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on July 28, 2016
I purchased 4 different combinations of this pillow: zoned high loft firm, zoned high loft plush, regular (not zoned-without holes) high loft firm and regular high loft plush. They all vary greatly. The zoned high loft plush is very soft and comfortable on my face, but it is too squishy and fluffy to support me properly (I'm a side sleeper and am tall). I had to return it even though it is so soft and comfy feeling because it did not relieve shoulder pressure. The zoned high loft firm is actually very supportive without being too firm. It still gives that cradling feeling and is still fairly soft on my face, yet it totally lifts my head and keeps it there. It relieves the pressure off my shoulders while on my side. I LOVE the zoned high loft firm! I'm thinking about buying another one just to have 2 to rotate for longevity. I hope this company still makes these pillows in a few years and I hope they're still affordable.

Please note that the zoned pillows with holes are VERY different from the regular dough pillows without the holes. I had ordered the regular dough pillow in high loft firm and it ended up being too firm for my face. It felt great on my head and shoulders, but felt like it was too hard against my cheek so I returned it. The regular dough high loft plush is actually very firm, but does give a slight bit of squishiness so I kept that one as well because it is still comfortable and does give amazing support. Interestingly, the regular dough high loft plush is still firmer than the zoned high loft firm! The regular dough pillows are more solid feeling whereas the zoned pillows feel more bouncy. But I am happy with both as I need a true high loft pillow that lifts me up and holds me up! So if you want a more bouncy type pillow then i would definitely go with the zoned types. If you want a very firm pillow then maybe check out the original dough pillow.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon September 14, 2011
Two of these exceedingly fine and extremely pleasurable pillows in king high loft/firm were purchased at the same time as a new Sleep Innovations 12 inch memory foam Cal King mattress and a Malouf HIGHRISE Cal King platform bed frame.

Service and shipping by and LinenSpa were great. Everything arrived within 2 business days. I still can't believe the absolutely huge external carton that these pillows came in followed by additional boxes for each individual pillow inside. Overall, this was almost packaging overkill, but then it's better to have too much protection rather than too little.

Everything works wonderfully well together. The combination of a memory foam mattress and memory foam pillows is certainly the way to go for a good night's sleep. No more innerspring mattresses with box spring foundations for me!

The pillows are pure sleeping pleasure immediately upon first use; there is no break-in period whatsoever needed to achieve the desired comfort level. A mild/non-irritating chemical smell that was present initially dissipated in a few days time and is now only a distant memory

It's great that each pillow comes with its own white zippered cover in soft velour (additional protection for the memory foam itself), but most people I imagine will still be using a standard pillow case on top of this. I know that's what I am doing.

The pillows certainly are properly named, since catching some more "ZzzzzzZs" is what I would prefer to be doing in the morning now that I have received these bundles of joy upon which to rest my weary head.

Purchase one or more of these pillows in the loft/firmness combination of your choosing and sleep tight - you really will.


1) Some customer reviews on for this same pillow by Malouf (the non-zoned dough memory foam model) have frequently mentioned that the plush model is actually significantly firmer than the firm model. I can't personally confirm that this is true, but you may want to consider this when making your pillow selection. Perhaps this is a problem that this model - the zoned pillow - does not have?

2) There is a 2 inch difference in height between the low loft and high loft versions of this pillow (4-5 inches versus 6-7 inches, according to Malouf online information). Ultimately, the decision between low and high loft is a subjective one; it must be made on the basis of personal preference. I chose the high loft version myself in the expectation that the pillows would very likely become somewhat less lofty during long-term use.
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on April 11, 2013
I purchased one of each of these Malouf Z pillows with the two different heights (loft) and firmness.
First, the price is very reasonable for a great pillow. They hold up well and are hefty. I preferred the high loft for both pillows because the low loft was only around 3" high. If you have a memory foam or soft top bed, you will sink it both the bed and pillow reducing the comfort. My partner enjoyed the firm, while I enjoyed the plush. Plush is much softer, while firm is like a rock. It is difficult to know which one to get but I would always stick to the high loft.
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on June 26, 2016
Got the high loft for myself and the low loft for my wife (I'm 6'0", she's 4'10"). They're perfect for both of us, no complaints.
review image
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on June 7, 2014
Update 1/12/2015
I thought I'd come back and close the loop on this review. It has been a little over 6 months and I have no regrets. I sleep well and have found my groove with the pillow. Worth the money. I would have had to buy at least 2 pillows by now and I feel this is going to pay for it self in a matter of months. The review below I first posted stands true. It just takes a little time getting used to it. I have an adjustable bed so I found that zone I need to be in. I hope this helps other guys out there like me with broad shoulders who can never find the right pillow. It has been a struggle for years and i finally found it!


