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on January 25, 2013
Update #2:
My "Junk-in-the-Trunk Bag" is still going strong, and I've discovered a perfect upgrade for it: JL Childress Tall TwoCOOL 2 Bottle Cooler, Black

The TwoCOOL bottle cooler is an ideal fit and allows you to carry a chilled lunch even on hot days. Together, they make an unstoppable Bicycle Fueltank!

I've now been using Topeak's MTX Trunk Bag (AKA the "Junk-in-the-Trunk Bag") for a good six months. Not a single day has gone by that I haven't been glad I bought the thing. I also purchased the rain cover that Topeak sells to go with it, which is also great. Depending on what I'm doing on the bike, the MTX Trunk bag carries anything from a few tools and some snacks to a full-on one- to two-man picnic. It also still looks great so far.


After a long internal debate between this product and a less-expensive insulated bag made by Avenir, I decided to spring for Topeak's MTX Trunk Bag EX. I had already purchased a compatible rack, and I wanted to see if the MTX quick-connect system lived up to its promises.

In short, it does.

The plastic track on the bottom of the back slides into a channel on the rack (which does not, I should add, prevent using the rack with non-MTX trunk bags and other products) and the little yellow clip secures it. The whole process takes a couple of seconds, but once attached, the bag is extremely stable. I feel perfectly comfortable leaving it on and loading the bike on the front of a bus that travels part of its route at interstate highway speeds.

Removing the bag from the rack is also a snap, which makes taking it into the commons at school during lunch time easy (the included shoulder strap comes in handy here, too). There's no fumbling with velcro or clips; just press the little yellow plunger and - presto! - off she slides.

Meanwhile, the bag itself is thoughtfully designed. On the outside, you'll find two zipper pulls, a loop at each end to which you may attach the included shoulder strap, two small mesh pockets running the length of the bag (turns out these are handy for carrying small things -- lip balm, a lighter (just in case!), stuff like that -- or even a couple of gels), a very tight loop for a taillight (this is good; the tightness of the loop prevents the taillight from bouncing loose when you hit a pothole), and - on the lid - another mesh pocket with a bungee.

I suspect this last bit is intended as a holding spot for the bag's optional rain cover, a rolled-up windvest, or rain jacket, but it could just as easily hold a small picnic blanket, a baguette, or an extra pair of gloves. As other viewers have observed, it's a bit loose for smartphones or small multitools. (Update: I've now had gloves, jackets, hats, arm-warmers, groceries, and all kinds of things crammed into the pocket and/or the bungee -- what a nice touch!)

A reflective strip running the entire length of the bag on each side offers a visibility boost in a spot (just over the rear wheel) where such a thing might come in handy, an exceptionally thoughtful touch of the kind I'm coming to expect from Topeak.

Inside, the bag continues to reflect the touch of a thoughtful designer. A divider, attached with hook-and-loop fasteners, can be used to carve up the interior as desired -- or you can just pop it out and, if you're so inclined, stick to the bottom of the bag flat, so it won't get lost. Thus far, I've left mine in place, since the interior comes nicely divided to store a sandwich box or two in one compartment while various sandwich-related accessories (including a full 16-oz bottle of horseradish sauce!) occupy the other.

A pocket on the inside of the lid can hold inner tubes, an ice brick, or other such things (it's also great for stashing anything small that you want to be able to find quickly, such as gels, keys, or an asthma inhaler).

In terms of capacity, the bag is more than large enough to hold lunch and a snack. It would make a great self-supported century or brevet bag (update: in fact, it's way more bag than you need for a 100k populaire!), offering enough room to store both copious snacks and plenty of tools and spare parts. I also plan to use it on multi-night bike tours to store food (I have found that, for me, a loaf of Brownberry's double-protein bread, some peanut butter, some jelly, and some creme-filled wafer cookies tend to do nicely). Being able to easily slip it off the bike and carry it to the table (or hang it high and away from the bike and tents in bear country) is a very strong point in its favor.

Of note: as an option for storing cold stuff on warmer days, you'll want to add some insulation -- a small insulated sack with an ice brick or a small vacuum jar should do the trick. You could even feasibly keep a hot insulated jar in one end and a cold one in the other. The foam in the lid may add some element of insulation; the sides seem to primarily just add shape.

