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on August 28, 2016
My daughter and I had a blast with this in the backyard, until about 5-6 months into it when it completely doesn't work anymore. Don't know if it's the radio or the car, but I took it apart and used my voltmeter to test everything. No issues with continuity. If I touch the radio antenna to the rock crawler antenna, it will work. If you are further than touching distance it won't work. Oh well. Get what you pay for. We will likely take it apart and just experiment with the motors and other electonrics
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on July 26, 2015
This gets a five star for being a great toy. It may look like a hobby version of the 200$ variety, but it just isn't and should not even be rated against those RC cars. The fact is, this is impressive if you remember what it is. We bought this for my son's 6th birthday. He loves it. He is able to use it, with some difficulty...there is a learning curve. But he really enjoys running into things. It is a very apt crawler. It will motor through 3 inch high, thick grass. It will hop a curb. It will roll over shoes and sticks and makes mincemeat out of mulch. It's pretty loud and is really at its best outside. I bought this along with a charger and some rechargeable batteries. That was a GREAT decision. The toy does burn through the AA batteries quite quickly. You can probably use conventional AAA's for the controller, but while you could use regular alkaline for the vehicle, you'll really be sorry because you'll find yourself wanting to replace the batteries once they are half discharged. As the batteries discharge, the vehicle slows down and gets weaker, having a second set to swap out at that point, rather than waiting until the first set is already totally spent makes the rechargeables essential. The suspension is also ingenious. It is much more bouncy and nimble than others we looked at in the toy store. Another great feature is the remote. It is very well suited to kids hands. It's maybe half the size of the hobby shop variety.
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on January 2, 2015
Just look at my pic I posted to see how happy my 5 year old grandson was Christmas morning!
The monster truck crawls over everything! LOL
review image
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on January 30, 2015
These Q&A below are directly from the Maisto website. I never bothered to care to do research until after my own r/c car stopped driving. Guess how long I had it before it stopped? 32 days. Seems Maisto knows their vehicles won't last long because there is only a 30 day warranty. Also, if you look at their own Q&A from their website (below) you will notice the answer to every question is batteries or foreign objects. Ummm yeah, when you are on cement, 1 foot away, with newly charged batteries, and the vehicle doesn't move, it's none of those answers. And the best part, the email address for customer service is not a valid address. You will immediately get the response "delivery failure notification" sent to your email address.

With that being said, while it was working, my kid loved it. It drove for nearly an hour on newly charged batteries. It climbs over most anything. It has 4 wheel independent suspension. So to give a fair review, yes my kid loved it when it worked. Obviously 32 days of use is not why I wanted to buy this for him. Please read the Maisto Q&A below and ask yourself why they answer the same type of question over and over without ever answering the question. If you want to take the chance yours will last, buyer beware.

Q: Why does my Maisto RC vehicle not start?
A: Make sure the transmitter and the vehicle are turned on. Make sure batteries are fresh, not drained and are installed per polarity indicators. Make sure all 4 wheels are not obstructed by any foreign objects.

Q: Why does my my Maisto RC vehicle make unusual noises?
A: Make sure the batteries are fresh, not drained. Make sure all 4 wheels are not obstructed by any foreign objects.

Q: Why does the operating distance of my Maisto RC vehicle become shorter?
A: Make sure batteries are fresh, not drained. Make sure RC vehicle is away from sources of other radio frequencies.

Q: Why does my Maisto RC vehicle slow down and stop?
A: Make sure batteries are fresh or fully charged, not drained. Alkaline batteries are recommended for longer and better performance. Make sure all 4 wheels are not obstructed by any foreign objects

Q: What if I’m still having problems with my Maisto RC Vehicle?
A: Check the FAQ and make sure all attempts have been made to make the unit work. Check your purchase receipt date and make sure it's within the 30 days warranty period when you contact us. Contact Maisto (see below), and tell us the model that you have, the problem(s) you are experiencing, your daytime phone number, and any other information that might be helpful to us to resolve the problem.
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on February 19, 2014
Really happy with it. For the price, is great!

-independent suspension, really soft;
-soft rubber tires, look like real ones;
-really climbs everything;
-easy to maneuver
-remote has a gun shape, where the trigger is to move forward or backwards. Then has a wheel to act as a real remote steering wheel.
-a batteries set last longer than we needed to play with the toy!

-car antenna is just a loose cord that will drag on the floor. No metal to keep the antenna up :(
- all the part are plastic, really, ALL. Moves and looks cheap (which it was);
-because of the above: the movements have some lag, as the wheels look somewhat loose.
-no gradual acceleration. Only has zero or fast speed. No gradual speed. But the "fast" speed it not enough to jump an obstacle.

