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on June 30, 2015
My unit may have been defective, but here is the review:
The unit itself is painfully cheaply constructed. Cheapest plastic and buttons I've seen in a long time.....
NOT $100 worth of build quality.

I used it on a military exercise to handle all of our batteries. We used fine quality rechargeable batteries in the machine. On the first set, I noted that 3 of the batteries were too hot to touch (we used the "soft" charge method, since time was not critical). When we removed them, the plastic on the cells was partly melted. Needless to say, they were no longer usable.

The second set (different size batts), only one melted. but it was an expensive D-cell...ouch.

I had brought a back-up charger for the AA cells, and used it the rest of the time without issue.

Overall, I was very nervous about leaving this charger unattended. The concept of it is awesome. The execution less so. I think I got a bad one, so I may order another and see what happens.

But, I am out about $25 in blown/burnt batteries....

Sidebar: Amazon customer service ROCKS! I was away for 30 days and could not leave to return the item. Amazon covered it for me and accepted it back. very nice!!
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on April 17, 2017
It's tough to find a D-cell charger out there, and this one seems to do quite well.

My only issue, if the battery is exteremly discharged the device will not "see it", and the cell will not charge. In that case, I remove the battery from the charger, hook the cell up to a DC power supply and connect it to ~5V for a couple of seconds so that it has a small level of power. Then I return the battery to the charger and it will recognize it and take care of the rest.
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on January 2, 2016
The most versatile multiple cell charger available. It will charge AA, AAA, C, and D sized cells. More amazingly, each charging bay is like its own discrete charger so you can safely and reliably charge different sized cells all at the same time.

The soft charging option seems to allow you to charge cells at a slower rate which should keep cells lasting longer. I use it frequently to charge a lot of AA sized cells. Those cells hold their charge for over a year. The size of the cell dictates how long it will take to fully charge all bays. A set of 8, D sized cells will take several hours longer to charge than 8, AA sized cells.
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I had done some research before making the purchase. What I like about this Maha Charger is that it's designed for all popular battery sizes (san 9volt). I love having my battery operated candles light up in the evening automatically but they were eating my battery supply in alarming amounts. I read about how this charger allows for soft recharging which saves the life of the battery over time and I took the plunge.

I looks just like the picture with a nice and bright display light that is very talkitive. It lets you know when it's charging, When it's finished (just puts the word DONE under that column where the battery is. I ordered the Powerex MHRCI2 Imedion C 5000mAh and they were charged in less than twenty minutes on the soft charge because they come charged. The batteries are still lighting up the candles and after 4 days showing no signs of slowing down.

I love not wasting batteries anymore. NOTE: Keep the bag it came in for storage when not in use.
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on July 11, 2015
Good battery smart charger for common batteries. AA,AAA,C,D. It's fast, with options to slow (optimize battery life) charge, or condition to restore any possible life to your neglected batteries that don't charge. It's a powerful charger with excellent performance on the larger C & D cell batteries.
It comes with a serious charge cord "brick", along with equally serious "no springs" charge contacts, and a really, really bright white display. One thing though... just don't EVER get this thing even a LITTLE bit wet. Not even a few drips. There is virtually NO protection for the underlying mono-board circuitry. If its wet when its powered up, say good-by to your charger. (I'm on my second due to a few drops from a slightly wet tea cup dripping at just the wrong moment). Don't think twice, just cover this thing with a sheet of plastic when not in use.
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on June 7, 2013
Just used my charger for the first time. I think its a pretty smart design...was a little skeptical about how well different sized batteries would fit, but the design works great. There's been a few negative reviews about excessive heat with these, but I suspect this has a lot to do with people not reading the directions or using bad batteries, as I've not had ANY experience with heat, and I use my charger very heavily to charge my emergency backup GPS batteries for flying. And based on a quick scan of reviews, apparently the vast majority of us haven't had any problems either. Just read the directions and you should be fine. As with any charger, you should use quality batteries...I paid for the more expensive Maha types. Also, the manual specifically says in fast charge mode, battery capacity must be greater than 700 mAh for AAA, and greater than 2000 mAh for all others. Use only HiMH and NiCD batteries. Also, AA, C and batteries must be able to accept a 2.0A current (for the Hillmans out there, that "A" stands for Amp ) in rapid charge mode. Its 1A in soft charge (AAA batteries its 0.7A/0.35A). Lastly, load the batteries from left to right. This is all in the very first paragraph of manual too.

