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VINE VOICEon July 24, 2013
Any fan of the MK series will know what to expect. This game is so wide reaching that three generations could play this side-by-side and all have a great time of it. That being said, it does make a great gift for anyone who owns a 3DS, no matter the age.
There are things to unlock, just as in the classic MK series, and there are several special updates that are just for this edition.
One of my favorite features are the new maps. Each 'classic', or race bracket, is broken down into maps that have appeared in previous editions and new maps that are exclusive to the 3DS.
The 3D addition to the game just brings things to a whole new level and adds a new perspective to the awesome game play.
Would recommend to any age for any reason. Great classic game to have for those times when you want to play something not too serious, but still have some competitive fun.
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on January 27, 2014
This game was purchased for my son about two months ago and he loves it. I even have to admit that I get sucked in playing it from time to time. It plays just like the version on the Wii. The game even has a mode where you can steer the karts by using the tilt/yaw function on the 3DS. All the classic Mario characters are there and have a few new ones added in as you climb the ranks and unlock them. One thing I really like about it that it allows you to race as your own Mii character. It has all kinds of customization options for your karts to make them faster, handle better, etc. Thanks to the multi-play feature on the 3DS systems, up to four friends can play at once against each other. Nintendo doesn't dissapoint with this one. I would highly recommend this game for anyone!
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on March 3, 2016
This game is still as good as the franchise has ever been. It has better than ever graphics, the game play is fast-paced, involved, and as crazy as it has ever been. I really like how this game features a variety of both new tracks to race on and several tracks featured both in the Wii version and SNES versions of Mario Kart. The game features numerous kart and character unlockables which are earned through the course of the game. The game is very friendly to novices of the game, as the game still features three different modes of competition, 50cc, 100cc, and 150cc which allow for differing levels of competition. This game is very clean and child-friendly. I would highly recommend this game to anyone who enjoys Mario Kart or any parent looking for a clean game for a great Christmas or birthday present.
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on January 12, 2012
I bought this as a Christmas present for my eight year old daughter. She first received her 3D DS last June, but it did not impress her very much. She played with it, but it did not hold her attention as much as the games on my iPhone like Plants vs Zombies. After she received this game and Super Mario 3D Land for Christmas, she has been playing with it almost nonstop. She favors Mario Kart 3D over Mario 3DLand overwhelmingly. She favors this game over most of the iPhone games.

This game has the same basic racing format as the previous Mario Kart on DS. One new feature that I noticed was a glider on the back of one of the karts which enabled the kart to fly jumps a little. That's cool. Plus, the 3D effect is pretty amazing to me. The graphics are cartoonish but also pretty neat to look at. Some new interesting slightly challenging maps are in this version as well. I recommend this to anyone with a child of about eight that likes racing games.
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on November 28, 2014
Gameplay is a good balance between action and speed, with cup runs taking about 10 to 15 minutes. Customization is fantastic and the new maps are awesome. Half the cups are classic maps form all over the franchise, including the original Rainbow Road (That's right, The Nemesis is back!). Best part was unlocking Mirror Mode, where the maps are reversed adding a nice challenge to the maps you already raced to death.

Online play is solid and allows for local multiplayer using only one copy of the game.

As God Intended.
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on March 29, 2014
After Ocarina of Time 3D, of course.
This game is great.

Gameplay-5/5--The computer player are almost as smart as humans, they steal item boxes and Coins that are in front of you, so you can't collect them, they are dead-on precise with items such as Green Shells, the all-new Fire Flower, Bob-ombs, and those Bananas. The Circle Pad is great for the game, and the regular +Control Pad cannot be used. There's an all-new 1st-person mode, where you can tilt your 3DS family console to steer your racer. If you just want to use traditional controls in 1st-person, just use the Circle Pad and don't move the system, or turn the gyro-sensor off in the Mario Kart Channel. The Mario Kart Channel is not like the Wii Version, but an in-game "status and StreetPass" record. You can adjust StreetPass settings, and race time-trial ghosts and in the Grand Prix with Miis that you've met via StreetPass. If you win, you get a new kart-personalization from the Mii if you didn't have it before. Coins make a return, they're used to increase your top speed and unlock kart customizations. Kart customs are new, you can select your Kart body, wheels, and glider. Some Kart bodies return from previous MK games, like the B-Dasher from MKDS. Gliding is new, you go throught air as well as water. The customs each have their own stats.
Music-4/5--This game references older Mario Kart Games, especially Mario Kart 64. The one thing I hate- when you're in first place in a race, there's an added beat to the background music. It's good for the Nitro Cups, but for Retro, it's awful. Some retro cups and battle courses have 100% remade music, and it's good for the GP, but for the Battle Courses, ESPECIALLY N64 Big Donut, and DS...(can't remember the name) are worse and is just bad. Most of the music is epic, that's all I can say.
Graphics-4.5/5--I love them, they're bright and vibrant. Not much else.
Online-3/5--I don't use it much. The loading is long and I have more fun with computers.
Just buy it.
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on August 26, 2012
Love the game!
A kart-racing game with all kinds of special weapons like banana's (acting like oil on the road), turtle shells acting like rockets, and more..

