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Game play:
As the game starts you get to select an episode like L.A. Meltdown, Lunar Apocalypse, and Scrapnel City. In each episode you get to select a skill level from Piece of Cake, Let's Rock, Come get Some and Damn I'm Good. This is a 3D shooter game and on the left side you have a thumb joystick to move around and on the right you can control shooting, squatting, jumping, hitting and selecting between a gun and kicking.

As I moved around I could never look behind myself in the game. I could find no instructions to the game play and the only time the creature appeared he came at me from behind and you guessed it, I couldn't look behind to see him until he shot me multiple times.

If you go to the controls and turn on the dual stick mode you can get an extra joystick to allow you to turn around. Why not make this the default mode?

I didn't care for the game or the controls. If you like shooting games then this one may be for you but I have to pass on it for myself and I wouldn't let children play the game. Too much splashing blood.

Main screen:
* New game
* Load game
* Controls - movement sensitivity, Strate (Straight?) sensitivity, up/down , left/right, left handed mode, dual stick mode and a selection to return to defaults.
* Options - set sound volume, sounds on, audio aim and HUD fading
* Help/about - credits and no help?

What I like:
Not much for me. After 30 minutes of play I was not having fun and so I quit the game.

What I don't like:
The controls seemed awkward to use and if you came upon a wall in front of you the screen was just a blurred, out of focus wall. I didn't like how you are forced to move around at all. The lack of instructions and not telling you to use dual controls to be able to turn around just makes the game difficult and frustrating.

There is lots of splashing blood in the game and most of it was mine.

I found the game play to be annoying and not much fun at all. After 30 minutes of trying to play the game I deleted it.

I didn't like the permissions and the fact that it reads your Kindle ID. I know that this is a default to register many games but it also can have other purposes. I also don't know why this game needs to have internet access because during my playing it never seemed to use it. It is probably only tied to registering the game.

Game controls are awkward and I didn't enjoy trying to play the game at all. The lack of instructions on how to play, what is the mission and the inability to look behind yourself was very limiting. There was not even a description of the controls and the buttons on the RH side of the screen were very small and close together. If you like this game then turn on the dual joysticks and it will improve your gaming experience. At least you can turn around and watch the enemy kill you! With the size of the controls I cannot imagine playing this game on a smart phone.

I didn't care for this game and I deleted it. I am glad I didn't pay for the game.

If you like 3D maze shooting games then this is for you but if you don't like them then save your money and time.

Size: The size is 26.9 MB compressed and 48.16 uncompressed.

* Storage - modify/delete storage communication
* Network communication - full internet access
* Phone calls - read Kindle state and identity
* Network communication - view network state
* Hardware Controls - control vibrator
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on January 9, 2013
It's the same as the PC version, kinda like traveling back in time but the "PC" fits in your hand now and loads more power than that old PC you used to play it on. But of course the control is naturally harder than using the keyboard/mouse combo, as expected.

There is a low though and it's a tough one to "Just ignore". When the "tap to fire" control quits working as you're being pummeled by enemies you need to remember to BREATHE! Just put the phone down as you're going to get pissed and probable break the screen before you throw the phone (cause you broke the screen)

Problem is that (for me) fire does nada ONLY when being attacked by enemies at close range which is insanely infuriating to say the least. I can fire all day long right when and where I want as long as there are no enemies on screen. As soon as I'm attacked I get one or 2 shots off then nothing, fire fails until I die or laod a new level.

Oh well, to bad as it is cool to play the original on my G-Note and other than that issue it runs flawless on it.
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on December 7, 2012
Perhaps I was expecting Duke Nukem 3D to be like the PC version played years ago. Maybe. Most of the weapons and hidden secrets were stored as in the original game which enabled me to get past level 1. However, some of the original PC gaming's equipment was missing (ability to fly, jump high enough to enter air shafts). There is limited viewing available, unlike the PC version. There are no cheat codes allowed and there are no on-line walk-throughs for the Android version, yet. The on-screen controls are quirky and take some getting used to. Sensitivity is an issue (overly sensitive on some levels, barely enough on others) as is maintaining enough health during battles to continue the game. The Android version still has most of the potty humor and sound effects that the original had. Great game to kill hours of time during dull moments of life.
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on November 30, 2012
This is a true adaption of the PC game.
At the moment of writing, this app is free, and free first person open world / free roaming shooters are extremely rare for Android.

