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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
Magna Carta 2 - Xbox 360
Price:$39.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on March 15, 2013
Magna Carta 2 is a good game with an engaging plot though it takes time to evolve, the in-game tutorials are sometimes hard to understand but once you get the ins and out of the system it's a completely new animal. the down points are the cut scenes and the mini-map; the cut scenes half of which are nothing more than still photos and voice over could have been better if the characters faces at least reflected their emotions the cinematic ones are amazing but leave you wanting more, the mini-map is next to useless for finding anything but save points, major quest points, and SOME of the shops. the place Magna Carta 2 stands apart is it's real time combat system. while it is a lot like similar titles such as star ocean, the interaction between characters timing attacks is the closest to a realistic RPG fighting system I've ever encountered. at first glance it's frustrating and complicated but once you get into it the mixing of character attacks, stamina, and special abilities feels even more realistic. after all no hero is a dynamo of endless energy, that big honking sword gets heavy man! all in all the game meshes up making up for it's shortcomings with it's amazing combat system and the quality of it's cinematic cut-scenes and engaging story.
5 OUTA 5!!!
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on February 5, 2011
I am in love! I've put about 40 hours into this game so far and it is *just delightful*. This game is the perfect storm of wonderful, ridiculous fantasy RPG joy. Below I've written briefly about the best and worst aspects of the game, but overall I would definitely recommend this title to fans of the genre.

Yes you read that right! There are no load screens standing between you and that adorable worm monster! In this day and age, it is absolutely inexcusable for games to still be running the old school separate-zone battle systems - if you can't render your monsters in the same zone as your players, then you shouldn't be making games. It made sense in older games, which is why it doesn't bother me in games like Final Fantasy VII, but when you see it in games like the latest Star Ocean (a hybrid system), it's sheer laziness. In MG2, there is seamless, same-zone combat, which means there is nothing disrupting your flow while you're out beating up on the beasts of the world.

This game truly reminded me of FF XII in that it has a vast world with many widely different and beautifully rendered regions. Each location has unique scenery that has benefited from an obvious attention to detail - no two areas are alike, which keeps this longer game from getting boring. The characters are also gorgeous - the outfits alone (yes, they're ridiculous) are quite lovely to look at, and the clarity and facial detail of each character has clearly been lovingly crafted. In addition, the designers were kind enough to render different weapons, so whatever you equip, you see - not the case in a lot of these games. Some characters have costume changes, but there's no real armor in this game, so many of them just wear the same thing all the time.

This game is full of fun and interesting optional side quests. In a lot of these games, all of the quests are of the 'fetch and carry' variety... everyone wants you to do their shopping for them. Not so in MG2, a lot of the quests are different and require various things and even various party configurations. The grinding (kill 20 x) and fetch and carry quests were kept to a bare minimum, so the game doesn't feel monotonous or tedious.

While the story doesn't always make 100% sense, it's pretty awesome when it does. I was a little let down at times because what I thought was going to be the case wasn't, but there are some pretty cool twists and once you get drawn in the way it unfolds is really interesting. This is a game that is worth playing just for the story, the writers wrapped up a good standard RPG setting complete with war and princess and hero with lost memories, but there are other aspects to it that make it unique and, not to spoil it, but no matter how many RPGs you've played in the past (I've played em all...) I think you'll find things here that you haven't seen before.

Unbelievably silly writing? Check. Cheesy jokes? Yep. Sappy romance? Yep. Moments that make you go, "we're gonna need a bigger WTF"? Absolutely!

The "chain drive" battle system definitely got on my nerves at first. This is something I hadn't seen before, and it's hard to explain, but characters use 'stamina' to perform combat moves, and when they do too much they overheat, meaning they lock up for a few seconds. In the chain system you can utilize this and make your party work together using moves in overheat, and if done right the overheat penalty goes away. It's actually as complicated as it sounds, which is the problem, because the few seconds of overheat can cost you the battle in some of the boss fights.

My one big gripe with this game is that there are practically no true cutscenes. I'm a cutscene whore, really - I like the animation, storytelling, etc. But in this game there are these weird dialogue breaks where you're pressing X to advance it, and there are two characters and a text box. If there are more than 2 characters talking, they slide in and out like they're being pulled by a hook. It's silly, and since they obviously had the technology to animate full cutscenes, I felt pretty cheated that they chose the basically frozen conversation method they use. In addition, I began to wonder if the characters were deaf or something, because a lot of the conversations consist of repeating the same information over and over again, which can get kind of irritating.

This is my other major criticism. Unlike FFXII there are very few areas in this game where you can wander - most of the regions are merely a straight path that you can't walk off of, so there's little to no exploration, and that takes a lot of the mystery out and makes the world feel more claustrophobic than it needs to. In addition, the game is really aggressive about moving you towards the next story point, which means that you can miss the chance to do a lot of the fun side quests I mentioned without even realizing it. With no fast travel for much of the game, you're pretty much confined to the region of the game the story has currently brought you to, and you never know if you'll be able to get back. It's disappointing that the designers would create such a vast and beautiful world and then rush you through it so much.

Finally, I was blown away that there was no fast travel in this game - until I realized that there is, you just don't get access to it until after the halfway mark. I would have put this under the complaint above, but I wanted to highlight it because it's so different from most of the games of the genre. It makes the game much more linear, and cuts off your ability to wander very severely.
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on August 12, 2011
Although the game suggests it's a sequel, Magna Carta 2 is not connected to it's original for the PS2 (and it's way better). The graphics are really well done and the music was good.

