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on November 10, 2010
Initially, I was pleased with my 5045 LM. Little quirks here and there that differed from my Garmins and from the GPS on my Android phone. Biggest thing at first was its unreliability in displaying traffic notices.

This is my 6th GPS, in three different vehicles, and I have been using GPS's on the road and on the trail for about 6 years. I am well versed in their operation. But this last weekend my happiness with this Magellan was changed. Major POIs (Point of interests) like three different state parks in South Carolina are not even listed in its POI database. It also sent me down the wrong direction on a long mountain road that had no exit.

Today, the last straw. It froze. The voice still worked and the addresses in memory were still there, but it would not fixate a position and the cursor stayed in position even though I was traveling 65 mph. The MPH on the display also remained at zero and the direction heading showed West when I was traveling due East. I tried every button on the utilities menu to reset. I reset to defaults 5-6 times without success. I came home and hooked it up to my computer and Magellan content manager, (what a piece of crud software) but nothing would work. When I unplugged from the car it did not give option to switch to battery , it just stayed on.

Finally, after changing and manually entering a new GPS location three different times, it finally seems to start working again. I can't imagine this happening while on a road trip like I was 3 days ago. What would one do on an unfamiliar highway at 2 am on a long road trip especially if you were relying on the GPS to safely get you and your family where you wanted to go? I can no longer trust it to perform correctly or consistently. I will always bring a backup.

Now I read the fine print.. If I send it in for warranty, at Magellan's digression, they can replace it with a reconditioned unit. When I went to buy this, a new GPS was a bit more expensive than a reconditioned unit. I did not want to get a reconditioned unit and spent more money for a new one. Thus I buy a new one, it breaks and it appears I will end up with a reconditioned unit. If I wanted a reconditioned unit, I would have bought a reconditioned unit. They only offer 90 day warranty on reconditioned units and a year on new units. If the company cannot stand behind a reconditioned unit, why should you accept less if you purchased a new unit? I consider this an expensive life lesson.

I rarely express my advice against a product because everyone has different expectations and a product that does not work for me may be great for you. But when it comes to a GPS we all want the same results: reliability, accuracy and trust as no one wants to get stuck in a far away town or highway, with family in the car, and not know which way to go or where to turn.

I advise that you turn away from Magellan and buy from a company that offers good support and products. I cannot, in good conscience, recommend this unit to anyone who wants to put their family's well being and lives in jeopardy just to save a few bucks. Buy a different unit from a different company.
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on October 29, 2012
I was very disappointed with the Magellan RoadMate 5045-LM GPS unit. It took at least 5-10 minutes each time to program an address due to sluggishness. When I try to program in a street name with double letters (i.e., ee) in the spelling of a streeet, the unit does not allow me to do that. It starts to hang up. I have to cut the unit off and go back and start over again and it still gives me the same problem every time by hanging up, plus the touch screen always sticks. The 5045-LM does not let me erase and correct a mispelled name. This unit tries to make you use the spelling of a street, and not the actual spelling of the street in the area where I live. The touch screen pad constantly sticks all the time and is very slow. I have to constantly turn the unit on and off for varies hanging up issues. Constantly an unresponsive touch screen. I never had a portable GPS that aggrevated me so much. I had to return this unit back to I have read some good reviews about Magellan GPS products, but this model sucks. Magellan needs to come out with a better functioning model.
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on May 13, 2014
I wanted a replacement for my Magellan Maestro 4700 which finally died. I am old enough that I didn't want to have to learn everything new and I just wanted a basic GPS, no smart stuff, no programming from my ipad, etc. This fit the bill exactly. It operates almost exactly like my last one, which I've always thought was pretty intuituve.

One change I do like is that on the lower left side of the map screen, you can have info showing on speed, compass direction, distance to destination, etc. On my old unit you could only see one thing at a time and if you wanted to change it, you had to keep pushing it to cycle thru all the options until you got to the one you wanted. On the new one, you push it and all the little choices show up and stay there for a little bit. If you do want to change it, you just touch whichever one you want. I like this because I almost always have distance to destination showing but sometimes I want a quick look for a compass heading.

Negative - one thing to be aware of is about the categories in the address book. Once you put them in, they are there forever, just like you put them in. I had created a category for family and later wanted to change it to family and friends. No can do. I verified this with a rep from the company who said they'd pass the suggestion on to engineering (shall I hold my breath?).

Negative (and positive!) - the little holder you use to secure the unit to the windshield has a little bar across the bottom and your car charger docks in there. When you put your unit on the holder, the unit slides on and the charger just slides right in. I really like this since the old unit had the charger hanging from the bottom and toward the end it didn't always want to stay in (it had had a hard life though...). The little docking place on the window unit takes care of this. However, the bad part is that if you are holding the unit on your lap you have to be super careful with the unit because the charger plug goes in at an angle. Since 95% of the time I'm using it on the window, this isn't a big deal for me but thought I'd mention it.

