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on November 16, 2012
I gave this unit 4-Stars because the issue I have is that after you give this GPS unit an overnight full charge, the AC Adapter charge does not last very long on this unit. The AC Adapter you have to purchase it separate. I purchased one on Amazon.com (i.Trek CT-0505WU OEM Wall Home Charger AC Adapter with Extended 6 feet), which they have a better deal than the Magellan website. You should always carry your car charger with you, in case the battery goes down on this unit. The good points about this unit is it is one of the best GPS units that Magellan has produced that has such a reasonable price. The Model 5230T-LM is easy to setup and it gives great directions. This unit notifies you a couple of times right before you have to turn onto a street and gives you a landmark location (ex: gas station, drug store, dept store, etc.), if there is one ahead to help guide you to your destination. The 5-inch screen is great size. The displlay is very sharp and clear, and notifies you of traffic ahead. This unit comes with the Lifetime Maps & Traffic already installed on the unit. You go onto the Magellan website and check for the lastest Map updates for your model. Tech Support was very helpful when I needed assistance to setup my unit. You usually get 4 Map Updates a year at no charge. I love that there is no extra charge for theLifetime Map updates. That is a plus for me.
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on March 27, 2015
This GPS has a worse sense of direction than I do. I will be driving down the freeway and who knows where it thinks I am,but it tells me to make a U-turn or turn left, etc. Occasionally, it figures out where I am. Last night, I needed it to get to the freeway from a place I'd never been before. The thing thought I was somewhere else completely. I tried canceling and restarting the trip, setting my current location, turning it off and on. Good thing there was someone I could call who had Internet access and could be my navigator. When it does know where we are, its traffic alert and "better" routes could drive you up a wall. Too bad I just missed the return date. What a waste.
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on June 10, 2015
I have been using this gps for almost a year and there are serious problems with it when trying to locate a specific address. First, it does NOT give adequate warning either visually or vocally when a turn is coming up and unless I can drive about 10 mph and stare out the window to see what is coming up, it's almost impossible not to overshoot and then have to find a place to turn around, Second, when the destination is reached, it says that I have arrived and the screen jumps to nothing, but it is incorrect at least 50% of the time. In VT, people are VERY BAD about posting house numbers and driveways can be hidden and/or long, especialI in the country. It is usually close, but close is not good enough.
Sad to say, I would not recommend it, and I do think because of its quirks, it is actually dangerous to use.
Review update 02.15.16. It actually stopped working around the middle of Jan when it was <10 mo. old. Magellan would not refund my money and sent me a "refurbished" one which I opened today. This one also does not work and the Magellan site that is supposed to update the maps, etc., can't find the device even though I downloaded the plug in that is to connect the two. There is no such thing as customer service at Magellan. They will do their best to get back to me in 48 hrs. Better to grind up your money in a garbage disposal than buy anything from Magellan. I'm filing a complaint with my consumer protection folks so perhaps it won't be so east for the co. to send bad merchandise to someone else!
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on July 2, 2015
My Mac OS X system recognized that RoadMate when it was plugged in, Magellan's "Content Manager" couldn't find the device to update the GPS.

Magellan's support is only via chat and it appeared as if the had never seen a Mac.

The actual GPS display has a very clunky map compared to the Garmin that I was replacing because it broke.
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on January 3, 2016
We've used Magellan GPS units for several years...now it was time to get them for our adult children. Wonderful Christmas gifts and I know they'll be used. Sometimes cell phone service can be sketchy while traveling...it's a good idea to have a reliable GPS unit to get you through. Recently traveled from Washington State - California - Reno - Vegas - Idaho, through some pretty turbulent thunder storms, extreme heat, etc ... and not once did we have any issues with our Magellan! However, in numerous areas, we were without cell phone service. Great product, plus great seller filling our order, makes a win win situation.
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on December 27, 2014
This GPS has features we didn't have before, but it is so slow that we have passed the intersection before the display gets there. Also, it keeps telling us that there are red light cameras ahead after we have turned off the road. Sometimes letters take so long to enter that we press the letter again, then we finally get 2 or 3 letters and have to delete. When traveling without a programmed destination, the GPS often shows us in turn lanes that we are not in, then has to correct when we go thru the intersection.
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on February 4, 2016
Super slow to acquire satellites, the first time it took about 5-7 min. I thought the unit was broken it took so long. I think it is just plane slow, when putting in an address you hit a letter and have to wait 15 seconds before it shows up and you can go to the next letter. My old Magellan is about a 2007 version which is much faster than this but with old maps, this was supposed to replace it but... I was able to update the maps which was nice, the other thing that doesn't seem right is the speed, holding steady with the cruise control on, on a flat freeway the speed seems to wander up and down. I should have took everyone's reviews more seriously. I didn't return it as it would have taken more time and effort than the unit is worth.
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on October 2, 2015
I have tried using this four times since I bought it in April. I charge it fully each time before use. The first three times, the charge lasted less than 50 minutes. Today I tried using it and the satellite would not connect (probably because of heavy cloud cover). Thank goodness for mapquest instructions. Better than nothing, which is what I get when I have used this product. My guess is that the internal battery was bad when I received it.
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on December 11, 2015
I purchased this item in mid-August 2015 to replace my previous Magellan RoadMate that was still useable, but had frayed wires. I had the previous unit for 2-3 years and was extremely satisfied. When I saw the new features and lifetime maps on this unit, I decided this was the one I wanted because of the reasonable price. I tried to buy this unit directly from the manufacturer while it was on sale, but due to a problem with their website, my order was not processed. By the time the problem was resolved, the product was no longer on sale. Since it was their website that had failed I expected them to honor the sale price, but they didn't even offer. So, I took my buisness to Amazon and made my purchase that way. I received the product, learned the new features, entered my addresses, and was up and running with no problems, Until three months later, when the screen went blank and stayed that way. I called Magellan several weeks after the product failed and was told it was a bad battery and I needed to return it to them (via Fed Ex or UPS only, which I must pay for) and they would send me a replacement. I said fine and they processed my return paperwork. In reading the confirmation e-mail I saw that I was getting a refurbished unit instead of a new one to replace the defective product. I called to ask why and was told they only offer new replacement items when the product fails within the first 30 days of purchase. So, it appears that the great deal on a product with free lifetime maps may not be so great afterall if the life of the product turns out to be short. Rest assured that while this is the third Magellan GPS product (one hand-held and two automotive) I've purchased, IT IS ALSO THE LAST! When I get my refurbished GPS and it dies, I will never do busines with this company again. Oh, yes. I gave my older RoadMate to a friend who was thrilled to get it, and it is still working for her. I guess they've decided to make newer products poorly so replacement purchases happen quicker!
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on August 31, 2015
Purchased for the GPS for vacation to the Northwest and used the GPS in Seattle, Mt. Rainier, Olympic National Park, Victoria BC, and Vancouver. We are very happy with this GPS. The directions are very accurate and the traffic alerts are very helpful. When there is traffic ahead, the traffic alert will notify about the traffic and potential alternate route. Got updated maps from Magellan and it took about 20 to 30 minutes to update the map. Minor complaint is that the GPS unit connects to the satellite a little slow when the power is turned on. So you will have to wait a bit to get signal.
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