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on October 24, 2014
This mount most definitely works in those tiny relatively useless (except for spare keys and plastic cosmetic pieces that have broken off my 10-year-old car :D ) cup holders featured in MINI Coopers. Amazingly, the mount must be expanded to fit those cup holders snugly; the device could easily fit in a smaller cup holders than those in MINIs.

My MINI has the automatic CVT transmission; I always use the manual shifting option. Although the gear stick only moves back and forth when shifting compared to the path a manual gear stick takes, I have had no issues bumping the mount while driving. I have nudged the mount a couple of times with my knee while cornering particularly hard, but it bounced right back without moving out of place due to the mild flexibility of the plastic. I positioned the mount so my phone is just beyond the edge of my seat to avoid being in the way of as much as I can; the position allows me to rest my hand on the seat while changing music tracks, too! I can easily reach behind the mount to access the driver's side window toggle switch, but I have admittedly punched my phone on occasion from so many years of having no obstacle in front of the toggle switches.

The mount grips my phone (iPhone 6 if you're curious about sizing) on the sides with a ~1.5mm foam pad between the phone and plastic. Not only does the foam protect the phone from the mount, but the give in the foam allows the mount to have a good purchase both with compression and against slippage. The backrest of the mount is glossy plastic; I cannot comment on scratching potential as I use a [Nuvango/Gelaskins hard] case, but I could imagine the possibility of issues for some phone backing materials. Adjusting the grip is very easy with a sawtooth ratchet system. The side grippers get squished together around the phone with my fingers, while a button release just behind the mounted phone will pop the grippers open. A quick press will (quickly) spread them enough to release my phone; the longer I press, the wider they spread.

The mount also features flip-out nubs for the bottom of the phone to rest on. (I've included a photo with them flipped out.) Be aware that these do interfere with the audio jack of the iPhone 6 (among others). The side grippers hold my phone just fine without the rest though; I have had no issues using them on their own. Not using the rest also allows me to place the phone lower (or higher if I want) in the grips.

This mount is a perfect product for a car with limited non-invasive mounting options; the price compared to other well-reviewed mounts made this purchase a no-brainer.
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on December 9, 2016
I searched for something that would work in my 2013 MINI on Amazon. I needed a very specific kind of mount since there is very little space for a phone holder. Plus, I have a Y cable that is very short that attaches to the car and my phone to be able to listen to music from my iPhone. The cup holders are right in front of the cable "in's". I placed the mount into the cup holders easily and although it did take some time to get the bend and positioning exactly right so that the Y cable connected to my iPhone's port wasn't tugging or bending the port. There literally isn't any slack to spare. In a sense, the mount looks like it was exclusively meant for this car. I still have room to mess with the controls on the console behind the mount so, I'm happy. Glad I bought it.
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on November 14, 2013
okay, purchased this Macally MCUP holder for iPhone from amazon warehouse for under eleven bucks. previously using a cheap charger mount that was for the old 30-pin iPhone dock, but was looking for a holder that would be better suited for my iPhone 5 using a lightning cable and a Kinivo BTC450 Bluetooth receiver to play music from my iPhone in the car. this Macally MCUP is suppose to be placed in an empty cup holder in the car. in the Macally MCUP's mount that goes into the cup holder, there are "grips" that extend outwards to fit the cup holder and then you tighten those grips in place for this MCUP to stay in place in the cup holder. although could get the grips to extend outwards to fit inside the cup holder, but could NOT tighten the grips in place. so what to do? well, tore off some small pieces of cardboard from the amazon shipping box that this Macally MCUP came in, and shoved those cardboard pieces into the grips to keep the grips extended outwards and then shoved the mount into the empty cup holder. and so that kept this Macally MCUP sturdy in place in the cup holder. put my iPhone 5 in this Macally MCUP, plugged a lightning cable in the iPhone and then into the charger of the kinivo bluetooth receiver, and had music playing in the car. although had to do a workaround to use this Macally MCUP, this is better than a bunch of other phone holders that are held in place via the cigarette lighter, or with a weighted mount on the dashboard, or clips in a car's vents.
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on October 7, 2017
A great little phone holder. Very sturdy. Easy to adjust to the size/width of your phone.

This might not be of benefit if you have cup holders close to the seats. I have a set of cup holders by the dash that I never use and I can easily see the phone without completely taking my eyes off the road.

I thought it would be top heavy and easily fall over but this has not been the case.

I couldn't be more pleased with this item.
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on August 20, 2017
I drive an Altima and the cup hold is placed perfectly where I wanted it mounted. This by far has to be my favorite cell holder. It is well built, and it widens if your cup holder is bigger. It allow you to turn your phone vertically and horizontally. The neck length is just right too and you can get it bigger in you needed.