Something else I'd like to see is the ability to still have the little dingy bell sound when I need to make my turn but NOT have the GPS lady talking to me. I think all you can do is turn the volume up and down, or just plain mute.

Anyway, this fits the bill for me. It is pretty basic, has a nice clear screen and is easy to use.
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on July 19, 2014
So far so good. My brother used the GPS for a 800 mile trip, but has not return so far. Talk to him when he got their and
he said that it went good. will update later.

UPDATE: As I said, my brother was using my Magellan 5045-LM to go to Peachtree GA. The trip was about 900 Miles. When he got back he said that the GPS worked GREAT, it was a KEEPER. He went right through the heart of Atlanta at 8:00PM. He said that the lane assistant was a life saver. It is a six lane highway, cars running a 75 MPH, no time to be in the wrong lane. No problem a all. Today I had to make a 200 mile trip, no problem at all. I knew the way, but I left the interstate on purpose. The GPS tried to get me back on track, but I did not change, GPS recalculated very fast to the new track, no problem. I read a lot of reviews on this GPS before buying it, but I went to Magellan factory outlet and got a Factory service unite.IT DID NOT WORK OUT OF THE BOX. I DID A MAP UPDATE, NO GOOD, CALL TECH SUPPORT, NO GOOD. COST ME $15.55 + $45.00 TO RETURN IT! Now, if I had not gotten the one that I needed the $15.00 and the $45.00 would be ok. But for me to pay that money to return one that never worked from the box is not right. The only thing I wished was that the screen was a little easier to read in the bright sun, but the more I use it the better it is. At this point I give the 5045-LM 4.5 stars. I will give another update in a couple of weeks.
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on June 24, 2013
Here is my review of the Magellan Roadmate 5045LM based on my first short local trip. I'm comparing it with a Garmin 1350LMT, since that is the device which I am replacing with the Magellan.

A little history: I've owned 2 other Garmins in the past, with the best one being the fist one - nuvi 350, purchased in 2007. I "upgraded" to a nuvi 760 because of the bells and whistle available on it - bluetooth, MP3 player, calculator, and picture viewer. But never used any of these features much. The biggest draw for this was the 4.3" screen (vs. the 3" screen on the 350). Because it sometimes took over 20 minutes to acquire a satellite, and the maps were outdated, I purchased the 1350LMT in 2011. I love everything about the 1350, but it suddenly "lost it's voice". There was no longer any audio output for turns and for button presses, and it was out of warranty, so I decided to give the Magellan a try since I really liked the audible tone - dings prior to a turn.

Here are the noticeable differences (and level of adjustment to the Magellan):

Magellan doesn't announce a recalculation when the directions are not followed - it just silently recalculates. I'd prefer the announcement that I had missed a turn. Medium adjustment.

Lane assist applies only to the highway for the Magellan, and it doesn't do a good job at that. The Garmin provides lane assist for all roads. There is a clear diagram of all the lanes, and clear indication on which lane to move into. For the Magellan, there are 2 boxes which pop up, but neither indicates which lane to move into. Major adjustment.

When requiring to make a right turn where there is a turning island, the Magellan tells you to make a slight right. While in reality, it is a full right turn. Medium adjustment.

There is only one English voice - a female voice and 3 languages. The Garmin provides a male and female voice for a number of languages. The important one for me is a male (American) English voice, which was not available on the Magellan. I tend to tune out female voices giving road directions - don't ask. Major adjustment.

When a route has been planned, and I want to view the future turns, there is a single screen-press on the Garmin to get the full list of turns. It is a 2 button press on the Magellan - Menu, then Route. Minor adjustment.

Touch screen not sensitive enough for the back key. I sometimes need to press the back arrow 2-3 times before it actually move back. Medium adjustment.

The Garmin shows the speed limit on the road you're travelling on and your current speed. The Magellan doesn't provide this info. Minor adjustment.

The power adapter diverts the cord towards the back of the device. This makes it difficult to prop the device up in my center console if I don't use the suction cup. Medium adjustment.

There is no battery charge level indicator on the Magellan, so I won't know when the device is fully charged. Minor adjustment.

I've only made a short 5 mile trip to a well known route, and there was 1 mistake on the direction given. It would have taken me to a route which would have made it more difficult for me to cross a major street (stop sign for me, none for cross traffic) on my way home. I chose not to take that route, and it re-routed me 2 blocks out of the way.

