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VINE VOICEon May 22, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've frequently seen grown men, on the end of the street, playing with remote control cars and I always wondered what the fascination was. I think learning to use the controller and drive the car is half the fun. I didn't know that there would be a bit of a challenge to steering and driving the car. It's not hard, but with practice you can get very precise with the driving.

This car is also extra cool, because it has independent suspension and will go over most surfaces. Small curbs and rocks and other obstacles are no challenge for this little car. The directions said not to drive it through grass, but I did and had no problems. I also accidentally drove into a dirt flower bed which really showed off it's 4-wheel capabilities. At one point, it got stuck in the dirt and by switching between forward and reverse I was able to get it un-stuck. When the wheels spin in the dirt they fling up dirt, just like a real car or truck.

Indoors this car can also be used to chase the cat, which will keep you protected from annoying meows and unreasonable cat demands. This car is actually more fun than I thought it would be.
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on July 26, 2015
This gets a five star for being a great toy. It may look like a hobby version of the 200$ variety, but it just isn't and should not even be rated against those RC cars. The fact is, this is impressive if you remember what it is. We bought this for my son's 6th birthday. He loves it. He is able to use it, with some difficulty...there is a learning curve. But he really enjoys running into things. It is a very apt crawler. It will motor through 3 inch high, thick grass. It will hop a curb. It will roll over shoes and sticks and makes mincemeat out of mulch. It's pretty loud and is really at its best outside. I bought this along with a charger and some rechargeable batteries. That was a GREAT decision. The toy does burn through the AA batteries quite quickly. You can probably use conventional AAA's for the controller, but while you could use regular alkaline for the vehicle, you'll really be sorry because you'll find yourself wanting to replace the batteries once they are half discharged. As the batteries discharge, the vehicle slows down and gets weaker, having a second set to swap out at that point, rather than waiting until the first set is already totally spent makes the rechargeables essential. The suspension is also ingenious. It is much more bouncy and nimble than others we looked at in the toy store. Another great feature is the remote. It is very well suited to kids hands. It's maybe half the size of the hobby shop variety.
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on January 2, 2015
Just look at my pic I posted to see how happy my 5 year old grandson was Christmas morning!
The monster truck crawls over everything! LOL
review image
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on February 19, 2014
Really happy with it. For the price, is great!

-independent suspension, really soft;
-soft rubber tires, look like real ones;
-really climbs everything;
-easy to maneuver
-remote has a gun shape, where the trigger is to move forward or backwards. Then has a wheel to act as a real remote steering wheel.
-a batteries set last longer than we needed to play with the toy!

-car antenna is just a loose cord that will drag on the floor. No metal to keep the antenna up :(
- all the part are plastic, really, ALL. Moves and looks cheap (which it was);
-because of the above: the movements have some lag, as the wheels look somewhat loose.
-no gradual acceleration. Only has zero or fast speed. No gradual speed. But the "fast" speed it not enough to jump an obstacle.

Please ask if you have any questions.

UPDATE: After 2 months, the steering wheel is already having difficulties to turn to the right.
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on May 29, 2014
This crawler is a beast. It crawls over fairly large rocks and it handles steep hills (I would say 50-60 dgr hills) pretty well. It is also pretty good in the snow and on ice. It is pretty good on sand as well, but it gets in the motors. Once it went into an unassumingly deep and huge puddle and it was almost submerged but to my surprise it started to FLOAT!! It didn't work after that but I let it dry out for a couple days and voila it worked. This beast won't die. The tires are pretty good and the suspension travel is just fabulous. My only gripes are it uses a lot of batteries fairly quickly (the 6 AA's only last about 20 min tops) and it is loud. Other than that great truck for a great price. It even looks cool! Definitely would buy this again. I have beat the crap out of it and it still goes strong.
review image review image
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on February 11, 2016
Great toy. My husband and older son have hobby grade RC trucks, got this for my 4 year old who wants to play too. Handles really well for the price point. Able to jump the ramp they have and climb around our uneven yard, even with snow. Added electrical tape on the bottom to keep the snow out of the battery compartment. The controller is the same style as the hobby grade and it even has pins (and came with extras) to take off the shell. Nothing under there to modify since this is a toy, but the detail was not unnoticed by this group of racing fans. In the mind of my 4 year old, this is "just like (his brothers) Red Cat." My 7 year likes it too. My only complaint is that you can't pick the color...hoping for blue, but received red.
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on September 17, 2015
It is a fun car. Though not fast (clocked mine at 4 mph on straightaways on paved patio and 3 mph on dirt. The tires are squishy and are suppose to be, according to Maisto International in Fontana, CA (Spoke With on Phone). It does climb well, as I have 2 yards of red lava rock piled up to complete yard, and this thing went straight up and over. My 5 year old and I were amazed. The remote control is limited and you need a city block to turn it in (that would be a 1/10 scale city block).
UPDATE!!!! Bought this item during Amazon's anniversary sale and hid it until My son's 5th birthday in mid September. I won't be doing that again, considering I'm now past the return policy timeline. My son has two smaller, cheaper remote control cars that he's used for over a year and they both still work. It's now 3 weeks past his birthday and the remote only steers the front wheels, but won't move the car. And now, we're past the return window. It looks like we're out the money. Will contact customer service to see if they'll do anything.
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on January 3, 2015
This is a great 4WD truck that has serious climbing abilities, and is both larger, and better built than I expected.
It's not fast at all, but that makes it great for inside the house, and in the yard.

