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on May 26, 2012
I bought these because I need more low discharge batteries for certain situations. Normally I use the regular high-capacity Powerex batteries in things like my camera and flashes, and they work great because I use up their charge quickly and recharge them immediately. But some flash units I have sit around a while between use and I need those to be ready to go when required.

If it weren't for these I'd probably just buy the lower capacity Eneloop batteries because I'm not willing to shell out cash for the super-expensive Eneloop XX ones, but the Imedion seem to be just the same except with slightly lower capacity. 200 more mAh in the XX aren't worth double the cost to me.

First thng I did with these is put four of them in my LaCrosse battery charger and put it in test mode with the slowest charge current. On their first discharge/charge it says they hold about 2200mAh. That's pretty good for the first cycle. (They shoud demonstrate full capacity after 2-3 more cycles.) I didn't have a way to measure the charge they came with, but I'd probably discharge and recharge them first anyway because these "already charged" batteries never come with a full charge. (After all, they may be low discharge, but they still discharge and so will be a bit lower than full capacity after sitting around in a warehouse for a few months.)

So I can't say how well they compare in terms of discharge rate yet, but so far they're proving to be quite good.
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on April 7, 2012
Very happy with the performance of these batteries, I've seen the capacity for some of them go as high as 2620mAh after a few cycles. Regularly out-perform alkalines in most of the devices I've used them in so far.

And as others have mentioned, the width of this battery can sometimes be an issue for, let's call them, "non-standard" battery compartments. I've used these Imedion AA's in radios, flashlights, portable speakers, etc. and they fit perfectly. But then I picked up a Coleman 3AA High-Tech LED Mini Lantern which has a plastic battery compartment basically made up of three tubes for sliding the AA batteries into. Well one of those tubes was a very tight fit with these batteries. So to fix it, I wrapped an alkaline AA battery with the thinnest sandpaper I could find, and twisted it around in the tight compartment to enlarge it a bit. No problems after that, but just be aware of the slightly extra width of this battery.

*** Update Sunday, June 10, 2012

I wanted to use these batteries in my smoke detector and I wondered, when using NiMH low self-discharge batteries, just how long would a smoke detector give you low battery warnings, until the batteries discharged completely and the warnings stopped?

I had a Kidde NightHawk combination smoke/CO2 alarm that I could test with and like a lot of newer alarms it takes AA batteries, so I tested some Imedion AA low self-discharge NiHM batteries (three). I discharged the batteries until they were down to about 25% full, put them in and then had a long wait until I heard the first low battery warning. The alarm manual stated that using alkaline batteries the low battery warning would last at least seven days. I figured that the way these batteries discharge quicker than alkalines at the end of their life that the warning time would definitely be shorter than seven days, maybe around 2 to 5 days. However, what I found was the complete opposite! To my great surprise I actually ended up stopping the test myself before the batteries were completely exhausted. Why? Because the alarm gave me constant low battery warnings FOR THREE FULL WEEKS. I really didn't need to see just how much longer they were going to last past that.

So apparently the low voltage cutoff point that triggers the warning was high enough that the NiHM LSD battery still has sufficient voltage to keep the warnings going for a long time, before it hits the steep (and quick) drop off point. At least in this particular detector that's the way it worked and that's a home run.
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on August 27, 2012
Hello All,

I have been using Rayovac AA Hybrids for a few years now in my Sony a100 DSLR. This camera, with the aftermarket AA battery holder, takes a whopping 12 AA batteries and its flash takes 4.

I've been having problems with the camera resetting itself only after a few pictures after a full charge with the Rayovacs. I've used the camera throughout the years and have used the Rayovac charger they came with. I don't think I charged them over 100 times. Showing signs of battery failure, I knew needed new batteries. After doing a lot of homework and reading the reviews, it came down to the Sanyo Enloops or the Maha Imedion AA. Based on my knowledge and research, the Maha Imedion AA cells won my vote. These have a higher mah rating so I hope to get more pictures out of a charge.