The style and looks are great! I would recommend to anyone looking for a cup holder for there phone.
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on May 12, 2015
This is perfect for what it is supposed to do. (I was replacing an air vent type mount that left me not able to easily access the music functions, and with summer coming, the passenger air conditioning, and air not coming through that side was a problem). The positives: It holds my device (iPhone 6+) securely in Portrait mode. There is no wobble, and the fir is great in my Subaru Forester. Cup holder adjustment is easy. I love the quick release button. Much easier to use than with my last device holder. Also the price is right. 5 Stars for all of the above. The negative: It sits low in the console, and I have to look down and to the side more often than I wish to see it. However with the Map voice functions it gets me to where I am going, to several unfamiliar places over the last month. The other negative, (and I may decide to try the plug in style to overcome this but they also have disadvantages): I am not able to use the second cup holder for coffee.
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on August 15, 2017
I really like the way this fits in my car cup holder, and the flexible arm makes it easy to position my phone wherever I need it for best viewing. The major design flaw is that the arms that hold the phone are so shallow they don't accommodate my phone when it's in the case. The arms barely grab onto the backside of the case and will hold the phone only if I squeeze it extra tight and position just right.
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on August 6, 2014
This item is solidly built. The holder easily fits my HTC One with Urban Armor case.

My Nissan Rogue has two different sized cup holders, and this item fit in both of them. Due to the position of my gear shifter, the phone holder partially obstructs my access to the shifter. That's not the fault of the phone holder. However, the situation would be a little better if the arm on the holder was a little more flexible.

The only disappointing part of the item was the bottom piece that holds your phone when it's oriented vertically. The piece isn't very strong. When I push the power button on my phone, I can easily push the phone out of the holder.

So, as far as durability goes, this item is well worth the $10 I paid for it. If your auto's cup holders are positioned favorably, this should be a very nice accessory for you.
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on December 18, 2013
I bought this specifically to hold my iPhone 5S for use as a GPS device while in my work vehicle. The vehicle is a GMC Yukon and is an emergency vehicle, which means I am often driving fast, turning hard, braking quickly, and accelerating quickly. Driving much harder than you probably ever would in your personal vehicle, the mount has been rock solid.

Here are the things I've found that have made this device 5 stars for me:
1. It comes in and out of the car quickly. You spin a little knob at the base of the arm to either extend or retract arms in the cup holder base which then hold it very firmly in place. Once in place, it doesn't move, but can be easily taken out of the car in about 10 seconds by just giving a spin the other way.
2. Very easily switches between landscape and portrait, clicking solidly into place for either orientation. Nice for GPS use.
3. It holds the iPhone in place snuggly. Again, I probably drive harder than you do, and I've never been concerned that the iPhone was going to come loose.
4. It's very easy to get the iPhone in and out of the holder, and you can do it easily with one hand. You hit a button just above the arms which hold the phone in place and they open up. To insert the phone, just sit it in the mount and squeeze the arms back together. I typically take the phone out to input the address, put it back in the mount, and then grab it back out when I jump out of the vehicle on the scene. I'm usually trying to move quickly and the mount helps me to do so. Again, this is all done one handed as I typically grab my radio with one hand and the phone with the other.
5. Although I really only care that it works for my iPhone, the arms do extend rather far apart and I can't think of many phones (aside from possibly the Galaxy Note) that wouldn't fit in here just as well.
6. There are two tabs that fold down at the bottom which hold your phone up. They're spaced so that you can connect the charging cable between them. The gap is certainly wide enough for the lightning cable, and also plenty wide for the old 30-pin cable.

Only thing I'd say you should keep in mind is that the arm is very stiff. I see this as a plus since I don't want it moving on me once I've got it set. However, while it is adjustable, it's not going to adjust too far from what you see in the picture and it's something you're going to want to adjust once and then keep it there.

I spent a while looking through reviews before I settled on this mount for my iPhone. I've found every suction cup mount I've ever tried to be worthless, especially in the cold, so they were out of the question. I also needed something that was easily removable from the vehicle every day but when installed, going to stay put. This fits my needs perfectly and short of a permanent mount, probably the best option you're going to find. So, no need to waste any more time searching...go ahead and buy this!
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on May 28, 2017
it only made it 3weeks, last night on the road my cell phone just drop to the ground and the middle connection just pop. before it falling all apart the Cup holder mount was doing its job. just the perfect size when i drive over the road. i dont like having my cell on the windshield, so this product was the best option. But matertial didnt handle the job on been over the road. well i guess im going to have to look for another one. so if u just going around the corner and inside ur vehicle theres no movement this product is just right for u.
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