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on May 15, 2016
I had my doubts about Mario Kart DS in the early stages of its development. Mario Kart: Double Dash (Gamecube) was never one of my favorite games, and I was hoping that Nintendo would stick to the roots with their DS edition of the high-selling, fan-favorite racing game. With Mario Kart DS, they've done just that.

It seems that the developers took everything great from Super Mario Kart (SNES), Mario Kart 64 (N64), Mario Kart Super Circuit (GBA), and Mario Kart: Double Dash (GC) and put all of those elements into a single Mario Kart game. When you consider how wonderful all of these games have been and how much fun they still are today, that's quite an achievement. Mario Kart DS features some of the same gameplay modes that fans have seen for years: Grand Prix, Time Trial, and Battle. They're the same as always, with three ranks of difficulty in Grand Prix and several different battle modes in Battle.

Nintendo didn't stop with the classic game modes. In fact, they added another interesting mode called "Challenge" in which you pick up certain numbers of coins or do a set number of power slides in a lap under a certain amount of time. These challenges can be excruciatingly difficult but they make you a much more weathered Mario Kart player and therefore are a great addition to the game. Also, Multiplayer has come in the form of Nintendo's first WiFi-enabled online multiplayer DS game. The races in WiFi multiplayer are relatively simple but it's a great addition to the game nonetheless.

On the track itself, the controls are easy but don't utilize the DS very much--driving is done with the directional pad, acceleration and braking are done with the A and B buttons, power sliding is done with the R trigger, and item usage comes from the L trigger. This simple system goes alongside several classic items and three new ones. The Bullet Bill thrusts you forward knocking anyone in your path off of the track. The Bob-Omb explodes, causing anything in its blast radius to spin out and slow down considerably. Last of all, the Blooper spits ink on every other racer's screen, making steering very difficult due to limited visibility.

Visually Mario Kart DS stands out as one of the best-looking Nintendo DS games to date. It faithfully recreates some of the classic 3D tracks from Mario Kart 64 and Double Dash (like the ghost house level from MK64 and Luigi's Circuit from MKDD) while also bringing SNES and GBA tracks to life in 3D. Of course, there have also been sixteen new tracks added to the mix, making a grand total of 32 different tracks that all look unique but beautifully show off the wacky Nintendo universe. The music from all of the classic tracks return as well (even the GBA tracks) and the new beats are as catchy as the old ones. Sound bytes, like the different celebrations and yelps of pain when a character is hit with a shell, sound just like they always have.

Mario Kart DS is the essential Nintendo DS game. If you've almost given up on the DS, than you clearly haven't played Mario Kart DS and for that reason you're missing out. MKDS is being sold for $35, and if you see it how I do, that's $1.09 per race track and you could easily get more than a few dozen hours of enjoyment out of this before you want to play something else. Is Mario Kart DS worth it? I'd say so.
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on February 21, 2017
Hey sports fans. What we have here is a cute and fun game, for child to adult, easy to play too. A nice way to pass the time on those rainy days. A must-have for any DS owner. I would definitely recommend this game. Have a great day.
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on July 6, 2017
I got this game for my son, well truthfully I got this game for me cause I love all the original Mario games.

Anywho, the reason I have it 3 stars is because when I opened the came I saw that the clips that hold the instruction manual in place were broken/missing.
Besides that the game works great, works on his DS perfectly.
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on July 4, 2006
I jumped on board when the DS Lite hit the market. The initial DS didn't do anything for me as it resembled a game console that was made during the PS1 era. Kudos to Nintendo for the re-design.

On to the game... I never really played Mario Kart on SNES where all the fun started. I did however enjoy it on the N64 and was addicted to it. The colors, sounds, tracks, etc. All my senses were put to their max.

Now Mario Kart DS... All the fun of the previous games has been brought to the DS with great results! The graphics are absolutely gorgeous. The use of the second screen is terrific which allows you to see not only where the other players are, but the `bad things' the other plays have left for you. Things like shells, banana peels, etc.

The online game play is a blast too! For the most part I play online as it is fun playing with people of all different skills. I'm not a pro at this game, so it's fun seeing how the `pros' do their thing and it helps me learn.

In a nut-shell if you own a DS Lite and enjoy fun game play then Mario Kart DS needs to be added to your library! The replay value is really high as the online play always keeps it active and fresh.

The ability to play with or DS owners with only one cart (which I have yet to try) seems very cool!

It keeps my attention and I love playing it. I have the attention span of a goldfish, so any game that keeps me playing over and over is a winner in my book!

This game is highly recommended for anybody. Age is not an issue! :)

This game gets all 5 stars! Graphics, game play, replay value, and sound are all top notch!
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on January 14, 2009
Sure I've heard of Mario but didn't know a thing about the game. That was until I played it on wii at a friends house and found out if was a blast.

I had to search out and wait for a sale or used one and it paid off I found one. What fun it is. Not quite the same as wii of course but still very much fun and I am much better at staying on the track on this one but still not winning very many races.

Practice makes perfect. I was also recommended this by another adult DS player who read my Listmania and responded I needed this and one more game to round out my adult collection. She was right. Now I just have to sell a game as I have a rule one comes in one goes out. Guess I had better hurry and solve Professor Layton and the curious villiage. Who knew that one would be so hard. Yikes I've logged 10 hours not all at once and seem to be getting no where. Oh well different story.

Get Mario Kart it is tons of fun.
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on June 21, 2017
I only got this game cause my little cousin had it and he begged me to try it. The graphics were amazing and it was easy and fun to boot. I've always had a hard time with racing games being too short, this one was not there are 32+ tracks and plenty to do. Multiplayer is fun...blow into the mic if you don't want to lose in one hit...I had to figure that out. Also I've played every mario kart game to date and this is the best overall. Save for Mario 64 DS, this is one game to try on DS.
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on March 1, 2016
My son loved this Ds game and I bought it for a gift. He played it for hours on end. learning games are good learning tools to where ppl do not realize. It teaches eye and hand coordination , works on reflexes to make them quite faster than ppl that do not play video games, focusing ! Mario Kart DS
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on September 15, 2015
Finally getting around to reviewing this! It's old generation at this point, but truly a classic for the DS system. What I love about writing this review, is that when I bought it originally it was for me. Now it's been passed down to my kid who is loving this on his 3DS. The gameplay is solid, expected, and fun. The controls are fine for a DS/3DS system and this is just one of those games that should be considered a 'staple' game on any Nintendo platform.
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on April 4, 2014
As someone who's time is more Atari 2600 and the original NES I have to say I absolutely loved this game! As someone who has completed the original Mariokart, Gamecube and Wii version I have truly loved playing through this one.... if you play the wii one you will be well prepared for this game... maily that the speed of this is much slower than the Wii, and someone like me can really appreciate that, I think games move much to fast today and only recently did I start gettting back in to video games for that main reason... If you have a DS, this is a must have!! Trust me, even though it doesn't move as fast as home console versions, it is still a true challange, I only beat it as quick as I did b/c I played it as much as I could for 2 weeks... oh, and the missions in this are quite fun also... different, but fun!
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on May 9, 2017
Its Mario Kart on a I have to say more? Its awesome and it looks great on the DS.
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