I used the Maha C9000 charger to get them nice and prepped for my next photo-shoot. Boy was I impressed! That Sony never acted so alive! Even when I first used the Rayovac AA cells, I don't recall the camera being so happy. Shutter speed on continuous mode worked flawlessly with no lag like I remember with the other cells. The flash recharged faster and now I'm a happy camper.

I'm also into HAM radio so I'll be buying more of these great AA rechargeables to power up them toys.

I'd highly recommend these Maha Imedion AA cells as well as the Maha C9000 charger that also sells to charge these batteries. Besides has the lowest price for 16 of these AA batteries.

Njoy Life...


Quality And Reliability, A Way Of Life...
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on August 6, 2014
I bought four 9 volt, sixteen AA and thirty-two AAA Imedion low loss batteries and sixteen Powerex batteries at the same time, 3 years ago. I also bought the Maha Powerex Wizard MH-C9000 charger at the same time. I love the charger, it gives you so much more control of charging and can even repair batteries that will no longer take a charge.

With the Imedion batteries, I have not had a single battery go bad in 3 years of heavy use--MUCH better lifetime than the old style rechargeable that won't hold a charge for more than a couple of months. One exception to this was the old style Powerex batteries. They hold a charge longer than other brands I have used and in 3 years I have not had any of the Powerex or the Imedion batteries go bad (I charge all of them every 2 months whether they need it or not).

The Imedion batteries really will hold a charge for a year, if they are just sitting on the shelf and not being used.

I love Maha's chargers and Imedion batteries.
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on December 27, 2010
Not being one to chase the milliAmp-hour(mAh)ratings as indicative of overall performance, I have stayed with the products offered by Maha from Thomas Distributing for more than ten years although I continually check other vendors' offerings. My long term (1 year) experience with the Imedion line is that they are the best batteries for my digital cameras, flash units and remote controls in terms of available power whether after weeks of disuse or multiple recharges during high activity periods. Therfore my long term costs are less and the likelyhood of finding dead batteries when I need them now is greatly reduced.
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on October 29, 2015
The Imedion AA and AAA cells are amazingly robust. One of their key advantages for me is that I find I can confidently leave them installed in expensive and/or essential equipment without risk of damage to the equipment I have experienced with other types or some other brands of NiMH cells. In my experience with 100 or so of each size Imedion cell over a few years is that only one AAA cell has shown any leakage -- a blue tint under the label that did not progress.
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on February 19, 2013
These are great batteries. Every bit Eneloop's equal. If they're any cheaper than Eneloops, buy them. If they cost more, compare the capacity; these are often rated to hold more than similarly-priced Eneloops, making them the better buy.

I've had no problems with PowerEx batteries, either the regular or low self-discharge Immedion types.

Sometimes ThomasDistributing (the seller for this listing, but they have their own website) has better deals on these when you buy them direct, especially if you're buying a bunch. They tend to throw in extra perks as well, like even more battery cases. Those cases are super handy.
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on October 30, 2014
I have both the Powerex Imedion AA and the Eneloop AA rechargeables and I use the MaHa Powerex 4 cell charger. Great combinations and I think I get better performance from the Powerex units than the Eneloop but they're rated 2400mAH and 2000mAH respectively. I expect the Eneloops to last longer for this reason alone. I've also tried Rayovac and the LaCrosse that came with the charger. Neither of those started out with the rated capacity nor will they charge quite fully. I just use them for unimportant power supplies.
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on September 20, 2016
These batteries have been working great for over two years, with no apparent loss of capacity. I am impressed with their performance in digital cameras, portable stereo speakers, and other applications. Can't imagine buying rechargeables from any other maker.
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on January 26, 2014
As a photographer I use a lot of batteries and these are my favorite by far. I have tried others but nothing as good. Their shelf life is fantastic. Make sure to get the Maha battery charger to go with these. A good battery charger is a must.
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