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Mario Kart 7
Format: Video Game|Change
Price:$28.97+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

There is no question that Mario Kart is soon set to celebrate its 20th anniversary as one of the most acclaimed video game series for the Nintendo games. It has just been a non-stop fast & furious ride for Mario, Bowser and his friends from each angle. It has been on every system since the Super NES, and it hasn't seen the plumber and his friends and foes hit the brakes into the warp pipe even once. Still, there have been so many racing games that have tries to copy it and haven't succedded, or those who have been inspired by Mario and his friends race. Well whatever the case, Mario and his friends kept on evolving in the Mairo Kart games and they have never lost their luster. Now with the high-octane and mushroom speed, it is at it again for the Nintendo 3DS, and truthfully it is worth each and every race.

Mario Kart 7 really brings in the big guns for the Nintendo 3DS, where some of the other Nintendo 3DS games, have missed their mark with the launch of the system. Hard to believe it is the 7th racing game for Mario and his friends, and this time around it has continued to evolve well by bringing in a swift mix of the new and the old. Just like Mario Kart DS and MarioKart Wii, gamers will race 32 tracks that are both new and from Mario Kart's past. The game definitely looks amazing with some new wrinkles into the game, as you have new racers and new courses too like racing in the new Music Park, where hopping on each note and insturment will help you cross the finish line, Shy Guy Bazaar, where it is a Middle Eastern flavor available, as you and your fellow racers try and cross the starting gate, while trying to glide from rooftops, and classics as well like Luigi Raceway from Mario Kart 64 and the speed and mall-madness of the Coconut Mall from Mario Kart Wii.

Aside from the mix of old and new tracks as well, there are new racers that are here to challenge Mario, Yoshi and friends including Lakitu the cloud-dwelling and spiny tossing foe, Metal Mario (as a celebration to help celebrate the 15th anniversary of Super Mario 64,) Shy Guy and Wiggler to name a few. They bring a lot of new blood into the game, as well as new elements like customizing your karts with tires and gliders which will make you soar your way back to the asphault.You also can race underwater too, which will help you find shortcuts in the game, especially in redesigned courses like Koopa Trooopa Beach and new Cheep Cheep Lagoon. There are also a few new items in the game too including the fireball power-up, the tanooki tail which will help you swat passing racers, and the new Lucky 7 that is a seven-way mix of weapons like the shells both red and green, a blooper to ink foes, banana peel and and a star for invinciblity.

The graphics in the game look amazing, as you score your way to the finish, as well as collect coins while on course to help yopu unveil extras to help customize your karts. The control is strong as well, in the classic mode, but there is one small hiccup with the new first person perspective. While the concept is good, in that mode you can race with others using the gyro sensor from the 3DS and steer your kart by swaying your racer back and forth, like the Wii Wheel was in Mario Kart Wii. That can take a bit to get used to for new racers, but for veterans they can also choose to play in the classic way as well. The sound is strong as well, by bringing in the classic scores and musical elements of the distinctive classic courses like Mushroom Gorge, but overall it is the gameplay that is fun in both single play and especially multiplayer too. The multiplayer adds extras with the Streetpass, and online gameplay like Mario Kart Wii showed, as you and 7 other racers try to race your way to the finish line.

Overall, despite one small flaw, Mario Kart 7 is definitely a fast and furious game from start to finish, and it still is just as great for many gamers more than meets the eye. If you have enjoyed the chase that Mario Kart has brought before than you'll definitely love this Nintendo 3DS game. I definitely love this thrilling racer and it shows that some game franchises have never gotten old, they just have gotten better with age. It is definitely a must buy for your Nintendo 3DS that is sure to be a treat that many racers haven't been able to show for over 2 decades across the finish line. I absolutely recommend Mario Kart 7 from start to finish.

Graphics: A

Sound: A-

Control: A- for classic gamers; B for Nintendo 3DS gyro sensor

Fun & Enjoyment: A- for solo play: A for multiplayer

Overall: A-
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on December 6, 2011
Lol, Nintendo sucks, and this game just makes that fact too clear to ignore. You race around in go karts, it's clear that Nintendo is a company for kids games since nobody else would go though the trouble of making a game dedicated to a kid friendly racing activity. Nintendo is such a joke, while they're making stupid kid games like this, Microsoft is making the cool games, such as Modern Warfare 3. Does Nintendo have Call of Duty? Sure, but only if you want stupid Wii controls with god awful graphics (lol yet another Nintendo failure).