Two reasons I'm rating it a 4:
1. The antennae on the truck is right in the middle of the roof. So every time it flips over (which is frequent), the straw over the wire gets bent. I had to reinforce it with electrical tape the first day since it had already split the wire sheath right by the base.

The remote is just as bad and actually had the whole antennae snap off on just the second day from being dropped by my 5 year old a few times, reducing the range to 5' instead of 25'. It was an easy fix to open the remote and rig a new wire in there, but it was annoying to have to do.

2. The tires never seat right and are constantly coming off the rim. If there was a valve to blow some air into them, that would be awesome (not practical, I know), since there's no tension to get them to seat properly.

As for the other beefs I've read, the turning radius is wide, but my kids just learn about 3-point turns that much sooner :)

Other than that, it's a killer truck!

FYI - I bought the Energizer Power Plus rechargeable batteries and this thing runs nearly all day with them! They take forever to charge, but they last so much longer than I ever expected.
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on November 2, 2014
Needs batteries - and eats them pretty fast. I went for this car because it was less expensive and looked like it could handle tall grass and rocks.

It sure can handle the tall grass - goes a little slower and can still get caught if the grass is over 4 inches tall or if there is a significant rut. What is really great is how it handles running other stuff over! Kept driving it back and forth over a pile of shoes just to see how it always found a way over. Fun to see it approach something a little larger and then launch over it and keep going.

Speed is a brisk walk, not super fast.

Turning radius is maybe 6ft at best - there is a trim adjustment but it is fairly coarse. It can make a 90deg turn into a hallway and so forth, but it would not be able to circle a kitchen island. But lets be honest, you aren't getting a rock-crawler to go around obstacles, you are getting it to go over them.

The top 'car' part is held on by four little plastic cotter pins and is made of the cheapest thinnest plastic anyone could find. The good news is that this means you could create a cover out of cardboard (or whatever) an decorate it more like a truck and maybe a little less like a dune-buggy. No worries about durability for the rest of it. My toddler keeps kicking it around and the worst that has happened is that I have to put a wheel back on the rim.

Controller range varies by battery charge level --- can be 20ft+ away with direct line of sight (did not lose connection on full charge so I don't know the full range), but when the batteries are low it might not work until you get within about 6ft --- then you know you need to replace the batteries.

Speaking of batteries, highly recommend you already have (or immediately get) some rechargeable AAs. A more expensive rock-crawler that came with batteries might have been a better option.

Please do note, this thing is pretty loud. Not sure how it rates compared to other RC vehicles, but there is no sneaking this thing around.

There just isn't any substitute for watching my son and his friends chase the car around the house - or get chased by the car as it runs over all his toys! Then take the car out onto the open grass in the backyard and teach him the controls...
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on August 1, 2015
My young kids like it but then again they still think silly putty is cool. I had a few enthusiast level rc cars growing up from team associated and kyosho so i see this package as totally toy oriented. Even at rhis level, however, this thing falls short. The way the wheels and axle are built is an obvious fail point which is disappointing considering the target audience are young bam-bams who arent going to treat it nicely most of the time. The crappy remote is the dreadful pistol grip style. IT ONLY GOES FULL SPEED and that speed is too fast for rock crawling and too slow for backyard trailblazing. It is probrably perfect speed for whatever obstacle fascinates a child at a given moment like flower beds, stacls of magazines or kitchen floors. There is no throttling! The steering is flimsy, slow and its servo is very weak. It is a decent rc toy for under $30 and i really like that I can use common rechargable aa batteries and dont need much more expensive nimh battery packs or chargers.
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