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on October 23, 2013
I'm not sure that scrambling the menus and making minor changes constitutes a "new" version. What is new is that Madden 25 freezes or cannot carry functions that worked flawlessly in the past. Unlike past versions, users must sign into EA's servers at the outset. If you already have an EA logon and attempt to login to EA via Madden, the software responds your logon and password are already in use and that users should create another logon/password.
Game functionality is not any better than 2012 and, in some cases, has suffered. In some games, the computer simulates late afternoon with both sun and shade. Unfortunately, users are likely to have difficultly seeing the action in the shade. In other games,season-ending injuries to 6 or 7 players on one team can occur. Similar to 2012, it is difficult (or impossible) to override the ridiculous software demands when attempting trades. Users cannot duplicate trades or free agent signings that actually occur in the NFL. While rosters are reasonably accurate at the beginning of the season, there is no roster update during the season. Actual free agents are not accurately listed in Madden either at the start of the season or as players are cut in pre-season. Ironically, the very limited IPAD version of Madden can easily update rosters but the more elaborate XBOX version does not offer updates (or the method for updating is not readily apparent). Potential buyers should be forewarned that the Madden game does not contain printed instructions but a skeletal version of instructions is available on the game DVD. A more elaborate version is available on the EA web site.
I have been playing this game for years and the game seems to be steadily declining in both reliability and functionality while other games are gaining in these respects. It would be nice if this game was available in a PC version since PC functionality (last seen in 2008?) was more sophisticated and user friendly than Xbox in 2013. On to Madden 26!
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on May 1, 2014
The far better menu layout along with the smoother, more fluid game play definitely makes this a Madden game well worth picking up. I like the improved connected career mode, Which is a massive step up from last year's game. Madden 25 is not without it's flaws though. Madden Ultimate Team is far too difficult and unless you put real money into it, You'll have a painfully difficult/impossible time getting through it. I wish they had toned down the difficult of the challenges but then again, That's how they get you to pay extra so looks like that won't change any time soon.

Still, It's a pretty solid game overall and I'd definitely recommend picking it up.
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on September 18, 2013
I have been playing Madden since 2012. I thought last years edition was really good. Madden 25 seems to take a step back regarding the passing and defensive game. When passing, unless you have an open receiver or can control your receiver well, you will almost always throw into coverage which makes passing more difficult. It is very difficult to lead the receiver without controlling and moving the receiver to a point of interest. It is equally tedious to play difficult as in a number of situations your defense will be out of step against the offense with almost no way to stop a tight end, slot receiver or running back unless you know what you are doing. As a matter of fact, the Madden 25 Prima guide states that the defense plays behind the offense in man coverage. With regards to zones, the defensive players don't move much at all which makes the game harder because by the time you click to a defender, more than likely the defender is out of position to stop his offensive counterpart. Another thing that is so troubling is that in this edition, if you like to air the ball out, you will throw numerous interceptions which in my opinion doesn't make the game fun. Many times with the controls, the quarterback cannot throw over defenders and at times make interceptions that even the pros themselves would have trouble making. For instance, a running back traveling from the backfield cannot run straight through the line. They curve out and right into the path of a safety which makes it difficult to throw to them. Since I am no expert at playing Madden, this game can be very frustrating because it forces you to operate within certain limitations offensively and defensively that will only help you rack up losses while playing online against opponents. One other thing regarding passing the ball. I have noticed at least from my standpoint that when I pass distances over 10 to 15 yards, the ball seems to hang in the air longer and is delayed getting to the target which will result in an interception. This has happened to me numerous times and is so frustrating because I have had players wide open only to see a defender quickly rush in and intercept. I like Madden, but I want a game me better options against some of the better opponents and this game doesn't quite do it. I don't think it is worth buying for the new Xbox one. It is a difficult game to master and I wouldn't need another edition in which the game play lags.
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on July 1, 2014
People kill Madden and EA in these reviews every single year. It's been a long time since they've put out a version I couldn't put down to be sure, but this is the best iteration in at least the last 6 years.

I play Madden for franchise mode. Specifically owner mode in franchise. I'm glad they brought back owner mode, it is however lacking in a handful of ways when it comes to actually being an owner. You can only hire a head coach, trainer, and scout. Unlike ancestors to this game where you could actually hire coordinators, such is not the case with this game sadly. You can make upgrades and renovations to your stadium, they are however very generic, not creative, and deteriorate quickly even in the newer stadiums. Gone are the days of adding a new diamond vision, putting in custom irriagation or adding restaurants, internet access, or other fan comforts. There is an option on the dashboard for making comments to the media, but there is no way to actually do so. I think it's probably for another mode. The scouting is somewhat improved, though I miss the days of being able to put prospective recruits through drills at a combine. Also, it would be cool if I could create a player that could be added to franchise owner mode.

Gameplay itself feels better than Madden 13. The running mechanics are a HUGE upgrade, it's actually fun to call running plays. I find myself feeding the running back nearly 20 carries a game which makes the passing numbers more realistic. I struggle with motion calls on offense, it seems you are only allowed 1 desigated player that is eligible for motion. That kind of stinks as I have in the past used motion to get a read on defenses. Graphically the game is stunning between the lines, the sideline shots are still a freaking joke though. There has been no effort to make the sidelines look right in any version of Madden ever though. The commentary is dull, repetitive, and not at all reflective of what is actually happening on the field. Phil Simms like to point out how I "overthrew a receiver" for instance when in reality it was underthrown and broken up by a defender. This is just one example of how the play by play call is very lame, hasn't been decent since it was Madden himself.