The control buttons are small but at least on a Kindle big enough. I found it helpful to set the GUI transparency to high and disable HUD fading so the firing and other buttons are always visible.

Many mention difficult, jerky controls.
Well, in default yes, but you start the LA level on a rooftop where you are not attacked and can experiment with the settings, because they can be adjusted after pausing the game without restarting.
The circling arrow button in the upper left corner even lets you arrange the controls on the screen in whatever configuration you like them.
That you cannot turn in default mode is not true - you turn by dragging anywhere on the screen.
I found these approximate sensitivity settings best for smooth gameplay:

movement: 40% (good speed/accuracy compromise)
strafe: 20% (for crablike sideways movement)
up/down and left/right looking 10% (more is too fast for accurate aim)

You have several slots to save game progress - I recommend to always save before entering a new area or doing something risky. That is the way games like Doom or Duke Nukem were played in the old days.

Update: A new game called "gloomy dungeons" is available.
It doesn't have those control issues but isn't widely known - yet.
Check this doom clone out.
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on January 3, 2013
I have played the Duke Nukem series before and was surprised to see this title come out on the Kindle Fire. Although after playing and not being able to put my Kindle down from my hands for hours at a time, I was convinced you can playa decent 3D game on a KF.

The game is responsive and filled with action. I was surprised to the amount of control I had through the touchscreen, although sometimes the buttons wouldn't register if you don't press them exactly on the center. But it will allow you to reorganize the locations of all the control buttons, which is very useful.

The game has many levels and monsters. I played through the first few levels and it was a lot of fun. It's with the same 80s low-res graphics, but still a fun game!
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on May 25, 2013
OK so I've been a duke nukem fan for many years and was excited when I saw a android port of duke3D anyways I was kinda disappointed after playing for starters the touch controls are hard to get used to they could have been designed better secondly the pistol fires way too fast don't know if its a sensitivity issue but it causes me to waste ammo and third I couldn't use a USB gamepad it would make playing the game easier for me cause I can't use a Bluetooth controller with my tablet maybe someone should do a homebrew version of duke nukem for droid the sources are freely available
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on June 4, 2014
The good news is that this game is basically a completely faithful recreation of Duke Nukem with touchscreen controls.

The bad news is that it's painfully obvious that this game is not suited for touchscreen controls, which are awkward and take up screen real estate.

The worst news is that a year or so after installing this game I tried opening it to give it another spin and it crashed and told me the file was corrupted, even after reinstalling.

I can't fault the game itself, because it gives you everything that was in Duke Nukem 3D, but it's just not meant to be played on phones.
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on February 12, 2013
If you don't know that DN3D is a good game you should just stop reading this review right now. I'm sure you have small blonde women who've wondered into your house, eaten your pourage and are now sleeping in your bed whom you're scheduled to eat.

Everyone who's not a grumpy bear will like this game. Especially if you're using a Bluetooth keyboard. It brings back memories of late nights playing against friends over dial up connections and sinning with the women's underwear section of the sears catalog. You should definitely get this.
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on January 1, 2014
Duke Nukem 3D has always been a favorite of mine. I've played this game on and off since its release - and if you put all of that time together, that is a REALLY long time to play one game. Regardless, the sixteen years that I've had with this gem never fail to amuse me. This is a great game indeed; a real winner. And it is really cool to get this thing ported to Android for a new generation of gamers to discover.

Besides the missing MIDI in-game music (I just use a custom playlist in Poweramp) everything here seems intact. The full release of Duke Nukem 3D is totally here...and it's still pretty awesome.
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on January 12, 2013
It's freaking Duke! On my phone! Looks really good considering how old the game is now. Definitely a must for the nostalgia factor.

Udder crap controls. Really need a mouse and keyboard to play any FPS. I can't stand using the analog nubs of a console controller to play non-PC FPS games let alone a touchscreen virtual nub. If their were cheats for the phone version, you'd be using them because you aren't going to be able to control it well enough to survive.
Can't use the thousands of mods available like on the PC version
Not everything was translated over from the Atomic PC version (no Plutonium Pack stuff) but I'm sure that's just because they only based this off the original release
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