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on January 8, 2017
I had been wanting to try one of these pens for a while now. Today we're snowed in so I got to use this for the first time.
I chose this pen for that it has a door that opens and replaceable tip. I also liked that it could use ABS and PLA. I bought a box of SketchPro PLA filaments to go with it. I knew I did not want to smell plastic while snowed in. It worked great with the PLA also.
This is my first 3D pen.
The temperature goes to 230 C plus a little, which is more than enough for the type of filament I bought.
The PLA worked fine in this pen. The recommended temperature is 190-230 C.
I used the black PLA and made some dollhouse windows. I was aiming for gates but think 3mm type pen would be better for gates.
I pulled the short piece out instead of trying to feed every last inch. I was not sure if it would feed the last piece. The motor backs it out only if it has something to back out. In other words if no filament is in it, motor won't continue to run.
The seller emailed me and assured me, if I need technical support to contact them.
The directions are brief but the pen is simple and intuitive.
The website sells extra tips and ABS for the pens.
I noticed as I used the roll of black, that it got a little easier to control the pla.
If you are an artist and draw a lot, you will pull up on the pen to look at what you are doing.
This pulling up action will draw a long thin pla line in the air, as it should.
The pen is a bit clumsy but turning the work around with the other hand helps keep my eye on the line.
The PLA is 1.75 mm. It is best to keep that in mind, while choosing what to draw. It is somewhat difficult to get tiny curls and leaves when working on miniature projects.
It does draw a pretty thin line if you get the speed just right.
My PLA filament won't come out at the slowest speed. I tried different speeds to get a feel for what will work for me and my drawing style.
The PLA stuck to the paper. But I wet it and rubbed it off.
There was some shrinkage, which was evident by the paper buckling a little.
The PLA has a little flexibility, which makes it easy to straighten later.
The pen is fun to play around with.
I did not notice any noise.
The pen turns off when no activity is detected for a few minutes. I remove my filament if I am walking away from it.
The pen has not jammed at all and I have used over 7 meters of PLA in it so far.
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on February 9, 2017
This pen the best. I have bought two of these so I can rotate every hour or so to not burn them out and they are amazing! I have bought other pens and none of them compare to this one. It's slimmer and fits in your more easily. It has the LCD screen on it which allows you to see the temperature your running and make the adjustments accordingly. It's also compatible with ABS and PLA which I find awesome because some colors you can only find in one or the other and PLA adheres better to other materials. The MYNT3D pen allows me to enjoy both. This pen has brought out a different artistic side and it's going to allow me to take my 2D drawings into 3D. I am highly satisfied with this item.
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on January 28, 2017
This pen is awesome. If you don't have a 3D printer, this is a fun crafting tool that will let you enter the magical world of plastic. If you do already have a 3D printer, then this pen pretty much makes you a wizard.

I have used this pen with a variety of plastic filaments including ABS, PLA, PETG, Polycarbonate, TPU and electrically conductive Protopasta. It has not let me down. There is a typo in the product description, the maximum temperature for this product is 230C, not 240C. This is only a problem with polycarbonate, and even then you can still work at 230C.

Free drawing with the pen is fun and only takes a little practice. You can make huge gangling structures of incredibly low density, which is pretty neat. You can also make solid objects like a little statue of your dog, and my dog thinks that's pretty funny.

But you will really experience the power of the 3D pen when you start with a plastic object in your life. You can use the pen to "weld" plastic parts together--you know, like that thing you broke the other. With some flexible plastic (like TPU) you can stop just about any leak you can find.

Using conductive filament I can rapidly draw functional circuits. The conductivity of my protopasta is limited, but I can use the pen like a soldering iron to join two (or more) wires together. I have been able to make electric connections with less than 1Ohm of resistance using this pen. After the conductive plastic I just switch the pen over to TPU to insulate and strain-release the connection. All of the plastic joints can be removed with a pair of pliers but won't break easily. To test the integrity of my electrical connections I grabbed my test circuit by the wires and spun it around my head for a while--that went just fine.

