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Mafia II - Playstation 3
Platform: PlayStation 3|Edition: Standard|Change
Price:$39.72+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

Been looking for a new copy for PS3 since I lost my Xbox copy many years ago. Snagged it used from another seller on Amazon for $12 because $40 is too expensive for a game this old. Seriously, as good as this game was it isn't worth $40. No game that old is worth $40 unless it at least comes with all DLCs. Please stop price gouging old games! It isn't right. There should at least be some control over price gouging video games on Amazon. The used copy I got came in great shape just had a sticker on the case (nothihg a razor blade & a little lighter fluid couldn't handle) also the box wasn't closed all the way on arrival but the disk was in perfect shape & works well.

Even after all these years this game is still pretty enjoyable & story is pretty well written almost seems like movie material. Graphics are pretty advanced for the time this game came out & driving seems pretty realistic. Only thing I wish this game had was more free roam after campaign. Also there seems to be no way to get the DLCs on PSN. Used to have the game on Xbox 360 which included DLCs but decided to get it on PS3 this time around.

There’s at least 5 DLCs from what I can remember that my Xbox copy came with; Vegas pack Hero pack Jimmy’s Vendetta, & Joes Adventures. My coppy only came with Jimmy’s Vendetta but really wanted the Vegas & Heros DLCs because they came with several unique cars & outfits.
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on January 11, 2015
All open world sandbox games owe a tip of the hat to the Grand Theft Auto franchise. While GTA didn't necessarily solely invent the genre, it certainly popularized it and created a huge market for similar games.

Mafia II avoids beings just a GTA clone set in the past by telling a great mob life story and adding a few interesting game mechanics of its own. The story is extremely well done, very cinematic and reminiscent of Goodfellas and A Bronx Tale among other great mob movies. The cutscenes weave the story nicely with the gameplay, never becoming over long or too convoluted.

The controls are great and the graphics and sound are very good. Period correct art direction and cars totally immerse you into the time period. The voice acting is generally well done, some cliche "Italian mobster" voice work is of course present but the lead character Vito and his pal Joe are voiced solidly. A personal favorite is the hard nosed Steve, a side boss character named Derek's right hand man. The voice actors tone is hilarious and his insults and taunts towards the greaser gang you battle on one chapter made me guffaw several times. The music throughout the game is excellent, the score is very moody and appropriate to the material and the radio stations feature songs from the eras represented in the story (mid '40's WWII big band to '50's pop). One minor nitpick is the inclusion of Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry and Bo Diddly songs when the games timeframe cuts off in the early '50's and doesn't include the late '50's rock and roll era. This is forgiven when you consider how cool it is to speed down the road during a mission with "Tequila" on the radio.

Mafia II was released in August of 2010 when developers still had trouble making multiplatform games for the PS3 have 100% parity with the Xbox 360 versions. For the majority of developers the Cell processor of the PS3 was difficult to program for, so PlayStation fans like myself were often left with the inferior version of multiplat games. The Cell has been proven to be more powerful than the Xbox 360's architecture, and games like The Last of Us show just how great PS3 games can look and during the last 2 or 3 years the gap between PS3 and 360 versions has disappeared, if anything multiplat PS3 games look better on average now (see GTA V, etc.) . 2010 was still early in the 7th generation however so Mafia II suffers a bit on PS3. I've read some blood pooling effects and clothing textures and movement are different but the main thing I noticed was increased screen tearing during fast camera pans, etc. It's not a deal breaker by any means but it is there.
It is very ironic that for the 7th generation Microsoft's console, the 360, had the better multiplatform games for several years and now for this new 8th console generation the PlayStation 4 has the clear upper hand over the Xbox One in multiplatform games.

Aside from the minimal screen tearing Mafia II is an excellent game. It has a great story, great action gun battles and cool period correct cars to drive. Especially at the budget pricing the game has now, I can't recommend it more for anyone who digs open world games.
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on November 26, 2013
I personally enjoyed this game, though it wasn't anything to write home about. Although it is more enjoyable than the original game in the franchise. It wasn't anywhere near perfect, but still an enjoyable experience. It has the look and feel of GTA games, as well as other free roam games, except it's not *REALLY* free roam.

The game is very linear, you have one mission, and once you complete it you can move onto the next. Sure, you have a whole city to cruise around, but there's no side missions to discover, so "Exploring" is pointless. Although it is fun to just drive around, and listen to the radio, because the music in the game is FANTASTIC.

Despite the linear nature of the game, the storyline is pretty fantastic, and follows Vito through the 40's and 50's as he rises from an associate to a made man. You get to witness his rise and fall, and while he is a bad guy, you still care about him and can sympathize with the main character.

Once you finish the game, there's no real free roam though, but there IS the DLC, which to be honest are very poor. They don't play much like the main game, and are mainly text based missions, that are more action oriented and have stricter time limits. They only useful purpose of these DLC is to serve as a Freeroam, and just muck around with the poorly constructed missions. The DLC is included with the game free, so while they stink, it doesn't impact the main game in any way.
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on June 16, 2015
Graphically this game is beautiful, and I completely enjoy the experience it offers--great story, interesting game play, challenging if you want it to be but not to the point that it becomes not fun. If you like old world gangsters, complete with Fedoras and Tommy guns and corruption, you'll enjoy this game. And probably, like me, you'll wish that the gorgeous world that surrounds you were more interactive. There are no side missions and it's pretty much a straight shot linear game. What I'm hoping is that Mafia III will expand into what Mafia II lacks, in which case, we will all be blown away. (No pun intended.) ;)
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on April 16, 2011
The strength of Mafia 2 is it's story. The story though not always evenly paced is very well done. You get to know these characters and really care for them. Vito is a war hero that wants to be a made man instead of a dock worker like his father. He rises through the ranks of the mob with his best friend Joe. There are a lot of twists and turns as they make and break alliances with different mob families. In the end you really get invested in Vito and the ending will leave you counting the days until Mafia 3.

