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on November 14, 2012
Our Panasonic VCR died a few weeks ago and we needed to replace it. The TV we used it with is a 25-year old GE. This player works with our old TV and we can play VHS tapes, record VHS tapes and watch DVD's. I am using a cable box from Comcast. This unit does not have a tuner, so you will need an external one like a cable box. Also, your TV MUST have RCA jacks on the back: 3 colored sockets--yellow (video signal) and red and white for the audio. You will need to purchase another set of RCA cables if you plan on recording.

A few things you need to know to get today's progressive scan players to work with an analog TV.
1. You MUST turn progressive scan off. On this player there is a small light on the front labelled P Scan. If that light is illuminated, progressive scan is on. To turn it off, press and hold the play button on the DVD side until the light goes off.
2. There is no TV/VCR button on the remote or front panel. So, to view a tape you must switch to video input on your TV. How you do this depends on the brand of TV you have. For my GE, it amounts to setting the channel to channel 91. This can be done using your TV's remote or by just pressing the channel up button on the front of your set if you are using a cable box. With Comcast's boxes, the channel controls on the TV are limited to 4 and 91 on my set. I suspect that even if you do not know how to switch the video mode, just pressing the channel up button will probably toggle through your options. To find out more about your specific set, download the manual for this player. Go to Google and type magnavox dv225mg9 in the search box and click on the manual. Download it and go to p. 6 where they list the various TV models and ways to switch the video input. Once you have switched the video input, you never need to change it again. My Comcast box works fine with the TV set to channel 91 instead of channel 4. If you find that you suddenly don't see your tape playing, it's likely because the video input was reset somehow, just switch it back and all should be well.
3. Now set the date and time. Using the VCR's remote, press the Setup bottom, which will bring up a menu and the familiar blue screen. Follow the manual instructions.

Hooking the Unit Up--Recording and Playing
1. I recommend hooking up your TV directly to your cable box using the coax. Then use one set of RCA cables to go out of the cable box and into the VCR's input jacks.
2. Use the second set of RCA cables to connect the VCR's output to the video input on the back of your TV.
3. VERY IMPORTANT--you must use the rear inputs on the VCR to allow it to record, the so-called L1 input.
4. Pages 12-13 of the manual describe how to program timer recording. You will note that part of the process involves selecting the input. You must choose L1 if you want to record something on TV.
5. It may seem obvious, but the cable box MUST be on. Some of Comcast's boxes are always on like the simple analog-to-digital converters. But the on-demand boxes can be turned off and if the box is off, all you will record is snow, like you lost your cable connection, which of course you have!
6. To activate the program you just entered, you must press the Timer Set button on the remote. Toshiba also works like this. This locks you out of viewing VHS tapes and only allows viewing DVD's.
7. Finally, make sure to turn off the power to the VCR. It will not record if you leave the power on. It must be able to turn itself on.

Hooking up the unit for playback only:
1. If you are not interested in recording TV shows, then the set of RCA cables supplied with the unit will suffice. I suspect that since this unit has no internal tuner, that is why only one set of RCA cables is included.
2. Hook one end up to the VCR output jacks on the back of the VCR and hook up the other end to the matching color jacks on the back of your TV.
3. Make sure your TV is set to video input and you should be good. Whenever you want to playback a VHS tape or DVD, just press Play on the VCR remote and your selection will be viewable on your TV.
4. You can skip setting the clock, etc. since you will only be playing back and not recording.

I only rated this unit a 4. Although I am very pleased that Magnavox's manual addressed the compatibility early in the manual and that the manual is available online, so you can check it out before buying the unit, I am less impressed with the design. The visibility of the unit's front panel controls and the remote buttons are rather poor. White lettering on a sliver background does not make for easy reading. Be prepared to have to use a flashlight to read the front panel controls. The lack of a display means you'd have to check the time on the unit before using the timer record function, unless you just want to cross your fingers. For me, to rate a 5, Magnavox would have to make 4 changes: make the controls on the front of the unit and on the remote more legible by changing the color of the background and/or characters, include a digital display which not only displayed the time, but also acted as a time counter when playing back VHS tapes or DVD's.

It took me about 2 weeks of research to figure out how to make these new VCR's work with our perfectly functional, albeit antiquated TV's. Hope this info helps others with the same problem we faced.

Questions, just ask. I personally have learned so much from Amazon's customer feedbacks that I really want to share what I can to help others navigate the tech swamp.

