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Format: Video Game|Change
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on September 12, 2014
I Love this game!

In short, I suck at sports games, as they tended to cater to the hardcore with their goofy control mechanics made it too impossible for me to get into. This game ...... AMAZING. Want to power a shot over the left wall? Move the left analogue stick to the left and get your timing down ... poof :D

The play by play is solid, the fluid animations are good .... I line drived a pitcher and the ball bounced off his ankle ... the pitcher toppled over and hobbled around ..... When you line drive a base coach .... THEY REACT ACCORDINGLY ....

Only complaints ....

Loading times are loooooonnnnnggggggg and there are a lot of them. I hate when I get called into a game for one play ... long load in, long load out.

when playing outfield ... the camera auto reverses when the ball flies over your head ... its lead to more than a few disorientating situations.

All in all, if you want to get back into a baseball game ... this is the one for you!
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on July 3, 2014
As a long time fan of mlb the show, this is how you repay us? The gameplay is amazing but you make us pay actual money after a certain point in your road to the show to keep upgrading your player? I'm sorry, but this is the biggest rip off ever!!! I used to love mlb the show, I've bought every edition!!! You will never have a purchase from me again!!! Rip off game!
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Not a big fan of baseball but the price was right and I felt it was worth trying out. Overall it's pretty much what we expect with other sports games like soccer and football. The graphics are pretty good and you'll have fun but unless you're a major baseball fan I say unless the game is $15 or less you might just want to see if it'll go on a flash sale on the PSN site otherwise just pass on it if you're a big baseball fan then you're sure to enjoy this game.
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on August 11, 2014
Overall good game. A few flaws. We play for the gameplay and realism of the players. Which is pretty descent. I believe the graphics can be better and bit more crisp. The flaws I see are the bat boy running behind a player doing his warm up swing to get a ball. The ball boy is stoic and seems like a robot. Real bat boys give people in the audience baseballs. The audience is okay but they don't move away from a ball or go for them. I never see them do the wave or any true interaction with the players. The dugout cut scenes are always the same. It's funny to watch the coaches or players dive from a foul ball heading towards the dugout. That's just a few things. I could be knit picking but it's something's that stand out when you've played 60+ games. Try the game for yourself and make your own observations. I love the gameplay and the graphics aren't that bad. With no competition, it's a solid baseball game.
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on June 13, 2014
just like my headline says.
-Game in SP mode(s) so far is flawless
-Menu is VERY user friendly (a first in the series imo)
-Graphics are amazing , while not a MASSIVE upgrade,still very noticeable.

-Online is Rediculously buggy and i have yet to finish a complete 9 inning game.(boo)
-Causes Nerd rage resulting in,but not limited to,throwing controller at surroundings,screaming and cursing at top of lungs,pissing off GF to the point of her leaving you because of violent danger..etc etc.. ;)
-Visuals,while awesome,aren't that much of an expected upgrade considering how amazing the game looks even on PS3.
-Load times (at times) are way longer than i would like. <- that Could be subjective,but load times longer than 20 seconds in 2014 makes me grow grey hair..
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on May 11, 2014
First of all, this is definitely a much more polished version. The initial next gen improvements are there. The game play is smooth. The different settings allow the user to tailor the game to just about every preference. Whether you prefer button presses or analog swinging and throwing, it's all there at your disposal. I think the devs spent too much time on trying to show player detail resulting in a fairly scary rendition of Jered Weaver's do and other players with long hair. That being said all the major players' rendering is amazing. When your batting against CC, it actually looks like him, and pitching to Miguel Cabrera is a bit more intimidating because it looks like the real article. (I'm not sure if he saw how fat he looks in the game, but I'm sure he does not look that fat in real life).

BOTTOM LINE: Good first effort, I'm looking forward to the future where fielding controls are smoother, maybe incorporate some interactions between players (Make them seem less robotic) and post walk off interviews with pies in the face (just a short clip of it not an entire interview). The ability to charge the mound, effectively provide replay usage and maybe create a bit more drama in RTTS by giving the user control over which areas to train on, and allow us to hire agents to talk salary. Allow mid-season contract renegotiation (to make room for a good deadline trade), free agent and trade input in order to help bolster the horrible team you may have been drafted by or traded to. And If a rookie wins Rookie of the year, don't re-sign him at 500, 000... that's just garbage.
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on July 14, 2014
I've owned every "The Show" since 08. They keep getting better and better! There is one thing that is REALLY bothering me about the game this year however. If you run a hit and run, the runner will always slide into second or third. This makes it IMPOSSIBLE to advance a runner from 1st to 3rd on a single to right, or score from second on a single. It's extremely frustrating!

The load times are much longer than any other version I've played as well.

Overall though, this doesn't ruin the game for me whatsoever. I grabbed it on my Vita as well and I'm loving the ability to play my franchise and RTTS players on the go and then upload it and play when I get home. Beautiful functionality.
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on June 1, 2014
As in previous editions MLB The Show is a great game with great graphics and lots of depth. The Road to the Show mode is back and as good as ever. It's one probably my favorite mode in the game. I also enjoy how you can upload saves to the cloud and continue play on a Vita (if you have it). My one knock on this game (which is the same for the Vita version) is the lack of detail to the uniforms...the Cardinals are missing their Sunday hat and other uniform updates were not included. In years past this was a strong suite of the game. While it is minor it bugs me, but it doesn't detract from game play at all. If you like baseball and video games you will enjoy this game a lot.
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on August 31, 2014
I wasn't impressed. Infielding was all jacked up, players would be looking at third and throwing to first. The ball would glitch, skip, disappear, and reappear because of the lag. Glitchy, laggy online still, when are they going to get online down ? They've been doing this forever. They keep patting their selves on the back saying this game is the highest rated sports game which I'm not even sure is true, but if it is it can't be by much, because NBA2K and FIFA get it, they put out better games for each of their franchises year after year. The Show still can't get online play down. Wait until next season.
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on May 21, 2014
No major upgrades from previous year - 1080p graphics, reformatted training system (don't need 40 points to buy 1 attribute point, but instead a sliding scale from a few points for lower ratings to 125+ if you are upgrading a 90+ rating) and also the training skills games now have medals and training points awarded which is nice.

I have seen a few times in RttS, that the events listed and the runners on base on fast forward screen don't match "reality" when I press X to go up to bat. I've seen the preview screen say bases loaded and no outs and when I enter the game the bases are empty and 2 outs.
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