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on December 2, 2012
It is now May of 2013, and I wanted to add a few things to this review. My opinion has not changed, in fact I find these sheets to be the best I have ever owned. I've added some additional perceptions and care tips at the end of the original review which starts here:


I purchased this sheet set in khaki, king-sized, in October, 2012. I also bought a spare set of standard/queen pillow cases in the same color, but 600 thread count. I've waited until now (early December) to post my review because a few people have complained about pilling and roughness in the fabric. I wanted to be sure to wait until they'd been washed and dried enough times for that to happen if it were going to. It hasn't. The sheets come packaged in (and completely fill) a box that is larger than any I've seen for a king-sized set of cotton sheets before. The sheets themselves weigh over 13 pounds. I mention this, because this is evidence that the fabric is a very good quality and obviously of a very high thread count. While it does not (in itself) indicate anything about the quality of the sheets, it is a good indicator of how substantial the fabric is and, because *more* weighs more than *less* it is evidence of a high thread count. (Microfiber sheets are also very substantial in size and weigh quite a bit, but they are 100% man-made, knitted, not woven, material -- they feel more like an acrylic blanket than a sheet, if the comparison is of help to you.)

These are lovely, soft, high quality sheets with a nice sheen due to the sateen weave (as opposed to the matte (dull, not shiny) appearance of percale woven sheets.) They are very generously sized and have well-made seams and corners. There is a double merrow-stitch row on the header of the top sheet giving a nice, attractive and finished look to the sheets. The attention to detail is remarkable with bias-bound seams in the corners and all other seams enclosed in a hem (the sheets themselves) or a serged seam (in the pillow cases). The sheets were a little stiff and had what appeared to be deep wrinkles in them after the initial washing, until they were washed and used about 3 times, after which the fabric has relaxed and gotten much softer.

Since people seem to have a lot of problems with their expectations of 100% cotton high thread count sheets, I thought I'd add some pointers that may help you get the best experience with your sheets. First of all, cotton wrinkles. Period. If you catch the sheets before they are dried to a crisp, the wrinkles won't have chance to set in and become semi-permanent creases. Also, it may take a few washing's for your sheets to "relax" and for all of the fabric sizing (what makes the sheets look so nice in the package) to be washed out completely. Until then, they may feel a bit rough and wrinkly.

There are some things that you can do to make your sheets look better longer and wear better, too. A lot of people focus on the "cold wash/low dry or line dry" but I haven't found that to be a major factor for me. I use only the dryer (not line-drying) because I have allergies, and the sheets will attract a lot more allergens in the open air but the filter in the drier catches dust and animal dander before it is redeposited on the sheets. Hot water and very hot dryer will cause more shrinkage (they are cotton after all) but, if you've found these sheets to be too over-sized for your liking, a little shrinkage won't hurt. If the sheets fit well now, don't use hot water or a hot dryer, they may not fit as well afterwards.

One of the hardest things on cotton fabric is an over-crowded washer or dryer. When I wash sheets, I wash only the sheets and pillowcases in one load. (I have a king-sized bed so there's a lot of fabric there.) If the fabric is free to move around in the washer without rubbing up against itself or other items in the load you are much less likely to have pilling and wear spots on the sheets. The dryer should be half-again as large as the washer with plenty of room for the sheets to float around in there -- you'll have much less wrinkling and fabric wear that way. I've experienced the most pilling and tearing on sheets that were overcrowded in the washer &/or dryer.

Even though I have a very large washer/dryer set, when it comes time to dry the sheets I dry the contour (bottom) sheet in a load by itself -- it tends to wrap itself around other items in the dryer causing stress and wear on the fabric as well as preventing some items from drying thoroughly when they get trapped in the contour of the sheet. I then dry the flat sheet and pillow cases in another load. It doesn't really take any longer since one sheet dries in about half the time of two or more from around 10 to 20 minutes versus 35 to 50 minutes or more for 2 sheets plus pillow cases -- the top sheet is much larger than the bottom sheet and with the added pillowcases it takes a little bit longer in the dryer. I'm usually just about done struggling to fold the giant contour sheet by the time the second load is done drying. I've taken to using the lowest setting on the dryer for a slightly longer period of time, because the sheets have a little bit more time "floating" around in the dryer and allowing the wrinkles to loosen up. I did, however, use the hot setting the second time I washed these sheets because I knew I could do with quite a bit of shrinkage on these sheets, and the hotter temperature did help loosen up the fabric's stiffness significantly.

