Customer Reviews: How to Make Millions with Your Ideas: An Entrepreneur's Guide
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VINE VOICEon October 30, 2007
Dan Kennedy wrote this book to be helpful and is genuinly insightful for the reader. "How to Make Millions with Your Ideas" is dated material, but helpful and inspiring. Dan is candid and has a ton of practical knowledge to offer in this book. I can recommend this book because it delivers what is says it will; 8 different approaches to making your ideas work and make money. More recently his books are the longest sales letters ever written, all designed to get you to buy more of the same material from him.

However, be warned he hates the internet and would like to ignore it. He wrote this in 1996 and the web was really forcing these old school guys to deal with it. So if you were looking for help with anything "e" related, like I was, this is not the book for you.

Ironically, the two companies I found relevant to my marketing have been indited or convicted and are now out of business. I thought I would learn more about these companies after reading about them in this book. So I Googled them and found court cases and a bunch of nastiness. Interesting! Again, the book was written in 1996 and I read it in Mid-September 2007, anything can happen. Right?

If you are looking for a book that is truly helpful with "e" marketing or is at least current STAY AWAY from "The Official Get Rich Guide to Information Marketing" I finished it a few days ago and was very disappointed; it kept referencing me to their website for the information I really bought the book for. If you really want to learn how to be a Junk-Mail Jockey or a Spammer skip buying that book and go directly to the Kennedy-Glazer web site and be prepared to spend BIG BUCKS for the real information.
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This book is very typical Dan Kennedy. That is to say it is based on years of experience and he tells it like it is. He does not give theory but gives specific examples of what works and what does not work.

There are some very basic truth - gems in fact - hidden in the book. You might miss them if you haven't been there and experienced the same situation yourself. One of the very basic truths is, "Wealth is most often linked with exclusive ownership or control." You may make a fortune with someone's idea or product, but you stand a much better chance with your own. Another basic truth is if you can find a product that gives people more time, that is if your product or service saves the customer/client time, then you can make a fortune.

Dan gives great advise - don't concentrate on making money, instead concentrate on delivering a better product or service. You will never get rich competing on price ... so go for quality.

Dan made and is still making a fortune from coaching and direct marketing. He started with little or nothing and learned the hard way, through experience. You would do well to read the book for all the lessons. You will be learning from a master.
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on June 4, 2001
As someone who doesn't live in the US, I am continually amazed by Americans who complain about lack of opportunity to make money. Nowhere else in the world has the money making opportunities of the US, NOWHERE! And I've lived in many countries and visited a lot more to boot.
This book is really about taking your ideas for products and services and revving them up with excellent ways to market and sell them. It's also chock full of excellent examples of people who have done just that. Real people that is, with REAL obstacles and sometimes almost no money, who got off there derriere and did it.
I found myself thinking lots of ideas for when I get back home. Admittedly I lot of ideas simply don't translate to my home country, but the really great thing about the book is it's attitude. Everywhere in the world, even in communist countries, people go out each day and make and spend money. Getting a slice of that money is what this book is really about.
Where-ever you are in the business world, whether you are an employee looking for something better, or a business owner looking to give your incoming wealth a mega-vitamin booster... GET THIS BOOK!
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on February 18, 2009
This book is more of a autobiography then anything else. It really doesn't tell you anything you already know of. Its a little bit inspiring but not much else. It basically gives you a run down on already successful business, but not the real meat of what you're looking for.

The cover of the book says; HOW TO.... make Million$ with your ideas. But instead Dan gives you a history lesson on things you already know. The book didn't tell you "HOW TO" do anything. But it dose have plenty of things on what NOT TO DO. The only reason I bought this book is to know "HOW TO" do something like; Making a presentation to the market, or to a company without worrying about them steeling your ideas, something along those lines. I don't even know how this book got so many good reviews, but I know now not to buy anything less then 4 stars.