Let me start by saying I ordered one of each to compare:

- King, High Loft, Firm
- King, HL, Plush

I'm 6ft tall with broad shoulders, side sleeper, and can never find a pillow that will support my neck...until now. If you typically are searching for a firm high loft pillow, and have tried all the rest you won't be disappointed.

The plush is VERY plush - if you have broad shoulders do not buy this one and go for the firm. The plush reminds me of your basic memory foam pillows. if you're looking for support and have broad shoulders or sleep on your side, this may not be for you. Back or stomach sleepers may want the plush. I never even took the plush out of the packaging; I could feel it was too soft for me. I immediately submitted a return to Amazon.

I opened the firm pillow from the zippered case and was pleasantly surprised that there was no smell at all - as opposed to other reviews on here. Your experience may vary. However after reading online you can just air these out or place some odor absorbing product next to it for a few hours. I know they did that for my memory foam mattress when it was delivered and I'm sure you can buy something similar or use a home remedy for odor absorbing. I have placed a store bought odor absorbing disc (make sure it's not just an air freshener; it has to be an odor absorber) next to it just for good measure. But again, there's not a smell I could notice other than a slight new smell.

Now for the actual Firm/High Loft review - As soon as I put my head on it I realized this was the perfect pillow - I cannot wait to go to sleep tonight! It offered great support, wasn't too firm but at the same time could feel my head sink in a little. My neck did not feel as if it was bending and the space between my shoulders and head felt completely supported. Now, only time will tell if this pillow holds up as it claims. But even if it lasts longer than a few months, I've already got my money's worth. I'm so tired of buying new pillows that go flat after a few months. Pillows at half the price last 2-3 months.

If something should change I will update this posting.
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on November 5, 2011
Products bought: king high loft plush, king low loft firm, king low loft plush
Sleepers #1: 5'3" side sleeper; Sleeper #2: 5'11" back/side combination sleeper

High loft vs low loft: The low loft version is much thinner than the high loft one. According to Malouf's website, the low loft version is between 4 and 5 inches thick. The high loft version is more than 7 inches thick. Both my husband and I think the high loft is too high. We have a Tempurpedic memory foam bed. If your bed is firmer, the thickness of the pillow may bother you less. But I developed a neck pain in the middle of the night due to the misalignment of my head and body. My husband did not have any pain with the high loft. But he did not feel comfortable either. I think the high loft model is for side sleepers with broad shoulders and a relatively firm mattress.

The low loft fits us much better, although I hope it is half inch thicker. One reviewer of the regular (non-zoned) Malouf memory foam pillow commented the zoned high loft was too high, the low loft too low so he chose the non-zoned low loft version. This made me think that the non-zoned low loft memory foam pillow was slightly thicker than the zoned model. Being a perfectionist, I also bought the non-zoned low loft version just to try it out. I have to say that the zoned version is much more comfortable than the non-zoned version. I did not feel the non-zoned version was thicker either. It was harder for sure, not as plush.

Plush vs Firm: With my hand, I cannot tell much difference between the low loft plush and low loft firm. They both feel soft and cushy. The plush model feels actually a little firmer than the firm model. However, after sleeping on them over night, my head seems to be able to discern the difference. I routinely get outer ear ache after sleeping on firm pillows. That was my main complaint of all the Tempurpedic pillows I own. I developed similar ear ache after sleeping on the low loft firm pillow, but not on the low loft plush. So looks like the plush is indeeded softer even if my hand does not feel so.