If you use the charger in Conditioning Mode it will produce some heat, but it is supposed to do that. As the battery is conditioned, it goes through several charge/discharge cycles. The discharged energy from the battery is dissipated as heat. This is normal.
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on June 6, 2014
This is by far the best Unit for charging NiMH Batteries I have ever used or seen on the market. Not only does it charge all sizes it also can do any configuration of Batteries at the same time. With over 40 NiMH batteries I have all very high Value, (mAh) this finds out where they are at in its storage capacity and then brings them up to a full charge rather fast. The slowest one is the 10,000 (mAh) " D " size and that would only make sense. The " C " size is a 5,000 (mAh) battery and it too is rather fast in the charging cycle and they never get hot like some old charges I have had that LOWERS any batteries life over time. Heat while charging kills them. But it has proven to be the best to date and never once has it failed me. And the one battery I had from years ago it even told me unit had met its maker so it went to the Big Battery Recycle bin in the Store.
Now with all this said I wish I had not only bought the same brand that only charges only AAA/AA batteries but I found when you use a lot of them it has paid off to have 2 of them. VERY Pleased with it. And I kept with only one brand of NiMH battery "TENERGY" They have the highest and best I have found with the highest mAh capacity value. worth every cent I spent. and will buy more when I need to. For all my Battery needs. this will last me for a VERY long time with over 1,000 charge cycles in the very cold to very hot Weather inside and out.
12/25/2015 over a year ago I Bought this Charger and have used it non stop and this is what I Found out worked best. as well as the most asked questions.

Update on this Real Good Charger.

I was asked a Real Good Question and this is only fitting to give an update on it,

I was asked is it UL listed, and how well does it work?

Yes this unit is UL Listed In The United States, UL ( E230431 ), Second part of your Question How well does it work. Since the day I bought and used to date it has worked Perfect on Every battery I have Charged on it from "D" cell to "AAA" Batteries. In any numbers up to 8 at any given time. Note the Best way to charge is By USING THE SOFT MODE. It will zero out the batteries and slowly charge them. If you ( Fast charge them ) that will reduce the life any " nimh " Battery. And also keep in mind to charge like batteries at any given time and not mix them. As in the mAh of the batteries. i.e. 1100mAh, or 2500 mAh, DO NOT MIX.... when charging. And only charge only one size at a time as well.
The only thing I have found that " WAS NOT LISTED " it will let you Know if a Battery is not working anymore by not charging it, "NICE Feature. "
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on June 24, 2017
Serious All-Sized battery charger for the serious user of rechargeable nickel-based cells. I got pretty tired of the 25-$30 crop of 8, 12 and 16-bay chargers that progressively reduce both Charging current and Refresh Discharge current as you load up the battery bays - for no obvious or technical reason. The AC/DC adaptor is large enough to handle 8/12/16x the advertised charging current for AA and/or AAAs. There's no noticeable charger heat but the charger won't do it. Discharging takes near-zero power but the charger will reduce that current per bay as you add cells to the available bays. Same with charging. Silly and measurable. And is why a full-boat set of AA or AAAs may literally take a day or more for a "Refresh" cycle. I have the no-nonsense, not cheap Maha PowerEx MH-9000 Wizard 4-bay charger/analyzer so thought I should finally spend the money on this thing vs. wasting $ and time on chargers for children.
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on July 15, 2015
Works well - I can swap out discharged batteries, putting them in the TBC (to be charged) box then charge them all up overnight when enough accumulate. Efficient. BTW, I highly recommend LSD (low self-discharge) rechargables. They're expensive but they can sit in a flashlight in a drawer for a year and be ready to go when needed. Try THAT with cheap rechargables; they're dead in 2-3 months.
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on April 18, 2013
Prior to purchasing this, I was using an Energizer charger that has 4 slots and can do a timed charge on two pairs of AAA, AA, C, D batteries, or a single 9V battery in place of either of the pairs. After purchasing a new Roomba robot vaccuum, I grew tired of coming home to find it had entered a room it should not have been in. The Energizer C batteries that powered my virtual walls were being fully drained about every 3 weeks.

After a few charge/discharge cycles, I decided to get a better charger with better batteries. I ended up purchasing some ULSD (Ultra Low Self Discharge) 4500 mAh C batteries along with this charger, as I read that timed chargers don't do large capacity batteries justice. I still have yet to charge the ULSD batteries, which says more for the batteries than the charger, but you need a better charger once those batteries do get drained.

However, I have noticed substantially more life in my AA and AAA rechargeable Energizer batteries after doing a conditioning cycle on them. Prior to getting this charger, my AA powered GPS lasted me almost two full days of skiing. After a conditioning cycle (and using this recharger since), the same batteries consistently last about three days!

The only reason this did not get five stars from me is that running a conditioning cycle is unintuitive, and I feel that "soft charging" should be the default mode (it is the only mode I have used thus far). In my experience (and only using the soft/slow charging mode), I have not noticed the charger heating up to unsafe temperatures, as some other reviewers mentioned.
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