But above all, my main concern is whats on the front cover that says; "Get a free product marketing evaluation." But what Dan didn't tell you is in the last few pages in the book that says; A certificate to send a brief description of YOUR product, photos, literature, etc., with your questions about this product to see if it sells or not. And underneath your address you put in it says;


Hey Dan why not go ahead and ask them for there SS card and credit cards numbers too?
What the title of the book should have said was; How to make ME Million$ with YOUR ideas.
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on March 22, 2005
As a psychologist and writer, I never studied marketing much in my younger days, much to my chagrin ! I was too busy seeing patients, working horrendous hours and writing books and articles. However, the books I wrote never went as far as they could have, because I didn't know about guys like Dan Kennedy, one of the foremost marketing gurus for entrepreneurs in the country, maybe the world.
If you work for a big corporation, they have the money and means to hire a whole slew of marketing experts, but what about the little guy ? The guy with a new idea, or a great book, or any other creative work they want to bring to the world?
Where does the little guy turn, when he can't compete with the big guys with the big bucks ?
You turn to a guy like Dan Kennedy, whose inspirational, creative ideas are a gold mine to the small creator. In fact, you just might become one of the big guys yourself, if you follow Dan's advice.
Dan is a guy who has commanded fortunes from others, and a guy who has been in the trenches. He has helped many build their ideas into million-dollar empires, and he might be able to help you.
Culled from his expensive seminars and speeches, he reveals a vast array of money-making concepts, insight and wit in this marvelous book.
I found it greatly inspirational, and a source of marketing ideas that are no-nonsense, what works and what doesn't.
In bringing my works to the world, Dan has been a tremendous help.
I highly recommend this book.
Dr. Ron Dalrymple/Psychologist/Coach/Author of The Inner Manager/[...]
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on September 8, 2001
The thing that sets this book apart is that it is filled with specific examples from many, many entreprenurial businesses. I find great value in seeing how other people have met challenges, and from applying their ideas.
I run a successful small business, but find it very useful to read books such as this to jolt me out of my routine. And, there are enough workable ideas here to re-energize me and (obviously) raise our income substantially.
ONe of my favorite small business/home office magazines used to run monthly articles profiling successful small-business folks, and I found it very useful. Unfortunately, this magazine rarely ever has such useful articles--but it is, to me, a wonderful way to learn--and I have just ordered 2 more of Dan Kennedy's books because of the specific instances and examples in this one.
Great book!
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on December 26, 1999
After only reading the first page I felt I had received a FULL retun on my investment - the ideas in the rest of the book were just a bonus. I carry this with me everywhere I go. If you're thinking about starting a business or have one - GET THIS BOOK BEFORE YOU SPEND ANOTHER CENT ON MARKETING.
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on January 26, 2011
This book was featured on Josh Kaufman's "The Personal MBA" reading list. Since I seemed to share the similar interest in books as Mr. Kaufman, I decided to give this a try. Thank goodness!

At roughly 200 pages of material, this book is a potential quick read. But, please don't assume that this is a negative; Mr. Kennedy's book got me thinking about ideas that laid dormant in my mind for quite some time. Although a little dated with regards to technology (the book was written mid-90s, so bear in mind what was happening with the internet). Having said that, I believe this forces the reader to keep on track with ideas and how to bring them to fruition, as opposed to being submitted to the ins/outs of website creation and PPC advertising.

The book is comprised of 13 chapters (chapters 12 and 13 are a summary and "directory", respectively), each related to a certain strategy for developing your idea or selling it to others. Let me say quite clearly, I highly recommend this book for first-time entrepreneurs and the veterans. It covers products, services, common pitfalls to avoid, how to market what you're selling, how to get ideas for new products and even how to "piggyback" off of others. The marketing ideas within this book are almost limitless if you're paying attention.

If you have thought about starting a business, I can't imagine that you could go wrong spending ten (10) bucks and four (4) hours of your time on this one. Make the decision, grab the book, read it, then implement the ideas. I took the author's advice and got the wheels moving as soon as I put the book down this morning.

Josh Kaufman's review said this: "If you read How to Make Millions with Your Ideas and don't come away with a few promising ideas to dramatically improve your profitability or create a new business, you're simply not paying attention." I couldn't agree more.

Thank you for reading this review. If you have found it helpful, please leave positive feedback below.
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on February 19, 2013
I've been on a streak of finance, business, and self-help books the past several months. So far this is the worst. This book seems like it's written by an average Joe for a below-average Joe. Everything was common sense, and none of the advice was helpful. Besides that, much of it was repetitious. I don't know how many different ways you can say "do what you know," but I read that at least 20 times by chapter 7.

Do not waste your money on this book. There are far better ones out there.
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on June 12, 1997
Marketing guru Dan Kennedy has filled this book with most of the business and marketing expertise people are spending thousands of dollars at his seminars to hear. Which makes this volume the best business value ever! This book is soooooo good and filled with valuable ideas that you have to take a breather every few pages just to digest it all--the ideas come at you so fast. If you don't think you can still make good money in your own business, starting with little or no capital, Kennedy will change your mind right away. Highly recommended
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