The story of Magna Carta 2 didn't interest me until around the beginning of disc 2. However, the battle system kept me occupied until then. I didn't think the game was very challenging (not once did I face the game over screen), but I found the battle system a bit addicting after I got the hang of it. It's a mixture of turn-based and real-time battle. A party consists of three characters, but you can switch characters in or out of the fighting party anytime during battle (so if someone dies, just swap them with a new character, there are six playable characters in the game) You can move around during battle and hit the apponent, but once characters run out of stamina, they go into an overheat mode and are unable to move (the turn-based portion) However, once you learn how to do chain attacks and chain breaks, you never really stop fighting and are not taking turns. (much more real-time) This makes the battle move very quickly and if you don't watch closely, you could mess up a chain and have all three party members in overheat, unable to move.

The battle may seem a bit confusing at first, but I thought the tutorials in the game were fantastic. You are not only told what to do, but you also have to execute the action you are learning. This made it easy to learn the basics.

I also like how the game has many optional sidequests available. Although the sidequests have nothing to do with the story or characters, completing them will better prepare you for upcoming battles by awarding experience, items, and SID (which is money). Doing sidequests takes a great deal of time (there are over 80 of them) but they are very beneficial. I recommend the Magna Carta 2 strategy guide for the fastest ways to complete all sidequests.

By doing all the sidequests (which led me to fight more monsters) I was never short on experience, but sometimes short on money. Each of the six characters can carry one of two weapons. I tried to update every ones weapons and armor as much as possible. I found that I had the most money at the very end of the game (when I didnt need it, of course) Healing items are also very expensive. However, I am very protective of my items and money (just as I am in real life), and the only battle that I used items during was the very last one.

Over all, I really liked the game. It gets much more interesting (story wise) later in the game, but the combat is really cool and unique. It's definitely worth the money.
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on April 17, 2011

This game really surprised me. I'm sure I'm one of the black sheep here who's actually played the original Magna Carta for the PS2, and if any of you out there are with me and have played it, you may be wary of this game. Let me start out for those of you who HAVE played MC1, by saying that this game is TOTALLY UNRELATED IN ANY WAY to that game, to the rest of you, just read my review.

STORY: 4/5

The story is typical RPG fare, with more political influences in it then most. You're a young man, Juto, whom is on an island and has lost his memory. Yep, you got it people, the biggest, most over-used cliche in Role Playing Gaming Ever, Amnesia. Anyways. Stuff happens, You join a princess, you go to fight against the evil man and his empire to reclaim the throne.

Despite it being really cliche, it grew on me. Your character's interactions with another member, who goes by the name of crocell, were especially humorous. Don't go into it expecting anything really overly deep, and you'll be pleasantly thrilled. the story does fine in advancing the plot.

As a side-note, the game has a few AWESOME scenes with the main character, Juto. Let's just say, this man is fully capable of badassery from time to time.


They're great. Everything looks really good. The battlefields are bereft of life, they're scorched, dead, burnt. The forest's are very vibrant and bright, cheery and have a nice green palette. They're great, but they don't do anything different than other games like Lost Odyssey have done. They do a damned good job at what they do, and we'll leave it at that.

Oh, and special attacks looks really cool :3

SOUND: 4/5

The music is pretty good. I felt that it fit the locales perfectly. It's calm when it needs to be, Lots of drumming and whatnot in the battle areas, and the towns are all cheery and have that "Bazaar" feel to them. The music is really well done, but none of it really stood out.

On another sidenote, the first area you spend the game in, the island, had a very "MMO" music feel to it, like a bad porno flick. Anyone play FlyFF? Lol.


Okay, the gameplay. The lifeblood of an RPG. Here's the rundown. It's like Final Fantasy 12 but without the autopilot and with a few things that keep it fresh and interesting. WAIT! Don't stop reading because I mentioned Final Fantasy 12, this game really did a good job with it and deserves a chance.

You walk around on the map, and when you see an enemy, you have the choice to whip out your ole' sword/Flaming Fists of powah/Hammer/Whatever it is that you're using to mercilessly slaughter innocent animals, and you engage the enemy. Each time you press the A button, you whack the cute little death machine. This expends stamina, and if you fill your stamina bar to max, you enter "Overdrive". When in overdrive, your attacks are much more powerful, but when you quit attack (You have a limited number of attacks in a combo) you go into "Overheat", and have to sit there looking like an idiot while your stamina recovers.

Here's where it gets fun, though. Later on, when you enter "Overheat", you can switch to another character. If you can successfully enter overdrive and unleash a special skill while in it, you and your buddies in the chain can recover without losing A THING. AWESOME! Right?

The gameplay is fun. It's nothing revolutionary, but it does the job, it keeps you entertained. Plus, you get to choose one (or both) of two weapon trees, so you get a little bit of variety.


It's a good game with a decent storyline, good music, and a great battle system. You can get it for a steal (Around 27$) and it'll keep you entertained for a good many hours. I would recommend this game to ANYONE who enjoys rpg's.

It's a shame it never sold well.
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on January 10, 2015
If you like RPG action/adventure games this game is for you. I've played a lot of RPGs and this one got my goat. Interesting story as well.
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on June 19, 2017
Great Game, Came in good condition
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on February 20, 2017
Great shape
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on May 30, 2011
I would have to say if u like any RPG games out there this is a must buy. I own alot of RPG type games andthis its right at near the top, very good story,gameplay, and the endin is great, Worth the wait because its 2 cds long but trust me its a 10/10. It gets harder and harder the more u play but follow the story and side quests and im show u with enjoy!
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on February 26, 2015
Was a great game the controls were a little difficult but other then that it was a great story line.
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on March 3, 2016
loved this game!
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