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on August 4, 2015
I understand why this movie is popular, there is no denying that the men in the movie are attractive, that being said while there were points in this movie where I lost interest. I enjoyed the background story of Tatum's character Mike, but I found myself very annoyed with the character Adam. I do understand he was suppose to be a punk kid, but I was like seriously dude at some points. I really liked Brooke and Joanna and thought they were interesting characters. I thought it had a decent story line, that had a good pace. The ending was a bit of a cliffhanger but it is understandable since they recently released a sequel. That being said while I did not like some points in the movie and found myself bored at points, I will most likely at some point see the sequel, and did find points of this movie entertaining thus the 4 star rating.
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on January 16, 2013
Director Stephen Soderbergh and star Channing Tatum establish an extremely relaxed atmosphere in "Magic Mike." The screenplay by Reid Carolin is loosely "inspired" by Tatum's own early days as a "male dancer/stripper." Soderbergh shoots every scene, except those inside Club Xquisite, through a double straw filter. It looks as though the camera lens has a huge ray of sunshine attached to it. It all looks so unreal. And, if the outside world of super-sunny Florida is unreal, then so is Club Xquisite. The best thing about "Magic Mike" is how it makes the life and work of male strippers "unsexy." Sex isn't sexy if it's a business, and we see how every move, bump, grind, and gyration that sends the female customers (where are the gay men in this movie? Because, trust me, gay men are the real target audience for, and are watching, this movie) into sexual frenzy is a calculated business. Captivating performances by Tatum, Matthew McConaughey and Alex Pettyfer keep things interesting.
McConaughey is Dallas, the ultimately self-centered owner and mentor at Xquisite, and "Magic Mike" Lane (Tatum) is the star attraction in the stable of male hotties. Tatum has a natural confidence and charisma. At age 30, he is smart enough to know that he can't keep bumping, grinding, and gyrating forever. He works odd jobs and hopes to one day design his own line of custom furniture. He befriends Adam (Pettyfer), literally, the new "Kid" at Xquisite. He is also attracted to Adam's sister (Cody Horn). Worried about how Adam will handle the stripper lifestyle, she asks Mike to take care of him. Mike promises to do so, but that doesn't turn out too well.
Adam becomes a stripping sensation faster than Natalie Wood in "Gypsy" (1962). Adam, it turns out, is a natural born stripper; despite the fact that Dallas initially tells him, "You take your clothes off like a 12 year old n a locker room." Adam quickly dives into easy money, booze, drugs, and cheap sex; just as Mike grows sick of the lifestyle. In the end, Mike has had enough and (drug-addicted) Adam is all set to take his place as #1 Stud at Xquisite. So, does "Magic Mike" aim to be the "A Star Is Born" of male stripper movies? Such a question will likely never bother the average viewer, who will likely view "Magic Mike" as agreeable cinema eye candy and nothing more. "Magic Mike" may not know where it is going (maybe it has nowhere to go?); but I still appreciated the fact that Soderbergh's and Tatum's interest in the characters is obviously more than just skin deep.
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on July 31, 2013
OK, I understand that this is a movie for women but don't be deceived into thinking there is a though provoking storyline to it. In fact except for the dance sequences, there's not much reason to watch this movie. The "It's Raining Men" part is the best in the movie and having it on DVD you can fast forward through the rest of the crap. I did find out one thing I wasn't aware of....Channing Tatum can dance! I haven't seen his other dancing movies so I really had no clue, but in this movie, well, he burns it up. this movie might be fun for a girls night in, but I'm glad I didn't pay the price at the theater to see it.
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on September 26, 2015
HORRIBLE plot line, if you could even qualify it as a plot. Very drawn out, very predictable. Boring as hell, a waste of my money. I regret watching it as that's two hours of my life that I'll never get back. Only a couple of the actors are even mildly sexy, Dancing was good, muscles rippled in ways I was not sure were possible. Music wasn't that great, the oufits were so predictable. Boring boring boring. I thought that I would treat myself to a total chick flick while my husband was out hunting, but I would have rather watched gone in 60 seconds for the bajillionth time, or any of my other favorite movies again.
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on January 5, 2013
OK, so all these guys have beautiful bodies and know, more or less, how to move. They take money for their performances and have dreams beyond the week end "bump and grind." This movie is a poor excuse for some soft porn with no compelling tension or plot to tie it together. The end is predictable, the middle is too long (where is a good editor when you need one) with the salacious left in long and hard to grab the middle aged over weight lady demographic??? I don't know. Either way, it could not be considered anything but, as other reviewers have indicated, BAD.
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on January 22, 2013
Okay, so I know I'm probably going to be bashed to high-heaven for this review, and I know the storyline isn't exactly what is supposed to make you want to watch this movie, but seriously? It was so bad that at times the lack of a storyline and the complete and utter terribleness of the storyline overshadowed the dance routines. I gave this two stars (as opposed to one) because anything with a shirtless Channing Tatum is good... to an extent. Rent for fun with your girlfriends, but don't go into this expecting to be entertained in between the dance routines.
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on April 10, 2016
What female wouldn't enjoy a bunch of half naked men running around trying to make a living?? Funny honestly, the story line for this movie seriously STINKS, but what they lack in Story, they make up for in dancing strippers on stage. I've watched this a couple times, with friends and without, I still see the same thing for this movie, and I'm not sure how they got a part 2 out of the whole thing. Don't get me wrong, the movie is good, but that is mainly because of Channing Tatum, and Matthew McCounaughey. Two of the FINEST men in show business today! Who wouldn't want to watch them remove their clothes? I would recommend this movie for one of those Girl's Weekend, where you pop open a bottle of wine, then sit back and enjoy the view.
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on March 10, 2013
Fun for one viewing, not so much for two-- I saw it in theaters and really liked it, but then when I watched it with a bunch of friends a second time for kicks, I actively disliked it. The writing has zero quality, and a lot of the plot just seems unnecessary. I realize this movie was just an excuse for Channing Tatum to take off his clothes, but I wish he had tried a little harder. I have other problems with this film based on my own opinion of luring young people in need of a paycheck into stripping, but just on a technical basis, this movie is awful.
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on June 29, 2013
Yes, Channing Tatum is a doll, and we all live to hear him deliver his quippy lines and see his cute little smile - but let's face it: once you've seen this movie all the way through the first time, owning the DVD just let's you skip ahead to the 'good parts' in every subsequent viewing ;-)

