Customer Reviews: Marijuana Gateway to Health: How Cannabis Protects Us from Cancer and Alzheimer's Disease
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on September 26, 2011
This is a rare and special book. To write a book like this, an author must be a courageous, independent, and discerning investigator with impeccable journalistic integrity. Unfortunately, these qualities are sorely lacking in today's world of investigative reporting. And, unfortunately, the lack of such qualities leads to terrible misinformation, not only about cannabis but about many other "controversial" issues. This book is meticulously researched and intelligently organized, and its massive research content is masterfully distilled. It is also well written, and that allows the reader to easily understand the scientific foundations for the ultimate research conclusions. If everyone in the U.S. read this book, our entire medical establishment would be turned up-side-down. Or maybe I should say, right-side-up. In one word: Brilliant!
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on October 6, 2011
The peer review system used in modern science generally provides a good way for advancements to take place. However when politics gets in the way the system fails. This books tells an amazing story about what the research has revealed and how political influence has made real progress difficult. Written in a style that is interesting and fun to read this book packs a lot of information for those curious to know about alternatives. You don't have to be a science wonk to enjoy this book and if you are (like me) you will find that the science presented is very interesting.

I was attracted to this book because cancer, Alzheimer's, and ALS have claimed the lives of my parents and grandparents. While I don't know if a cure can be found for these terrible diseases, it was encouraging to learn that there could be natural based solutions or preventatives. Just let the research continue, please!
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on October 4, 2011
This review was published in the Dec. 2011 issue of HIGH TIMES.

Marijuana: Gateway to Health by Clint Werner

This timely book delves into the ongoing quagmire between the scientific community and the federal government concerning the medicinal properties of marijuana. While the Feds continue to insist that marijuana has no accepted medical value and is too dangerous to use, this ignorant statement blatantly contradicts the results of many promising studies. Author Clint Werner has examined the current research, and summarized it in "Marijuana: Gateway to Health." The book's subtitle "How Cannabis Protects Us from Cancer and Alzheimer's Disease," evokes a new era of understanding about our human relationship to the cannabis plant. Not only can marijuana help treat many serious diseases, it also demonstrates remarkable effectiveness as a preventative medicine.

"Marijuana: Gateway to Health" is divided into two parts; Part One details the science of cannabis' healing properties and Part Two addresses the history of medical marijuana and the political battles being fought to legitimize this helpful plant. Written for the layman, Werner does an excellent job of engaging the reader and making scientific concepts clear and easy to understand. He explains the endocannabinoid system that regulates many aspects of human health, and proceeds to outline many fascinating facts about the cancer-fighting properties of cannabinoids. It seems that THC can prevent aggressive cancers from spreading, making it an effective treatment for lung, breast, brain and pancreatic cancers, along others. Werner writes "... we can see that regular, long-term marijuana use may be powerfully protective against developing ... cancer."

Also, it seems that cannabis can protect the brain against the ravages of Alzheimer's disease with such astonishing success that "An urgent move to develop cannabis therapies for Alzheimer's patients should be underway, especially because of the complete lack of effective conventional treatments." Citing research from the Guzman team in Madrid, we learn that "`cannabinoids succeed in preventing the neurodegenerative process occurring in the disease.'" Werner also covers other cannabinoids such as CBD, the benefits of the various terpenes, and cannabinoid deprivation syndrome. Loaded with footnotes and packed with information, "Marijuana: Gateway to Health" will teach any skeptic how medical marijuana heals people and why the continuing prohibition against it is immoral and illogical.

When our opponents in the debate over medical marijuana insist that not enough research has been done, as in the recent LA Times editorial that opines "The DEA is right in saying there's not enough scientific evidence about the medical uses of cannabis," you can be glad that in "Marijuana: Gateway to Health," Clint Werner has provided the ammo to fire back in the form of facts and scientific findings. We must demand that the federal government acknowledge this evidence, reschedule cannabis, and make this healing herb part of a healthy lifestyle for everyone.
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on October 7, 2011
Controversial and upsetting to some, Marijuana, properly understood, has potential for good as well as abuse - a positive aspect largely overlooked in the controversy surrounding it. Author Clint Werner has taken a fresh look at how cannabis can play a positive role in promoting good health -- and presents it in an interesting and easily understood way. Moreover, he puts Cannabis in perspective: providing fresh insights, exploding myths and providing a handy reference to anyone seeking authoritative information on the subject. Carefully researched and meticulously annotated, "Gateway....." is a long overdue review of an old and much maligned subject.
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on January 29, 2012
There aren't many books I'd get up at 3:00 AM in the morning to write a review about. I've read my copy cover to cover twice, with delight! I'd be reading it the third time this weekend if I hadn't loaned it to a friend to help her understand how to regain her health. Mr. Werner's book is amazing. From cover to cover it is filled with desperately needed information concerning the healing power of cannabis. It offers incredible insight into the history of healing of one of nature's most magnificent gifts to mankind.

