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on August 4, 2017
For season 2, I stick by my original review of season 1, see below. The big difference in this season is that Regina, the Evil Queen, actually seems to care that people don't want to be with her so she tries to use her magic to coerce them. It's funny, she lies, cheats, steals, and murders, and then wonders why people don't like her or want to be around her. Lol! She reminds me a lot of Hillary Clinton.

Original review:
I'm surprised this series has gotten so many five star reviews. It's just an okay show. It's entertaining enough to keep me watching, but it just doesn't hold up to better shows like Supernatural and Grimm. Some acting in this show is good. Other acting, not so much. The story line is creative - making the fairy tale world real and ours make-believe. I can also see hidden, deeper meanings like revenge comes at a price - the evil queen killing the thing that she loved to seek revenge - the deeper meaning being when you seek revenge, you end up making yourself unhappy. I also loved the humor in the pilot when Snow White asks the Evil Queen where they're going and she says some place horrible, absolutely horrible, and then she takes them to Maine, lol. But the problem I have with this series is that so many scenes are so juvenile, it risks becoming a fairy tale soap opera. If they could fix that, it would be a lot better.
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on March 29, 2016
The major problem with the second season is that you realize the writers rushed something very good to a premature conclusion. This is probably the biggest SPOILER in this review: the curse, that made everything so intriguing in season 1, has been broken (finale of season 1) and everyone is remembering who they once were in the fantasy realm. The trouble, and the larger thematic conflict of this season, is that they are still stuck in the purgatory-like Maine town. The problem is that the story could have probably been better paced and provided more intrigue if the curse remained unbroken for another season or so.

There is a continuity of sorts, however, since the fairy tale world (ravaged by Regina's curse) is still around. Emma and Mary Margaret (Snow White) are accidentally sent there, which sets up the two major villains for the second season: Cora (Regina's mother from the previous season) and new comer Captain Hook. The Captain's story isn't as compelling as you might think (re-hashes a lot of the tropes from Regina's story). Cora, however, ranks as one of OUAT's greatest villains (so much so that they'll bring her back about once per season after this). Barbara Hershey plays Cora with the subtlety with which Carlyle plays Gold, but her actions are far more vicious and do a great deal more damage. Regina and Rumple aren't heoric by any means (thank god), but each are on very obvious roads to redemption. The interactions between the now uncursed Snow and Charming and their daughter, whom the writers made the wise choice of giving a cynical initial outlook on the situation, is quite entertaining. Snow/Mary Margaret (played by Ginnifer Goodwin) is much more interesting in this season, and she and Jennifer Morrison have pretty good chemistry, which is expanded and explored through a number of different avenues. They are still friends and confidants as they were in season 1 but they have the added burden of dealing with their knew relationship as mother and daughter. David/Charming (played by Josh Dallas) only gets more boring, and I wouldn't get my hopes up for him to become more interesting anytime soon. Belle (played by Emilie de Ravin) adds some dimension to Gold/Rumple's plot, but no one seems to acknowledge what the effects of being locked up in a padded cell for close to thirty years might do to one's psyche. The character seems unphased, and she is written with a sense of moral self-righteousness that can be a bit much.

This is the last season before the two-part structure takes its ungodly hold over every season to come. With consecutive seasons, the first half will be a plot-line that exists fairly independently and is given more artistic attention while the second halves will be largely convoluted stories that are basically put in place to set up the beginning of the season to come. Said structure isn't as pronounced in this season, but it begins about four or more episodes from the end. You'll begin to see a lot more retcon, gratuitous characters that don't impact the plot that much (many of which are fan-service for Disney aficionados), and the introduction of story-lines that go no where. For instance, season two begins with Sleeping Beauty being released from her respective curse by Prince Phillip. Yeah, you aren't going to see much of these two in the future. Also, don't hold your breath for Maleficent's reappearance. Even though she was both shown and teased in the first season, she won't be showing until a few seasons after this.

The best things about this season are Regina's rocky road to redemption, Cora's menace as a villain, the town coming to terms with its two-fold identity (though it doesn't last very long), Emma and Snow awkwardly bonding, and the revelations surrounding Rumple's motives. For that last one, much of it could be seen coming and is foreshadowed in season one, but it is nice to have the actual pay-off concerning Mr. Gold's elaborate schemes. There's the added bonus of Mr. Gold becoming VERY ruthless when he finds out he can achieve his goals. One great element that I forgot to mention, which is a selling point for this season, is more explanation as to how Regina became an evil witch whilst being the queen. However, there are a lot of plot-lines that overlap with her own that seem quite unnecessary and introduce/re-introduce characters who will be more or less gone after this season (one of whom is just terribly uninteresting; another who we'll lose because of his obligations to a certain major franchise [whose future absence leaves many questions unanswered]).

I guess the cardinal sin, aside from breaking the curse too soon and transitioning to that awful double-arch-with-cliff-hanger-ending season structure, is the continued explosion of characters who either are tertiary to the plot, are not given any development, will not impact the plot in any meaningful way, are transparent attempts at fan-service, or all four.

I'm being very generous with some of my assessments of the protagonists. The antagonists (even with Regina in a moral conundrum state) are the high points. Once again, Parrilla and Carlyle, and Barbara Hershey, carry the show. Regina's quips only get funnier (one of the show's few conventions that never wavers and only gets stronger over time). It's not season one, but it picks up where the first story arc left off with some element of grace and carries on with a sense of purpose, even if it is largely unknown to even the creators.
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on January 18, 2014
As expected, season 2 leads off right where season 1 ended. As such, to really understand the complex relationships between the main characters, the drama, and the various twists involving all of your favorite Disney characters, you must definitely watch season 1 before beginning this season.

