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on February 12, 2013
Let's start off by saying that this is not a $250 Hobby grade RC, it's a toy. But it is also a lot more than 'just' a toy. for one, I haven't seen many toys that had a fully articulated multi-link suspension, with roughly an inch and a half of travel (that's the body sitting flat. If you lift one tire, you'll notice that you can lift it 3 and a half inches before it lifts another tire.) From a mechanical side, it's a very clevery built starter to test interest in hobby RC; if this truck is fun, then a hobby grade RC will thrill. And, this truck has a lot going for it to make an excellent starter truck for budget minded individuals. Another great benefit of this truck is that it IS highly articulate. Many toy RC trucks with 'suspension' are for looks, but this truck has shocks with coilovers, and they DO work when you put the truck in a bind. They suspension linkages and shocks aren't cosmetic, they're fully functional.

It is slow, but if you look at the real world crawlers, speed isn't the end goal; torque is, and this truck is surprisingly torquey to be powered by six AA batteries. It's not a wall climber, but it will climb up rocks as tall as it is, and sometimes taller depending upon the approach side of the rock. It's capable considering the cost, and it's also very sturdy. Just this morning I had a little testing session, and I can't tell you the number of times I jarred the bottom casing off of rocks and while the crunch sound was unnerving, the bottom side of the truck is still in good shape. Yes, the rocks have dinged it up in places, but that's part of the brilliance; it's less than $50 shipped, so a ding isn't the end of the world. Do people who spend $500 feel the same way? Maybe, maybe not.

This truck is not without fault. For one, the steering is dodgy. One time when you turn the wheels, it'll turn some, the next time it'll turn much more. Considering that 99% of the design is towards moving the truck over obstacles and not something like figure 8s, it's not a big deal. The turning circle is pretty large, but if the wheels turned very sharply, I'm betting they'd shear off the truck a lot easier when you bounce it off a rock at a funny angle.

The controller I do not like at all. It's a pistol grip style, and no pistol grip controller has ever satisfied me. A personal different, but not a big one. I'd prefer two toggles in a hand held controller, but we don't always get what we prefer. If the choice is a lesser truck with a controller I like, or this truck with a controller I don't like, I'd pick this one.

Liking or disliking RC often confuses because people use the vehicles for purposes that they weren't designed for. This is a crawler, not a racer or a trophy truck. It's meant to go up and down rocky terrain, not go 99 MPH and turn like an F-16. With that in mind, this truck is a good one. The tires have some grip, the body is positioned so it does look weird, but the body isn't bouncing off of obstacles, and the gearing is there in spades.

For mine, it's destined to be modded towards hobby grade. The truck is literally that good, and I've driven some pretty costly hobby RC crawlers to compare it to. Rather than go the conventional method to Hobby grade and throw money at the hobby, I'm going to make this one a long term build for me. Being able to build a competitive hobby crawler on a $40 base, and effortlessly shove it up a trail that $500 machines struggle with, that's what it's about! First up is a heavy dose of protective copper cladding underneath to keep those rocks from cracking the gear housings. ;)
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on February 16, 2017
We have two of these, bought for the kids for Christmas. One came with a DOA remote and Amazon hotswapped it with no issue.
My 12 year old and husband have fancy, custom built RC stuff. So we are hesitant to ever buy cheap little RC things. But the 4 and 8 yr old kids wanted rock crawlers even though we doubted they'd maintain interest. So we didn't want to spend a bundle.

These have been an unexpected joy. We got a different brand for the 4 yr old first and when we test drove it prior to Christmas, it was junk. This one, however, will climb laundry piles inside, piles of dirt and bricks, will happily bump bump bump down the stairs, ending with a somersault and keep driving. The two little kids LOVE THEM. The dogs love chasing them, and the biggest issue we have with them is the 12 year old steals them.

I'm beyond pleased for the price with their durability and climbing ability. They're no $200+ crawler, but they are GREAT for smaller budgets or if you don't know the interest will stick.
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on June 1, 2016
This is my first time successfully using an RC vehicle. Runs easily, easy to control speed and steer, and great to play with for all ages. Laborious to open, with all of the twist ties; but, hey, free high quailty twist ties. Nice 'display box' as a gift and packed well by the manufacturer. Simple to use by most, works in tall grass, excellent RC distance.