The gameplay of Mafia 2 is your standard 3rd person shooter. It uses an adequate cover system with an aiming mechanic that works well enough. You have a choice of 8 weapons. There are 4 different pistols and 4 different machine guns, along grenades and a shotgun. Accompanying a solid gun mechanic is the driving section of the game. The cars handle well and there is a handy speed limiter that you can enable so the cops won't be chasing you for a speeding ticket. The cops show up on radar so you turn it on until your past them.

The city itself although pretty big doesn't have many activities to complete. The city basically just serves as a place for the campaign to take place. It doesn't have any other purpose. There are a lot of locations on your map but unless you want to buy a new suit they have nothing fun to do in them.

The graphics are pretty solid throughout. Nothing will overly impress you but the game looks solid. The only drawback to the presentation is that there is considerable screen tearing when you're on foot. The cut scenes look pretty good and the voice acting is well done along with the musical score. 2K did a great job with the atmosphere of the game as well and you really feel like you're in the 50's.

The campaign is about 10 hours long. Also if you get the greatest hits version your get all the dlc that has been released which adds a few hours to your playtime. Also there are collectable Playboys to hunt and a handy mission select screen so you can replay any part of the campaign at any time. The campaign takes a little bit to get going. The first few hours are a little slow in both story and gameplay. Like missions that make you deliver cartons of cigarettes. The second half of the game more than makes up for the slow first half with exciting gunplay missions and shocking story twists.

If you are a fan of third person sandbox games then you should pick this game up. It is now down in price and with the dlc included on the disc it is a great deal. The campaign although not always evenly paced is well done and the shooting mechanic at least has no glaring problems. The story is both interesting and shocking and even though I'm not a fan of the mafia genre I could not stop playing.
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on February 16, 2012
If you're going into this game expecting another version of GTA, think again...though it's open world to a degree, it's nowhere near as open as say GTA IV, and there really isn't much in the way of side missions. You can kind of explore the city and screw around a little bit between missions if you want to, but it really follows a more linear path and has a pretty set storyline to it...your a war hero returned home who, accompanied by a close friend, work their way into the Mob and work their way up the latter...lots of hand to hand combat and stealing stuff and shooting thugs. Those are the primary 3 things you will be doing in your missions on this game. While it's not as open, in depth, and big as GTA IV, this is still an enjoyable game, and if you're into gangster & crime games, you should still at least give this game a play through. It really ain't too bad.
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on October 19, 2014
This game aspires to be a Grand Theft Auto-Godfather interactive experience, but it fails in its lack of true sandbox mechanics; there is little of interest to do outside the story. The story is a collection of ideas taken right out of these kind of classic mafioso movies: The Godfather, Goodfellas, etc. The story is sometimes interesting and sometimes just dull. Lastly, the shooting gameplay mechanics is acceptable-not good; the driving is wonky, but serviceable and the level of immersion one can expect to achieve with this particular game is good as compared with GTA 4 which is great to awesome and GTA 5 which is spectacular. The developers should be ashamed at the potential they could have extracted from this one. Why make it a sandbox if the player cringes at the idea of exploring it-That's how boring it is. No side-missions, wow! Cut and paste story with minor tinkering and the developers own twist-audiences expect better these days. The only thing that's truly worth mentioning that's good is the soundtrack which complements the mafioso and decade setting. So much potential gone to waste.
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on June 4, 2013
I'd really recommend renting this game first, or buying it at a discount, or used if you can. If you're looking for a Rockstar-type GTAIV or Red Dead Redemption game, this isn't it. The story line is completely linear, no side missions, and once you've completed the game -- that's it! No multi-player, and even though the PS3 version has downloadable cotent, it's pretty weak.

If you're looking for a game that feels like a movie you can play, then this will satisfy. The graphics are great. Empire City is a delight to move through, and the 1940's - 50's style cars and fashions add a nice element. Voice acting is good, too. Punching and cover-based shooting take up all the missions, and while I've read some critical reviews of the mechanics, I think they're fine.
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on February 16, 2018
Me enviaron la version Greatest Hits cuando en la imagen decía que era versión normal
They sent me the Greatest Hits version when the picture said it was a normal version
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on September 4, 2011
Having played the original Mafia on the PC extensively, I was already familiar with the universe of the game. I was pretty impressed with the quality of the gameplay with only minor gripes (a patch helped a bit later). However, I didn't have any intentions on what to expect, or demand, that this new game should deliver.

I've read the complaints. It's linear - so what. Its world is limited on what you're able to do - so what. It's not supposed to be Grand Theft Auto.

Great atmosphere and vibe. Really. And fun. Worthy of playing and finishing (it's over very quickly, though). For the price available new on Amazon, it's hard to beat.

Take it for what it is and you will be satisfied. Overall, a mostly impressive game that doesn't always get things right but does enough things good enough that it simply works. I get the overall gripes that reviewers have, and can see their point, but I had more than enough fun and entertainment with Mafia II that I hope a Mafia III shows up sometime soon.
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