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on January 29, 2015
Mad men seasons 1 and 2 were thrilling but season 3 takes the prize home. If you have not seen the previous two seasons, it will still be enjoyable and you will immediately relate to all the cast members. The same cast from the previous season returns to entertain us. This is the kind of show that never disappoints. In season 2, we are left thinking that Don Draper had transformed from his meandering ways but to our surprise, he is still the ol' bad boy.

It has been said ad nauseum that Mad Men is a show that "requires careful watching". I will agree. It's sensitively done and nuanced. You have to actually watch the characters faces, tone of voice, interpersonal interactions and more. Not that it's a chore to do so! This exquisite level of intractate character development is what makes the show so very fascinating.

Here are some specific Season 3 Alerts.

This was the DVD, I would go with the BluRay if you can afford to.


Betty his wife finds out that she is pregnant and they both decide to give their marriage one last shot. Apparently, women in the 60s had more chores and rights. There was no way she was going to leave even though she was aware of her husband's ways. Draper's marriage isn't the only thing that is in the verge of breaking. The advertising agency where Draper works merges with a British company leaving Pete, Don's colleague, fighting for his job with Ken. Meanwhile, Joan quits her job to be a house wife with the hope that her husband who is a doctor will get a promotion.

She is later seen begging for her job back after the promotion plan fails. The commentaries that are in the episodes are funny and some are out rightly lame. Brace yourself for a roller coaster of emotions. There are episodes that will leave you sympathizing with one character and have you hate the same character in the next episode. The character growth of each cast member is the glue factor in mad men. For instance, in season 1, Pete's marriage with Trudy was in the verge of a breakup but in this season, the marriage seems to be improving. There was also great expectation that Don's 3 kids would start to get along in this chapter but it didn't happen.

Sally Draper, the eldest of the 3 children acted so beautifully this season and it seems like she is destined for greatness and she is the young actress to watch out for.

The last episodes of the season are full of action and suspense- a strategy meant to induce anticipation for season 4. You wouldn't want to get spoilers in a review and making time during the weekend to watch this season is the cleverest thing to do. You will not regret watching this certified suspense filled rib cracker.
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on November 19, 2013
What can I say? I love they way they dress for work! I love the way they describe how things were so un-politically correct in the workplace, which helps to remind us how far we have come today. I never heard of Jon Hamm until I began watching this series, but he clearly is an excellent actor who brings his character to life. The rest of the cast are equally enjoyable, and talented! I love the scene where he and his wife, Betty, are on a picnic with their children. When ready to leave, he throws his beer can into the park, and his wife shakes off the trash from their picnic blanket onto the lawn, and then they leave, not thinking one bit about the trash they left behind. I laughed at this because I remember as a kid listening to TV commercials on the importance of cleaning up after ourselves, this after it become recognized how people did not care what they did.

The show is very entertaining with their one-liners that leave you laughing in stitches. I would not want us to go back to this type of work environment, but it is entertaining to watch how things were. You will not be disappointed in this series.
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on January 18, 2017
Mad Men continues to deliver in it's third season with many unexpected twists and turns. Some negative reviewers complain about the slow pacing but perhaps they're not appreciating the deliberate evolution of the characters and the plot. Spoilers ahead; Betty discovers Don's secret past, a British firm buys out Sterling/Cooper and then after their Brit efficiency expert raises the value of the firm it's sold leaving everyone's future in question. Don has an affair with one of his kids teachers, Betty takes up with a political fixer for Gov. Nelson Rockefeller and decides to divorce Don despite recently having a baby boy with him. Peggy has a relationship with Duck Phillips , and we get to meet famous hotelier Conrad Hilton who gives Don his account for the agency but turns out to be a high maintenance client. Ultimately Don, Bert Cooper, Roger, Lane Pryce, decide to start their own agency through clever maneuvering bringing along Pete Campbell, Peggy, Harry Crane, and Joan operating out of a hotel suite. Once again Matt Weiner provides a rich script chock full of engrossing story lines that are artfully blended together along with his eye for detail capturing the era to perfection. There are reasons that "Mad Men" garnered all the awards and acclaim that it has and Season 3 provides ample proof.
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on December 27, 2014
It does not start up where the last season left off, you find yourself surmising that this 4 yr old boy was the tiny baby, that Peggy having had the baby, and it is now being raised by her sister, and Don seems to have turned over a bit of a new leaf. More, but you know what I mean, you kinda have to figure out what is going on as it starts.

