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on July 5, 2016
I don’t remember the last male main I hated as much as I hated Clayton Afton Sinclair. He’s violent (he strikes Sophie in anger and physical correction was never a negotiated or agreed-upon part of their relationship, he has to be pulled off another man who expresses interest in her), he’s controlling (he insists on knowing the details of her previous relationships without sharing his own, he attempts to dictate what she wears and when she can drink), creepy (he’s way too enthusiastic about her virginity), and prone to chilling rages (which are sometimes prompted by misunderstandings).

Sophie is a spoiled law school drop-out. She meets Clayton when she decides to celebrate her decision to quit school and become an artist by blowing her savings on an exclusive luxury vacation in the Maldives. Her wealthy parents are quite clear that they will not support her as an artist, so I’m not sure what she plans to live on once she spends on all her money by treating herself to a once-in-a-lifetime vacation. Maybe she thinks she’ll get commissions right away? She never does anything but sketch in this book, so the problem may be pressing for her sooner rather than later.

Sophie, despite her social advantages, perfect body, model-like good looks, and the existence of an ex-fiance, is a 23-year-old virgin. Why? We never really find out, she’s just kind of awkward (in a cute romance novel way, not in an “actually awkward” way). In reality, she is a virgin so that Clayton can get all excited about it when he over-hears here discussing it with her friends. Despite going to high school and college in one of the biggest cities in the US and having all the advantages of her beauty and social status, she never found anyone to have sex with – even during her extended engagement. It’s not a religious or cultural thing. It just doesn’t make sense in 2016.

The first person she meets on the island is Clayton Sinclair, a handsome British billionaire who is also an aristocrat. He immediately falls for Sophie and begins exercising control over her life. They quickly fall in “love.”

Somewhere along the line, the term “alpha” has lost its meaning to some authors. People. A man who hits you in anger, who hides his past while insisting on knowing every detail of yours, who forbids you from wearing certain clothing because he doesn’t want others to see what is “his,” who restricts your movements, who curses freely but tells you not to do so, who controls what you eat and drink, who has to be restrained from beating your ex – that isn’t an alpha. That’s just an abusive vacation fling who wants to be an abusive boyfriend. Choosing your own clothing shouldn’t make a man “livid.” That these things happen when Clayton and Sophie have literally known each other for days doesn’t bode well for the levels of violence, control, and manipulation later in their relationship.

The writing in this book is okay (although the author has a terrible habit of using Sophie’s narration to call attention to the artificiality of the scene, saying things like “I felt like I was in a bad romantic comedy.” No. You’re in a contrived scene written by someone who has watched too many bad romantic comedies). But Clayton is so abusive and awful that it killed my interest in watching this relationship progress.
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on June 18, 2016
Sorry, this book is garbage. I always hold out hope that there will be one of these books that will be decent. But this is not it. Why is it that for a leading man to be interesting, he has to always be disgustingly wealthy? It's really ridiculous. Make these guys a little more believable.
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on October 22, 2016
I absolutely loved this book!!!! So reviews I read others said that Clayton was abusive....what??? Yes he was controlling but he didn't abuse sophie. And like sophie and alot of women out there I loooove a dominating controlling man who knows what he wants and takes it. Her best friends played the perfect roles and we're absolutely hilarious. Great job Colet and cannot wait to grab book 2
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on April 14, 2017
I couldn't put this book down! I absolutely loved this story and can totally relate to Sophie at times and then other times she's so frustrating with her constant negativity about herself. I love Erik & Orie and wish I had best friends like them. Clayton is amazing at times and a little too controlling but you can't help falling for him. Can't wait to read Book 2
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on October 17, 2014
Wow what an AMAZING trip I just took to the Maldives!!!! Of course I expected  romance, boy meets girl, bam! we're a couple, bam! we're having naughty fun on the beach! What I didn't except was to be totally seduced and under Clayton's spell! Back up just a second and let me talk a bit about Sophie! At 23, she knows what she wants from a professional standpoint, and I had to give her props from pursuing her passion against her family's wishes. I wish her bravery and confidence transferred when it came to her outlook on herself. She doesn't realize how beautiful, smart, and gutsy she is, so she's a little self depreciating. She embarks on a trip to the Maldives to find herself, and she picked a perfect place! In the Maldives, she plans to focus on her passion, painting. She also desperately needs to live in the now and just be!  She's not alone, she has her best friends Erik and Orie in tow.  These two are hilarious.  They make Sophie realize that true love exits outside of the romance novels she reads.
But plans change when she lays eyes on Clayton! Clayton, Clayton, Clayton! That man has a way with words. He's all Alpha, demanding, always right, takes no s***! He makes his intentions clear with Sophie, but it's also clear that he has more than deflowering virgin Sophie on his mind. Nicknamed "the wolf" by his mates, he preys on Sophie! Not in a creepy way, but in a way that he knows he's found his match and doesn't plan to let Sophie go!
"I have so much to teach you Sophie. Bliss you can't imagine."
Cue toe curl!!!! While Clayton is opening up Sophie's eyes to a world she never imagined, Sophie is pushing Clayton out of his comfort zone. He's never wanted to be with anyone as much as he wants to be with Sophie. I liked how even though he's in unchartered waters, he doesn't run! He gets what he wants, and what he wants is Sophie!!!!
Loved the naughty fun these two get into and having the backdrop of the Maldives is perfect! Be ready to be under Clayton's spell, he is so passionate , gentle, and caring of Sophie. Each touch, kiss, and stroke had me melting. Colet takes you from hot to HOT!!!!! The thing I loved most about this book was the fact that there's so much in store for Sophie and Clayton. I feel like they were just beginning at the end of the book. The best books don't have to end with a happy ending.  The best books leave readers wanting MORE, and that's just what you get in Mad Love!  And although the ending is a shocker, I'm not giving up on Sophie and Clayton!  They are truly destined for each, not matter what! I've never wanted two characters to be together so bad! Bring on book 2!
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on August 5, 2016
I think I've read too many of these novels when I'm not surprised by the "saw him cheating in the tabloids and now hate him" routine. I generally liked this book - I wish Clayton would've been developed a little more...we know so much about Sophie and not enough about Clayton. Orie and his boyfriend are two of my favorite characters ever but Sophie came off a little immature and whiny to me. Unfortunately, I got kind of bored toward the end with their moodswings and the "chase" scenes...haven't decided whether I plan on reading the second installment yet or not...
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on August 24, 2016
The book was a struggle read up to the 60% mark which is when I finally gave up on it. There's too many good books out there to waste time on mediocrity. This book tried way too hard to be on trend and instead just came across as trite. The male lead was a pathetic and failed rehash of Christian Grey and Gideon Cross that was way too fake Alpha in a bad way. The female lead was just okay for me. Her sidekick gay buddies were the best part of the book. Very glad this was a freebie when I got it or I'd be upset.
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on March 11, 2017
This book makes you want more. The story is powerful and passionate. I can't wait for part 2! Mm wow
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on June 13, 2016
I am so tired of reading these stories of weak women or damsels in distress. She went on vacation. Met an attractive wealthy bachelor. Had incredible sex. And her feelings got involved. Why? Why did she think she should fall in love with an island fling? So sick of weak hearted women.
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on July 5, 2016
Hot, steamy, romantic island! What's not to get mad love about?? Sophie is a little to desperate and whines too much for me but the ending makes this novel!
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