This game is crap, which is no surprise since it is released on a failure of a system (3DS). Two fails don't make a right.
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on December 12, 2011
Time was Nintendo games had a certain magic, an indescribable charm that gave them a unique and revered spot in the world of games. Those days are gone, their legacy trampled by half baked tripe like this.

Mario Kart 7 is simply not any fun to play.At all.Gone are the precision controls and the tight gameplay of the classic games in the series like Mario Kart 64 (a game I still play regularly) and Mario Kart:Double Dash.What's left is a slow plodding mess that feels like You're riding a sloth through mollasses.Simple turns require an unreasonable ammount of pressure on the joystick, it feels like you really have to force the karts to get what you want them to do.Karts can now glide and go underwater, but this doesn't add much to the gameplay, the gliders irked me because they seem to go at the same speed regardless how how you adjust the pitch, and the underwater segments just make a slow game even slower.You have the option to customize your karts, but it is a rather rudimentary system that doesn't really add much depth to anything.I don't care for the designs of any of the karts really, they seem wacky just for the sake of being wacky.They seemed more interested in superficial gimmicks like this than they did with building a tight and fun racing experience.

As in the original Super Mario Kart, there are now coins scattered about the race tracks.These supposedly boost your speed if you collect (and hold on to) 10 coins, but I didn't see any noticable increase in speed.In every Mario Kart game before this, if you had an item in the hold, you woukd keep it until you decided to use it.Now you lose it from the hold if you get hit with anything.I don't know/care why they did this, but I don't apprecieate it because it significantly decreases the strategy that is involved in using your item;instead of getting a good item and waiting for the perfect oppurtunity to undermine a foe, you have to use it more or less right away lest you lose it.There are a few new items; the tannooki tail and the fire flower, both of which were pretty neat,as well as the "Lucky 7" which gives you 7 items in one shot.There are 32 tracks, 16 old, 16 new. Unfortunately the new ones are very uninspired and boring, old ones are a mixed bad; some classics from the SNES and N64, some stinkers from the DS and Wii.

Graphics are good for the 3DS, but that isn't saying much.It just looks like a N64 game with better resolution.3D isn't the best, nevertheless it looks alot better with it turned on.Music is cheap and tinny sounding, with annoying and repetitive songs all around (except for the n64 courses).

I can't think of any segue into this so I'm just gonna say it. The online is terrible.Absolutely appalling..Remember how the 3DS wasn't going to have friends codes for every game like the Wii did, just one per system? Well that turned out to be a lie. There isn't a "friend code" but you will need to trade "Community codes" with a friend if you wish to race with him. You can see which of your friends are online, but there is no simple matchmaking feature, each of you have to join the community, then one of you has to start a game, and the others try to join it, as there is no option to invite anyone.The whole mess is so hopelessly counter intuitive it made me physically sick.To call this crap antiquated would not be accurate either, I played my first online game about 12 years ago and it was light years ahead of this.But nevermind all that, terrible interface and all, I figured I'd try a few games. but it wasn't to be. I simply couldn't connect to the dang thing to save my life.My internet was working, as I could connect to the Eshop with ease. All my other devices worked, but I just couldn't connect. I would try to find a random match and it would show on the screen that it was "searching for players", and it would just show that indefinitely, and worst of all I couldn't get away from that screen and try again without first restarting the system itself. (Seriously Nintendo?) Nor could I connect with my friend,trying to join a specific "community". After about 3 hours of trying, and tinkering with the settings, and even checking my router and making sure it wasn't the issue, I just gave up. I quietly took the game out, put it back in its case, and I traded it in.