You may see threads left attached at the end of each seam, especially in the corners of contour sheets. Don't cut these threads, and by all means, don't pull on them. Doing so can permanently damage the sheets. If you absolutely must cut the threads (it looks like a tiny woven rope) be sure to leave at least 1-1/2" of these threads attached because if they are cut too short, the seams will work themselves open and unravel leaving what look like tears at the corners and on the ends of sheets. Just tuck these threads inside when you make the bed (they'll be inside next to the bed and won't be visible once the bed is made) and forget about them.

If you should find yourself with some hems that want to turn backwards and crease, or with deep creases in the header of the sheets -- go find your iron -- and touch up the creases with a moderately hot iron (careful not to scorch, use steam if you can.) After doing this once (or at most twice) you shouldn't have to bother with it again (at least not anytime soon.) The fabric "wants" to pull back over the thread sometimes, because the thread is of a different weight than the fabric and doesn't have the sizing in it that is usually put into the fabric and may shrink at a different rate. After the first washing, it shouldn't be an issue anymore and if you can't live with it use your iron (just this one time, I promise.)

Hope this helps.


These sheets have only gotten softer and more comfortable with every wash. In my original review (above) I suggested ironing the hems and edges to get out creases that might get set into the fabric. I said you should only need to do this occasionally when a crease gets set in or a hem turns back on itself and doesn't "want" to lay flat. While I still believe that is a good thing to do, I have rediscovered the joy of sheets that have been ironed (all of the sheet, not just the hems and headers.)

When I was growing up we had in our laundry room an ironing machine called a "mangle". I'm not sure how it got it's name, but I always treated it with the greatest respect because I had no desire to find out exactly why it deserved that name.) The mangle consisted of a revolving padded cylinder (held in a horizontal position) onto which items to be ironed (or pressed) were carefully fed and held in place while a hot (extremely hot) curved metal plate (the same length as the cylinder and about a foot or two wide) was lowered onto the revolving cylinder. When all this is done correctly (and with a little skill), a perfectly smooth, ironed article of clothing (usually men's shirts) or sheet or tablecloth or other large cloth fabric item rolls smoothly out the back of the machine. With a machine such as this, ironing a top sheet takes a several seconds. If you want to iron bottom (contour) sheets with it a bit more skill is required.

I mention this because I have become enamoured of ironed, high quality sheets. They feel and look sumptuous and tend to resist wrinkling for quite a while. A number of people have commented that they had hoped to have sheets that felt as luxurious as the sheets they slept on in a luxury hotel. Well, *ironing* is the key to that luxurious feel.

Hotels pay a laundry service to wash and press (or iron) all the sheets they use on guests' beds and that's why they feel so great. There is not a single sheet on this planet that will not feel much smoother and softer after having been pressed this way and high quality, high thread count sheets feel the best. The laundries have giant-scale "mangles" that will iron one king-sized sheet in just a few seconds. They also use only flat sheets since the contoured sheets take a good bit more care to press, and the maids in hotels know how to properly fold and tuck the bottom sheet to get it to look perfect and stay neatly on the bed.

I don't have a mangle in my home, but I do love the feel of properly ironed sheets. So I am forced to resort to an ironing board and a good quality steam iron. It takes me longer than a few minutes (I won't lie to you) but I do it while watching TV and I don't notice the time so much. I know most people won't want to bother with ironing their sheets but I thought I'd mention it here because so many people seem to be craving the feel of bed linens from a luxury hotel -- and this is one way to get that. To be honest, if I had a family at home (my husband and I are retired, now) I wouldn't bother with this at all. We have joined the ranks of the "genteel poor" and so we can't afford to pay a laundry service to press our sheets for us. So, ironing the sheets is something I do to please myself and my husband (to be completely honest, he really doesn't care that much about sheets) and to keep myself out of trouble.