It's Four Discs, it was sealed in the package, But the first disc kinda jumped around on the screen, as if it was a defective item from the manufacturer, or scratched, one of the discs was also loose from the little snap on catch that holds them in the case; perhaps that is where I missed the beginning as it should have been. I haven't played the other discs yet.

All in all, I'm happy with the purchase. I would not blame Amazon if the story line was not to my liking, this review is only about the quality of the disc.

Usually, when I purchase a DVD, I know whether or not I'm going to enjoy the story line.

I was a teen in the generation the story is in, I find it is MOSTLY accurate, with a few timeline or set discrepancy's that you wouldn't notice unless you were aware of what was going on during that era.
Very Mid Century Modern furnishings, right down to the glassware (you see a lot of that since all they do is drink) .
All in all I think it's a fun and interesting Series, well worth the price, and well worth watching.
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on August 17, 2015
I recently had major surgery followed by bed rest. I purchased a number of DVDs to watch during my convalescence, including the first three seasons of "Mad Men," a show I haven't seen much of but was interested in seeing more. I am so glad I did! This is a delightful program, and my husband and I are really enjoying it. Viva la Sterling Cooper!
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on February 22, 2015
I got hooked on Mad Men at the end of its run and was intrigued by it; thus I decided to watch this series in its entiriety. All I can say is BORING! Each episode seems to be the same soap opera format - who is sleeping with who, far too much alcohol consumption, and cigarett smoking that i swear could give someone emphazema just from watching this series. The dialogue is predictable and repetitious....I grew up in the 60's and could relate to the clothes and hairstyles - even the behavior to a point ... but, like everything else produced in Hollywood just more of the same.
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on April 12, 2017
I had to wait until I could see all of these seasons, before I could rate the DVD's of them. All I can say now is ABSOLUTELY EXCELLENT!, and I thoroughly enjoy the special features that are included. I followed all of Mad Men when it was on AMC, and really enjoyed reliving it all now. I cherish this collection!
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on April 26, 2010
What a great series. And it only gets better each year. "Mad Men" is creative with class and style. It's definitely for a sophisticated viewer. The production is first class and the actors couldn't be grander. I feel I've stepped into a time machine and stepped out into 1963. I can smell the alcohol, cigarettes, french perfume and brill cream while I'm watching. Your completely engrossed into the stories of the show.

I have the first two seasons on regular DVD and the third season on Blu-ray. (just because I got a Blu-ray since after attaining the first two seasons on DVD.)

A must buy!!!'
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on February 17, 2011
I will have to say, that while the first two seasons were a little slow, the 3rd season completely took off! By far one of the better shows on TV that I have watched in a long time. The acting is top notch, (John Hamm gets it done) and the story line is phenomenal!!! The drama in my opinion seems so realistic and believable, I love the way that they tie history into the show, (i.e. Monroe's suicide, JFK presidency/assassination, cold war...) Shows today just seem so far fetched and over dramatic to me, if you want something that is entertaining and doesn't escape reality, I suggest you try Mad Men, can't wait for season 4 on DVD!!!
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on October 13, 2012
As the series moves along, creator and lead writer Weiner wants to get inside his characters' heads more. The peculiar thing is that the characters don't develop all that much. Don is still the philanderer, Betty is still the spoiled brat, Roger still drinks copious amounts of booze while delivering the funniest short one-liners, Joanie is ever the pragmatist, and so on. So subsequent seasons are "more of the same".

If you like spending time with these characters, as I do, you'll like season three and beyond. If you're expecting character transformation, look elsewhere. Perhaps this tyle comes from Weiner's time on "The Sopranos"--Tony was the same guy at the end as at the start, as were many of his cronies and under-age-60 family members. So it is with Mad Men. The lack of development may frustrate some people, while others will be very much relieved that the show does not try to jump the shark.
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