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on May 23, 2016
There are a lot of reviews for this movie, but having listened to this debate for 3 years I want to put my thoughts down. My first viewing in the theatre I came away going "wow that was intense and a new take on Superman". Then I started reading the criticism and that started changing my mind about what I saw and even debated one of my friends who loved the movie about its faults. Then I watched it again and realized the reviews and myself were wrong. This movie receives a lot hypocritical flack for no reason. I also read a bunch of Superman comics to see where they were coming from in the criticism . Let me say this, there is no definitive Superman only your definitive Superman. If you prefer Reeve that's fine, but there is room for multiple interpretations. People saying Snyder doesn't know the character are wrong as well. Lines and shots are taking from Birthright and John Byrnes Man of Steel. This is a very post 1987 Superman and really resembles more of the stories from the new 52 and early 2000s such as War of the Supermen, For Tomorrow, and Earth One.
This film is a roller-coaster. From the intense opening to the calmer coming of age then the 2 big battles. Once we get the invasion from Zod the movie doesn't slow down. On first viewing that can be alot to take, but again repeat viewings make me enjoy it more. There are shots in this movie that are absolutely gorgeous and breathtaking. The score compliments the movie greatly and even though there is no charging theme Zimmer's more subtle work feels right. There is joy in the film as well, but it's not spoon fed to you. It is subtle like many of the themes in the film. Another aspect of the movie i love is a great villain who believes he is right and will not stop to achieve his goal. Snyder puts Superman in extremely difficult situations and he has to make hard choices. If any other character did what he did at the end of the film no one would blink an eye, but because it's Superman everyone freaks out. However, as I said this villain would not stop and there was no prison to hold him so Supes made the tough choice. You can clearly see the pain it caused him. If you have issues with this movie please see man of steel answers on youtube. I think as more time goes by this movie will get the respect it deserves.
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on July 12, 2016
We love this movie. The fact that DC will be releasing more in this cinematic universe makes it that much better. The actors in this latest reboot are well cast and the direction is spot on. It's a little bit darker than past Superman movies but in that way is more honest. It keeps to comic book story lines more than past versions. There is also a moment where Henry Cavill actually resembles Christopher Reeves as a way for the director to show respect to the original. I think this movie is well made and definitely worth trying out whether you're a comic book fan or not.
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on February 9, 2016
I'm not as excited about superhero movies as I was ten years ago, and honestly was never a fan of Superman comics like I was Batman or Spiderman as a kid (BTW I'm 41 now). The novelty of these movies has worn thin for me as I feel inundated with poor storylines, cheesy dialogue, lackluster villians, and crappy CG effects. The studios are cranking out garbage at a high rate. Micheal Keaton was a good Bruce/Bat, and I enjoyed Nicholson as the Joker, because for the time, it brought an edgier persona to the characters that the old TV series cartooned/lampooned. There wasn't much to compare too then, but Danny Elfman and Tim Burton killed all that pretty quick. Years later, Christian Bale (minus bat-voice) and Heath Ledger were IMO the best versions of the characters to date, and Heath will forever be the BEST villain. These movies made the genre watchable again. I hated the Toby Maguire Spiderman series, although he did a good nerdy Peter Parker. The absolute worst Modern Superhero movies have been consistently the Fantastic 4 in every group of actors. The Ironman/hulk/avengers/Thor/capt A have had some great actors and characters, but I find myself tired of watching and even keeping up with the universe as a whole. It got monotonous. Loki from Thor was like watching Pee-wee Herman with horns, and as great as Hugo Weaving is as an actor, the Red Skull in Captain A was just awful. I could go on, but should focus on Superman....I wanted set the stage for my opinion.

Superman as a character, for me, has always been too much. Too not human, too perfect, etc. The Smallville series was watchable because he hadn't mastered his full powers. Tom Welling played a good young Clark. Lois & Clark series was awful in every regard, and Superman returns was simply a poorly scripted attempt to reintroduce the character to the big screen, (Kevin Spacy as Lex good/Brandon Routh as Superman meh). I enjoyed George Reeves as a kid, and of course Christopher Reeves series (I should revisit those though....).

So, you get an idea of where I stand on the genre and Superman, and I have to say that I really enjoyed this movie. I had no expectations, no I expected it to be as crappy as Superman Returns (2006), and was surprised at the all-star cast. My biggest complaint is that the movie was too long. The epic battle finale simply drug on wayyyyy to long. I wasn't aware until watching there would be such A-list talent! Diane Lane, Russel Crowe, Kevin Costner?!! I had no idea going in. I only knew Henry Cavill's name from random spotlight features on him during filming, and assumed he'd be just another handsome face to put in spandex for the role, but he did a really great job. He not only had probably the best physique of any other Superman thus far, he looked the part, and played both his human and "super alien" roles very, very well. I'm actually looking forward to him VS Batman now. Micheal Shannon, who played the key villain, General Zod, was also quite good both character and acting. All in all, great actors, great characters, and a pretty decent reboot of Superman with tons of action.
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on March 27, 2017
This is a great Superman Movie. I know a lot of people dislike it for some reason, but they are wrong. The effects in this movie are great and are way better at showing the strength and destruction that would be caused by a fight between multiple kryptonians. I also appreciated how the movie focused on how and why he seeks solitude.
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on February 27, 2017
Love the movie and packaging looks awesome!!! However the plastic stand that holds the case was broken when I opened the case.. I'll try to glue it back together but really disappointed with the quality of the plastic stand...
review image
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on March 14, 2017
I just watched this and was impressed. It might just be the best film of it's kind I have ever seen. Like 300 and Watchmen, it establishes Zack Snyder as the best director of CGI action in the business. It's also the best Superman movie of all time. Give me more films like this one.
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on March 19, 2017
I bought his as a gift for my niece for Christmas. Needless to say, she loved it. Packed well and shipped very quickly. I would highly recommend.
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on February 9, 2014
This was a good watch. I was happy to buy it.

It's nothing like the superman series that we are used to from the past, though. Much more similar to the other big budget superhero movies we are seeing a lot of. Like wolverine or something. Lots of fun special effects, lots of violence (real violence, where people die), fast paced action.

Actually comparing it to wolverine is pretty apt. The story is a little less compelling and interesting, but still more so than most of the old superman movies. It has a certain grittiness to it.

Anyway, good flick. Definitely worth a watch and some sequels.
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on March 5, 2017
I enjoyed the movie. However! I had terrible latency issues! the dialog and the video would constantly go out of sync. Forcing me to ether deal with it or close out and fix it, really taking away from the movie experience. Amazon users beware.
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on March 13, 2017
Well done movie but a bit too much violent action. Would have liked a little more plot. BluRay worked great.
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