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on June 14, 2016
My little guy loves this toy.

When he was born I had it hanging above the changing table... not really on purpose, just as a place to store it. Well, he loved staring at it from day 2! Around 8 weeks he started to swing at it so I got it down for him. He couldn't officially grab it, but could stuck his hands through the loops (on accident probably) and move the toy to his face and try to bite it. Now at 16 weeks he grabs it off the floor next to him, passes it between his hands, "chews" on it, etc. He will play with it for 5 minutes without my intervention. It travels well as you can smash it down at it bounces back to full shape when you pull it out of the bag. We also throw it in the car seat with him for some easy entertainment with no worries that he will suffocate against it choke on it or anything.

The square block in the middle rattles quietly. I wish it was a bit louder, as the noise is so quiet that my little guy doesn't even to take notice of it. It is less "rattle" and more of just a ball toy.

My friend warned me NOT to put it in the dishwasher - she melted hers. I just wash it with hot soapy water... or sometimes clean it off with paci wipes if he drops it on the go.

I'll probably buy a toy lanyard for it so we can prevent drops on the go!
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on November 6, 2016
My son is 3.5 months. He is not interested in very many toys yet, but he LOVES this thing. I am so glad I bought it, just because I thought it looked neat, before he was born. It is perfect for his little hands to grab; anywhere he touches he can easily grasp a loop. Whether he is sitting up, having tummy time, or it is hanging from his activity mat while he is on his back, he loves reaching for it, holding it, and putting it in his mouth. The little loops are the perfect size for his tiny mouth, and they are soft and flexible. So many teething toys are too big for him at this age or he needs help holding them in his mouth. If you are looking for the perfect toy for your baby or grandchild, for a shower gift, etc, get this!! I plan to purchase some others from this toy company since my son shows a strong preference for it! The owl rattle, skwinkle teether, or whoozit twist will probably be my next purchase- I can't decide! Keep an eye on the price on amazon, as this item varies quite a bit!. (Though even at its higher cost is worth every penny!). This toy also stood up well in my sterilizer- a must for all my baby toys. And there is nowhere for moisture to hide and grow mold. Also the loops make it easy to attach with a pacifier clip to attach to either baby or stroller, blanket, etc.

I put effort into writing a helpful and thorough review, as I often use reviews to help make decisions on amazon purchases. That is one of my main reasons for shopping on amazon. [...]
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on November 5, 2015
This is such a fun toy for my son. It has a variety of colors which he enjoys looking at. Each of the "rings" are soft and pliable. They are easy for him to put in his mouth to chew on. It also has a pleasant rattle in the center box. The rattle makes a soft rattling noise, when shaken. I was also impressed with the weight of the toy. It looks rather large but is light enough for my 4 month old to easily pick up and shake around, without it falling on his face. He enjoys staring and turning the toy around to look at the different colors, so I feel that it is also improving his development. He is now 6 months old and is still happily playing with it, so it looks like this may be a long-term toy (yah!). Definitely would recommend this toy to other parents of little ones.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon January 6, 2017
This was the first toy my baby really showed interest in. Starting around 3 months she would grab the loops and just hold onto it for a while and then she figured out she could bite them and shove the rings in her became much more popular then.

It's good for the smaller babies because the loops are really easy to grab hold of, although it was a little heavy for her at first so sometimes she would get a grip on it and then immediately drop it. She seems to like the bright colors and enjoys the rattle, when it works, which is a little inconsistent.

She seems to prefer chewing on it more than her Sophie giraffe, but occasionally her hand will kind of get stuck between a couple of the loops and that makes her mad. At 6 months she is still using it and I like how easily it can be cleaned. Overall a good toy, although not her favorite anymore. It is the preferred teether of all the ones that we have (and we have several) if you're looking for that.
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on March 20, 2016
This toy has quickly become a favorite. At 12 weeks, it's the first toy my daughter has been able to grasp on her own. It encourages two-handed play and is much easier to hold than even the other flexible ball rattles that are quite popular. She loves to put her arm through it as well as hold and suck on the flexible rungs. We call it "Adam," because it looks like an atom. :) It's a must have for babies at 2-5 months.
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on August 24, 2016
Just a few short weeks after giving birth I ordered this toy fro my son, my first rattle!

This toy is greatly designed for small petite finger. At 10 weeks my son grasp onto it for the first time with both hands! He starting doing more and more, and got to a point where he had it in his mouth while holding onto it with 2 hands. It's way better then a raddle as it has thin rings, it helps develop a great grip!

This raddle isn't one that gets stored away after a few short weeks. Once my son started teething, I would put this raddle into the freezer. The thin, cold things easily fit into his mouth soothing his sore gums! He loved it!

This raddle does make some noise when thrown or played with. It's not too loud or bothersome at all.

This winkel is lightweight and very flexible. It can easily be squashed into your carriage bag or suitcase. It's a raddle you'll want to take along! U can easily connect it to your stroller strap, backpack or elsewhere.

The winkel is also really easy to maintain. Just wipe is clean with a damp towel or water. I am very particular with keeping my baby toys clean at all times. Cleaning this raddle is a breeze, my 6 year old can even help!

The winkel comes in a cute small box. Great for storage!

This winkel has definitely helped my son develop his fine motor skills and 2 hand grip. It's sure one of his favorites!!
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on April 20, 2015
I bought this for my 3 month old who's an early teether. I bought it because her dexterity isn't developed yet and she's having trouble holding teething toys. It is brightly colored and really catches her attention; I've caught her staring at it. The only problem is that it's really heavy. She can't comfortably pick it up, and when I hold it for her the way the tubes run they don't fall into her mouth. If you look at the picture, and a baby is holding on the outside tubes, the baby has to turn her head a little to put it in her mouth. My baby is much too young to figure that out. So, maybe as she gets a little older she will get more use out of this.
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on April 13, 2017
Good as one of the first toys a baby can hold as they are learning to grasp. It's lightweight and also doubles I guess as a teether - though I don't think it's intended for that. Only complaint is that it really doesn't rattle that much. I bought this a while ago - so maybe they've remedied that since. The one I have you have to shake pretty hard to get it to rattle - rattle isn't really loud either. Probably the o-ball toys are better for baby's first toys that they can grasp and have better rattling.
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on February 16, 2016
My eleven-week-old son loves this toy. It's honestly the only one he seems to be interested in at all thus far. The box at the center is hard, but it's protected by the many firm rubber loops, preventing any injuries from accidental hits to his own head when he's waving it around. The thin loops let him get a good grip, so it happens often. The rattling is a nice, consistent sound, not too loud or sporadic like some other rattles. The bright colors also grab his attention when he's fussing.

Overall, a great first toy!
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on June 14, 2010
This has been the perfect toy for my 4-month-old: It's one of only 2 toys he's been able to grab with both hands and mouth consistently. I really think it's been a great way to get him more confident and excited about developing those fine motor skills. Great, solid materials and fun colors. The rattle in the inner cube is a nice added bonus (and not too loud!)
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