For those who are veterans of the series, the second season continues to introduce many beloved Disney characters and their stories as well as further dive into the pasts of the main, recurring, characters. There are many subplots in this season, but (SPOILER ALERT) some of the main plots focus on the identity of Rumpelstiltskin’s son and how to find him, re-uniting the 'Charming' family, and how to leave Storybrooke and return to their own world. If you loved the first season, the second season will only deepen your love for the characters and their stories. You will watch the characters grow and change and really experience the “magic” and “power” of love.
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on March 2, 2015
The video was great; glad I could find it and buy the episode I wanted. But it would never load into my Kindle library, and the representative could not tell me why or what to do to fix it. He didn't know. He said to manually sync and restart, which I did. It still didn't work. He actually gave me credit as I didn't know to check to see if it was free on prime (it isn't). I bought it without checking. Hence, why it should have loaded into my video library right away. It does show up in my video library on the computer though. Yet, I like to watch the shows on my Kindle.

Okay, that's not a review of the product as much as a technical review. I've bought episodes of series before, and this has never happened. He couldn't tell me why. He gave me credit and his final answer was, if I ever bought another episode and it didn't load on Kindle, call them back then. Really not helpful.

So, this is more a warning. The video product is great; just what I wanted. But, for some reason, isn't loading into my video library the way it's supposed to. Therefore, I feel like I've been cheated. I want to watch a product I paid for on my Kindle, and due to a tech issue at Amazon, I wasn't able to. With no resolution in site except to call them back if it happens again.
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on March 22, 2015
I watched the first season, and it had it's ups and downs, but I could not do the second season (I got through the first disk and stopped). I have since seen episodes of the third and fourth seasons and it looks like it hasn't gotten much better.

First, I LOVE Disney. Love the movies, the theme park, the store, etc. I also love mixing fairy tales with real life (check out The Sisters Grimm and Peter & Max and Fables (graphic novels). I love the genre.

The problem for me is they just don't do it well. I don't know why. I think their early success made them lazy, but the acting is bad enough to take me out of the scenes. The special effects are laughably bad. And the plot lines have so much back and forth, the season could be cut down by half and be twice as good.

Now, not all the acting is bad (Mr. Gold is quite good, and sometimes Snow White), but it's over the top soap opera style is really not to my taste. The whole time I was watching I felt like fewer episodes and a couple extra takes per scene would do the show wonders.
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on March 12, 2014
Now, as Magic arrives in Storybrooke, new problems emerge. As a wraith sends Mary Margaret and Emma back to the Enchanted Forest, Sleeping Beauty, along with Mulan and Prince Phillip, must fight to get them back home, even though a certain Queen, and a certain One Handed Pirate are determined to stop them.

After this Queen is defeated, a new threat emerges, outsiders. What could this mean for Storybrooke, and more importantly, for Henry?
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on June 19, 2014
Only made it a few episodes into season 2. It became unweildy and dubed down to reflect other lower quality dramas. Also, it's so spread out now, it's more difficult to remember each character and stroy line, as there is so much time in between appearances, and they don't self contain episodes as well as season 1. But mostly, the writing has changed and become less interesting, more predictible and annoying. I really tried to stick with this season, but have given up on this entire searies. First half of season was Amazingly Wonderful. Then it started changing. And by season two.. I just odn't have the patience. I found other programs to replace it. I usually watch an episode or two of some series while doing cardio, so I need good long-lasting series to keep my interest and motivation for my workout. It's also the only time I watch movies or TV.
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on September 19, 2013
i really enjoyed the 1st season, but not this one, it's always about the same characters, it's always about i'm bad but i wanna be good, no wait i wanna stay bad.....;
many of the action scènes are ridiculous, hard to find the big bad dangerous when all you need is just a sword to beat them......i sadly son't expect much from the show anymore
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on June 27, 2014
I can't speak to the quality of the show since I have never watched it.... but I can speak to the quality of this DVD set. I would assume that if you are looking to buy this dvd set then you are either a fan already or buying it as a gift for a fan. The case art is pretty cool looking, it isn't too bulky and the dvds work perfectly. To me that is a success! If you don't like the show... then I would recommend not buying this set.
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on April 2, 2013
Not writing much of a review here. Just giving it my 5 stars - for both seasons 1 and 2. I first became aware of the series from some of the TV ads but I didn't pay much attention. I DID glimpse Robert Carlyle in those ads and I thought, "oh darn, HE isn't in ANYTHING bad but I am NOT going to get HOOKED on a tv show!" Then, I was channel surfing here and there, and caught a few bits and pieces of the 2nd season. That was enough to get me a little curious and I went online to watch some season 1 episodes to understand the story better. Well. If the first scene of the first show of the first season doesn't grab a person by the shirt collar, I don't know what will! --Charming's flowing cape, his horse's thundering hooves, the dramatic landscape, the driving, suspenseful music: you just KNOW a thrilling, epic story is in store -- and it is!!! :o)

The writing, casting, costumes, sets and acting has all been so good. --And the CONSISTENCY of the quality has been amazing -- so much so that I honestly don't know how they'll be able to maintain it - I hope they do, but seasons 1 and 2 were so good and so fun that if they AREN'T able to maintain the quality and creativity, what they've given us already has been enough to make me a Kitsis/Horowitz fan for life. WOO HOO "Once Upon A Time"!!! :o)

[A word for fellow fans: I write this after the latest episode, S2E18 "Selfless, Brave and True" has aired. WHAT'S going to happen with Belle and Gold?!?!? --SOOO romantic, but SO doomed! I want it to work out so badly, but HOW is THAT possible?!?!]
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