* Skip the lead-up and go straight to Matthew Mc's opening dialogue at the strip club (so funny!). The scene in the back room where all the strippers are grooming themselves before the show is effing hilarious. Then watch the dance numbers that follow - nice!

* Skip to the scene where Matthew Mc' is teaching the new young guy to dance. You will fall out of your dress laughing.

* Skip past all the dialogue and 'plot' to the scene when the female lead first sees 'Mike' dance. Have on hand something to fan yourself with.

* Now just fast forward until you see dancing. Seriously, the plot and dialogue are of no consequence. Tatums's hip-hop number is amazing.

* Do not miss Matthew Mc's final scene, where he takes the stage himself to entertain the ladies one last time. Hysterically funny, plus you get to see his highly toned legs and backside - that's worth the price of the DVD all by itself. ;-)
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on November 13, 2012
I soooo wanted to like this movie. The story's been done before (Boy meets girl. The girl makes the boy see his future if he keeps playing hard. Hint: she's not in it. Boy leaves it all for the girl). This movie was so hyped up prior to it's theatrical release that I expected it to be a good movie. I didn't expect it to be award worthy, just entertaining. I couldn't even get into the sound track. It was eye candy for about 10 minutes once the story hit the club. After that it was predictable and boring. Skip it and watch Studio 54, or Boogie Nights again.
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