty is back for another game and it includes more features and more customization. I have yet to test the online features (hoping that the connection will be better than previous year's games trying t play online) You can now also customize swings to the max, you can get a base of a swing (like Pujols, Hanley Ramirez etc.) and then edit it to your liking, say you can customize how the play takes a pitch, what his walk up his, Howe follows through (with be or two hands), what kind of stride they take at the plate and they have also added more signature bat flips and drops and swings when hitting a home run. New player animations in the game have also been introduced, when fielding and hitting and all that good stuff. Overall it is once again an improvement from last year's game and it definitely worth buying either if it's the first time you're getting the games or you're just upgrading from previous year's version. A+
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on April 7, 2013
Love this game! I've been getting it every year and this years is the best. I wasn't a huge fan of last years game, it just seemed way more difficult to hit and was frustrating. This years game is a whole lot easier to hit. Pitching is pretty realistic again this year. Fielding has improved compared to last year. Hitting though has greatly improved. You don't have to be perfect anymore on timing or location to get hits, seems like they tweaked it a little so you have a greater window of getting a base hit.

Also really love playing Diamond Dynasty. It's great building your own team and playing online against other people or playing against the CPU as MLB teams. It's a lot like Madden Ultimate team, but unlike MUT you can either use MLB players to build a team or take minor league players (Diamond Dynasty players)with potential and build a team around them. Also it's fun using a diamond dynasty guy and making them yourself or a favorite player with their edit mode. If you're a fan of MUT on Madden and like baseball, you have to give Diamond Dynasty a try. Online play is great as well, haven't had any issues with lag or disconnects playing games.

Overall this game is great. If you're a beginner and haven't played this game I'd rent it from a Redbox and give it a try, you will get hooked!
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on June 16, 2013
After taking a few years off, I purchased MLB 13 The Show as I was interested in the Beginner's mode. I had been put off by the difficulty of batting in previous versions, and just didn't have the time to put in to really become proficient in hitting. I was pleasantly surprised with this version. The hitting model has been made "user friendly" and allowed me to step right into a season without whiffing 15-20 times a game (not good for accurate stats). I am about 20 games into my season, and am very pleased. The graphics, sounds and ambiance are great and are very immersive with a good set of headphones. The trade logic seems sound (at least so far) and I am having a great time playing. Highly recommended!
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