Nintendo stated a few months ago, they they are learning from their mistakes. Well that simply is not true. They are making the same mistakes over and over, and some new ones too! They clearly just not get it. They simply have no idea what the hell they're doing here.If they didn't know how an online game ought to be, why didn't they take a look at existing games, or hire someone who knew what to do? Their level of incompetence here is so egregious I have to wonder if this is more than just ignorance, but perhaps outright maliciousness on their part.Even just looking at the box and the menus one can tell that this game was made with a minimal of effort and almost no creativity at all.Mario Kart 7 is a cheap rehash of what the series has already done,a sign of how lazy and complacent Nintendo has become and I cannot in good conscience reccomend it to anyone.
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on December 4, 2011
Once again Nintendo shows how lazy they are. 32 tracks and only half of them are new. Hey look, two Rainbow Road tracks. Yawn. But at least the awesome mission mode from Mario Kart DS returned...wait, what? It didn't? But I can still race individual tracks against the CPU right? No? They took that out too? But I like racing as Waluigi...uh oh you say they removed him and others and replaced them with generic garbage characters like Wiggler, Lakitu and the Honey Queen? Oh my.

So if you wanna pay full price for a lame ripoff, go for it.
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Mario Kart 7 is a really great game. To begin, you have the option to: 1) play a tournament solo 2) Time Trials 3) Battle or 4) Coin Collecting & 5) Connect with other players (multiplayer). Players choose a character from the list and one SPOILER ALERT is your mii once you reach a certain point in the game! Among choosing a character, you choose upon available auto, wheel and glider types unlocked by collecting coins in various versions. Playing types are explained below:
1): There are 8 different cup tournaments to choose from, each with 4 games. Some of the games were adapted into 3DS mode from other Nintendo devices such as SNES and N64 which is awesome because for those Rainbow Road lovers there are 2 versions, one being N64.
2): Time trials are similar to N64 version in which there is "ghost data" where you race against your ghost created from your first time playing a specific level but there is also an option to challenge the time of a game developer which is also fun.
3): Battles are also similar to the N64 version in that the epic balloons are back. Damage a player to essentially take their balloon if you are in need of one. Balloon colors change per player and max is 3. Getting hit by your own attack (ie shell) removes 3. These are tallied to find a winner. Changes include addition of new levels, For those Big doughnut lovers, this is one of the options. Players have the option to choose battle series played, play about 3 from order of 1st selected or it be random.
4) Coin collecting is similar to Battles as they share the same levels but the purpose of this is to collect more coins than opponents by picking up from available in level or hitting opponents and collecting for own gain. Again if hit by own attack, 3 coins are deducted & player with most coins wins.
5) Lastly, another option is to connect with players. This is a multiplayer option that allows you to connect with other owners of the gain locally and worldwide.
I personally really enjoyed this game. I would have loved it more if it was easier to unlock cars, wheels, & gliders and there were the secret areas you were allowed to go into like in N64 version but levels were modified. These features seem to be present but you are unable to enter because the proper items needed are not available or you get killed by a train for instance. Nonetheless, I would recommend this game and do hope you give it a try.
review imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on April 2, 2014
I don't know if they'll ever release Mario Kart 8 for the 3DS, but if you are holding back on this then you should definitely add this to your 3DS collection. Even though this was release a few years ago, this game is very enjoyable! I've been playing with the online community and my friends and it's totally worth my time. If you just got a DS lately or if you held back on it for awhile then you should give this a go. Mario Kart 7 is the best racing game on the 3DS.
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on January 2, 2014
i Bought this game thinking it was going to be like gran turismo, i was wrong. This game is 10 times worse.
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on August 22, 2012
I bought this product in hopes to make fun for my seven year old daughter, but was unable to achieve that goal since I bought the wrong game because she didn't have a 3D DS.
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on February 17, 2015
So i just got my package today an my case wasnt sealed an i got an empy case with no game in it what kind of bull s*** is this?
review image
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on March 3, 2016
This game is still as good as the franchise has ever been. It has better than ever graphics, the game play is fast-paced, involved, and as crazy as it has ever been. I really like how this game features a variety of both new tracks to race on and several tracks featured both in the Wii version and SNES versions of Mario Kart. The game features numerous kart and character unlockables which are earned through the course of the game. The game is very friendly to novices of the game, as the game still features three different modes of competition, 50cc, 100cc, and 150cc which allow for differing levels of competition. This game is very clean and child-friendly. I would highly recommend this game to anyone who enjoys Mario Kart or any parent looking for a clean game for a great Christmas or birthday present.
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