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on April 17, 2013
Was looking to simplify my HT system as I enter the "autumn" of my years when the lack of HDMI connectivity on my Aragon Stage One HT preamp became a hindrance ..........and my Acurus amp separates began to need attention .........a one box solution became appealing. The improvement in sound quality was immediately apparent and the simplified HDMI connectivity was much appreciated. Love that it supports multi-channel SACD. A fine companion to my Oppo BDP-103. My only minor disappointment is that there doesn't appear to be a "last volume" memory setting (db level) for the individual inputs ......which my Aragon Stage One had. Perhaps there is a way of doing that buried within the inconvenient .pdf manual ......but haven't discovered it yet. Overall .........the smooth high quality audio and other wonderful features make this a no-brainer 5 star rating!!!
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on May 22, 2015
Absolutely beautiful sounding receiver. I actually liked this one so much I upgraded to the SR7008 because of XT32 Audyssey and I found a GREAT deal on an open box SR7008. The sound between the 7007 and 7008 is identical, I heard no difference at all. I only have a 5.1 setup and really do not have a desire to expand beyond that or care about HDCP or HDMI 2.0 or Atmos or any of that.

All music is listened to in 2.1 mode and I prefer Audyssey FLAT versus "pure direct" or direct. The Audyssey phase alignment makes a big difference to help correct your room and "synch up" the sub to your mains. If you have a sub, set ALL of your speakers to SMALL and xover at 80hz to start. I have a pair of 15 year old Infinity Overture 3 speakers which are amazing sounding and they each have their own 300W sub built-in. It felt very odd to call them SMALL but you must do this even if it feels weird if you have a wicked pair of powered MAINS - you just have to set em to SMALL and accept it, lol. No offense to your big bad boy main speakers, set them to SMALL and move on.

Marantz absolutely excels at audio quality, when you hear "warm" in reviews that is very accurate. It does sound different than Denon does despite what some might say, I know this because I swapped this unit for a high end Denon and was very accustomed with the sound. WARM is what describes Marantz. Denon still sound GREAT, don't get me wrong, but in my case I prefer the Marantz "sound". There are many arguments and such about how the two units should sound exactly the same (the new X series high end from Denon which is the matching counterpart to the Marantz) compared to the Marantz and they do NOT sound the same.

Very pleased, never had a better sounding setup. Music in 2.1 mode with LFE+MAIN and xover at 80hz is effing PERFECT. My sub is a Klipsch SW-112 and I let Audyssey do all of the work. I figure $6 million of R&D of Audyssey is going to do a lot better job than me and a tape measure. =)

You won't regret a high end Denon or Marantz. I have had zero issues with any of the 3 high end Denon & Marantz gear I have setup. All work exactly as designed and sound great. Plenty of power at 125W per channel. If you are dorked about this Marantz not having built-in wifi, this can be easily remedied with a wireless bridge. I actually use a Linksys E1200 that I flashed with dd-wrt firmware and have set as client bridge mode and then wire to the eth interface of the Marantz. I paid $2 for the Linksys at Goodwill. =)

This is a lot of cash to spend on these units. You are in the $1,000 to $1,500 or even $2,000 range if you go SR7009. Prior to this I would only spend about $500 or so on Yamaha stuff. For as much as I listen to and appreciate music, I should have taken the plunge years ago and spent the big cash on top end Denon/Maratnz. I used to think $2,000 was a bit insane for an AVR but after having the high end offerings of D&M I totally "get it" now.

Buy this or the SR7008 or SR7009 or Denon X4100W or X4000 and don't hesitate. Yes they are expensive AVR but you get what you pay for. If you listen to a lot of music or movies and want the real deal, just do it. Having gone from a Yamaha to the Marantz is night and day - just beautiful sound. Enjoy.
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on May 24, 2014
I like the features Marantz put into this Receiver. I especially like the iPad app that allows control of most features. The sound quality is supurb. Seven HDMI input and three outputs are great. Marantz uses the return sound technology with its HDMI outputs if your television has the same technology you can run one cable to your television will return its sound back to the Marantz for enhanced processing and output.
My minor glitch was that the first unit I ordered quit working after the frist three weeks. However I cannot say enough about how Amazon took care of the problem. I had paid for one day shipping the first time. Within hours after reporting the problem to Amazon via their online process they shipped out another unit and I had a new unit within almost 24 hours. They gave me 30 days to ship the bad unit back and then to my surprise reimbursed me for the return shipping. WOW! Who ever heard of that. I could not be happier with both the Marantz SR7007 and the service from Amazon. And I hardly every wirte reviews.
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on August 1, 2015
I purchased this unit last year from Amazon listed by HI DEFINITION LIFESTYLE. This was a LIKE-NEW DEMO UNIT apparently from their showroom or a return. It was shipped to me in excellent condition and with all items that would be included were it new. The unit has performed very well thus far. It is powerful, clear and all functions that I have used work well. It is a sure improvement over the older Onkyo that I was using but that should be expected also. All in all, a good purchase in my estimation. The unit came with a full Marantz 3 year warranty. Had this not been included I would not have bought this unit. Too many of these feature laden receivers fail in one way or another.
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on May 13, 2014
The same company owns Denon and Marantz. They have greatly improved the center channel clarity with this model. No matter the volume of the bangs and booms you never find your self turning up the receiver to hear the dialog after the action. Wonderful depth of reproduction in music as well, not an audiophile purist's but is right there up at the top. Four stars because for the money it should have done music at least as good as the old Denon and movies better, but is behind the old Denon in music.
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on August 5, 2015
This Marantz SR7007 was purchased on 8/3/15 and has been replaced by a newer model, it has been out of production for a couple years now. The reason I purchased it is because it has all the features I was looking for as well as a large price reduction (over 60%) from being discontinued. This was a top of the line AVR in 2013. It has a couple features that the lower models do not possess improving sound quality (less jitter) and future upgradable pre-outs. The sound is warm and expansive with a good amount of power. The sound is clean and clear, a definite difference from my older AVR. I really enjoy the fact it has 6 HDMI connections making for far less wires involved. The menus are easy and simple to implement any adjustments you want. There are many AVR's to choose from these days, and, I recommend listening to different brands to find your own sonic sweet spot because each brand has it's own sound signature before purchasing.
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on February 17, 2017
good quality but seems to lack power. I regularly play it at 55% and that's not loud at all. otherwise, good quality.
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on February 16, 2015
Received the receiver relatively quickly. Nearly new, as described. Did not come with a remote control nor a manual.
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on February 21, 2015
everthing I wanted and more
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on August 21, 2013
A little context. I previously had a dedicated 2-channel system only for music, and did not have an especially good system attached to our TV. I purchased the SR7007 to create a single music listening and video watching system. I would say that the result is average, good but not great, with some specific things that are really annoying.

