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on September 10, 2004
I rented the "100 Years of the World Series" DVD and will be purchasing it from Amazon. The show covers every World Series since 1903, when it began to 2002. And we're not talking a 10 second mention per World Series. The show is approximately 3 1/2 hours long, so each series is given a fair amount of time, especially the more recent years as the participants are still alive to give their recollections. The great video clips, even from the first decade of the century, make it a terrific show. The best part for me was the segment on the 70s, which was when I discovered the game. Lots of great memories. Bob Costas narrates and he does a great job as he doesn't "wax poetic", which he has a tendency to do in his everyday job.

There are interviews shown with Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, Pete Rose, Tommy Lasorda, Dennis Eckersley, Joe DiMaggio, Leo Durocher, Eldon Auker (a pitcher for Detroit in the 30s, a very entertaining storyteller), Kirk Gibson, Derek Jeter, Tom Glavine, Jim Palmer, Sandy Koufax and on and on.

I've seen many sports documentaries and this one will be the one in which they are all judged in the future!
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on September 5, 2017
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on December 8, 2003
As a big baseball fan and huge Dodger fan, this video tells us houw great the game of baseball is and how the World Series has changed not only sports in general, but this nation and even the world. It shows us how powerful this event is that not even wars, terrorist attacks and an earthquake can stop the importance of this game (maybe a labor dispute). Bob Costas does a great job on narrating this film and the interviews from players, broadcasters and historians give us a clear view on how the game was played during that year. One thing that did dissapoint me was the lack of credit for Fernando Valenzuela in the 1981 Series, He was not only ROY and CY winner, but helped the Dodgers capture their title that year. another thing was that I was expecting to see the 2003 World Series, but I am sure this video came out before that. Other than that, the video is a must for every baseball fan. Hope the World Series lasts another 100 years....after all, its alot more exciting than the other overhyped championship game with the roman numerals and fancy halftime shows and special commercials
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on January 9, 2011
This is a truly excellent series. My 10yo son who loves baseball really enjoyed it. It is not exciting enough to watch continuously, so he takes a break. But very well done and worth the money for the extended collectors edition, which has much more detail.
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on December 21, 2016
Great collection of the baseball history.
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on December 20, 2005
This is the best dvd I have ever seen on the history of the world series. I was pleasantly surprised to see how well the very old world series' were covered. If you can find this dvd priced at $20 or less, buy it. However, since it is rare now, don't be taken advantage of by some of the scumbag gougers who try to sell it for $40 or more. It definitely is not worth that ridiculous price.
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on January 21, 2016
Item came as described and my husband loved it.
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on December 29, 2003
This 2DVD set is an incredible value -- it has over 5 1/2 hours of great footage for around 15 bucks. Whoever put this documentary together did a tremendous job of coming up with basically all of the actual footage of key plays and moments in the history of the World Series that you could ask for (even all the way back to the beginning), and tracked down interview footage from the key participants. I rated the 2DVD Yankee history set as also being essential -- basically, this makes an excellent companion. The World Series set might appeal to baseball fans in general a bit more, because even though it has tons of Yankee footage (obviously), there is of footage of most of the guys you'd want to see (Mays, Aaron, Bonds, Williams, Brooklyn Dodgers/NY Giants, etc.) Very compelling viewing, whether you're a novice fan or someone who has seen decades worth of baseball - it brought back a ton of great memories and makes you realize how often there are really great, historic moments in virtually every Series.
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on May 26, 2008
Although the period from 1903 to 2002 span 100 years there were only 98 World Series because (1) in 1904.the second year, the National League didn't want to hold it and (2)in 1994 the season was cancelled in the middle because of a players strike that lasted until the beginning of the 1995 season. So there was no World Series in 1904 and 1994. But there are still so many memorable games and great series that this is really an extremely iteresting DVD to watch. Bob Costas is a great announcer, a big baseball fan and very knowledgeable about the sport's history. No wonder this a great video to see!
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on August 27, 2005
100 Years of the World Series is a beautifully done homage to the Fall Classic. It has outstanding production value, excellent narration (from Bob Costa), and is long enough to tell many of the great stories that grew out of one hundred years of baseball in October. The earliest World Series are mostly illustrated with well chosen still photos, in the best tradition of documentaries like Ken Burns Baseball and The Civil War, but I was surprised that there was actually a good deal of motion picture baseball footage available for a much earlier date than I would have supposed. This fine documentary should be a must see for all true baseball fans.
I did have one major disappointment with this documentary, which was serious enough for me to dock a star from my review. It totally ignored the two great Pittsburgh Pirates World Series teams of the 1920s. The slight to the 1927 team is at least understandable, as they were overshadowed by and lost to Murder's Row, the great New York Yankees team considered by many to be the greatest single team in baseball history. All that was said about this team was that they had no chance despite the fact that the team contained five future Hall of Fame players - it did not even bother to name any of them. The slight to the 1925 team, which won that World Series, was much more egregious. After going into depth about Walter Johnson and the Senator's 1924 World Series victory, the 1925 World Series was covered with a bare ten seconds and one sentence, which only mentioned the Pirate victors in passing. All that the narrator could say about this exciting series (which went seven games and was the first where a team came back from being down three game to one to win the Series) was this - "Johnson led the Senators to another World Series in 1925, but though he won two games in that classic, the Pittsburgh Pirates won game seven for their second title." The fact that both of these Pirates teams loaded with future Hall of Fame players (Pie Trayner, Joe Cronin, Kiki Cuyler, brothers Paul & Lloyd Waner, and Max Carey) and representing a decade in which the Pirates were consistently in the first division of the National League is a major oversight and worthy of censor, especially considering the fact of how lovingly every New York loosing team was covered.
Despite how badly this documentary dropped the ball in its coverage of the 1920s Pirates World Series teams, its overall excellence won me over, and I must give it an enthusiastic recommendation. If you are a baseball fan, you simply shouldn't miss this one.

Theo Logos
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