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on June 18, 2013
I like that it can do what it's supposed to. That said, it's a good thing it comes with a manual (about 20 pages?) because there are a LOT of steps to doing each function it performs. Unless you do the same function over and over on a regular basis or set aside a chunk of time to do a lot of transferring/recording, you'll need to refer back to the manual. The quality is very good but since it's so involved, I haven't seen a lot, which is frustrating. I KNOW that there are copyright issues with purchased VHS movies but since I had already PAID for them once, I was hoping to make more room for DVD's and CD's in the end. Since the tape can't tell whether I'm making 1 copy for myself or 100 to sell, it's silly of me to think it would be anything other than that. A good purchase whether you're technically inclined with a good memory or you need the manual, it'll be a good buy for you. I kept it but I don't use it as often as I'd like to for what I paid for it.
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on October 30, 2011
I would not call this DVD/VCR combo unit the greatest device ever, but it serves the purpose. I received my unit in perfect condition and both VHS tapes and DVD's play just fine. Given the very limited selection of models like this available these days, one cannot complain too much. The remote control and menu system is kind of confusing, but functional. The DVD portion can play back using 480p progressive scan, though it must do so through only component connectors. There is no HDMI connection option, nor does this unit do "upscaling" to near-HD quality from DVD's. Still, the picture quality is decent using the progressive scan/component output option. If you still have a large library of VHS tapes you don't want to toss yet, then this unit might work well for you. Note though, as others have mentioned, THERE IS NO BUILT IN TUNER! In other words, you will have to hook this up between a cable or satellite receiver and your television in order to do any recording on the VCR. Referred to as "line in" recording. This should not be an issue for most people though.
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on September 14, 2013
I bought this for my mother and her approx. 15 year old TV. The TV does have input jacks on it, we use to call them RCA jacks so there was no issue hooking it up. It replaced a failed VHS / DVD combo unit. It worked right out of the box playing VHS tapes and DVD's with what I consider very good quality for a TV of that era. I haven't tried to record anything so I can not comment on that aspect. It's a nice unit. The remote control that comes with it has one draw back, the lettering should be higher contrast so it is easier to see the various functions.
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on June 1, 2014
I need this for some old tapes I still love to watch and my old DVD-Tape broke after two years.The other model was much more expensive than this one.
This one was easy to install, easy to use, (dummy proof lol)..and what a great price! There are few tape DVD's combo's available and this wasn't the cheapest but certainly not the most expensive. I didn't want to have to buy both a DVD and another tape player.
I feel it's an excellent value for the little I paid for it.
It arrived quickly and as I stated..installation is dummy proof. I have no skills with electrical anything..but instructions were so easy. The Picture is surprisingly great.(which was a shock) even on old tapes. Also beautiful picture quality with the DVD's side. I'd recommend it and buy it again.
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on January 13, 2012
I am not completely into the gadget generation, nor do I feel the need to have the newest products. I have 2 older TVs that work very well. I still will tape programs on another TV when I am away, or when 2 or 3 programs I would like to see are on at the same time. I do not have TIVO or a DVR, so taping on a VCR works well for me. We had 2 of this same combo VCR/DVD that were connected to 2 of the 3 TVs in our home. The 3rd TV had an even older VCR unit which did not replay tapes well that made on the newer units. The price of replacing the old unit on Amazon was reasonable. Now we can tape and watch on any of the TVs in our home.
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on May 10, 2014
I have recorded so many movies and have high dust factor that gets into recording receptacles so that eventually they do not work. I bought one later & purchased square trade so I can get it serviced when it stops recording. It will start showing unable to read disc and skip etc.. when it is used continually to record movies. I just love the functions it has and have always purchased another unit from Magnavox with same features of vhs to dvd included so I can transfer old vhs movies over when I get time and able to record all the old Turner Classic Movies from the past that I have no time to watch right now. I have recorded hundreds probably and love knowing I will get to see them when I want and have time. Hard to find this capability at the price
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on October 10, 2011
This unit does a great job of playing both our DVD's and our many older VCR's. We have a very large collection of Disney movie VCR's, and didn't see any reason to spend more money buying them on DVD's. But, the only VCR player we still had was in a small older TV in the kids bedroom and the VCR player was not working very well anymore. So, I got this new unit that will play both DVD's, and VCR's that we still enjoy watching.

The pictures are clear and crisp, the sound quality is good, and both work perfectly. Now we can have the best of both worlds. We didn't need any cables other than what that came with the unit.

I would recommend this unit to anyone looking for a dual player system like this. The price is reasonable and the quality is good.
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on December 24, 2011
I hesitantly ordered this product after reading many negative reviews. It came sooner than expected, was extremely easy to hook up (I'm a little old lady who doesn't do well with tech. products), and so far is working great. I bought it just to play DVDs and my old video cassettes and it does that very well. Simple process to do that - not complicated at all. I usually have trouble finding electronics that do the basics well.

This is one of those "you get what you pay for" products. No bells or whistles. The remote control and the buttons on the player are cheaply made, but they do the job well. The only criticism I have is that the print on the remote and on the player itself are very hard to read. That won't bother me because I will only be needing a few buttons and I'll use them enough that I'll know where they are.

For the price, it's hard to beat.
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on August 23, 2015
The Magnavox DVD/VCR player is great. My mother's Sony DVD/VCR player was not working well due to the age of it, and I didn't have the money to purchase a new one, so I came across a used Magnavox DVD/VCR player on Amazon. The price was reasonable, and it's in excellent condition. Now my mother can watch her favorite movies on DVD and VHS. My Mother is currently housebound these days, due to her being 86 years old. I'm happy that I was able to get her the Magnavox DVD/VCR. It really made a big difference in her life.
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