When I mentioned all these differences to my son, his reply was - why don't I just upgrade to the latest Garmin? I probably should, but I feel the quality of their devices have gone downhill - having experienced 2 different issues with the latest 2 GPSs that I purchased from them. And I like the ding before the turn on a Magellan. Ideally, I would prefer if my 1350 can find it's voice again, but it will cost the same to fix that as it would to purchase a new device. I'll update this if there are new discoveries or if I decide to take my son's advice.
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on January 6, 2012
I like this unit and how it operates. It needs to stay plugged in or it will drain the battery rather quickly while in use. I found this out after the car outlet went dead for some reason. And because of that issue- I found something I do not like with this unit and that is a battery level indicator? Does not seem to have one that I can find. When it is done it just powers off with no warning. Unless I am missing something in regards to that function everything else has been a 5 for me.
I might add that I have had and still use Garmin and the factory units that came with my other cars. This one has functions that I like better like the advanced warning for turns and the bell sound for exact turns. I will add to this if I find out more but we have only used it since X-mas 2011.
It gets a 4 out of five because of the battery indicator or lack thereof.
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on September 7, 2011
I have owned this unit @ 90days now and it has yet to get me to the right destination. the first trip I used it for was back in june 2011 . My wife,brother-inlaw,sister-inlaw,and I made a trip to Nags Head NC. this is about 150 miles from my home. the unit got us to Nags Head ok, but the little voice said "You have arrived" and started waving the checkered flag two blocks before we got to the hotel where we were staying.We laughed and thought maybe this was just a fluke.

There's this place we wanted to try for dinner named Awfull Arthur's so I enterered the name into the POI search. sure enough it popped up the address and a big red "GO" button. I pressed GO and we head out the little voice anouncing every turn perfectly, then she says "YOU HAVE ARRIVED" a quarter mile from the restaurant.

Next trip (about two weeks later leaving from home): We decide to go to a new place we had heard about call "DEADWOOD" for supper (dinner for you northern folks). We had never been there before, but we had the address, so I entered it into "Maggie" and off we go, she announces every turn perfectly , then I get the "YOU HAVE ARRIVED" announcement,( there's nothing around us but cotton fields as far as I can see), so my brother-inlaw says "well, we are here so, lets eat". We laughed and continued on @ a half mile later I come to a stop sign at a "T" intersection. I'm about to turn around when my wife spots the place to the left down the side road.

next trip (me only) I head out up interstate 95 to Bass Pro Shop in Ashland VA.(about 100 miles straight up 95 from Roanoke Rapids NC) I've been there several time before. but I turn on "Maggie" anyway, just to see how she does. Bass Pro Shop can be seen easily from 95. As I approach the exit ramp I need, She is dead on the money with the correct exit, I know that I have to exit to the RIGHT then at the top of the ramp turn LEFT to cross over the interstate then another Left to get to Bass Pro. She tells me Right to get off, then left to cross over, then at the next road she says turn RIGHT. I know this RIGHT is supposed to be a LEFT (I can see Bass Pro on my left at the stop light) but I say I've got sometime. I'm gonna see where this stupid machine takes me, so I turn Right , I drive at least a mile going away from Bass Pro before DEADEYE MAGGIE says the words "YOU HAVE ARRIVED".

Buy this unit if you want a few laughs, but if you want to get where your supposed to go. buy something (should read ANYTHING ) else.
This is not my first rodeo, I have owned a MIO that was right on everywhere I went but the map finally got to outdated to use. I owned a TomTom that worked fine until I left my truck unlocked and a five finger discount was applied.
then I bought "Maggie" on sale. the worst backseat driver in the world.
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on January 18, 2015
As to the people at Amazon. They heard my frustration with Magellan and went above and beyond, and while I was past the return time, as a one time courtesy for a long time customer, they allowed me to return this piece of Magellan junk.
This is another example of Great Customer Service. While I said we should boycott Magellan for poor customer service, we should reward Amazon and Amazing Customer Service people like Joel B. and Lena B.. They both went the extra mile and helped a long time customer. A long time customer that is literally a customer for life. Thank you for every thing Joel and Lena. You both should be rewarded by the company, not for doing your job, but for the care you obviously have for Amazon customers. Here's hoping Jeff gives you the recognition you deserve.
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on November 10, 2010
The magellan 5045 is a nicely built unit with a lot of great features. However, the software which provides new maps called "Content Manager" is the worst piece of mainstream consumer software I've had the displeasure to encounter in years. It is horrible. And the Magellan customer support was friendly enough, but useless (I was told to wait for the next update which might fix my problems). Our other unit is a TomTom and their software tool is well designed and seems to like Windows Vista just fine.

In the end, does Lifetime Map downloads help me much if Content Manager (map download tool) doesn't work?
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on February 25, 2013
I purchased this product (with a hard case) to replace tho one I had been using for many years because the screen cracked! My old Magellan was a 5" unit. this one is slightly bigger, and a bit cumbersome. 2 things I don't like! when I plugged the power cord onto the unit i can't set it down because it in an awkward position! and 2. When I was using it to find my bearings it took awhile to get the gps to work, also I had to do several u-turns than finally stop, reprogram and then continue again (it sucks when I am in traffic)! I bought a mount kit (big mistake) (no instructions and missing or broken parts) but instead bought some Velcro (the heavy duty stuff) and used that instead!
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