I'll be ordering dozens more, to give as gifts to special people in my life. My gratitude and respect Mr. Werner.
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on November 6, 2011
The public desperately needs to be educated regarding the appropiate use and benefits as well as possible dangers of marijuana. The author of this fabulous book, Clint Werner, has elevated our awareness and insight by wonderfully explaining the health benefits and occassional risks of Marijuana. Clint Werner brings this message with evidence based explanations that are esay to read and understand. A high school supertendent friend of mine read this book and recommended copies be available to all of his high school principals and teachers. Wether you are an educator, a patient, or a student: this book is a must read to truly understand the potential benefits of marijuana in our society.
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on March 29, 2012
I was one of those who had biases about people who smoked until I needed MJ myself when I had ovarian cancer. I was so lucky to have 1.) An Integrated MD who supported its use 2.) MJ available to vaporize and, 3.) State laws that allowed its medicinal use. It helped my appetite so that I could eat nourishingly every day which maximized my recovery efforts.

This book tells of researcher after researcher who began their work in an attempt to disclaim its virtue as an herb, and guess what- they all learned of its amazing benefits. All buried information until now- all so politically motivated. I hope that with more people getting the facts- per this book- more inquiry would occur. MJ is beneficial for so many different conditions, without the awful side effects that come with prescribed 'safe' drugs. My husband was surprised by the information about our endogenous (internal) receptors and the positive impact on our brains and other vital organs.
There is so much to read in this fabulous tome.

In addition (you thought I was done? ;)) I have had Type 1 Diabetes for 44 years and am also seeing benefits in my joints and limbs based on the anti-inflammatory effect. I would LOVE to see more research done on its benefits for folks with Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes. Until then I will continue my own personal research based on information garnered from this book. I now know which type has a higher CBD level, which is my preference, and feel that I am more prepared to purchase exactly what my body requires for improved health and well being. After reading this book, I have also become a huge advocate for MJ use with our elders.

Well worth your dollars and, spread the word- people need to have this truthful and accurate information available, and laws need to change. My Tibetan MD says that they were given the seeds as children to help develop their brain- it is only the US that has made its use criminal.

Thank you Clint Werner for your in depth research and reporting. Marvelous work!
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on November 29, 2011
Finally, somebody has come out and said it: our culture's euphoranoia is so extensive that getting high is considered a greater threat than dying from cancer or alzheimer's disease. Clint Werner does a great job of telling the stories behind this perplexing state of affairs and does a great service by summarizing the scientific studies that justify a more sane approach to marijuana.
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on January 4, 2012
After reading so much on the internet about the benefits of cannabis I decided to buy the book. It was very informative, and confirmed the information I had read online. This is a great reference book, and i will use it to educate people who have an open mind.
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on December 21, 2014
I believe this book's title is misleading, and borders on deceptive. Another reviewer had it right: there's almost nothing here for people trying to actually follow the author's advice, i.e., to treat Alzheimer's with cannabinoids.

This is a well-researched, and as far as I can tell, fully accurate (if incomplete) political treatise as to why legalized medical marijuana makes a lot of sense. I happen to agree with the author. But this is decidedly NOT a book that will help caregivers guide an Alzheimer's patient to health or even manage the disease effectively. It's not really even particularly about Alzheimer's. Only two chapters in the whole book even mention Alzheimer's except in passing, and neither provides adequate guidance to actually modify your treatment approach.

In the passion of his argument, Werner's tone and content is what I would expect from a well-schooled, outraged if polite conscientious objector asked to appear at a Congressional hearing. He is very proud to be speaking today. Unfortunately, the book is wholly unsuitable for sharing with elderly family members due to the gory, detailed, oddly ruthless description of the progression of Alzheimer's disease, e.g. "Lying in their own waste, with decreased blood flow patients frequently develop skin infections which become growing, pus-filled bedsores that pour toxins into the bloodstream. Some patients choke to death on their own saliva or die of pneumonia from inhaling smaller amounts of it." A few sentences later he is back to "dying in pools of our own filth" etc. It's technically true that waste products often kill Alzheimer's patients, but Werner's sensational characterization is really only productive if you are trying to gain the attention of people who know nothing of the daily horrors of Alzheimer's. People actually in that situation who are looking for real help and hope will have to go elsewhere.

What this book does not contain almost broke my heart: there is not a single anecdote that using cannabinoids / cannabidiol was helpful to anyone fighting Alzheimer's. Obviously, human clinical trials of CBD used to treat Alzheimer's would certainly be preferable to a bunch of anecdotes, but prohibition has insured that there simply aren't any such trials. The book does not contain even a single healthcare practitioner of any kind speaking from actual experience about working with Alzheimer's patients who used CBD. The book contains no action steps for caregivers, no references "to learn more", zero practical guidance for talking to antagonistic doctors, finding reliable information online or anywhere else, navigating the seriously messed-up world of CBD oil sold online, tips for learning about the current state-based medical marijuana system which is seemingly ever-changing, or how one might determine whether or not moving to a state with legalized marijuana or accessible medical marijuana is even worthwhile.

Students writing term papers, and those hoping to pick an argument at the Thanksgiving table: this is your book.

<b>Family Caregivers:</b> here's the most useful nugget of information in the book: at the time of the author's research (sometime before it was published in 2011, so already out of date), the cannabis strain the author found with the highest percentage of CBD that was *not* psychoactive was called "Women's Collective Stinky Purple." May I add this caution: If you are in a non-medical marijuana state, before you rush to buy CBD oil online, please read this: Project CBD's special report called <i>HEMP OIL HUSTLERS: A Project CBD Special Report On Medical Marijuana Inc., HempMeds And Kannaway.</i> Wishing you well on your journey.
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