Seems like AWD but I think it has just front and rear motors, and articulates well. Good traction on all surfaces used on. Kirkland 'AA' batteries (6 you place in the car, simple plastic lock door) lasted 3 days with lots of tough use and continued to last over a week with reasonable use; most of his things are broken within a day. The 9-volt battery in the remote transmitter works longer than the 6AA's in the car. You do not need expensive batteries but for the 9VDC remote I use a Li-Ion fire detector battery (regular would likely be fine).

This was a birthday gift for a 6 year birthday-boy (Captain Distructo-type kid). It has lasted very well and climbs over anything reasonable (can't climb stairs, but goes down well) and does it easily. If it tips-over the car antenna bends; just straighten it for longer reception; it is a wire and comes with a straw-like piece you slip-on; just slide it over the wire, place the straw into the car body where the wire comes out and tie a small knot in the protruding wire end to keep the straw on. The car runs into things and survives (large soft tires).

Runs slowly in soft, long grass but fast on smoother hard surfaces. I think the only con is the gearing is noisy to some (non-interested females), like if it is used near people eating at a picnic or in the back yard and trying to talk and be heard and it is close by. Not bad, really.

Three different frequencies can be easily selected if you get two or three of these (simple external switches for channels A, B, and C), or someone else has one, so the frequencies do not conflict. Though it can be fun to have big sister control it the same time little brother uses it. It works well in sand, probably not in high water (elecrtonics do not like water and there are no water seals (a little rain may be OK or a recently watered lawn) or very high grass (where grass can wind up on the axels). Very flexible axels, large soft tires with somewhat sticky rubber, and it is lots of fun.

Great for kids and adults, probably not great for RC enthusiasts with experience who want speed, and tight circles. Great price and great for beginners. Not a great turning radius but doing a 4 point turn works well and is easy. It backs up very well. If you want better spend a lot more money (I see some going for hundreds or even over a thousand; $$$). This is great for potential breakage by a kid, and is pretty impressive to me. My grandson, and son, loves it. If you want guaranteed red get this red one for $5 or so more, but if the color does not matter get the Rock Crawler in 'any color' for $5 or more less.

The Morphibian works well in water but not grass; this is great on surfaces not puddles or ponds. I highly recommend it and just bought another 'any color' Rock Crawler, as my small dog has fun being chased by it, too. And, I can compete with my grandson.
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on April 9, 2017
Super surprised by how good of quality this is. Great bang for the buck, as other reviewers have said. My 5 year old saved up his allowance to buy this and he can operate it well. He loves playing with it. Batteries last for a long time, toy gets slower and slower gradually, but my son will play for much longer than I would expect, even with them starting to die. Seems to be pretty durable, even after getting a little damp and falling off tables, it keeps on ticking. The suspension is a little suspect I think and I don't like how the car turning is either ON or OFF - same thing with throttle... I get that it's cheap, but if it even had a couple different settings along the path, it'd be better. Also, very very very large turning radius.
We would buy this one again as a good first RC truck. But will replace it with a little better one when the time comes.
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on November 10, 2015
Overall the truck itself is very durable as my little boy has beaten it up and I have ran it over with my larger RC truck many of times. The issue I have is with the remote for the unit. The remote has a flimsy wire, for the antenna which twice now has been broken off right where it comes out of the remote. I fixed it once by taking remote apart and soldering a wire, but when the wire breaks off, the car no longer drives more than a few feet before dropping the signal. With little kids in mind using the remote, the manufacturers should have designed with a better strain relief or sturdier antenna. No point in having a durable truck if the remote breaks easily.
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on January 26, 2015
This is a beast of a RC vehicle, especially considering the price. I got it for my 5 year old for Christmas as he likes to take his trucks into the mulch and I haven't found one that preforms well at all. This truck changed that, it'll handle just about anything you can throw at it. I took a video of it going through my son's toy room after he and a friend trashed the place, it climbs over boxes, dinosaurs, trains, even another monster truck toys... drive it into a wall and it'll start to climb up it until it rolls over backwards. The true 4wd and the super grip tires put this truck in a class above any other toy grade RC truck I have owned in my 38 years. My 16 year old nephew was over the other day and even him being in the "too cool" for toys stage even smiled after playing with it for a minute or two and said, "this is actually kinda cool"
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on November 26, 2016
My son loves this car. He's 8 years old and loves anything with remotes, and this is perfect for him because you can go off-road on it. My only complaint is that it destroys batteries like no other! One or MAYBE two sessions and you will need to replace the batteries. The car will still run, but it will not have enough power to go over any terrain. So getting rechargeable batteries is a must if you get this car.

