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Top Contributor: Star Warson February 17, 2016
Finally! We have a movie in 2012 that is worth every minute and every penny. If your kids (or you, for that matter) cannot stop singing "Circus! Afro!" then go ahead and see Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted in 3D. It is the most clever, fun, and exciting animated film to hit theaters in a long time.

When we see our favorite zoo escapees this time, they are on the run with their jungle friends in Europe. Alex (Ben Stiller), Marty (Chris Rock), Gloria (Jada Pinkett Smith) and Melman (David Schwimmer) desperately want to get back to Central Park. Standing in their way is Captain Chantel Dubois (Frances McDormand) as the most evil animal control officer in the world. They narrowly escape her clutches by jumping on a train with a traveling circus. Now their only hope for getting to New York is to buy the circus and whip them into good enough shape to earn a touring contract in America.

Director and screenwriter Eric Darnell does an excellent job of leading the crew with this third installment. The story incorporates new characters beautifully by adding a love interest for Alex (Gia, voiced by Jessica Chastain), a dopey friend for Marty (Stefano, voiced by Martin Short), and a fallen hero everyone can cheer for (Vitaly, a tiger voiced by Bryan Cranston). King Julien (Sacha Baron Cohen) also finds love in a big bear wearing a tutu named Sonya, and the results are as hilariously sweet as the love saga of Donkey and Dragon. Kids will be able to keep up with all of the new names and nationalities and may even find a new favorite character in the bunch.

What makes this movie truly magic is the skillful use of 3D technology. Every leap on the flying trapeze, flight out of a cannon, and grasp at an animal's tail by Captain Dubois jumps out of the screen and excites the senses. It is so refreshing to see a movie in 3D that actually takes full advantage of its capability. The clever script and silly animation also kept me laughing, but I could have done without all of the jabs at people of Russian, French, Canadian, and basically all non-American descent. What was initially funny drifted toward mean, and resulted in one joke that was totally inappropriate. These moments only accounted for about 5 of the nearly 90 minutes of running time, so do not let that deter you from enjoying this chaotic adventure.
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on February 13, 2016
3D review only..WOW .This 3D movie has a ton of out of screen effects and has made its way to a 4th place tie with( Sammy's adventure 2 )on my list of hundreds of 3D movies that I've seen and own .there are out of screen effects that go out between 30% and 80% towards you ..way to many to list..awesome colors and depth at times..if you love old school pop out 3d ..Buy this now..You Will thank me later..only wish there were more killer 3D movies like this and my family/ kids absolutely loved this and the kids were reaching out to touch the things coming at love love it
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on August 3, 2013
It's much better than the first one. The characters are endearing. The Russian tiger was a favorite. The movie was light and funny and quite silly and ridiculous at times, but it had some touching moments that really do have quite a bit of emotional depth behind them that should appeal to older audiences. This is something I like about Dreamworks, in comparison to a company like Pixar (although, I think Pixar is also an awesome company). Dreamworks tends to a little more hit and miss with their movies, but Dreamworks seems to take more chances, and as a result, they often come up with movies that are different and can be very deep and touching at times. Just a warning, I'm 23 years old, and I like many animated films, especially ones with animals so I'm probably a little biased. I was watching this movie with my 20 year old brother in the room, and he definitely thought it was funny, so perhaps that adds a little more credibility. This is the kind of movie that the entire family should be able to enjoy even if there are no kids around, but if there are kids around, I'm sure they'll love it.
With regard to the movie package itself. There is not much to say on that. It is pretty much what you would expect. It seems good. The discs are stored well in the case. There is no idiotic stacking of discs or any nonsense like that. The cover art it nice. Great movie and great package.
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on August 20, 2017
Do for this being a part three, it actually was ok. Not as bad as most "#3' movies. Chris rock really makes this movie and my kids absolutely love the Madagascar 'polka dot afro' song. My 5 year old laughed out loud at some parts and my 3 year old that does not sit through most movies say through almost the entire thing. Was definitely a winner in our house.
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on February 2, 2013
This is arguably the best one so far in the Madagascar trilogy. This version comes in three formats, Blu-ray, DVD, and itunes digital copy along with Ultraviolet copy. The movie is exceptionally funny and captivating. I guarantee you wouldn't regret if you purchase this version that is several bucks more expensive.
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on March 13, 2017
My son and I are huge fans of this movie. Hilarious and entertaining! We have watched in more than once and still have a great time!
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on October 24, 2017
My kids LOVE Madagascar and saw a preview for this one and begged to watch it. We had to be a little more cautious because there's more adult humor in it but my kids think this is the best of the Madagascar movies now.
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on March 17, 2016
The original Madagascar didn't even make the shelf, Madagascar 2 is an all-time favorite, and this movie is somewhere in between.

Action-packed nonsense glued together with disjointed, but seriously funny moments. DreamWorks is notorious for their mediocre-yet-still-watchable comedy. It was undeniably for children (suppose the graphics or zebra with an afro gave that away) but there were enough legitimately funny moments for me to consider this a good movie. As usual, the storyline was lacking and overly stuffed with ideas like the first draft of a freshman research paper. My attention span is possibly shorter, but in a pinch or if we need a laugh-- it's worth it!
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on October 27, 2016
Not as good as the first two movies...kinda strange.
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on November 19, 2012
I have 2 kids, aged 5 1/2 and 1 1/2, they both adore this movie and some days I should just put it on repeat! Even the 1 year-old asks for "Afro Circus." They continue on where they left off in Madagascar 2 in Africa and still trying to get back home to New York. Joining the circus is their ticket home and the journey is entertaining to say the least. The kids get wrapped up in the story just as easily as the adults. I enjoy how they put some 1-liners in for the adults as well.

The soundtrack is fabulous as well and gets the kids up and moving as well as singing along. I do wish they would've incorporated more of the "Move It" song that my kids love.

I like the Blu-Ray/DVD Combo with the Digial Copy. I like having the Blu-Ray for use at home as well as the DVD for long car rides. The digital copy is great to pull up on a laptop in a hotel room for a before bed movie. I can't say I recommend the rainbow wig, however. The rainbow wig included is a mess. It looks awful and has bald patches and the hair is stuck together. It also falls out in chunks if you touch it.

My 5 year-old loves the wig though so I took a brush and "frizzed" it out. That helped a great deal, but there are still areas where it was sewn too far apart to fix the bald patches. You also may want to just get rid of it if you've got little ones that will eat stuff off the floor.

All-in-all a wonderful movie and the set is great for kids of all ages as well as the adults watching with them.
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