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Made of Metal
Format: Audio CD|Change
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VINE VOICEon October 27, 2010
Halford's back and feeling competitive. "Made of Metal" pummels and pulses with songs about competitions, warriors, athletes and other fighting folks. I fully expect at least three of these songs to be adopted by wrestlers sometime in the coming TV cycle. Heck, the title songs is all about racecars. And you thought Nascar was only for country music types.

Nope. Shredders and Rob Halford's one of a kind roar can get into the pit with the best of them. Even if the car is some sort of demonic Hadesmobile. If that sounds appealing, then "Undisputed" (as in 'heavyweight champion of the world'), "Matador" and "Thunder and Lightning" will get your elbow into fist-pumping mode. Even without the sporty metaphors, Halford are giving fans plenty to groove on. "Hell Razor," 25 Years" and the ferocious "The Mower" are the kind of clear cutting metal fans would expect.

Curveballs exist, too. The slide guitar on "Til The Day I Day" will surprise some, but it sure works. And like "Angel" on Priest's "Angel of Retribution," "Fire and Ice" explores relationships, however volatile they may be. "I Know We Stand a Chance" does as well, which help give "Made of Metal" a heart. Guitarist Mike Chlasciak delivers on the solos, giving the album its attitude. As one would expect, the voice is pure Rob Halford. Where his projects outside of Priest are concerned, "Made of Metal" is just as enjoyable as "Resurrection."
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on June 19, 2015
Please Rob keep making music like this!!! I love Judas Priest but they I think they've stuck to doing the same to a fault. Redeemer of Souls is good but the songs just sound too much the same. Here, on Halford4, Rob is able to deliver some variety - what JP should have been doing all along. Unfortunately, when JP has tried to venture from the "Metal Gods of the Early '80s Formula", there seem to be a number of "fans" who haven't appreciated it. Just look at the reviews of "Nostradamus". To me, that album was perfect: it was different and its songs had variety, it harkened back to the 70's JP that I love best, it rocked, had great riffs, and just an all-around awesome release. But you'll see it gets a lot of poor reviews and I just don't get it. It's like certain "fans" want them to just keep putting out the same record over and over. KK said in an interview that, even if JP wanted to make another "British Steel", it isn't possible because that album was already made and if they tried it would jsut be a watered down imitation and an artist wants to do new things. I agree and that is what Rob does on his solo stuff. All of Rob's music with Halford has been great and this is more greatness! I see some reviewers complain about the lyrics and I can agree that the sports stuff is kinda lame. BUT, it is only on two songs and even then, it doesn't make the song bad. Rob's lyrics with JP over the years have had more than a few less-than-intellectual moments but we don't get too hung up on that. Just listen to the music! It is Rob Halford and he is at his best!
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Halford has been my metal 'idol' since high school. I own Judas Priests work from Rock Rolla to Painkiller ( Ive listened to some of their later work and its ok but ive yet to purchase any) , and regard him as the second greatest vocalist in the history of Rock and Metal( the first being Freddie Mercury). <-- Ill take flak for this opinion but I dont care
This review is for Made Of Metal but all his solo albums rock.
All the songs on this album are strong but We Own The Night has an epic quality thats kind of sweeping .
The Mower is also a stand out and the song ' The One You Love To Hate' from his album 'Halford' is a duet with Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden (another master of metal)
Im sure you're familiar with Priest and Halford so you know what to expect with his work but youtube him anyway.
Also 'Winter Songs' is a Christmas album hes done and a lot of his fans bashed him because of it but not me. I believe in Jesus but not in religion and im just not a fan of rockers who do religious albums in general but Winter Songs is actually pretty good.
Its composed of Christmas carols of both a Christian and secular flavor all to the tune of rocking guitars , drums and his voice.
I heartily recommend that one as quality metal as well.
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on March 6, 2011
I Love Judas Priest, They are my favorite band, not just Metal band of all time. That said, I was disappointed by this download. There are a couple of worthy tracks on it (Namely the Title Track and Speed of sound, but even the southern-rock sounding till the day I die isn't bad), but it is NOT anything like a JP Album.

I guess I should be pleased that it isn't Priest with a different backup Band, but I truly wonder where Rob was going with the concept. Its just poorly written, weak material with mediocre execution. The 1st half seems like a feeble attempt at appeasement of metal fans, while the last half of the album is almost entirely Metal-done-ballads with a strange twist. I wanted to love it, I wanted to even like it, I've listened to at about 30 times on several different systems and in different environments, but its just not good. What I found myself doing was listening to 2 or 3 tracks of the whole, and going back to my priest discography, which I have all of. If you want some decent, but mindless metal tunes, Made of Metal and Speed of Sound are OK.

- Rob Halford is singing.
- Has a couple of simplistic metal tunes on it.
- Cover art is cool, but uninspired.