I loved the game on the 16 bit, and love this one too!

The music is really great; the rainbow track has been nicely upgraded,
The only thing I'm missing is when playing the balloon game (have 3 balloons, and shoot as many balloons as possible), is that one can only choose a few options of what's inside the questionmark boxes.

One can have all weapons, or a select few (only turtles, only bananas)

I can't, for instance, select only turtle shells and banana's. It's either/or, none, or everything.

The 3D effect is nice too. Nothing like Kid Icharus, but it's an improvement on the Mario kart for the N64 (much like the improvement from 8 to 16 to 64 bit).
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on January 2, 2012
Before we start, I'm a long time fan of Mario Kart and I'll primarily be comparing MK7 to its predecessor on DS (Mario Kart DS). So, let's jump right in.
Where is VS mode? Somebody please tell me it's unlockable (I've gotten through 50cc - halfway through 150cc and still haven't seen any sign of it)! For there to be no VS mode is unacceptable, as it means that you can't just race through the courses you like. You instead have to go through an entire Grand Prix to get to the course, which is of course annoying. This also means no customizable rules like there was in Mario Kart Wii, in which I loved the option to put items on Strategic (almost no blue shells!). It's made even more confusing by the fact that it's there on local multiplayer. If they bothered to put it there, why not in single player?
With that out of the way, the game is still pretty fun as you would expect from the tried and true Mario Kart formula. Some of the other questions I'd like to address:
People seemed a bit confused about coins when the game first came out. They appear to give you a very, very small boost (almost nonexistent) and for every 50 you collect you unlock customizables for your vehicle. I think it's still faster to hug turns rather than following coin lines, though.
First-person mode seems OK, I haven't really tried it much but it at least looks playable.
The 3D is great except with gyro controls, which are even more annoying than the Wii Wheel. The 3D effect breaks if you use gyro, so turn 3D off if you plan on trying that.
The underwater and flying parts are awesome! I didn't expect them to do much or change the game in any drastic way, but now I debate how I could've raced without them. There are often different paths through a course in which you can choose to fly or go underwater instead of the usual ground racing. I have yet to reach a verdict on whether ground racing or flying/underwater is faster. There must be a difference in speed, though, as it does seem to change the outcome of races.
There also aren't any of the missions from the DS one. Although they weren't amazing before I still sort of miss the extra content. And it's not like they were bad. I spent a decent amount of time trying to get at least a star rating on all of them.
As for items, they're not as bad as they were in Wii, but roughly the same as they were on DS. Blue Shells no longer have wings and travel along the ground, hitting anyone and everyone in their way until they finally explode on whatever unfortunate soul is in first. This is unique because they might actually help the person who threw them. I used to argue that blue shells should be removed entirely because they existed for no reason other than annoying the person in first, but the thing is still overpowered and now not only costs you first place but has the power to actually hit everyone except the person who throws it. As for the other items, the new ones are a welcome addition. The tanooki tail is probably my new favorite item and is very useful (there's nothing more satisfying than hitting somebody with it while you're flying).
MK7 also sports some of the best choices of retro tracks I've seen. Some of the notable returns include Waluigi Pinball, Mushroom Gorge, Dino Dino Jungle, Koopa Cape, Maple Treeway, Rainbow Road (from the SNES. That's right, there are two Rainbow Roads), and Airship Fortress, although there are more good ones.

Annnd I think that covers it all. The game is still really fun and I welcome the kart customizations and the new flying segments, but no VS mode? Unbelievable... I don't want to play the entire Grand Prix just so I can race on Wario's Shipyard...
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on January 1, 2016
A game that at the time was about $45 everywhere for $30.12 on amazon! Talk about a good deal. Got this as a gift and the kid I gave it to really enjoyed it. I have since bought a copy of it for my younger brother and also played the game myself. There is nostalgia in playing as it brings back memories of the classic Mario Kart games with an updated spin to it. The new levels, characters and arenas are great, this would be a great game for any Mario franchise fan or 3DS owner. I sure enjoyed it.
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on July 24, 2014
Alright, if you don't know that Mario Kart 7 is worth buying, then you've never played Mario Kart before. Hands down, this series is the best racing series ever made. It makes Need For Speed look like a pile of puke! Pole Position WISHED it could be a streak from Mario's tire. If you like Mario (who was so cool, he went from jumping over barrels against Donkey Kong, to being the Mickey Mouse and Sonic the Hedgehog of Nintendo). Not only can you fly in this version, but you still get to blow things up.
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