Customer Reviews: Mad Men: Season 6
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i notice that after 280 reviews that this show has an aggregate rating of three stars. i've read some of the reviews and amazon viewers in general seem to be underwhelmed with the show. i have been reading post episode analyses online plus listening to NPR podcasts about Mad Men. this amazon view is not being repeated there nor do i share it. i like the series as much as i ever did.

take a look at the poster shown on this page for the show. that is don draper both coming and going. look at the signs around him and the disjointedness of the art work. it is not an uplifting poster! this season opens at the end of 1967 and then jumps right into 1968 and the country as a whole is coming apart, just like the poster. so it is not just don draper's world which is being torn.

at the end of last season, much was made of the woman coming up to don and asking him "are you alone?". much has been written about whether that meant don was going to return to being a philanderer. i looked at the question in its larger sense. is this man alone inside of himself, forever isolated from really connecting with anyone? to me the answer is obvious. he is the probably the most alone man one could ever encounter. and this time period leads into an era of alienation for the american population unlike any it had known before. parents are about to be alienated from their children as they never have been before, just as one gigantic shift. so, as usual, don is ahead of the times.

as for the other characters, fascinating things are going on for them as well. we can see that women who want to get out of the straight jacketed post war existence finally have a glimmer of hope for doing so. peggy and joan are far from being as miserable as the men around them. even trudy campbell begins to show her mettle!

the creative workers, the artists, in the advertising business, also begin to look like people are going to look in decades ahead. they are also experimenting more with the changes in lifestyles. also, television is becoming more and more a vital part of everything going on, including advertising. every time we are told a huge event has taken place it is via the tv, not by print or radio.

the creator of this series, matthew weiner, is obviously very interested in this era and the huge societal changes which took place during it and would continue to take place at an ever faster rate. as someone who came of age during this era, it is fascinating for me to look back and see it unfold from a much broader perspective.

i think this season is well worth viewing but, again, i am a minority view here on amazon apparently.

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on May 14, 2013
Every season, the show starts off like an empty flower bed, takes roots and then blossoms. This season is no different. I think it's funny when people complain that Don Draper has no character growth. He's f'ing Batman. He's Tony Soprano. He is not supposed to change, you are just supposed to understand him better. Hoping for some growth from Joan and Peggy this season though and for Pete to do something beyond lust and jealousy. Mad for Mad Men!
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on April 19, 2013
Mad Men has had its good seasons and great seasons (5) .... but I never tire of watching the complexities of the characters being played out over a changing America. Having grown up during this era, I applaud the accuracy of the production. Instead of flashing the year across the screen or something like "6 years later ....", small droplets of newscasts, conversations indicate which year it is. Their comments about the world around them are familiar. Regarding characters: Roger gets better with age, Peggy grows up, Don continues to evolve and Pete realizes that no matter what he does, he can never match Don in deed or misdeed. I'll be sorry to see this series end.
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on June 7, 2013
Ever since I started watching Mad Men I have felt the nostalgia of my childhood. The delightful shock seeing the activities that are totally unacceptable now but were part of my everyday life growing up in the 1960s. Pregnant aunts drinking and smoking. Kids like myself bouncing around the backseat of the car seatbelt-less. Eight year olds fetching drinks for adults at neighborhood parties. Grown ups driving drunk. Bosses (Roger) saying all sorts of condescending yet, I must admit, hilarious things to women! All seems so foreign now but so familiar. At once shocking and comforting. I was hooked!
This season corresponds with the beginning of my adolescent years. Late 60's early 70's. I remember this time from a perspective changed from that of a child to that of a young teen. This season is presented from the same changed perspective. Change for women, change for male/female relationships, more drug experimentation etc. These themes parallel my personal experience of going from the innocent viewpoint of an observant child to that of an more cognoscente adolescent; from vaguely sensing the hidden drama behind the benign outside presentation of adults in the early 60s to witnessing and sometimes experiencing the awakening of the late 60s and early 70s. As a young adolescent I became aware of the realities of war, sex, woman's new freedoms, and drug experimentation. So personal nostalgia is the main reason I crave the show.
There is a very long list of other reasons, including the style of the show, the story lines, the frank treatment of touchy issues of the time (that are still relevant today) such as racial tensions, respect for women, class issues, marital fidelity (or lack thereof), the psychology of a philanderer, and most importantly the witty sharp dialog (Roger is my favorite) that pulls it all together. I recommend this to anyone who grew up in the 60s/70s and/or loves modernism and style.
Season 6 is about the hidden coming out into the open. Don likes to cheat; to hide. Now sex is openly available and not exciting for him. He is learning this season what is important to him. Don is a man of the past and is having a hard time with the present.
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on November 11, 2013
Unlike the first 5 seasons of this awesome series, the season 6 DVD set has no episode commentaries! The writer commentaries are a major reason why I buy the DVD sets. I can't believe they didn't produce them for this! I don't know who's to blame--Matt Weiner, AMC, or Lionsgate--but whomever it is, I HATE THEM FOR THIS!! The DVDs contain all the episodes and a few pointless featurettes. I am SO disappointed!!!
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on November 5, 2013
Beware: no commentaries on the Blu-ray. Most of the reason I bought the discs was to hear Matthew Wiener and the cast provide commentary. Unlike other shows, Mad Men is known for giving commentaries on EVERY episode of every season. That this wasn't communicated in the description for the product was also misleading.

I would recommend not buying and waiting to see if they provide a disc set with commentary later on. Perhaps if Lionsgate or AMC loses enough money on the discs they will get the message that this wasn't a cost effective move! I'm giving one star not because I hate Mad Men (it was a superb season) but to send a message: lack of commentary and, especially, lack of notice there is no commentary is unacceptable. I already have the episodes saved on my DVR. I could have saved $35.99 and now, because I preordered in August, I cannot return my purchase. Boo!
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on November 7, 2013
I look forward to Mad Men DVD releases every year not only for the amazing episodes but for some of the best commentaries of any tv show. I love hearing Matthew Weiner and company on every single episode but now all of the sudden they went from having them on every episode to none at all. This is an absolute disgrace and a cheap rip off of the fans I recommend viewing it on Netflix or using your DVR'd episodes don't waste your money on this horrible release. I wouldn't have been as upset if they just cut a few maybe even half the episodes but to go from multiple commentaries on every episode to not 1 single commentary it's ridiculous.
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on November 9, 2013
Like many others, I am very unhappy with the bare bones DVD/Blu-ray release. I have bought the episodes on iTunes, but was looking forward to commentaries as we have gotten on previous seasons of Mad Men. Amazon even mentioned "commentaries" in its special features for this set when I pre-ordered it. I enjoyed this season and was looking forward to hearing form cast and crew about what it was like tackling the late 60s, but now I feel a little cheated.
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on November 9, 2013
Like everyone else, I am very disappointed with the total lack of commentaries in the Season 6 DVD. I suggest complaining to Lionsgate vis Twitter. @LGHomeEnt

The show is wonderful, and the commentaries greatly enhanced my enjoyment of it. I've already downloaded the shows, so there is no reason to keep a DVD with no commentaries.
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on November 5, 2013
I've already downloaded the season. I purchased the DVD for the commentaries. Extremely disappointed to discover there are NO commentaries.
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