Please ask if you have any questions.

UPDATE: After 2 months, the steering wheel is already having difficulties to turn to the right.
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on May 29, 2014
This crawler is a beast. It crawls over fairly large rocks and it handles steep hills (I would say 50-60 dgr hills) pretty well. It is also pretty good in the snow and on ice. It is pretty good on sand as well, but it gets in the motors. Once it went into an unassumingly deep and huge puddle and it was almost submerged but to my surprise it started to FLOAT!! It didn't work after that but I let it dry out for a couple days and voila it worked. This beast won't die. The tires are pretty good and the suspension travel is just fabulous. My only gripes are it uses a lot of batteries fairly quickly (the 6 AA's only last about 20 min tops) and it is loud. Other than that great truck for a great price. It even looks cool! Definitely would buy this again. I have beat the crap out of it and it still goes strong.
review image review image
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on February 11, 2016
Great toy. My husband and older son have hobby grade RC trucks, got this for my 4 year old who wants to play too. Handles really well for the price point. Able to jump the ramp they have and climb around our uneven yard, even with snow. Added electrical tape on the bottom to keep the snow out of the battery compartment. The controller is the same style as the hobby grade and it even has pins (and came with extras) to take off the shell. Nothing under there to modify since this is a toy, but the detail was not unnoticed by this group of racing fans. In the mind of my 4 year old, this is "just like (his brothers) Red Cat." My 7 year likes it too. My only complaint is that you can't pick the color...hoping for blue, but received red.
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on December 30, 2014
This was purchased for my 4 year old son who loves 'remopy troll monster trucks'. After 18 AA batteries, I feel safe giving my initial report... This is awesome! The ONLY Con, the reason for the 4 stars, is that the wires going to the front and rear axles were pinched in between the case halves. He didn't notice the limited travel, but eventually this would have broken a wire. There is a grove cut into the lower case, but the wire bundle was not in the right place. It is an easy fix if need be. After I freed up the wires, it has more travel and the wires are no longer pulled tight.
It crawls and steers great for a beginner, and the remote fits perfectly in his small hand. He has been abusing this truck, slamming it from forward to reverse non stop... driving into walls, and even stepping on it when he gets it under his feet.
His RC experience began about a year ago with a New Bright Ford Pickup from his grandpa. He drove the pants off it and it broke pretty quick. At that age he wasn't steering it, just driving it into things and filling the bed with rocks. He wanted to see how many rocks it could hold and still drive.
I let him drive my Losi Micro Desert Truck in the street and he LOVES the speed, but he can't control it. After a few crashes, I stopped letting him drive that one.
Recently I have been letting him drive my Redcat Sumo Crawler but the slow speed bores him. He enjoys driving it over rocks but since it is so slow, he gets frustrated. Plus since it is so tiny, I worry that he will break it.
The original Maisto Crawler got good reviews so I ordered this newer version for him. If he breaks it, then I am not out a lot of money. So far, this crawler has been great for him at this age.
Pros: cheap - fast (for a 4 year old) - great tires - good run time from 6 AA's - small remote - good range using the antenna tubes
Cons: Wires were pinched out of the box (separating the case halves and re-routing took about 5 minutes)
I will revise / update this review once something breaks.
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on November 24, 2014
So far so good! I'm impressed by it's ability to drive over dirt, grass, and large bumps. My 5 year old will pile up toys and blankets and climb all over it.

The battery life is quite impressive with some quality NiMH rechargables (like Sanyo Eneloops), we get over an hour of play time.

The antenna tubes probably won't last long the way my boys play with it, but those should be easy to replace. Also, the body has cracked a bit, but it's played with pretty hard.

For the price, I can't imagine it being much better, though I wish it had digital proportional steering and accelleration, but in this price range that's a more of a dream.
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on September 17, 2015
It is a fun car. Though not fast (clocked mine at 4 mph on straightaways on paved patio and 3 mph on dirt. The tires are squishy and are suppose to be, according to Maisto International in Fontana, CA (Spoke With on Phone). It does climb well, as I have 2 yards of red lava rock piled up to complete yard, and this thing went straight up and over. My 5 year old and I were amazed. The remote control is limited and you need a city block to turn it in (that would be a 1/10 scale city block).
UPDATE!!!! Bought this item during Amazon's anniversary sale and hid it until My son's 5th birthday in mid September. I won't be doing that again, considering I'm now past the return policy timeline. My son has two smaller, cheaper remote control cars that he's used for over a year and they both still work. It's now 3 weeks past his birthday and the remote only steers the front wheels, but won't move the car. And now, we're past the return window. It looks like we're out the money. Will contact customer service to see if they'll do anything.
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