Already have a 3D Printer? Stop thinking it over and order this! Adjusting your temperature, flow, and movement speed can provide different bond strengths between your pen's plastic stream and your printed objects; so you can make permanent or temporary bonds. You can write on anything you ever printed. You can patch those little blips or gaps in your prints. You can make that warped layer bond to the layer below. You can add TPU gaskets to hard-plastic parts.You can print a plastic "soldering board" to fit your wires and electrical components then use the pen to set everything in place.
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on April 13, 2016
This pen is great! I had originally purchased the Scribbler v 3, but it jammed up after just a few minutes' use. I was at first nervous about ordering a less-expensive pen, thinking that "price=quality". But the MYNT3D has been such fun to use that it's hard to put away. It works very easily and intuitively, and changes colors with no jam-ups. I'm tempted to buy a second for quicker 2-color work! Customer service is also very nice, they send an e-mail ahead of delivery with some very good tips and tricks for success with the pen. In short, if you're thinking of trying out a 3-d pen, this is a great one to choose.
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on September 2, 2017
Worked fine with the ABS filament but when I switched to PLA filament it would constantly jam. Most times I was able to unclog it with minimal effort after opening the pen's maintenance hatch, but there were a couple of times when it was so jammed that I had to drill the blockage out of the tube. Whenever I switch to PLA I did change the temperature settings like the instructions said to do but it still jammed.
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on January 13, 2018
I'm torn. The pen is simple, inexpensive, and an exciting innovation for creative folk. The extruder tip is either a result of poor engineering or planned obsolescence. I'm calling out the manufacturer on this because they appear either not motivated to fix it, or proactively motivated to not fix it since they get to keep selling nozzles when they break!
The pen is difficult to learn how to use, but can be serviced with some practice and care. Failure of filament to go through the nozzle ends up being typically because of low-quality filament, particularly PLA, which is a top-seller on amazon. We had literally no issues with ABS, but PLA completely destroyed the first nozzle. The manufacturer childishly blames this on the filament manufacturers, which may be true, but MYNT3D should be more proactive about suggesting how to identify filament quality, what temperature to set, and recommend compatible manufacturers and temperatures they have tested and qualified. In other words, please put the investment in snapping your own nozzles, so your loyal customers don't have to. With PLA the pen struggled, and being the over-anxious user, I turned up the motor, which worked, but resulted in wedging half-melted plastic into small cracks that slowly wedged the nozzle tip until it cracked and then shattered. There was no indication to watch out for this behavior, and soon plastic was oozing out the nozzle. Support implied that this was normal and suggested it was a sign that the temperature was too hot. In my case it was because the temperature was too cool. I will make a suggestion for other users though to not go poking around in the nozzle vents to clean them out. There are exposed wires in there, and if you do this a short will result and the nozzle will stop heating entirely.
I rate this product 3.5 and give a recommendation to would-be purchasers to put aside any tree-huggy tendancies: Just buy the ABS, it works better. Also buy at least one spare nozzle. I suggest if you plan on purchasing PLA filament (Which means plant-based Filament, and isn't clearly identified in the pen manual or on a lot of filament manufacturer websites), buy a third nozzle. First nozzle is for practice with ABS, second is to replace that one when it breaks, and the third to use exclusively with PLA, because yes my friend, your nozzle WILL absolutely break. They're not expensive to replace, but the manufacturer should fix this, or I will suggest they will not (or at least should not) survive in the market.
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on December 27, 2017
It worked one time and barely. The pen doesn’t come with decent instructions so you don’t know that you have to wait for it to heat up before the motor will work.

It had trouble catching the plastic right away. Eventually it started to work but it was about 10 minutes of frustrating attempts before it did.

After the first use it worked on the plastic already in the line but after I ran out I tried to load a new piece but it just wouldn’t go in no matter what I did.

The service door won’t open and feels like I’m about to snap it off. It isn’t worth breaking and not being able to return it. There are no real instructions on fixing issues.

It is not worth buying.
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on December 26, 2016
I bought this as a Christmas gift. Christmas day, we got to open and play with it! I chose this pen overy the doodler because the plastic refills for this pen are cheaper then the highly rated doodler.

We opened the box, and set up is easy. You plug in, wait for it to heat up, and feed in the plastic! This part was little confusing, and I could not find a dummy guide to loading the pen. Finally, we figured out you stick the plastic in the whole in the back by the plug. As the pen heats up, you can use the forward feed button to encourage the filament to go in. It all works like a glue gun.

We expiremeted with 3d at first, but drawing a flat picture in 2d is much easier to start with. I used pictures from a coloring book, and just draw on the page. You will want to start by keeping still for a moment and making a slightly thicker area, the slowly move the pen in the pattern you want. You can pop the finished product off of the paper when done! After you get the hang of this, 3d is much easier. You can also turn down the heat on this model pen, so that it cools faster, making 3d easier!
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on August 12, 2016
I love this pen! I have experienced the 3doodler throughout all 3 versions thus far and wanted a pen that used the much cheaper 1.75mm filament. This pen is super easy to use and temp is easily adjustable. I have yet to have it jam after hours of doodling. Pen is very light and controls are simple. Overall I'm very happy and this pen is comparable to the "name brand" 3doodler without the super expensive filament. It uses any 1.75mm abs or pla filament which comes in loads of colors. Easy to load and unload to switch colors as well. I like to draw Pokemon.
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on December 26, 2017
First use ---- jammed in the TIP and there was no way to clear it. 100% unusable. Based on the reviews I expected it to jam on a regular basis but also assumed we would be able to clear this by either opening tip and pulling out jam and or heating the TIP to max heat and having it clear out on it's own. We tried both numerous times and were not able to clear it. Net/Net I believe this to be a major design flaw, cheaply made components in the TIP (compare heating filiment to any good quality soldering iron and you will see the difference). Needless to say this one is going back and no plans on a repurchase.
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