I am being a bit generous with 4 stars, it's really more of a 3.5.
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on January 5, 2014
True rating: 2.5 Stars. Most days it'll drive you insane, but it is still fun.

I haven't purchased a new Madden since 2007 and I had 2001 and 04 for the PC. It's still the same game that it has always been, but with improved bs. The introduction of the skill stick (whenever that was) just gave Madden an excuse for its horrendous tackling system. A wide receiver can truck a defensive lineman (almost as unbelievable as a defensive lineman catching a wide receiver after a long completion). There is nothing realistic about this game, but it's still oddly addictive.

I can get over the shenanigans that come with Madden. It's been that way through all of its years. The real issue is how did EA not improve the graphics?! Okay, so players look marginally more real up close, but the crowd still looks like it did back in Madden 2001 and even the stadiums still look cheesy. EA just seems so far behind the times with its overall appearance and in game animations/commentary. A coach with a hat on will flicker like crazy, the fans look like they're 8-bit, and the announcer passive-aggressively complains about the rules surrounding wide receivers in about 5 different ways. Also, EVERY timeout is a coach giving a player water...seriously?! You couldn't even cycle 3 different animations?

Overall, it's Madden. It's fun, it's full of bs and yelling at the TV, but it's a game that we all enjoy playing. But don't be fooled. It is literally the same game EVERY YEAR. Don't pay full price. Luckily I snagged this for $25 on Black Friday, but much over $30 you're being ripped off.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon January 30, 2016
Hasn't really changed enough over recent years to warrant constantly purchasing the newest version whenever it first comes out, but still a good game diminishing fun factor noted since it's becomes harder as the years elapse to introduce anything truly innovative to what is becoming a vintage platform.
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on March 15, 2014
I hadn't purchased a Madden game in several years since there were never any improvements. I would rent and play a few games each year just to realize it was basically a roster update and that was all. Well, for the big 25 of Madden I figured I would give it another shot. To my surprise the franchise has taken more steps back in recent years.

The gameplay is laughable. There is virtually no realism at all, QBs generally complete about 80%+ of passes, even seen a few games with 100% completion rates. This happens whether a human is controlling the defense or just the AI. The graphics are brutal. It has the look of an early original Xbox release. The menus are a disaster. I know even hardcore Madden lovers have hated the menus and it has constantly been criticized by professional reviewers. The menus make it almost not worth turning on. All in all, this is just a total piece of junk and you would be best off finding something else.

Unless 2K can ever jump back in the mix this will be a continued joke of how little effort is put in by EA to improve a product that has not shown any steps forward in nearly a decade.
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on October 30, 2014
What a waste of time and money.

The gameplay is fine by me and that's the only thing giving it 2 stars, but everything else about it sucks. I'm planning on going back to madden 13.

1. Franchise mode - no longer exists, the new UI is incredibly slow, filled with too much unnecessary clutter. I don't have time to deal with all the extra nonsense, what happened to simple managing a team, trades, draft etc...
2. The display of players and team information is inconvenient and causes you to flip between sections which take forever to load

Long story short - there are a lot more specific I could go into about my disappointment in this game, but the bottom line is they tried to do way too much with this game, and just made it confusing, time-consuming, slow, and cluttered. The only well functioning mode is "play now"
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on October 5, 2014
What a poor excuse for football!... Can anyone play defense on this thing? On goal line situations, the defense always get pushed into the end zone on run plays. This thing is impossible to play. ALL OFFENSE!!!. I guess that's ok for all of you dummies who like to score a lot of points and never punt. There is absolutely NO DEFENSE!! This is sad. This thing only looks like football. Wasted programming on MAKEUP instead of QUALITY. I believe they should stop making football games until they figure out how to make it realistic.... it just looks real. I know most of the game playing fools are ignorant and want to feel good about themselves..... SO KEEP UP THE BAD WORK EA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COMPLETE GARBAGE..... WAKE UP PEOPLE... DEMAND A REAL PRODUCT... NOT JUST MAKEUP ON AN UGLY WOMAN!!!!!!!!
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on December 20, 2013
I buy the new Madden every year. No major changes in play, but they did add Ultimate team, which I like, expect of course you have to pay for the book of player cards in hopes of getting better players. However, makes it interesting. Not very fond of the training mode, they could of left it like it was a few versions back. It gets boring quick. Graphics, good but not ground breaking. Player movement has improved a bit.. I like the changes to the running game. The way players play is very close to their real life play type. Use a quarterback that is not very good ( like christen ponder ) he has the same problems in the game too. You can make him work by making smarter plays with him, but in the game, it will still be hard for him to make plays he doesn't do well in real life, like run and throw, long balls etc. Improvements would be, make the crowd look more realistic ( see NBA 2K, it can be done), make more entertaining practice), Allow users to create their own playlists for the game ( they use to do this).
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