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on September 20, 2009
Unlike other reviewers who have predisposition to certain brand, e.g., someone who used a Garmin for long time and now came to criticize the Magellan, I am a long-time user of GPS of both Magellan and Garmin since 1998. My first Garmin cost me about $1500 and my first Magellan cost me about $2000. My later Garmin and Magellan cost me $800, $500, $300, etc. When the baby TomTom came to market, I also tried it.
One thing that is lacking in most of the previous reviews of this product is an objective opinion. People usually write the review based on their predisposition, not based on objective criteria.
The biggest advantage of any Magellan is its routing capability. For example, when you only have vague idea of the address of your destination, a Magellan would provide adequate context for you to figure out where you need to go. One time, I had forgotten the street number and exact spelling of the street name. I simply type in whatever part that I could remember and the Magellan gave me a list of the road names to choose from. Eventually it took me to where I need to go. Based on that experience, I formulated a test for evaluating any new GPS unit I buy. All the Garmin I tried failed that test. A TomTom unit I tried passed that test.
Another marvel of a Magellan GPS unit is its bell sound signaling the turning point or highway exiting point. This is extremely useful in the complicated highways like in New Jersey, I never miss a turn with a Magellan GPS, but often take a too-early turn with other brands.
The spoken language of Roadmate is clearest of all the GPS units over Garmin or TomTom. When I used Garmin nuvi 680, it would mispronounce "state road 1" as "stage road 1"
I also like the seamless integration of the traffic information into the routing. It only provides the traffic incidents related to your route, or if you do not have a route, it provides only the incidents within 15-mile radius of the current location. It does not provide too much traffic information to burden you unnecessarily. With Roadmate 1475T, the traffic is free forever. In contract, with a Garmin nuvi 680, I had to pay $19/year for traffic subscription! And in nuvi 680, the traffic information is completely separate from the routing, and I have to make decision of which traffic incidents are relevant to my trip.
Other strong points of Roadmate 1475T are its large screen size, clear view of the screen, and its customization of the screen menu to fit anyone's taste.
However, Magellan does share some weakness of all the GPS units. For example, the less perfect map accuracy. There are occasions that a Magellan would say the destination is on the left side of the road when actually the destination is on the right side, and so do all Garmin or TomTom units. One time, my Garmin nuvi GPS attempted to direct me to drive into the middle of a lake! Another weakness of any GPS is the confusion of which direction (left or right) to go at the beginning of the route, and the efficiency within a city. My suggestion of using any GPS is to also print a routing map from Yahoo Maps or Google Maps before you go on a trip so that you have some idea of the routing.
Update on Nov 30, 2009:
I also published a comparison of Magellan Roadmate 1475T and Garmin nuvi 1490T under real-time situations in my car side-by-side. It contains more details of the feature comparison of these two GPS units. To read that review, please click the link "See all my reviews" above next to my name.
More explanation of the bell sound of Magellan GPS I mentioned above: it makes a distinctive bell tone depending on the kind of turn you will be making: a "Dong-Ding" for a right turn, a "Ding-Dong" for a left turn, and a "Ding-Dong-Ding" for a U-turn if allowed.
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on December 12, 2010
I bought this almost a year ago. Within two months, the unit croaked! It would never come back on beyond the "hands" of the clock spinning at power-up. Then it would freeze. The unit I purchased did not have a "Reset" button or mode. It could not be done online using their software either. I documented the symptoms and contacted Magellan. They had to respond with an email and a list of questions I had to answer and return to them (not much different than what I originally documented for them. There were also a number of steps they wanted me to take, like update the software, which could not work of course because the unit would always freeze on power-up, as I explained to them. For some reason they wanted the unit to be charged 3-4 hours before any of this was done.

Eventually I sent it to them, but first you must get an RA#. This is not possible until you answer their questions, which they email to you. Then you get a New Ticket, but now you have to answer another email and provide the following info: Complete Name, Complete Physical Address, Phone Number, Email Address, Date of Purchase, Place of Purchase, Serial Number (S/N), and Part Number. The strangest this is that they had this information already. I registered the product quickly after receipt. Then you must send it to them following their instructions very strictly. Upon receipt and evaluation, the order you a new one and then you go through the order process with them.