▹ First the plusses.
- The video quality from a variety of different video sources is really very good. The best TV viewing experience so far. DVDs look great, as does digital HD tv, stuff off my Apple TV, Netflix etc..

- As a controller for both audio and video sources, it works very well and keeps things simple (it's really not as complicated as some make it out IMO).

- It has a Phono input, so if you're into vinyl, as we are, you'll not need to fuss with a separate phono preamp. It is only set up for moving magnet cartridges, by the way.

- The Audessey room correction system works REALLY well. We have a challenging room/speaker placement and the difference between "Direct" and the "Music" and "Movie" modes is significant, and for the better.

- It allows you to drive Zone 2 directly from the amp, or use those outputs to bi-amp your main speakers (which I did for reasons that will become clear)

- The builtin HD Radio/Internet Radio/Pandora/Airplay connectivity allow for tremendous range of music discovery. Being able to listen to a favorite college radio station from 600 miles away, and having that station as one of our "favorites" is really nice.

- The sound is good.

- We use the Remote iOS app all the time and it works nicely, I also use the web-interface (the amp puts up its own web-server, which is cool).

_ I personally think it looks very nice, and I like the remote (I've programmed it to control all my input sources).

▹ Now the minuses.

- The sound is good, but not great. This is especially true if your mains are a pair of 4 ohm floorstanders as mine are (taken from my dedicated 2-channel system). You have the ability to bi-amp, and this turned out to be important in my case, but that means I need another amp to drive Zone 2. Even bi-amped, the sounds is fine, but not really tight and controlled. Again, this happened in my 2-channel system, where I had to find an amp that could drive my 4-ohm loads. Once I found that, I got the kind of vice-like control over the low end that I became accustomed to. Even bi-amped, the SR7007 doesn't give that level of control. For easier to drive loads, I think the sound is really very good, but this is one of those "your mileage may vary" kinds of things.

- Now my major peeve. you cannot route digital sources to both the Main zone and Zone 2. So, let's say you have a football game on in the media room (Main zone), and you have the cable box sending digital to the SR7007 via HDMI (and why would you do anything else?). You want to hear the audio from the game in Zone 2, which is in the kitchen. That seems completely reasonable, and something we want to do all the time. You're not trying to route two different digital sources to Main and Zone 2, you're just trying to route the same audio to Main and Zone 2. YOU CANNOT DO THAT (<- I never use all caps, but I find this especially annoying). Let's say you have an Apple TV (or other HDMI streaming device) and you're streaming tunes from a playlist you've created for a party to the Main Zone, and you'd like to stream that same audio to Zone 2, you also cannot do that.

I find this very annoying, since there is an option to tell Zone 2 to play whatever the Main Zone is playing, and that will work for analog sources, but not digital. With one big exception. If you are using the SR7007 itself to stream Pandora, or play an internet radio station (both digital sources) then you CAN push that audio to both the Main Zone and Zone 2. If you are sending tunes to the SR7007 via AirPlay (digital) you can also send that audio to both the Main Zone and Zone 2.

I don't see any reason why some digital sources can be sent to multiple zones and others can't, except for one explanation. There is some kind of copyright/licensing thing, where external devices can't be streamed to more than one zone (for some mysterious reason). I see no technical reason. It would be lovely if Marantz fixed this with a firmware upgrade. If they do, I'll come back and edit this review to reflect that (are you listending Marantz?).

Other than that annoyance, I'm happy with my purchase, but if I had known, I would have taken a different approach. In the meantime, I'll just have to spin vinyl and push that audio into both zones.....
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