If you plan on commuting or camping by bike, riding self-supported centuries, or randonneuring and you're in the market for a good rack and trunk bag at a comfortable price point, I highly recommend Topeak's MTX Trunk Bag EX. Coupled with Topeak's light, robust Super Tourist MTX rack (found here:, it's a sterling combination.
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on March 19, 2011
Pros: The slide-on/slide-off feature of this box is so nice. I wish I had purchased this years ago. The box stays on despite our really rough streets.
Cons: As mentioned in other reviews the zipper is too small and seems fragile---It has trouble turing the corner at the back of the box. The tail light loop is too close the the base of the box for the Planet Bike Superflash (which is long in the vertical direction). On my first trip to work I lost mine because it hit the rack when the bike bounced over a hole in the road. I used a seam ripper to remove the loop and sewed it on by hand an inch higher. I have ridden for several months now and the tail light has stayed on.

I spent some time debating size: I picked the smaller one. It is easier for me to get my leg over, but it only holds my lunch and small hand bag (cell phone, wallet, iPod...) and my U-Lock. There is no room for a jacket or a book. In the winter this works great when I need a jacket morning and evening, but in spring I will need to add a pannier to carry my jacket home in the evening. I also wish that the box was waterproof, like my panniers---It's much more fun to not be bothered by weather.
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on September 6, 2016
My wife had the MTX Trunk Bag RX but needed a larger bag for longer trips. She picked out the EX bag and it holds everything she needs.

Large inside capacity, side panels for extras, pockets everywhere, and a bungee on top for everything else.

Like all MTX Trunk Bags, it's easy to attached with it's locking/slot design.

The only CON is the price, but for how long these last I can't complain to much.
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on May 12, 2013
I'm one of those "senior citizen," fair-weather bike riders, riding between 10 to 20 miles a day. I wanted an expandable carry system for my men's 26" Diamondback, to allow me to haul the necessary repair kit and a few extra goodies. As always, I checked and read dozens of the great reviews before deciding to invest in the Topeak MTX Trunk Bag EX and the compatible Topeak Explorer Bike Rack.

It takes about four seconds to attach (or detach) this bag to the Topeak Explorer Bike Rack, and it comes with both a built-in carry strap, and a shoulder strap. There's plenty of room inside the bag, and room for smaller items that fit into the webbed and zippered side pouches, a webbed top pouch. There's even a small bungee storage area on the cover. The main compartment sports a removable/adjustable panel to separate those items that don't get along well together.

The zippers all work smoothly, so far, and I like the idea of the reflective side stripes. But then, I like anything that might keep me from becoming road kill.

Before taking this bag on it's maiden voyage, I treated it with a good waterproofing spray. I think Topeak would prefer we purchase the optional, waterproof, cover, and maybe that would work better, but for now I'll take my chances with the spray.

I would definitely recommend both the Topeak Explorer Bike Rack and the Topeak MTX Trunk Bag EX to my bike riding friends.
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on March 9, 2016
I purchased this smaller one just to be able to keep a few items with me on my morning bike ride. I can fit a light rain jacket in it along with a few other small items. The zippered top has a pouch on the inside that I can keep my reading glasses in and also my phone. There are also the handy pockets on the sides and a bungee cord on the top that are very useful. This is very well made and I really like the rigid sides of the truck.
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on November 10, 2015
After reading the reviews on Amazon and visiting the manufacturer's site, I still had questions about this bag. I hope this review will answer questions another person might have.

This is a well-built bag with one compartment. The "MTX" means the bag can be easily mounted and removed from MTX compatible racks. The first picture shows there is a plastic bar on the bottom of the bag, sliding into a grooved retainer on my rack. The second picture shows the bag latches onto the end of my rack. Latching creates a very satisfying click, so I know the bag is secured. To remove the bag, press down on the yellow latch and slide the bag of the rack. It couldn't possibly be easier or more secure. Note that there is no way to lock the bag to the bike.

Topeak's claim of two compartments seems to be based on a divider with velcro tabs that can be used as a partition. I have never found these partitions to be useful. I prefer to uses plastic bags to organize small items. The interior dimensions are approximately 6.5" x 11" x 6" deep. This appears to be the smallest trunk bag Topeak offers. The third picture shows the inside of the bag.

The forth picture details the lid, which contains a pouch. The bag is not waterproof, but anything in the pouch appears to get better protection than the rest of the bag. The pouch is about 5.25" wide and 5" deep. It's just the right size for my wallet and flip phone. The elastic strip across the top keep both securely in the pouch. One can place taller, thin objects in the pouch, up to 8.5" tall. I also put a Nexus 7 tablet in the pouch. It doesn't slide out of the pouch because it is long enough that it bumps against the rear wall of the compartment and stays where it belongs.