I hope my update provides you with helpful information or even amusement; if not, please feel free to disregard it.
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on May 26, 2011
I just purchased my 2nd set of king-size Malouf 400 thread count sheets. For the money, you will not find a finer set. I have a very thick pillow top mattress that is hard to fit with normal run-of-the-mill sheets. These Malouf sheets fit perfectly. Additionally, neither my husband or I are ever "short-sheeted" on either side of the bed since the flat sheet is oversized. There is even enough room to tuck 12-18" between the top and bottom mattresses at the bottom when I make the bed! Finally, these sheets keep their color, don't shrink, are almost wrinkle-free and are very soft. These are simply the best!!! I will probably buy (yet!) another set in white.
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on September 16, 2011
Great quality sheets and well worth the price. I normaly would never pay this much for sheets, and was planing on sending them back if they wern't worth every sent I spent on them, but they were! I have bought sheets at Walmart, Linen n Things, Ross, and Bed Bath and Beyond, all of which were never as nice. The quality of the Malouf sheets are as thoes found in a luxury hotel. Not too thin, not stiff, no threds hanging loose, and the color is bright and has a kind of sheen to it. I first saw them for sale in a furnature store and thought I could get them cheeper on line. Amazon had the best price and I just put them in my cart and watched them till the price droped to where I could afford. I am planing to slowly replace all of my sheets with this brand. I have also bought there mattress protectors (which are quiet and not like plastic) as well as one of their pillows (which has helped with so many of my back and neck problems). This is my new favorite brand.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon February 25, 2013
UPDATE - I ordered these sheets in December 2012 and posted my initial review after a couple of months, noting at the time that I didn't know how durable they'd be. Well, it's May 2016 and they're doing very well in weekly rotation with another sheet set. My other sheets, purchased about 6 months earlier than these, have failed, so I'm back to buy another set from MALOUF. They're excellent sheets and the price can't be beat.

Original review - I purchased these several months ago and waited to write my review until I'd lived with them for a while. These sheets are single-ply true 400TC, not the hyped numbers (think 800, 1200, etc...) that some claim. Most of those are including the plys in the count, so a 2-ply strand that is really 400TC will be listed as 800. I don't contend that single-ply is better, just offering the numbers so you'll know what you're really buying.

I am very picky about sheets, demanding softness and durability. It's easy to find one or the other, harder to get both. That's why thread count is so important to me. The tighter the weave, the softer and more durable the sheets will be. These seem to fill the bill. They're very soft and quite comfortable. I initially had reservations about the tucks on the pillow case borders, but the cases are so long that the pin tucks aren't really on the pillow but hang well over the pillow end. I've never found myself sleeping on them.

I rotate 2 sets of sheets, one per week. I've laundered these 4-5 times with a white vinegar rinse, no fabric softener (I make my own laundry soap) and they're quite soft. They were fairly soft right out of the package and very soft after the first wash. As some reviewers noted, these sheets are really big. They've shrunk in the wash, but still provide an easy, very generous fit for our 10" mattress. I wish my other fitted sheet was as easy to put on! An advantage to the generous cut is that they stay put. My husband tends to toss and turn a lot, but always in one direction and we struggled a lot in the past with fitted sheet corners coming loose. That's not been an issue with these.

So, all things considered, I couldn't be happier at this point. I can't speak to durability yet, because it usually takes a year or more for sheets to fail me, but the weave is quite tight leading me to think they'll last a good long time. If they begin to fail, I'll update my review, but so far so good.
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on July 12, 2014
I've washed these sheets about 6 times in the last 2 months. I washed them in cold water, I washed them in two batches and I dried them on low. The Good: The color is holding and the sheets haven't shrunk (they still fit beautifully). The Bad: They pilled quite a bit. They also haven't softened that much and they're a little scratchy. So, they still get their 4 stars for fit, color fastness, limited wrinkling. Right after I purchased these, I purchased another set but this time the 600 count and in white. I have probably washed them an equal amount and in the same way as the others. The 600 count sheet have not shrunk, have kept their shape, are surprisingly wrinkle free right out of the drier and, they HAVE NOT pilled. They have softened up a bit. I think the 600 ct sheets are the 5 star sheets for this product. Future purchases of these sheets will be at 600 ct.
Finding quality 100% cotton sheets at a reasonable price is difficult, but finding quality 100% cotton sheets for a split king has historically been impossible. $119 is a deal for any good sheets, but would also be a rip off for poor quality sheets. After reading and re-reading the reviews I decided to buy the sheets and check for myself. What finally persuaded me was an incredibly well thought out and informative review from a person (verified purchase) who appeared to know about linens. Her instructions were as follows: wash only in cold water, dry on low heat and preferably in smaller batches (one load the top sheet, another load the bottom sheets). Ironing was optional based on personal preference.
So, the sheets arrived the other day and today I examined them:
The sheets are soft and smooth (even before washing). They feel substantial and definitely have more of a satin sheen.
The elastic on the bottom sheets is wide. I really like this as I believe it allows for a smoother fit.
The sheets are generously sized - this would probably explain why some people felt the bottom sheets were "too big". I have a high profile mattress (at least 18" deep) and really need deep pockets (I have tossed out more sheets due to corner ripping associated with pockets that were too shallow). These sheets hug the mattress enough that I am not worried about creeping or traveling, but not so tight as to ride up, rip, or generally look like I've tried to fit 10 lbs of bed in a 5 lb bag. The top sheet is generous in both directions - again, this is perfect for a high profile mattresses - especially when you want the top sheet tucked in at the bottom (and for it to STAY tucked in) AND you have two generously sized people sharing the bed and competing for sheet coverage.
All the seams and stitching are sturdy and well finished.
For all these qualities, I have given the sheets 4 star (in my heart it is really 3.5 stars but that's not an option).

