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on December 12, 2012
Wow - I have every Stills and Stills Combo albums and apart from the 1st Manassas album and possibly "Stills Live 1974" this is the Shiz !!! Wish Stephen had used the Backing Vocals(trio of Girls ) he has on this album on a few other's as they really "make " this album . As usual Stills Guitar is amazing , all the songs are great esp Around us , Round the bend and Spanish Suite ( Listen to Stephens Jazzy acoustic guitar interplay with Herbie Hancocks piano ...)

The line up of muso's is like a who's who of Stephens recording history (includes Neil )

Sure Stephens voice aint what it used to be but it really works on Ole Man Trouble ( this is a GREAT version ) and as mentioned the backing vocals of girls really suits the songs and Stephens range
Lots of really fantastic Electric Guitar , heavier and blusier than usual but such lush tone and fuzz and all the goodies that Stephen uses :-)

Go get this album ........and surprise yourself and any one around who thinks Stills is washed up

Cant wait for his Boxed set or a new album
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on July 20, 2005
But well worth the Wait! Stephen Stills has hit the mark with this new offering. The CD opens up with a new tune that carries shades of his first LP. Throughout the Disc Stills has compiled a collection of songs that run the table with tastes of Manassas, Stills early solo works and CSN influences. Stephen hasn't forgotten his blues roots either with songs like "old Man Trouble" and the excellent "piece of me". My favorite has to be the hard rockin "Round the Bend" with Neil Young and Stephen Stills going back and forth on the electric guitars. The last song is pulled from the archives.Spanish Suite is a 11 minute coda from the 70's that should have made it on the CSN box set. It's been 14 years since Stephen Stills last Solo CD. Let's hope we don't have to wait that long for his next offering.
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on March 5, 2015
The album nobody noticed... it had been so many years since a new studio album from Stills ... as it now once again has... that nobody noticed this album when it came out. It's actually quite good though... mixing his old sound with an updated feel... He's got some friends with him and you notice it a little when they are there... but overall good songs... and his voice sounding good on this... this is worth picking up and giving it the fair shake it deserves..
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on January 9, 2007
After seeing Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young play in concert in the Fall 0f 2006 it only seemed right to search for a new CD from each of them if THEY had one. Neil Young's CD was a simple choice. It was out there and easy to find for Christmas. Political, activist and what you would expect since 4 days in Ohio. After hearing the songs at the show whether you agreed with the politics or not it was worth getting. Then what about "Man Alive"? After a little Googling it was a definite choice to pick up. If you enjoy Steve Stills I really don't think you will be dissappointed. It is blusey and reminds me of Manassas and if you are a Steve Stills fan you should remember them and even "Super Session" with Season of the Witch! There are driving tunes like "Drivin Thunder" to listen to in your car in traffic and a few heartfelt tunes like "Wounded World" and I don't get it". All in all its a good CD and although you may hear a few threads and melodies that are familiar it does't hurt.
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on August 30, 2005
Let me start by saying that I am a super-fan of Stills, and not a professional reviewer. However, I didn't set the bar very high for my expectations of this album for many reasons-his age and health, the distance between albums, the lack of original material on his last solo outing, the excellent Stills Alone from 1991, and others. On top of all that, I was not quite sure that anything would ever surpass Manassas. I was pleasantly surprised, to say the least.

This album has the range of influences of Manassas, but with more grit and life than I have ever heard from Mr. Stills-who is probably the most underrated musician/guitarists in rock. There is dead-on rock, Zydeco, blues, soft-rock, blue-grass, and even one semi-Reggae number, Feed the People, which is his "social activist" number. His bluesy voice, which is full of having "been there" sets him far above the younger "blues stylists" to whom I listen and say to myself, "He/she is really good, but the heck do they know about the blues?" The autobiographical Piece of Me is both pointed and poignant.

I would love to see music vendors get this album off the "Classic Rock" or "Nostalgia Act" listings. This is great music that deserves to be heard, savored and enjoyed by every music fan, young and old.
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on October 17, 2006
After repeated listening, i've come to the conclusion that those of us who are giving this album four and five stars are doing so because of the sheer exuberance and good will that radiates out of it, rather than its purely musical merits - not that these are particularly lacking. But if you compare it with Stills' first solo effort, or with "Manassas," the difference will literally kick you in the head. This is not the work of the inventive, refined melodist whose complex harmonies variously swam in a Californian mist or echoed some post-modern country. Most songs are straight-out rockers, and several do not work all that well, but it's impossible to resist their energy. "Drivin' Thunder," a surprising Nascar-lovin' ol' boy song has a rhythmic pull that will take your breath away, whether you care to follow the lyrics or not; and I dare you to not find the accordion-driven "Acadienne" utterly infectious, even though in the back of your mind you know you've heard this tune a million times before, at least once by The Band, who did it better.

The whole is very nicely held together by Stills' stock-in-trade swamp-man mumblings, where his bluesy persona accompanied by acoustic guitars creates pockets of clean air in the general excitement: "Piece of Me" is downright mysterious, "Different Man" can't possibly not charm you, as it sounds like Stephen and Neil sat down back in the sixties and just dashed one off for fun; and "Ole Man Trouble" seems to epitomize what Stills tries to achieve on this album: an older soulful sound applied to rhythms and styles from all over the world.

Throughout, Stills sings and plays with admirable feeling and sincerity - the fact that he doesn't sound a bit different from thirty years ago may speak poorly of his ability to progress as an artist, but it will be a tremendous boost to the self-confidence of the people of his generation. The lyrics are pretty basic, except in the case of "Feed the People," which should become some sort of anthem. Finally, there is "Spanish Suite," a sprawling and beautifully put together work that embodies all the qualities and failings of this album and of Stills' creativity during his whole career: it begins with a too-standard four-chord loop which we've come to think of as "Spanish music" and maudlin lyrics Stills has sung many times before; it segues (a la "Judy Blue Eyes") into a lively song of its own, and ends with a terrific jazzy jam, where guest artists, in particular the superlative Herbie Hancock, do for Stills' music what Young, Crosby, and the rest of the sixties' clique did for it elsewhere: they open it up to new and original horizons and let it develop to its full potential. Wisely, Stills stays in the background and lets his friends do their best.
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on February 16, 2014
I am so glad Mr.Stills made this album. I love the whole album but the best track, Spanish Suite, featuring Herbie Hancock is sublime. He still has it.
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on November 23, 2008
Didn't expect this to be so great, but what the hey, never could predict what Stills would do at any given time, so why try now? Really good music, even in B flat. Anyone who says Stills spent his songwriting skills in the late 60's and early 70's can put this on their player and get in line to kiss my lily white.
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on December 27, 2014
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on June 24, 2005
As stated, it has been over fourteen years since Stills has put out a solo album and, since I was severely disappointed with both Right By You and Thoroughfare Gap, I had serious concerns. I am pleased to say that Stills has a lot to say and he proves it over and over on this disk. There's not a clinker in this item and the guest appearences by Neil Young outdo ANYTHING on Long May You Run. Congrats, Stephen-you are back and with a vengeance!
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