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on December 22, 2016
Everything you love about Kevin Smith comedies is on full display in "Mallrats", Smith's second outing as a director.

Although not as well known as some of Smith's other titles, "Mallrats" remains one of my favorites, featuring all the Star Wars and comic book references, the locker room humor, and quick witted writing that were Kevin Smith hallmarks, this movie also features a very young Ben Affleck, as well as Shannen Doherty (fresh off of her 90210 days), Jeremy London, Jason Lee (pre "My Name is Earl"), along with Smith and long time friend Jason Mewes hitting full stride as their signature characters Jay and Silent Bob.

If you like Kevin Smith movies, you'll love "Mallrats!"

Snoochie Boochies!
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on August 2, 2014
This is my review from

I've heard on Wikipedia that this movie got bad reviews at the time of its release. I honestly think this is a very funny romantic comedy. I barely see any plot holes or flaws in the film.

Jason Lee is awesome as Brodie. Brodie is a comic book geek who really shines during Truth or Date where e makes fun of Gill.

TS is kind of the weak point, but he is the straight man to Brodie which does allow Brodie to be even funnier.

Jay and Silent Bob are still funny as everyone's favorite drug dealers, trying to sabotage the game show and help Brodie and TS get their girlfriends back.

I can watch this movie over and over and still enjoy it.
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on June 13, 2016
To this day I cannot see why this film did so badly and how people can sit there and blast it. As most people agree, the dialogue plays a decent part on why Smith films are so fantastic and fun, and this was the first thing that grabbed my attention. As mentioned, when I stumbled across Mallrats on Cable, it was almost the end of the film at the Game Show segment. To have a chick insinuating having sex as a question, and having Brodie (God bless Jason Lee!) scream out "Oh, you mean like...!", I was hooked. Thankfully, as cable is infamous for doing, Mallrats got multiple re-runs and the next day I caught the flick in full. Onto the DVD Itself, any DVD of a great film such as Mallrats deserves purchasing. I mean, there is no other way, bar stealing a film reel yourself, to get the fantastic picture quality and sound, and more importantly, which you can't get too many places, BONUS FEATURES! And for this DVD to be advertised as having "Over 1 hour of Deleted Scenes", it makes any fan salivate from the mouth. Whilst I know many film purists who state "Deleted Scenes are deleted for a reason" (!), any true fan of a film wants to see scenes that the director intended to include but was prevented from doing so due to film politics, irritating production companies or simply time management.
The real gem on this disc however has to be the Audio Commentary. By the way, this was the first Audio Commentary I ever viewed with "Video Hijinks"; IE: when the mallrats logo appears, press the select button on your remote to change the screen to a 'live' shot of the guys in the Audio Commentary booth interacting with each other. It was great to see all the guys together. Smith, Mewes, good ol' Ben Affleck (Who by the time I saw Mallrats had become 'all that and a bag of potato chips' through his post-Mallrats flicks), as well as "Chasing Amy's Jason Lee" (A referral poor old J.L. will probably take to the grave) all work great together, feeding of what each other says to make a very intertaining and worthwhile DVD. In fact, People I know that HATE Mallrats (I can't see how the could) have bought the DVD primarily for the Commentaries and Extra Features. One mate I know only liked Clerks and Chasing Amy, but owns every Kevin Smith DVD on the market! Another Gem has to be the "Easter Egg" on the Mallrats DVD. For those DVD-Illiterate people out there, an Easter Egg is a 'hidden bonus' but in most cases, these aren't hidden very well. To access it, move your cursor onto the Robot's Eyes at the Mallrats Menu and press select (It is either the Main Menu or the Bonus Features Menu). Rather humerous little addition by Kevin Smith.
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on July 14, 2017
This is classic Jay and Silent Bob. The gang is all here: Ben Affleck, Jason Lee, Jay and Silent Bob, Joey Lauren Adams (Chasing Amy), Shannen Doherty. The movie is hysterical. Anyone who likes Jay and Silent Bob needs to watch this at least once.

May the force be with you.