But will they become 5 start sheets? That is yet to be determined. I have washed the sheets/dried the sheets as per the recommendation of one of the reviewers and have put them on the bed. I will be evaluating softness, shrinkage, pilling, and the integrity of the stitching over time. I will provide update(s) to this review, at minimum, at the 3 month mark and let you know how they've performed. P.S. - I'm so optimistic that I did buy another set today... but the 600 ct version.
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on November 15, 2011
OK, here is the real skinny on what a real fitted sheet should be. This set is more like a queen and a half. they are the first ones that fit to where you can 45 the corners. Military personal know how important that is. I'm ordering another set. Don't worry about the softness it has plenty. The only draw back is they only come with two pillow cases. ENJOY...
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on March 16, 2012
It's strange, but the higher the thread count, the less soft the sheets seem to become. I purchasedt this (400tc) for my wife and for myself I purchased the 600tc sheets from Malouf. After washing and drying, the 400TC sheets seemed noticeably softer. Proof that sometimes more $$$ doesn't always equal a better product. It will be interesting to see how they hold up neck-to-neck in the long run as far durability goes. Stay tuned !
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on January 15, 2013
I normally use 200-thread count sheets at home made by some company I've never heard of. After getting deployed to SW Asia, I found myself sleeping on a worn out mattress with sheets that would come untucked and end up wadded up on a daily basis. There has to be a better way.

I ordered the above sheets and they arrived in about a week. The fitted sheet is elasticized all the way around and wrapped so well around the mattress, I could have thrown it out of a C-130 at altitude, and it would hang on for the entire ride to earth. The top sheet is excellently oversized as well, and doesn't come untucked. The pillow case is equally well-fitted.

These sheets were great the first night I used them, but they got even better after washing them. The softness really came out and crawling into bed at the end of a 12-hour shift is an absolute pleasure.

Durability has been excellent, and I've washed them about 10 times in hot water with zero ill effects. I will be purchasing at least one set of these for my bed at home!
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on May 4, 2016
Great soft sheets that I got in a hard to find size (Full XL) for my convertible sofa. They wash well too. My only complaint (and reason they didn't get 5 stars) is that one of the pillow cases has a small imperfection in the fabric. It's not a big deal and doesn't affect the feel of the pillow case so I decided to keep them.
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on November 14, 2012
These sheets exceeded my expectations. Finally!
***These are absolutely awesome sheets. Smooth, soft and the fit is perfect. Deep pocket that is finally and truly a deep pocket (very important with today's new beds, mine is very high at nearly 18"). I haven't had any more issues with the sheet coming off and having to fix it every day (very frustrating) as with all my previous sheets (which supposedly would fit).
Love the extra width on the flat sheet as well. Wish they had more colors (like light blue, dark blue & yellow)as I would buy another set. ***

As with any high end high quality Egyptian cotton sheets, if you want them to remain soft and smooth you should never wash them in hot water. I have always used cold and do not have issues with them washing clean. Secondly, do not dry them at high temperatures as this will also affect the smoothness and softness. Hot drying temperatures break down the fabric weaving which causes guess what???? Piling. I have always used the low drying temperature and I have never had piling problems with my sheets.

I wish I could get the wasted money back spent purchasing numerous other Egyptian cotton sheet sets which all claimed to have deep pockets and would barely fit. Unfortunately cotton sheets tend to shrink some and herein the problem; you can't return them after washing, you don't know they won't fit due to shrinkage until after they are washed. I would have been able to by another set or two of these and would have, with the money wasted.
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