Other than that it's awesome for the price!
review imagereview image
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on June 13, 2017
I bought this for my neighbor's 10 year old son's birthday (he's almost like a grandson) and I almost hated to give it to him. Naturally, I had to "test it" before I give it just to make sure it works. (Wink Wink).I had a ball with this thing climbing up over things, like the dog beds, books, and a whole bunch of other things. I took it outside on the lawn and it works fine in the grass and in the landscaping rocks. It's easy to control (turning) as long as you do it slow and remember this is not a $300 RC car. I love the articulated suspension (that actually functions) and this is a well made toy. The little guy that's getting this is going to love it as this is one RC car that will run outside and he can use his imagination to set up a course. Actually, I'm considering getting one for myself so he and I can run races.
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on December 26, 2015
I looked and looked and looked for some radio control cars for my girls for christmas, and finally settled on these. Was still a bit hesitant to buy it, but so far they have been great! I took the advice of A LOT of other reviewers and sprung for rechargable batteries and am so glad I did--now I don't have to feel like The Battery Nazi whenever the cars are brought out; they can play and play with them and we will just recharge the batteries when we need to. And so far they actually have not run the first charge of batteries down yet, and I would say the cars have been going off and on for a good three hours or total play so far, and are still going strong. I purchased these batteries and this charger, in case you are wondering :) http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00EB7812C?redirect=true&ref_=cm_cr_ryp_prd_ttl_sol_13

All battery issues aside...as for the car itself, all the wheels do have nice springs and articulate well. I don't have a whole lot of experience with remote control cars but these seem to be very peppy to me; they zip right along and even have enough speed to do little skids on our smooth floor when you change direction with them. We have observed them riding on 2 wheels more than once as they hit an object while speeding around a corner, and skidding on their tops certainly doesn't hurt them. The remote itself is super easy to operate, with a simple steering wheel type thingy for left and right action, plus a finger toggle for forward and reverse. And no, they don't have a super sharp turn radius, but the forward and reverse action is so quick you can get around any obstacle with ease with a little practice and the controls. All in all a super fun product, and looks like it's worth way more than we actually paid for them, which is always a bonus ;)
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VINE VOICEon September 4, 2013
Colors may vary but I got twice the same color (red)
6 AA batteries for the car.
2 AAA batteries for the remote. That was a bummer... I had bought a pack of 9V batteries thinking it was standard... I should have read better.
3 selectable bands.

These cars are fun to use. They are not perfect though. When the kids got them, they had a blast. These cars will climb over shoes, will half crawl alongside walls. We took them outside and the batteries lasted for more than one hour of non stop use.They raced their cars going down stairs, in the grass, in sand, no problem at all.
The only real issues we found were that they were not very fast (maybe normal since they are made to climb over things, not to do racing) and their turning angle is fairly small. Driving backwards provide sharper turns...

What I liked:

- Powerful
- Easy to select a specific channel for each
- Climb a lot of things. It can almost climb walls (at least to the point of flipping over)
- Nice remote control with a small wheel for turning and a trigger for forward/backward.
- Nice and soft tires
- Can go down stairs without flipping over
- Feel solid enough for kids.

What I did not like as much:

- Not very fast
- Turning angle not very sharp depending on surfaces. The more grip, the least sharpness in turns.
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