I received the new unit after about a month. It worked fine for a few weeks. Then it began to have a different problem. The screen would start blinking and then, without notice, the unit would go blank and shut down.

I bought this unit because I rented a car with a Magellan GPS in it. I had been using a Garmin nuvi 660, which was a disaster. You cannot even find a used one on Amazon today! It never wanted me to stay on a highway. Driving from MD to NY is wanted me to get off I-95 about ten times. Insane! So I bought the Magellan based on using one previously for about a week, and the specs, but have had nothing but trouble with it.

Besides trouble, I did not like the voice. Magellan does not give you a variety like Garmin does. The dashboard mount was also horrible. There was not dashboard friction mount comparable to the Garmin Portable Friction Mount, and the power connector was in the most inconvenient place. You could not hook it up until the GPS was mounted. Once mounted, it made it all the more difficult to connect the power cord. I eventually modified the Magellan mount to fit the Garmin Portable Friction Mount. It did ease the pain somewhat. I must admit, the traffic service was good. However, it was equally useless if the unit wasn't working.

The unit still works for short bursts! I plan to use it for a while. I am looking at the Garmin nüvi 3790LMT 4.3-Inch Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator With Lifetime Map and Traffic Updates. It has a hefty price tag now, but I will wait it out until the price drops or something comparable or better comes out. I also want to see a good number of reviews on Amazon before a spend another penny on one of these things.
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on March 9, 2012
Great for the money, you can get around the akward car charger by simply looping it over the holder then inserting power cord, no fear of falling out nor obstructing your view.

Overall a nice cheap unit that I was lucky enough to get 2012 OS/Map updates for (Free) on a referb 4.7 inch screen uint at that, from Magllan's web-site!!!.

Live traffic is real nice for personal also business trips 1475(T) has it built into the unit, unlike other Magellan's in the line-up, Yet you will need the (Live traffic)car power cord, because the seller (Plethora 7) I bought my unit from must have stole or switched it out of the box and put in a regular car charger, costing me another $28 on a $51 gps. Now their charging $99 for same unit!!!.

(I must be stupid, it took me 4weeks to figure out they cheated me out of the (Live traffic car charger!!).
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on February 7, 2010
From spring to fall, I drive through more than 25 states each year. Due to my extensive travels I depend on GPS extensively. I've had Garmin (multiple models, always latest & most expensive), in car GPS (MBZ, BMW, Lexus, Lincoln, GMC), Tomtom (it has lot of functions but was not easy to use. designed by europeans? & doesn't make sense for US thought process. returned it because it's too complicated to use and takes you in circles and/or long routes lot of times). For me, I use GPS to - as a map while I drive so I can see both detail and overall; help me get from A to B accurately in shortest amount of time; a large screen so I don't have to squint so much; let me save addresses with name/description (import capability would be great); how much time left and miles to destination. POI used to be important (they should concentrate on the roadside fast-food, gas station, and motels) but with iPhone, Android phones, etc. I can use Yelp and other tools (more accurate and updated frequently). I don't care about the photo viewer, audio, bluetooth, etc. as smartphones do a better job. Magellan 1475t (1470 is identical without the traffic warning ahead) is the cheapest, easiest to use, most accurate than others. I am surprised the traffic ahead worked every time so it's a bonus. Only negative is the lady's voice has lot of static and sometimes hard to understand. Overall, the best unit I have used so far.
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on April 5, 2010
I truly prefer Magellan devices over those of other manufacturers. Their ease of use, their graphics and the screen sizes are good. This device has been used over the past two weeks, and unfortunately, I'm returning it due to some smaller annoying issues.

First, the reason why there are "free" traffic updates is due to the advertising that pop up on the screen just under the road identifiers. Someone wrote a comment that asked why some Magellan devices have a charge ($60 per year, and others are "free"), well, there ain't no such thing as a free lunch.

If you get distracted by images that flash on screens...then the advertising pop ups aren't for you.

Yesterday, I took a drive through the Santa Cruz Mountains and down towards Monterey, California. Even though the device was checked for an updated map, many roads driven were not on the maps included and up to date within the system.

I've got another Magellan product and will probably return this one.