The odor: These pillows had the strongest chemical odor among all the memory foam pillows I bought. I own six different Tempurpedic pillows and other memory foam pillows from Sleep Innovations and Iso Cool. None of them ever emitted such strong odor even when first being used. The good thing is that the odor will eventually disappear.

Overall, these Z by Malouf zoned memory pillows are excellent products, esp. considering they are so reasonably priced. King sized Tempurpedic pillows cost $150+. These pillows offer greater comfort with a fraction of what Tempuredic costs.
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on November 9, 2012
First off this is highly discounted from what they sell it for on the company's website. It's pretty much a steal. Why? Well the memory foam they have in this is very high quality, and unlike other pillows you can actually feel the memory foam working! Some crappy Serta pillow I had said it had memory foam in it, but it didn't do anything. This pillow holds my head up and still has a lot more cushion under it. It's veryyy thick and heavier than a normal pillow, but that's to be expected. I didn't get any weird smell or anything that other customers have claimed to have smelled. I got this new and sealed, and it smelled quite normal. I used to use 2 pillow to support my head at night, but now I just use this one. I'm also a side sleeper, and it's very comfortable. I highly recommend this if you're looking for a comfortable pillow.
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on March 3, 2017
I received this pillow oct 20, 2016. It's now march 3 and I'm already having neck and back issues. I loved this pillow! It was ahhhmazing for my neck and back and I slept like a baby every night...up until about a week ago. :( while this pillow is super comfortable and gives great sleep, it doesn't last long. I can't return it now and I definitely can't justify spending that much on a pillow that doesn't last but a few months. I truly thought I found THE pillow but I'm still searching. I've gone through so many pillows! Great pillow, just wish it lasted longer.
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on January 9, 2013
Let me say that once we got it right, my 17-year old son now loves his new LOW LOFT, FIRM Zoned Memory Foam Pillow.
But in getting here we mistakenly first ordered the HIGH LOFT, PLUSH version of this pillow, which we had to return.
No offensive smell from the foam material right outta the box that others describe, so that was good.
The velour pillowcover is so very impressive, classy, and well made - adds luxury to the pillow.
Okay, so the HIGH LOFT is VERY HIGH and poufy like sleeping on a big 'ol doughy dumpling.
The problem being that my son is a STOMACH SLEEPER and this pillow enveloped his face as he sunk down to its base to the point that he could barely breathe!
Note that because this was not the right pillow for him, he woke up with neck pain which he had never had before.
We returned this one, and because others spoke of such a difference once you get it right we decided to try the LOW LOFT, FIRM (was REALLY CONFUSED between PLUSH and FIRM anyways, but the general consensus seemed to be that there wasn't a real noticeable difference - we chose FIRM not to "sink" too deeply again into the pillow and "hit bottom!")
(He is using this on a memory foam mattress.)
This pillow is "just right!"
Not flat, as I feared, but definitely a lower profile by several inches.
The firmness causes it to spring back quickly - great "short-term memory," and this version keeps him elevated enough as a STOMACH SLEEPER to not be swallowed up by his pillow.
He is LOVIN his new pillow and getting some great sleep - no neck pain.

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on January 24, 2017
As an occupational therapist, I'm all about posture and ergonomics, especially while you sleep and work. That being said, I spent years not minding my neck posture (forward head, tense shoulders, weak back muscles), and I'm now paying the price. This pillow is dense and just the right amount of squishy for my ever changing sleep positions. My cervical pain is at a minimum now, we'll see how it handles the next time it flares up. I'm also anxious to see how it holds up in the long run with all of the perforation holes (that provide excellent air flow, mind you), I have a feeling that might speed up the memory foam breakdown process. All in all, if you're about investing in your pillows, this is a worthy candidate.
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