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on May 26, 2013
In the old Andy Griffin show Ernest T. Bass ran into some difficulties in Mayberry and told Andy and Barney that he was going to go up in the mountains to be by himself or as he put it, to "hermitize" himself. In this book, Max Carter is a millionaire who has recently come out of a messy divorce and he is doing the same thing. He is "hermitizing" himself on a mountaintop in New Hampshire. He has ordered some snow boots from a mail order catalog and when they don't arrive he calls Customer Service and speaks to a young lady named Miranda.

Miranda apologizes that the boots have not reached him and says he will have them the next day if she has to deliver them herself, which she does even though she has to borrow a piece of heavy equipment to drive up the mountain through the heavy snow and blizzard-like conditions.

I have said in other reviews that quite often while I am reading I have to suspend my sense of logic and realism. I had to do that here but the visual I got when I read this passage was the scene from the movie, The Shining, where the cook borrows the snowcat and creeps up the mountain through that heavy snow and near zero visibility to reach the Overlook Hotel so he can check on the welfare of the caretaker's family.

Of course you will remember that when he reaches the Hotel he finds a scene of carnage and death (thanks to the strange mind of Stephen King). Fortunately, no such scene awaits Miranda when she reaches the mountaintop. Instead of carnage and death she finds the hermitizing Max.

There are often negative reviews about a book that is "unrealistic" but I don't demand that FICTION books be real or true to life because they are neither real nor true to life, nor do they claim to be. After I suspended my sense of logic and realism I actually enjoyed it.
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on July 31, 2013
OK so I used a silly phrase for my title. But isn't it what the story was about, keeping the farm and making a profit, hum yeah it was. I really enjoyed the story. It was cute, and it was not repetitive. I did not find any grammar errors. I thought it was well written. And yes, I would suggest this story to my friends.

I am appalled by some of the critics here who said it should be banned for child abuse, or that she should have blue balls for frustration. Hum blue balls for those who are not aware, was first considered Endometriosis, how do I know because back in the 70's that's what the doctors told me I had "blue balls", which in fact I had Endometriosis, ah how science has progressed. Good grief do you not have anything better to do than slam a story, my God.
Oh and yeah I have reported on clj (Ceres) for saying this was about child abuse, because it wasn't not what so ever.
It is in fact a love story.
The reason I gave it a 5 to counter act the 1
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on September 6, 2012
Certainly this book has some faults, one of them being that the characters give mixed signals to each other and the romance is very slow.

However, there is charm in the story, where the imagery brings the reader into the daily lives of the main characters. Miranda, a 'refugee' from New York, returns home to the farm which her grandfather left her to try and make a go of the maple syrup business. She also has to work locally in order to make ends meet, which involes fielding complaints at a mail order business.

Max, hurting from a broken marriage, is currently the weatherman on a mountain in the next county and contacts the mail order business to complain that his boots have not arrived.

It all happens from there.

Grace's description of the farm, working the sap from the trees with the horses, the slush and the mountain weather station is the saving of the novel. If the reader is looking for red hot action, this is not the place to find it. I felt the characters could have been rounded out better in order for the reader could get to know them, but in spite of this, the novel as a whole has charm.

As a final note, the title is misleading. This story is not your average millionaire meets girl story. For one thing, the millionaire matter is barely mentioned and in fact, is totally unnecessary to the plot.
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on March 5, 2017
I truly had a hard time putting this book down. I have downloaded more books by this Carol Grace and can't wait to read them.
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on November 29, 2014
A sweet story of adversity, hope and second chances.

Miranda Morrison is losing hope, she left home to go to the city and came back with her hopes and dreams shattered and it seems her last dream of saving the farm my be going by the wayside. Then she meets the man of her dreams in the wrong way, at the wrong time for them both.

Max Carter is happy with his life. He is the weatherman he always wanted to be and the sacrifices he had to make to get where he is at, have been worth it, then he meets Miranda and start to question himself and that he can't afford to do. His future is all planned out.

Will these two souls realize they are perfect for each other before is too late? Read on and find out!
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on April 12, 2014
This is a cute read. I found it funny and easy to read. How far should customer service go by a mail-order company? Maxwell Randolph Carter can’t seem to get his new items for cold weather delivered to him. Miranda Morrison, customer service representative guaranteed delivery the third time. When the delivery is not made, she personally delivers them to his remote location. Sparks fly as they are drawn to each other. Because of her obligation to the family farm and his weatherman duties in a remote area, will they get together? How will they work out their own obligations they have? I enjoyed this clean read. No sex scenes, just a couple of people spending time together and getting to know each other. Falling in love can be hard at times. I enjoyed this story of love and fate.
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on June 30, 2013
Ariel worked in customer service for a mail order company when she wasn't at home trying to make her farm self-supporting. She met Maxwell Randolph Carter, meteorologist, on the phone trying to determine what happened to his lost boots. She promises to send him a new pair, and if he doesn't get them via mail, she will bring them to him herself. He didn't get them, so off she goes to the top of Mount Henry to deliver those boots only to find she is fogged in when she arrives and has to stay. Maxwell was sworn off women because his ex-wife couldn't take the solitude when he was gone so long. Now he finds himself with Ariel because Mother Nature has a different plan.

Money isn't an issue for some, but for others it sure helps to have enough.
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on February 1, 2012
The first 50% of the book was FANTASTIC. However, by the time I was to the 75% mark I was getting irritated with the mixed signals coming from each main character...repeatedly. It was like a broken record. Very unrealistic. Also, the ending was very, very weak.

There is no reason that this author couldn't produce a 5 star book on every attempt if she put a little more thought in to what she was doing. My opinion of this book started out as a 5 star and ended up being a borderline 3 star. The reason I gave it 3 stars instead of 2 stars was because of the authors ability to tell a story effortlessly. Nothing was forced and the character development was superb. The failure came when the author was trying to find a direction for the story to go and the ending was completely uninspired.

I would read other books written by this author because I think she is too talented to make the same mistakes she made in this book.
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on December 14, 2012
I absolutely loved this book! I enjoyed the slow an steady build up to their falling in love. The only reason that I'm giving 4 instead of 5 is that I found the internal conflict to be a bit unbelievable. That being said I enjoyed the character an their sweet love story.
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on May 24, 2016
I really enjoyed this clean, contemporary romance. I love that characters didn't jump into bed but instead got to know each other. An interesting setting and well developed characters added to my enjoyment. In spite of its solid pg rating the author made me feel their attraction for one another. An excellent read.
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