That's unfortunate because the seller had a great price ($100 less than the price at Costco). The device is a good size, and the graphics are easily viewed...but that gets cut down with the ads show up.

If this was my first Magellan device, I would be quite happy with it and would probably keep it, however, I've seen what their other products do and are happy with them.

This would be a good device for a first time GPS user.
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on February 18, 2010
Even though I have only used this unit for 2 days, and I have not experienced any issues that some other users are experiencing here. It has been great so far.

I have to admit, before purchasing the 1475t, I was mainly a Garmin user. Actually I just purchased the Garmin 765t, and was hugely disappointed by it. What is important to me on a GPS is POIs. Without them it's like driving in the middle of nowhere and I hate it. My older Garmin 660 had the capability of showing POIs on the map but 765t does not. The 1475t by default does not show POIs, but in 2 seconds i was able to find the option and in 2 seconds i was able to see the POIs on the map, way to go Magellan!

I love the way it plays a tone when I am about to turn. I love the way how menus are setup, it's actually a lot easier going from settings to settings on this unit than the 765t. Touch screen sensitivity is very accurate and I never experienced any of the stuff I experienced with 765t. (read my 765t review for more details)
I absolutely love the way that you can include all, or some POIs to show on the map. It is so much better to drive with this unit and seeing all of the POIs passing me by. Very nice feature.
I have not had a chance to play with the traffic yet, but I did manage to see some Traffic Alerts, which is a nice little feature because I have never seen that kind of alert on the 765t and both units are using the same Traffic System! I did see ads from time to time but they don't bother me all that much.

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with my purchase and I will update more as time goes by!
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on April 28, 2010
This unit has a wider than average screen. It is easy to turn on and off, enter places into the memory book and indicate where I want to go just by touching the screen. It tends to run a little late in tellng me where I am. When coming out of a parking lot, it does not tell me which way to turn. I need to get going and cover a half block or so and then it will tell me to keep going or to turn around and go the othr way.
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on September 13, 2013
I purchased this unit along with the $100 option for updates for life. The first several updates went without a problem, but the latest attempt resulted in the unit locking up due to a software error. There is no way to reset this model (even though the on/off switch has a reset position). Customer service was responsive and offered me a replacement unit because it was still in the 1 year warrantee period. I imagine that if it happens again, I will be out of luck - and so much for the updates for life option. The unit functions well enough otherwise - but I consider the lack of a reset to be a serious design flaw.
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on February 18, 2010
The 1475T is my third GPS. I rely a lot on user reviews but of course also look at what the magazines have to say. So my comment is to hopefully add some clarity to user reviews here. My last GPS was a Nuvi 300 series which was an accurate navigator but had two very annoying qualities - extremely long satellite hook up times, and generally slow processing times such that I missed a lot of turns. The 1475t does not suffer from either of these issues - it gets a fix quickly and does not suffer from navigation lag. I wanted to offer some comment on observations from other reviewers - my 1475t came with the latest flash update so it was ready out of the box. I do not know if Magellan improved the power cord/mount complaint, but I don't see any issues with mine. Voice comments - Many Nuvi users choose either an English or Australian voice for their GPS because the US voice is terrible. My 1475t did crackle a little, but it is much better than my 2 yr old Nuvi. The traffic feature worked as it should as did the lane assist (its great). Searching for POI is also fast with the 1475t, in comparison to my Nuvi which would exhibit the dreaded hourglass until I would finally cancel the search. All GPS units have strengths and weaknesses so I am not bashing Garmin just offering perspective. So as one GPS magazine review put it, "this GPS Rocks" - based on my experience I agree. I love my new 1475t. If you get one, I think you will too.
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on May 20, 2010
From all the reviews I have read, they did not rate this product as well, granted it does lag a little on typing a destination, but the intuitiveness that it has is Excellent. When you start typing the town it gives you options on which town it would be. Turn by Turn directions are great. The traffic feature is great as well; since it is free it does help a lot when you're in a jam. This is very light since it has a 4hr battery inside. I bought it because it has the AAA book inside, the clear crisp 4.7 inch screen and above all the low price from Amazon. And my wife loves it she thinks it's very easy to use, the turn by turn directions are simple and exact.
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