- The Material is very weak (The songs are internally inconsistent, and few if any fit any discernible "Theme" or "Idea". Contrast Nostradamus.)
- The Musical Scoring is poor (Like the writing, the musical execution is neither consistent nor pointed.)
- The Technical and Mixing is amateurish (The songs are not even in volume, the Vocals_vs_guitar_vs_bass_vs_Drums Mixing is poor and wavers throughout, and all of it sounds quite thin).
- The entire album ends up a confusing HUH? for metal fans, and painful train-wreck for most any true Judas Priest or Halford Fan.

In Closing... what can I say? Rob is back with Priest, and things sound better (though still much thinner sounding than old priest). I struggled mightily to find a point to the material. I even mulled over that it may not have a point, and just be a collection of Ideas and 2nd passes that never made it into another piece. If that's the case, then I would say that there was a good reason for their previous absence. I awarded it 3 Stars, 2 of which are because it's by Rob Halford, and one because of the couple of acceptable tracks on it. There are only a few bands in the world that "Got it right the 1st time", Judas Priest was one of them in my opinion, Rob Halford's voice is legend in metal Circles, and it is wasted on this album. I would honestly rather listen to Rob sing old priest songs the the shower whilst gargling than most of these tracks.
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on January 31, 2011
Rob Halford is one of my all-time favorite singers and I have been a big fan of all the bands he has fronted (especially Judas Priest), so I had to get Made of Metal. Upon first listening, I was a bit disappointed because it felt somewhat generic and not as heavy as most of what I've been listening to lately. The singing was good and the overall sound of the recording was powerful, but there was really nothing new in the songs that caught my attention. However, after a few more listens, it really started to grow on me and I enjoyed the songs more and more. While not as heavy as some of the older Halford material, the songs are well-crafted and quite catchy and his voice is excellent. I like every song on the CD, even those I didn't particularly care for upon the first listening. If you are a Halford fan, you should own this album and give it several listens before dismissing it. I'm sure I will be enjoying Made of Metal for years to come.
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on February 8, 2011
I love Rob Halford. I mean, not physically, although maybe. No, no, what I mean is I think he has one of the most incredible voices in rock history, and his image was so cool for so long (don't much care for that bushy goatee he's had the past few years). I was very excited for a new record that wasn't Christmas music, but it's not on par with something like Crucible, easily one of the best outputs of Rob's career. The music is alright, with some good tunes, but the lyrics are really hit and miss. It almost seems as if they were written to get played in arenas and stadiums. Am I really listening to songs about boxing and NASCAR? I will admit, though, the song about the Torero was an interesting tale. Anyway, it's not a particularly memorable album, but there's enough going for it to make it worthwhile. Plus, it's Rob Halford. Anything new from Rob is welcome.
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on April 18, 2011
Halford IV is amazing, hard hitting Metal God brand Heavy Metal we all love. Great tracks, brutal riffs and amazing vox from the metal god as always. With Judas Priest doing their final world tour right now it's nice to know Halford will scream into the future.
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on March 10, 2011
Halfords latest offering Made of Metal 1V should have been released after Resurrection Halford 1.It calls on his metal roots and its very catchy with great guitar licks.Anybody that likes the Judas priest sound of the early eighties would like this ( British Steel, Screaming for Vengeance)it also touches on Painkiller with a few of the tracks as well. I like it alot and the more you hear it the better it sounds.My favourite tracks are The Mower ( best song ) Undisputed Heartless and hellrazor. I would have liked to give it 5 stars however i feel that Rob should have had more songs in the same level as the Mower, more high pitch screams. However a great effort
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on September 28, 2013
Not a bad album, by any means, but everything from Halford will be compared to the Resurrection album (or even just the song) and in this case, despite Metal Mike's best churning, this comes up short. If some judicious editing were done and it were halved and made into an EP, it would probably be a pretty strong one...but it isn't. The artwork is also incredibly odd and off-putting.
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on October 12, 2010
I do not get the low reviews for this album. Yes, some of the lyrics area bit cheesy, just like on some of JP's work. Rob seems to have gotten better as a singer and an artist over the years. He has always been able to emote his feelings through his singing. This album has a great diversity of styles. Some mellow interludes, some satanic head banging at the end. I do not know what they meant by a poor recording? Resurrection and Crucible are both awesome, but what I like about these guys is that they can maintain the same quality while trying something new. This is not a boring album at all, and in some ways it is as good as, or even better than, whatever old priest did. Rob does not hit the super high notes anymore, but you do not miss it with all of the variety of singing styles.. Here is an artist that has has outlasted any one that even remotely came close to matching his range and quality of style. I feel that this album is actually a little easier to listen to than the first two Halford's. I say to all of the people that gave this less than 4 stars, a quick, short, sharp shock up the keister for them. Stop the hating. This album is what I have been needing for a while. It will not be coming out of my player for at least a month. Rock on forever, Rob and Roy and Metal Mike. You guys kick but and should be really proud of this album..
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