Hopefully not in the back of a volkswagen.
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on June 26, 2014
I absolutely love this movie! I was too young to see it -- since it's Rated-R (by the MPAA) -- when it first came out in the movie theaters, back in 1995, in which it was received mixed reviews by the critics & average numbers at the box-office, but even by the time I had seen it on VHS, three years later, in 1998, it was already becoming a cult classic (ditto for The Big Lebowski, although it technically was still new & at the box office, at the time, in '98). I loved it so much, that I purchased it on DVD -- it was one of my first DVDs -- when tech. was still new & DVD players were about $200 at the time (in 2001). However, unlike when this movie first came out on the DVD market -- 'back in 1999 -- which was early to adopt the new DVD format, it has taken many years to become available in Blu-ray, whose format first debuted (in the US public consumer market) in the Winter of 2006 (although part of it, I think, was due to the fact that it was easy for the production/studios to simply transfer everything from the Laser-Disc format to the DVD one, since they were both in SD -- Standard Definition -- digital format; unlike having to up-convert everything to 1080p HD for the BD format). So, it goes without saying, that I was psyched -- another catchphrase from '95 -- when this movie finally came out on Blu-ray this year -- 2014 -- & was one of the first ones -- that I personally know of -- to purchase it on Blu-ray, in all its High Def. GLORY, & at half the price -- just 10 bucks -- from the original listed one ($19.98)! I like many of Kevin Smiths movies, but I absolutely love this one -- always have, always will! Without question, this IS my favorite Kevin Smith movie! Everything that I can relate to, and everything that was hip popular -- and now, considered "classic" -- at least, in subpop-culture, if not pop-culture, itself, was exactly was this movie was all about, 'back in the mid-'90s! Long before the world technologically evolved to the mobile, yet, fully information-connected social media-sharing pop-culture, that it is today, it was a time when the place to be -- whether you were cool or not, rich or poor, athletic or weak, smart or dumb -- was the (American Shopping) Mall, to just hang out with your friends and socialize all day long, without having to buy anything. It was a time when the Internet was just becoming mainstream to the populace, with the DOT.COM starting to take-off, new words, like "The Information Superhighway," "World Wide Web, & "The Cyber-net" was added to the American Lexicon, & dial-up was king, and the idea of shopping online was still considered dangerous, if nonexistent, compared to your local shopping mall; When Comic Books were still just for kids, or serious-minded collectors (mostly considered to be nerds, geeks, or dorks -- I know, because I was one of them), & were still mostly undiscovered territory for the movie studios to explore & (later) plunder, are were rarely considered to be movie-worthy at the box-office, and only die-hard comic book fans even knew who people, like Stan "The Man" Lee; and it was a time when large, fat, heavy CRT TVs occupied every American household, with the kids playing video games on them, with their SEGA or SUPER NINTENDO gaming consoles, or going to the local arcade, with a handful of quarters, to play with them. This movie, as far as I know of, was also the first to have a comic book themed opening credit sequence! Speaking of which, for me, the best part about this Blu-ray of MALLRATS, was that it came in a special (thin) cardboard slip-case, that, features a lot of fun trivia facts about the 1990s, which was the icing on the cake! If you've seen this movie, and you enjoyed it, then I can guarantee that you will love this Blu-ray of it!
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on December 9, 2015
One of my all time favorite comedies, this Blu Ray remastering of Mallrats is great. I'm a huge fan of Kevin Smith and this is arguably my favorite movie of his. A genius example of independent movie making, Mallrats captures that great "90's grunge" vibe with brilliant dialogue and engrossing characters. Along with countless laugh out loud moments.

The best reason to buy this Blu Ray is if you're a fan of the movie or of Kevin Smith. It comes with all new special features, an iTunes digital redemption code of the movie, and to see it in crystal clear HD makes the movie more fun. Definitely worth the buy!!
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on September 2, 2014
I used to really enjoy Mallrats. Jason Lee's character, in particular, was hilarious and proved to be a good breakout role for him. Unfortunately, the fact that the movie had to be re-written due to the absurd original opening, the story really does not flow well. The other lead characters (Claire Forlani and Jeremy, not Jason, London) really bring down the acting in this movie. That being said you get good performances from Shannen Doherty, Joey Lauren Adams and a very young Ben Affleck. Plus, you get a Stan Lee Cameo before it was commonplace. Ultimately, watching this movie is like riding in the back of a Volkswagen. Fine when you're young but gets increasingly uncomfortable as you get older.

I will say the picture and sound quality on the Blu Ray do make it a worthy upgrade for Kevin Smith fans.
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on June 20, 2017
I think the most fun about this movie was seeing all of the actors when they were so young. Fun!
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on February 12, 2013
I will say I have been a Kevin Smith (Silent Bob) fan since Clerks first hit the video market. Mallrats is a great addition to the "slacker" movie genre. A young Jason Lee as Brodie, is at his comedic best in his first movie. The language is a little rough and some of the subject matter is a bit rough, so, definitely not for the little ones, but this "often overlooked" movie is really good and brings "Hanging out at the Mall" to the big screen in a new light.

Kevin Smith does a wonderful job writing this movie. He is known for writing great dialogue and Mallrats is no exception. If you grew up in the 90's you can probably identify with this movie on some level, and should watch it. I consider it a "Gateway" movie to the Kevin Smith world and often suggest that new visitors to that world start with this movie or "Chasing Amy".

If you haven't seen Mallrats, it is definitely worth a viewing; especially if you like a smartly written movie with some great dialogue, and blue language doesn't bother you.

Enjoy, and Happy Viewing!!
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on June 10, 2017
Not sure why this took so long to come out on Blu-ray, always a welcome addition and digital copies a plus
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