Depending on where I'm going and what I need to transport, I often ride with pannier bags. It is possible to use both panniers and the trunk bag at the same time, but clearance is tight, as shown by the 5th picture. The bag drags along the pannier as I slide it on and off the rack. So far, I have not noticed any damage to the bag or the pannier.

The bag comes with a shoulder strap. I don't find these to be useful. But it also has a very useful handle on the back. The handle makes it easy to pull the bag off the rack, and provides a convenient way to carry the bag. See the 6th picture.

The last picture shows the exterior of the bag. The pouch on the top of the bag can be used along with the tie-down to secure a jacket for those days that start cool, then warm up. There are side pockets on both sides of the bag. These are not very useful. The exterior wall is a net fabric that is drawn tight against the side of the bag. The most I can put in there is a small piece of trash. The seam between the zipper and the netting is already starting to come apart on one side.

Overall, this is a great trunk bag, well made and well worth the cost. It should hold up well.
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on September 3, 2013
I've yet to have a real problem with this. The net pockets on the side a just a little too tight, but I've still managed to cram an extra inner tube, a wrench, a patch kit, and a mini pump into them.

The net pocket on top is also just a bit tight, but I found if I put my 1 liter bottles in cap first I can use the bungee built into the back to hold it in place.

I'm a fairly big guy (getting smaller) and I can fit an entire change of clothes in here, that's carpenter pants, a T-Shirt, socks and underwear. I won't fit two boots on the inside even without anything else in there (steel toe 12) but I was able to put one on the inside and rig up the other with the bungees on top and tie the laces to the small net loops on the front.

I wish I had bought the DX instead, just a little bigger, especially the side pockets. I think someone who wore office clothes instead of carpenter pants, even at my size would find this to be the perfect bag, or someone smaller than me would find it perfect, even someone who wasn't transporting clothes would find it perfect, but it's just slightly too small for my personal use.

That being said - I failed to slide the thing onto the track correctly one time, it still held on and I didn't notice until I made it to work. I'm questioning rather only a four star review is in order, but I'm sticking with it for now mostly because the nets don't stretch enough.
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on May 8, 2016
Purchase the Topeak Explorer Bike Rack to go along with this trunk bag and they fit nicely together. The bag has plenty room for us to bring along riding gloves, small first aid kit, spare tube, bike tools and space for us to stash our wallets and phones. There's even room for wipes, a small towel and even pack a sandwich, fruits and power snacks. We now no longer need to take rides with back packs which is vey cool.

Both the Topeak Explorer Bike Rack and this trunk bag fit nicely together on our non-disc Diamondback Mountain Bikes (27.5) even on my wife's smaller bike frame.
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on November 12, 2014
Love this! I have the matching rack, & this slides on/off perfectly. My big 100# lab goes with me riding, & I use this to carry a big water container so he can get his large muzzle in the water (the container is a Lock & lock container with a locking lid that is waterproof & prevents spills. The Lock & Lock holds about 1.5 Nalgene bottle full of water). Theres plenty of room to spare so I also carry a tennis ball for the dog (& could carry an ipad & a 500 page paperback - all inside.
This DOES hold an ipad Air 2 FLAT, + a textbook that is 1000 pages (that is the same dimensions as the ipad Air 2), + a Nalgene size bottle lying on its side + 2-3 tennis balls. & this is all INSIDE the trunk (theres still room on the mesh zip sides & top too).
This weighs 1.5# (altho feels less). The rigid sides are cordura molded so as not to collapse.
Best of all...

I got it on Amazon Warehouse for 1/3 off on the price. Great deal!
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on June 17, 2013

-Comes with a divider, while essentially it is just padded cloth with velcro attached, it is nice having this to be able to separate into multiple compartments.

-Has a nice pocket directly underneath the lid that can store quite a bit of stuff as well.

-The bungie on top can securely carry a water bottle without worry of it falling off the bike.

-The bag gets on and off the Topeak explorer mount easily and it holds secure.


I wish it was a magical wardrobe that would stay as small as it is on the outside, yet hold all my work clothes + shoes on the inside.

In all seriousness, It is about the same size as a men's dress shoe box, just about an inch taller. I was told this in various reviews but I was thinking "I'm a pro at packing, surely I can figure this out." Unfortunately I was wrong. I can still commute with my work clothes (dress slacks + button up + shoes) but the dress slacks and button up have to ride underneath the bungies on top of the bag.
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